Kasım 27, 2021

6 weeks since Worship Session and……


6 weeks since Worship Session and………I’ve been sending lots of pics to Miss Velvetina. Both girls were impressed by how many pics I had of Her even though it was only a couple of weeks before that I was told She was going to be there. Both girls were discussing the size of their bosoms and talking about bras (they let me see them measuring their bib tits later), touching their bosoms and emphasising their cleavages, and then Miss Velvetina flashed Her stocking-top and that pushed me over the verge. I’d been standing there in my mac, open-mouthed as they talked about how big their tits were (their words) while I gawped with an erect penis straining in my wank-trousers under my mac. I had my hand in my pocket throughout, which the girls commented on, Miss L telling Miss V halkalı escort I was a big wanker, I was just holding it upright and feeling the semen leaking through my underpants, and when the tit-talk was added to the showing of stocking-top, a big spurt of spunk left my willy and soaked into my pants. That was only 15 minutes into the Worship Session, plus I didn’t get a chance to film my wet patch before the Session ended as I was never in the room by myself, and by the time I got home, it was dried. I sent them pics of my spunk-stain, in both underpants and trousers, which they were very amused by, and then did a mock-up of the moment of pants-spunking, using the video taken at the Session taksim escort and adding an overlay of me spunking in my pants. I’ve not been given permission to post it as yet, but hopefully I will do soon. At each Worship Session I have to undergo an assessment, with both girls logging their judgement on the pre-prepared form. I absolutely love reading this. I get to see the girls measuring to show just how big their tits are, over their tops of ocurse, I’m only allowed to see cleavage (and that’s MORE than enough). Miss Leigh is 46” – She asks me what She was last time and I tell Her without a moment’s thought “45 inches Miss”. Miss V is 42”. I’d already done it in my pants so I could only gawp at them – I love it when girls show how big şişli escort their tits are by using a measuring tape. Later I was sent out of the room while the girls do something for the camera that I’m not allowed to see – I have to wait until I get my video home, and usually I take some video of me watching their bit on the Worship Session video and send it to them so they see the spunk pumping through my underpants watching their video. In their video bit they take their tops off and pose, then measure themselves again, laughing all the while – they know how crazy I’ll get watching that later. I might post that bit of video, partly cause the camera wasn’t pointing up so you can’t see their faces, which is a shame. Not only do I have 2 hours of video of the Worship Session, with all they are showing and all the lovely things they say to keep me wanking and spunking for weeks, months, even years later, but I’ve got all the stills I took at the Session, for days, weeks, months and years of perv perv perving. I’ve already got the next Worship Session planned, and this time I want to mac-wank in front of them…..

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