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An Unintended Seduction (pt 3)


An Unintended Seduction (pt 3)Donna’s Mum asks me for a favour……Donna’s MumThere were only 2 more weeks of the school holiday left and then Donna’s shopping trips would need to fit around school hours, but in the meantime there would be a number of occasional when we would be able to meet at the shop. I was going to have to be strong if I was to keep my promise to myself. I thought about avoiding her completely but was worried that she would miss understand that, think that she had done something wrong and suffer further distress as a result.As it turned out, that week we bumped into each other a couple of times. To my surprise there was no awkwardness between us and Donna seemed genuinely pleased to see me without the friendship appearing to be anything out of the ordinary. I on the other hand was finding it impossible not to notice Donna’s figure when ever I saw her. The tight jeans that she preferred showed her figure to its best and I found it impossible not to look. My resolve was crumbling.On the Friday, just four days after her visit to my house, I again saw her heading to the shops and decided to pop across the road myself. She was just paying when I entered and was just outside, loaded with bags when I finished paying for my newspaper.I caught up with her almost immediately and offered to carry her bags. She seemed relieved and we set off towards her flat chatting lightly.”David, do you think about the time we spent together on Monday? I do, mostly when I am alone at night, I can’t stop myself remembering the way we touched and the feelings you gave me.””I know, Donna, I do too but it’s not such a good idea. You should find someone nice of your age not an old man like me.””But the way you made me feel.” she sighed deeply and they continued on in silence.”Oh, I nearly forgot, it’s just as well you are helping me today because my Mum wants a quick word with you. She wants to ask you something.””OK…..any idea what it’s about?” I was concerned that Donna had told her Mum about what we had done together.”I think she wants to ask you a favour.” “OK, I’m intrigued now.”We were almost there so I did not have to wait long. For the first time I did not stop outside the building but followed Donna through the front door of the block of flats, we passed a mobility scooter which was parked under the stairs to the upper floors, no doubt her mother’s and after a short struggle with her keys we went through the front door of Donna’s flat and on into her small and rather cluttered living room.As I expected, the room was sparsely furnished and although cluttered it was tidy, no doubt because of Donna’s efforts. At the far side of the room, beside the one window was a large battered armchair where a very large woman was sitting. Donna’s mother. She looked younger than I expected but it was clear that she had mobility issues. Her legs were bandaged and there were two walking sticks resting against the wall within reach of the chair. I also noticed that she was wearing dark glasses and had a blind person’s white stick folded on the floor at her feet.”Mum, this is David who has been helping me with the shopping bags.””Oh Donna, thank you for bringing him here. David, thank you for all the help you have given Donna, you are very kind.””It’s the least I could do, please think nothing of it.” little did she know the other help I had given her.”Would you come over here beside me so we can talk. Donna, why don’t you go and do your homework so that David and I can chat without you fussing around us.”With a tut, Donna left the room and could be heard moving around in the room next door, no doubt her bedroom. I crossed the room and sat in the chair near Donna’s mother.”Donna said that there was something you wanted to ask me””That’s right, I know you have been very kind to Donna, she much appreciates your help and she is always telling me about you and she just loved looking round you house. The reason I wanted to speak to you, apart from wanting to thank you, is that I need to ask a really big favour.””As you can see I have some health issues and to be honest, if it wasn’t for Donna I don’t know what I would do. Anyway I need to go into hospital for some tests and I am worried about Donna. I don’t want Social Services to take her in as I suspect they think she shouldn’t be here with me anyway but I need to convince them that she will be looked after and I also want to be happy myself that she will be OK.””Of course you do, I quite understand. What is it that you would like from me?””Well, I think that if they knew that someone was keeping an eye on Donna then the Social will be happy for her to stay here and I was wondering if you would do that. You would only need to pop in every now and then to make sure she is fine, that she is eating well and that she is at home in the evening. If you are prepared to do that I will need you to write a note to me confirming that you will so I can show it to the Social.””Would you mind doing that for me. It’s only for 3 days while I have some tests.””Of course I will do it, I would be more than happy to. When are you due in hospital and when do you need the note from me?””Oh thank you David, you are so kind, I was sure you would help. I have been so worried about it and fearful that Donna would end up