Ocak 13, 2021

A Push Towards Lust


For Christ’s sake. Tabitha had tried every possible way to get her dad’s attention that she could think of within reason. She had dressed in clothes that were probably unsuitable for any age or body build, she had even dressed in such few clothes that she felt she was campaigning for a nudist resort. Yet still, her father paid no attention to her. Tabby was getting tired of trying to seduce her moral-bound dad with no results.

“Maybe he just needs to realize his daughter is a woman, and that my feelings have quite changed towards him,” Tabitha wondered aloud. She sat down on her bed, laying down on her back with a flop, her blonde hair fanning out against the white comforter. As she sat there and planned, her thoughts twisted between ways to get her dad to notice her sexually, and how horny she had been for him lately. Daddy, in his forties, graying hair but robust body. Her father was very attractive, always eating healthy and keeping a pretty firm body for his age. Perhaps trying a little harder than usual to stay up with the times and look somewhat fashionable. Father, John, Dad….Daddy.

It had all started back in the fall, on a morning when she was in her usual rush to get to school. Senior year had been very stressful, cutting down on her socializing until she rarely had time for her boyfriend, Jason. He had gotten so fed up with her attitude of putting school ahead of, ahem, giving him blowjobs, that his nature towards her changed. He was no longer a loving boyfriend, but rather someone always pestering her for a screw. It was as if he knew his days were numbered, and he wanted to make the most of them.

That morning, she got a phone call from Jason. It was short, and to the point. “I don’t want to date you anymore, Tab. It’s like dating my mother. You don’t give a shit about me or my needs.” Tabitha’s mouth had dropped open when she heard that. His needs! With a curving left eyebrow, she let loose on her newly exed boyfriend with a vehement rage, sparing him nothing. The conversation ended when he called her a frigid bitch and hung up on her.

Although Tabitha was tough for her age, 18, she wasn’t made of stone. The words hurt her feelings, and even worse injured her sexuality. While listening to the dial tone, tiny tears arose in the corners of her eyes only to gently fall down her cheeks. She dropped the phone and rushed to the family room, sitting on the couch with her hands covering her face while she sobbed. Her father entered the room, in his business suit, ready to follow the mother’s earlier leave to work. As soon as he saw his daughter crying, he rushed to her side to try and comfort her. She leaned over him, her face on his chest leaving wet tear marks as she cried out what her ex boyfriend had said to her. Her father kissed her forehead, her cheeks, telling her it would be alright.

Tabitha was calming down, her tears had lessened, but her grip on her father hadn’t released, nor had his on her. He still had his arms tight around her, trying to comfort her with fatherly words of wisdom and tender kisses on her cheeks.

“Honey, it will be okay. No, don’t cry. Plenty of other boys out there. I never liked him anyway,” John said to his daughter. She laughed, her mouth turned up to him as he was going to kiss her on the cheek. Their lips connected, her mouth slightly open from her giggles. Tabitha’s soft lips pressed closed over her father’s, almost sucking on them in her surprise. Her grip on his arm tightened, as did his around her waist. He opened his mouth slightly to say something, only to feel Tabitha’s wet lips sinuously glide over his lips. With faltering movements, John kissed harder at his daughter, forgetting whom he was kissing, just taking delight in this young nubile girl’s body pressed against his, and her lips moving softly against his own. Tabitha made a small noise, almost a squeak of surprise and acceptance and closed her eyes, kissing back at her father with farther opened lips and a wet tongue. She had taken the initiative to feel her father’s lips with the tip of her tongue. It was Tabitha that pushed her Daddy’s lips open with her wet sliding tongue, to enter his mouth and roll around his teeth.

Her father pressed harder against Tabitha, almost pulling her on top of him, one of her legs curling up over his legs and against his waist. They feverishly caressed tongues together, Tabitha passionately pushing her tongue under her father’s, over and around his tongue, making her Daddy shiver against her. His tongue reached out towards hers, his hands clenching and wrinkling her shirt. She teased her daddy, making him put his tongue out into her mouth, and then to John’s surprise, started sucking his fleshy tongue with heavy breathing and barely perceptive moans.

Her chest was pushing up against his, rubbing his own. John swore he could feel his daughter’s hardened nipples. She started to straddle his pelvis, her mouth still working his, her head turning side to side to get in deeper kisses. With a gasp, he pushed his mouth away bahis firmaları from hers, turned his cheek to his daughter. She whispered something he couldn’t hear, and started kissing his neck, running up his jawline with her tongue.

“Tabitha, stop! For God’s sakes, stop! This isn’t right…we can’t!” John stood up, causing his daughter to fall to the ground. He straightened his tie, looking down at his daughter, who was wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Her whole body was shivering, her legs spread wide apart from the fall, one of her legs tucked under her. Her father could see her white panties peeking out from her skirt, almost begging for some sort of attention. With a confused shake of his head, John started to say something to his daughter, faltered, and headed out the door. She could hear the tires of his car give a squeal as he skidded out of the driveway.

Tabitha put her hands to her cheeks and forehead, feeling a slight sweat and how warm her face felt. She still hadn’t started breathing calmly. What was it that just happened? She gathered her books, and with weak legs got in her car to drive to school. All that day through school, her thoughts drifted to the passionate kiss she had shared with her father. Of all people, her daddy. The man who made her, raised her, cared for and loved her. It was all very new to her, the feelings, but by the end of class that day, she had accepted and decided that what she felt was normal, fine, and…in her opinion, totally hot.

The only problem was….how did she get her Daddy to feel the same way? Tabitha rolled over onto her stomach, propping her head up on her hands, her brow furrowed in thought. That had been in the fall, and it was now mid winter. All this time, she had been flaunting her body in front of her daddy, trying again to make him act the way he did that morning. The day after it happened, she had tried to talk to her father about it, only to have him leave the room before she could even describe how it made her feel. She knew her daddy had liked it, otherwise why did he let the kiss linger so long?

With a sigh, Tabitha slid her hand between her body and the bed, visualizing what her daddy would look like without his clothes on. With deft fingers she slipped her hand inside her panties, quickly finding her firey clit. She undressed him in her mind, or rather, made him strip for her. She visualized her father with a lustful expression, and tented business pants. Yes. Coming home in his suit, loosening that tie, ripping open his shirt while she sat there with spread legs and a hand between those spread legs. Her hand moved faster, the gravity of her body on her hand crushing her hand hard against her clitoris, making her pelvis start thrusting slightly into the bed. Mmmm, in her mind she had him in his underwear, no wait, make that really tight bikini underwear, yeah….and a big banana shaped outline in it. Tabitha bit her lower lip, smiling as she changed what her daddy was wearing and doing until it had her massaging her clit in a frenzy. Fantasizing that he was there, standing in front of her, masturbating…oh, stroking it fast.

Tabitha mouthed the words she was thinking, do it daddy, do it, stroke it fast for your girl. Her hips were rotating now, her mouth wide open, her pussy getting closer to releasing that pressured heat. Her tongue curled inside her mouth as she came, giving little grunts of pleasure quietly. Her fingers were soon soaked with her slippery wet cum. A soft creak murmured outside of her half opened door, causing Tabitha’s eyes to fly open. She saw a shadow pass by the door, big enough to be her daddy’s. She knew her mother didn’t get home until later, and wondered how long her daddy had been near the door, and if he had stopped to listen or even watch.

“Mmmm,” Tabitha moaned with a smile, turning over onto her back, her hand remaining deep in her panties. Her teeth sank into her lower lip, biting down, as she thought dirty things about her daddy. Maybe he had touched himself at the door, watching her. She had to find out. With reluctance, she got off her bed and crept to her door, pushing it open wider. The hallway was empty, dark and very silent. She walked over to her parent’s room, being careful to avoid the telltale creaks in the wood floor.

Strange, her father’s door was shut. Her parents always had it open. Tabitha pressed her face against the cool painted surface, trying to listen. She breathed as quietly as she could, her eyes narrowing as she listened. She was about to give up, when she heard a soft grunt. Tabitha smiled, wondering but having a pretty good idea what her daddy was doing in there. She tiptoed away, her hand tight over her mouth to keep her pleased giggles from giving herself away.