in a Council Home. I have not told her about this as I wanted to speak to you first, I am sure she will be relieved to know you will be around keeping an eye on her. She is a good girl and I trust her fully but I don’t want her to worry. I go in next Tuesday and should be out again late on Thursday.””That’s quite alright, you can relax now, she can even come and eat with my wife and me is she wants to. I will make sure that she is fine.” Donna’s mother reached out for me, unable to see me she missed my hand at first so I took hold of her hand and gave her a reassuring squeeze. We were sat like that when Donna came back in to the room at her mother’s call.”Donna, I didn’t tell you but next week I have to go into hospital for some test and will be there for a couple of days. The reason I wanted to speak to David was to ask him if he would keep and eye on you and make sure that you are alright here on your own. I am very please to say that he has agreed so will make sure that you are fine while I am away. Is that alright with you?””Mum that is fine with me but you know I can look after myself just fine, you don’t need to bother David, but I appreciate the fact that he will be around in case I need him” she turned to me and gave me an outrageous stage wink, it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. Of course I had already realised that this would throw the two of us together and although I knew that this would be dangerous I could not avoid feeling a stir as my body gave its own response to the prospect of us being together.I gave Donna’s mother’s hand one last squeeze and rose to my feet. “I should be getting back. I will write a note and bring it round on the weekend. When would be best?””It needs to be when Donna is here to answer the door but she is here most of the time so come whenever is convenient for you David.””Alright, it will probably be sometime tomorrow. See you then. Goodbye.” I turned and headed towards the front door.”Goodbye David and thank you again, Donna, will you show David out?”Donna walked beside me as I left the room and slipped her hand into mine.”Will you look after me David?” she smiled up at me with a saucy twinkle in her eye. Now that we were out of sight of the front room my hand came around behind her and slid deliciously across her bottom stroking and gently caressing her rounded curves. I could not resist, the wrongness, the danger all counted for nothing. My body and my instincts were totally in control, there was nothing I could do. All promises forgotten.At the front door I turned and gave her hand a final squeeze.”I’ll see you tomorrow, probably in the afternoon sometime as I have some things to do in the morning. Will you be in.””Of course, I’ll see you then.” I walked briskly away, the desire to kiss her was intense and it took great strength to resist, in truth it was only because we were in a public place that had stopped me. I walked back home deep in thought, there was a battle being waged inside my head. I wanted to simply be the hard working middle aged man I was just a few brief weeks ago and to leave Donna to be the young teenager she is, confused, inexperienced, learning, gauche, awkward and young but I also was excited by the possibility of being alone with her of helping her to discover the woman inside her that was yearning to be released. Helping her to explore her adult body and grow into her mature femininity.In my heart of hearts I realised that it was no contest. If she was willing and chose to encourage me that whatever I decided intellectually I would melt, surrender to her and to my own desires. All high minded resolutions would be worthless and as nothing in the face of the tsunami of passion and desire she could release in me.Still, by the time I arrived back home I had resolved again, to do all I could to behave, to control my passions and not betray the trust that Donna’s Mum placed in me. How ever difficult it was I was resolved to be nothing more than a caring and concerned responsible adult looking after my young ward.I was much calmer when i arrived home (which was of course much easier without Donna present as a source of temptation). When my wife returned home from work, I explained about Donna’s Mum’s request and we discussed how we would help her as I had been asked. We agreed that on the Tuesday I would visit Donna in the evening after an early supper at home and make sure she ate well, and was safe. I would stay with her until she was ready for bed and then I would come home. On the Weds my wife wanted to invite Donna to our house for dinner with us, it would be nice to have a teenager in the house again, it was always so quiet with just the two of us so some young company would be appreciated. I could either walk Donna back home that evening or she could stay in one of their spare rooms, as she liked.I was happy with this. It just meant that I only had to be strong and resolved on the Tuesday evening when alone with her because on the Weds my own wife would act as an unknowing chaperone. I was pleased, of course as I still saw Donna as delicious but forbidden fruit, I would certainly admire her young body and would relish being with her, it was just that I would not and should not allow anything more than that.I was much relieved when I went to bed that night.Looking after Donna.On Saturday morning I quickly knocked