The next day, Tabitha chose her outfit especially geared to get her father to at least look at her differently. She pressed her hands against the front of her pleated black skirt, pushing it flat against her thighs. It barely covered her pert little ass, certainly kaçak iddaa it didn’t cover much when she was moving. She looked into the full-length mirror at her ass, flipping her skirt up to show her tiny lace panties. The bra was a sheer lace, dark against her creamy skin, thin enough in parts for her nipples to show through. She put a white short sleeve shirt over it. Looking in the mirror, she could see her bra right though the white thin material. Tabitha swayed gently from side to side, her hands playing over her firm breasts, checking to see if the bra was pushing them up enough. She had decided to wear her hair down, and applied dark makeup around her eyes, giving her gaze a sultry feel. With a deft move of her hand, her lips became a glossy wet tone. Tabitha looked one last time in the mirror, her hands running under her skirt to feel up her leg and to the cleft of where her ass and thigh met, for smoothness. Very smooth, cool legs to the touch, just as they needed to be for times when they are wrapped around someone’s head.

Her mother was out of the picture, away for the weekend, visiting her sick aunt. Normally Tabitha would have gone with her mother to visit her relative, but for this weekend she had other, more active plans. Checking her clock on the wall, she saw that her father had to be home by now. She skipped down the steps, her heart thudding in her chest with anticipation.

“That you, sweetie?” Her father called.

“Well, it’s not Mom, for sure,” taunted Tabitha.

Her father shook the newspaper he was reading, and looked up at her. His dark eyes loitered on her body perhaps a bit longer than what was fatherly. The places he looked at the longest on her, were certainly not a fatherly thing to do. As soon as his gaze had connected on his daughter, he swallowed, his head shaking a bit as he looked her up and down. John licked his lips before he spoke.

“Isn’t that attire, a little risqué?” John ventured.

“Well shit, Daddy, all the girls wear it at school,” Tabitha replied with pursed full lips.

“Young lady, you will not speak like that in this house, and certainly not to your own father,” John admonished. She threw her head to the side, looking at the ceiling with a bit of girly defiance. Her father watched her, carefully placing the newspaper over his lap, as she sauntered over to the couch he was sitting on. God, how her hips swayed. Every step Tabitha took she made sure to exude sex. There was no denying in John’s mind that his daughter was very grown up, and very much like a cat in heat.

“Oh daddy, don’t be a silly little stud,” Tabitha purred. Her father looked confused at her reference to ‘stud’ but refrained from commenting on it. She had moved over to the arm of the couch, and sat upon it, her legs leaning over the side. With a temptuous smile, she raised one leg up, so that she could rest an arm on her knee. Her socks were black to match her skirt, mid calf, wickedly tight around her muscular legs. From her new position, her daddy could see most of her underwear, but couldn’t see all of it, the black lace fading into her black skirt. He would have to stare in order to make anything out, and he knew that would be very obvious. With a gulp, John continued to watch his daughter move on the couch’s arm, until she was straddling it, looking over her shoulder at him.

“What are you reading, Daddy?” Tabitha questioned. She slowly started rubbing her lower region against the arm, propping her upper body up with her arms. Her movements were small, but noticeable to John. Her mouth opened a little, her pink tongue running itself over the front of her teeth. A sweat suddenly appeared on her father’s forehead.

“Just some news, darling. I mean, Tabitha.” John stuttered.

“Hmmm, you can call me darling, daddy. You can call me a lot of other things too, if you have a mind for it,” His daughter whispered

“What was that?” John managed to croak out. His hand settled on the paper, making sure it was planted firmly on his crotch. It seemed Tabitha was finally having the desired affect on his body. Her father was a man after all, and his daughter was being utterly devious with what she was doing to the arm of the couch.

Tabitha had increased the rhythm she was applying to the couch, her pussy getting wet from the friction, the hardness of the couch pressing high up against her clit. By now her skirt had rose above her thighs, gathering in the front of her, between her legs. Her shapely ass was in full view to her father, the twin globes flexing with her movements.

John watched in alarm as his daughter, with her head turned, licked her own bare arm. What in the hell was his daughter doing? And why was she doing it looking at him? He held the newspaper in front of him, rushing into the kitchen, saying something about needing a drink.

Tabitha smiled, quickly running a hand down to rub at her pussy through her panties, then got off the couch to follow her poor, desperate daddy. As she walked towards the kitchen, she kaçak bahis made sure to undo a few of the top buttons to her shirt. Her breasts were held high by the bra, the rounded tops jiggling slightly as she walked into the kitchen.