up a letter on the computer confirming that I would act in loco parentis for Donna while her mother was away, put it in an unsealed envelop with “To whom it may concern” on the outside and walked it round to Donna’s. I was going to ring the bell to give it to Donna’s Mum and then had second thoughts, of course Donna would answer the door and I did not want the temptation of seeing her so instead I just posted it through the letter flap and left quickly.I did not see Donna over the rest of the weekend, perhaps because I did not work at all so wasn’t in my office to see her, so may have missed one of her regular trips to the shops, or perhaps she was doing other things. On Monday I threw himself into some important work and was busy when the front door bell went. I had forgotten quite why but my wife was not working that day so I ignored the bell knowing that she would answer it, I could hear her talking to someone but could not hear who or what was said.A few moments later she came into my office.”That was Donna, actually the first time I have met her. She seems very sweet, she is very polite and courteous. Anyway she is on her way to the shop and was wondering if one of us could give her a hand as she has a lot of things to get today, with her Mum going to hospital tomorrow. I am off to the dentist so could you go and help her in about 10 minutes? I am going out now.”Now I remembered why she was not working today. I was happy to help Donna, of course I was as I had many times now but if I was honest with myself I was also happy to be able to be with her, to talk with her and to enjoy her banter and even a little flirting. Unfortunately I wasn’t that honest with myself and had therefore let my guard down when i crossed the road to the shop a few minutes later to give her a hand.When I opened the shop door I could not see her immediately so I went to the newspaper stand and picked up my preferred daily. When I turned around I noticed a woman at the far end of the short aisle of the shop. She had her back to me, was bent over with her legs straight and was wearing tight leggings and heeled shoes, not high heels but just enough to accentuate the length and slimness of her legs, I also noticed the lack of panty lines (as any warm blooded man would) which inevitably caused me to wonder. Commando or a thong? Either way there was nothing to spoil the beautiful shape of her bottom presented to me, for my delectation.I spent a moment apparently intent on the headline of my paper but actually enjoying a sneaky view of the delights in front of me until she stood and broke the spell. To my shock and surprise I realised immediately that it was Donna. I had never seen her wear anything other than jeans so I had not realised that it was her or how leggings would exaggerate the fabulously ripe and mature figure she had. Ripe and womanly.I gasped, aware of my own instant arousal and how easily it had been triggered despite my resolve. I would have to think about this, did it mean I would not be able to keep an eye on Donna as I had promised, was I just too weak? It did not take me long to rationalise that it was because I was taken by surprise, if I had known it was Donna when I first saw her I would have not been aroused, my rational self would have been able to control the more a****l reaction.Again I showed that I was quite capable of dishonesty, of fooling myself, maybe this was nature’s way of ensuring that I did not avoid opportunities to reproduce. Either way, all in the instant of recognition I managed to convince myself that all was OK and that I would be fine with Donna and able to watch over her without temptation. What fools men can be.Once more in control I walked over to her.”Hello Donna, I understand you could use a hand.””Oh yes David, thank you. I thought I would stock up today and therefore will have more than I can carry but it should mean that I won’t have to shop again until Mum is back on Thursday.””Good idea and I am more than happy to help out. My wife has gone to the dentist or she would have helped you herself.””She said she was going out.” with that Donna turned and continued shopping, kaçak iddaa with me carrying the rapidly filling basket we finished the shop in no more than 5 minutes, then with 3 bags each we headed off for Donna’s home.We chatted casually as we walked back, about nothing really, the weather, TV shows we liked, that sort of thing. Then I changed the subject to make sure that Donna was happy with arrangements for the next few days.”Are you happy about the arrangements for the rest of the week? I hope you are not worried about your mother not being here and you being alone.””I’ll be fine, you don’t need to worry, I have always had to be pretty independent and it means I won’t have to fuss after Mum, it will be a rest of sorts.””I have talked to my wife about it and we thought that you could feed yourself on Tuesday although I will spend the evening with you to make sure that you are OK but that on Wednesday you could come to us for your dinner and if you want you could stay over night as well. Would you like to sleep over, you could use Janet’s room on the first floor – she is the one with all the high heels.””Oh yes, that would be really cool, I would love to sleep at your house, my mates at school will be really jealous. Would you let me wear some of her shoes again, please