Her father was pouring himself a glass of brandy, his hands shaking slightly. As he heard the click of shoes on the kitchen tile, he turned slowly, one hand holding the glass, the other moving to cover his front with the newspaper. Although he tried to look nervously away, he couldn’t help but watch his daughter’s slow cat-like walk towards him.

Tabitha did walk slow. In fact, she milked every move of her hips, and every throb of her pussy between her legs. If this was going to happen, it was going to be as hot, as wet, and as perfect as she could make it. Her seductive look was trained on her father’s face, watching him like a prey. She had never been so aggressive in her life. Frankly, it made her twice as hot to pursue her father in this way. She was going to have him, whether he wanted to or not.

“Daddy, you DO look like you need a drink. Here, let me help you.” His daughter strolled up to him, not stopping until her front pressed the newspaper between her father’s body and her own. She took the glass of brandy, and placed it to her full lips. With a content look in her eye, she took a drink, filling her mouth, and then leaned forward, one hand snaking behind her father’s head, pulling his face closer to hers.

Ever so slowly, she rubbed her cheek against his, as her father’s body quaked against hers. Turning her head slightly, she rubbed her lips against her father’s, until he half opened his mouth to moan. Whether it was in enjoyment or fear, it was not yet known. As his lips parted, Tabitha pressed her lips against his, opened her mouth, and let the warmed brandy slowly sift its way into her father’s mouth. He had no other choice than to drink the brandy. His daughter’s mouth covered his, the savory taste of the alcohol giving him a light headed sensation. Her tongue was quickly inside his mouth, moving about, trying to find her father’s tongue. John had pulled back his tongue, scared to have a reoccurrence of that one morning, but soon gave in to his daughter’s persistent tongue thrusts. He kissed her back, his head angling opposite his daughter’s, shoving his tongue hard against hers, pushing her tongue back into her mouth so he could explore the cavern of her humidly wet mouth. His teeth scraped against her lips, his deep kiss getting more insistent, matching her lust and passion.

With a strangled moan, the newspaper fell to the kitchen floor, scattering in a black and white pattern. Tabitha pressed her stomach against her father’s crotch, rubbing side to side, ever so slightly, taking delight in the hard organ she felt hiding in his pants. Her father threw all his caution to the wind, roughly grabbing at her ass, pulling her harder against him. They matched eachother’s thrusts, dry humping eachother moaning into eachother’s mouths, saliva spreading across their lips.

“Ooh, I feel something here daddy, right here,” Tabitha teased, her stomach rubbing fast against her father’s bulging pants. John threw his head back and gave a deep moan.

“God, this shouldn’t be happening…I shouldn’t be doing this,” He cried out. By this time Tabitha had taken the liberty to slide a hand between their mashed bodies, gripping his outlined cock through his pants.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Her father moaned, suddenly changing tune. He rotated his hips, cock caught up in his daughter’s grip, the rubbing causing a fury of great sensations. Tabitha smiled at her father’s strained face, who’s mouth had formed an O as her other hand crept between his legs to fondle his heavy ball sac.

“Mmmm, Daddy, you can’t say no can you? You can’t deny me this time.” Tabitha enticed her father with her tongue, pushing his head to the side, licking up and down his neck, going to his ear to suck at it, darting her pointed tongue into his ear, her breathing hot, muffling everything inside her father’s head.

“I have to take my pants off, baby, my cock hurts inside these pants.”

“Ooh, take them off Daddy, take those pants right off!”

“Oh God, oh God,” John moaned. His fingers fumbled and clutched at his belt, his chin pressed down hard against his neck as he looked to remove his pants. With a hurried push, his pants fell to the ground, exposing his cock which stuck out lewdly from his tight white underwear. Tabitha had stepped back, her mouth open as she smiled and exhaled her lust, removing the few buttons left on her shirt. With a seductive look, she let her shirt fall to the ground behind her. She stepped back into her father’s arms, pressing her stomach hard up against her father’s impressive bulge.

Her muscular stomach was smooth and cool through the underwear against his burning cock. Tabitha pushed her pelvis against her father until her hips touched his hips. Her mouth hungrily sought her father’s, her erratic breathing spreading humid air all over his cheeks as her tongue whipped across his lips. John’s hands dug into her bare back, slowly skidding down to grab her ass through her skirt, pushing her harder against his thick, pulsating cock.

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