David, they were so wonderful and made me feel really grown up, I loved them.”Donna’s excitement was infectious and I laughed at her obvious pleasure in something simple like wearing someone else’s high heels. I also had to agree that they had really made her look more grown up. Very pleasantly so in fact.We reached Donna’s home and I went inside with her again and took the shopping bags into the tiny kitchen where I left them for her to unpack. I went briefly to the living room to check that the letter I had left was OK. Donna’s mother said that her Care Worker had said it was fine and that they were happy for Donna to remain at home knowing that my wife and I were nearby. We all swapped mobile phone numbers so that we could text each other if needed and then I headed back home to finish off the day’s work having arranged to come around at 7.00 the following evening to check in on Donna.Donna’s mother was due to be collected by the ambulance at 3.00 in the afternoon so there would be some time for Donna to be on her own, decide if she liked it or not knowing that I would be around shortly.Monday evening at home was a pretty ordinary affair, after supper my wife and I sat in the living room watching TV and occasionally chatting. We were very comfortable with each other, after all we had been married for more than 25 years, but there was no intimacy. We rarely even touched each other these days I could not remember when we had last kissed. I did know, exactly, when we had last made love. It was February 15th 2006 so about 6 1/2 years ago.Although this left an huge gap in my life, I suspected and feared that it made no difference what so ever to my wife. It had become the “Elephant in the room” of our marriage. Although we had drifted into middle age pretty contentedly and still very much liked each other we were really still together either out of habit or because there was just no better alternative available to either of us. Sad really but just sort of how it was.So like every night, we went up to bed together, to our beautiful four poster bed, to sleep in our individual cocoons on either side with out there being any contact between us. Only a foot or two apart but with miles between us. We were both so used to this that there was not really any pain anymore, just occasional regret from me and, well, who knows what my wife thought, she certainly never wanted to talk about it and never had.Tuesday was like most other days, after breakfast together I went up to my office and my wife headed off to her work. But today was different. Today we had someone else to think of, someone else in our lives. However briefly it was, we were responsible for Donna. To be more precise, I was responsible for her. There was a third person in our lives for the first time since our youngest daughter had left home 2 years before.At 1.00 I went downstairs for lunch and while on this break from work I texted Donna’s mother to wish her luck, getting a thank you back from her. Then at about 3.30 I texted Donna to ask if her mother had been picked up alright and to check she was OK. Donna sent a smilie back followed by “party time LOL-just k**ding”.I sent a sarcastic ha ha and reminded her that I would be round at about 7.00 but that she should text or call if she needed anything before then. Then back to work to finish some reports for a couple of clients. My wife got home at about 5.30 saying that she had quite a lot of work to do in the evening so it was just as well that I was going out. She would have to work pretty much all evening so I should not worry about hurrying home, she would not be good company anyway.We ate supper together as usual at about 6.00 while watching the evening news both rather in our own worlds. No doubt she was thinking about the work she had to do and I was thinking about Donna. Wondering is she was OK. What was she having for her supper? Was she frightened by the empty house or was she relaxed and comfortable? I found himself itching to be around there, to check she was OK, to chat to her and reassure her, to enjoy her company and the friendly chat between us. Was I getting excited about being with her or just conscious of the responsibility on me?I managed to wait until 6.45. I had quickly tidied up I the kitchen when we had finished supper and my wife was already working on her laptop in the living room when I called goodbye to her and headed out of the house.It was a lovely evening, no autumn chill yet, so I was comfortable in a casual shirt and a pair of chinos. As I started towards Donna’s flat I texted her. I am on my way, see you soon x David. As soon as I sent it I wondered why I had put the x. Habit really, as the only person I sent texts to, other than occasionally to clients, was my wife.I was at Donna’s flat in just a few minutes. I knocked on the door and only had to wait a moment before she opened it for me to enter. The flat was very much as before, it was small but adequate for the two of them, I suppose after my house it seemed smaller than it really was. Once we were in the living room she pointed me to the sofa so I went as sat at one end.”Are you OK Donna? I assume your mother was collected alright.””It was fine, they were late of course but we are used to that and I am fine thank you. I am sure I will be perfectly alright although it does seem a bit weird being here alone. Mum is always here. I found myself turning the radio on just for there to be some noise other than just me.””I know, I remember when I first moved away from home and was on my own and the strange feeling after being in a family situation. I hope you don’t feel uncomfortable or nervous at all””Not at all but it is still daylight and might feel stranger later on. Can I get you anything to drink? Mum made sure there there is some beer and cider so that you had something to drink when you are here.””That’s very kind, I would love a cider, but how did she manage to get that, I am sure you wouldn’t be served in the shop?””She got her Care Worker to bring it as she does when she feels like a tipple herself which is not that often.” this last bit was from the kitchen where Donna had gone to get my drink for me. In no time she was back with a full pint glass of cider for me.I grew up in the cider making part of the country and had always liked it, of course the canned stuff that is widely available is mass produced and a little too sweet for my taste but it is very refreshing and perfect for a late summer’s evening.My first mouthful was almost a third of the glass and ended with a genuinely contented sigh. “That is right on the button, you must thank you mother for me.”I put the glass on the low bookcase at the end of the sofa. “So, is there anything you want to do this evening while I am here? Have you eaten yet?”Donna came and sat near me on the sofa, not beside me but not right at the other end either, I noticed that she was again wearing tight fitting black leggings and this time a loose, slightly oversized white shirt, a man’s style rather than a blouse.”I haven’t eaten yet as I was tidying the house when you arrived and I hadn’t really thought about what to do. We normally just watch the TV in the evening but I am happy to do what ever you want.” I didn’t detect any double meaning I what she said and although I had noticed how great her legs looked in the leggings I did not feel at all concerned about us being alone and what might happen.”Are you happy cooking for yourself or do you want me to give you a hand?” “I can sort myself out, I do most of the cooking here anyway but you can keep me company while I am cooking if you like.””Sure, just say the word.” As she made no move to go to the kitchen I assumed that she was not yet hungry. There was silence between us for a moment but nothing uncomfortable or awkward just quiet. Then I started to get the feeling that she wanted to ask something, in her own time I thought and had another long sup of my cider.”Can I ask you something David?””Of course, you know you can at any time.””I want to ask about when we were alone together on the top floor…… when we were on the bean bags together.”Here we go. This is when she tells me how traumatised she is as a result and I feel like a complete shit for taking advantage of her. I believed that the only way to do the right thing and to try and correct the damage my terrible behaviour had caused was to allow her to talk about it and for me to take the blame. I just hoped we could perhaps keep it between the two of us.”OK, I am not surprised you want to talk about it, I behaved unforgivably and you deserve an apology and an explanation,”She turned to me and stared at me intently for a moment as if trying to understand me, her brow furrowed ,which was actually rather endearing and made me want to hold her and comfort her but I knew that would only make things worse.”Is that what you think? You think you did something terrible?””I did, I know I did, I took advantage of your innocence and youth, I behaved like a dirty old man and I’m sorry, I really am.” “Oh David, there could be nothing further from the truth. Last Monday was fantastic, you were so tender, so loving and so kind. You have changed me and helped me to realise that I am no longer a little girl but a young woman. I can’t possibly thank you enough for what you did.”It took a moment for her words to register and sink in.”You mean you are OK about it?””More than OK, I am thrilled, changed. I just wish it hadn’t stopped when it did.””I think it is just as well it did Donna or I would not have been able to stop myself at all.””Really? You mean you really were aroused by me and by what we did?””More than you can possibly understand, I haven’t been aroused like that for more years than I care to remember and probably never with my wife.””Wow, how could I have aroused you like that, I am so inexperienced and had no idea what to do, how could I have had such an effect on you?””Do you really not know?” I looked at her frowning myself now.”No I don’t. I felt wonderful and alive and feminine and adult and oh so aroused but I had no idea what to do to give you the same feelings.””Believe me, you did more than enough. So you are not hurt by what happened, not shocked and confused?”Donna give me the most genuine smile. “No David, not at all. I do have loads of questions and that’s why I want to talk about it. I want to understand more…..and to learn more too.” With this she shyly lowered her head and looked at her hands which were loosely clasped on her lap.My heart leapt at his. Although I was relieved that she did not feel hurt or damaged by what we had done and I was of course relieved that as a result she would be unlikely to get me into the sort of trouble that I could be in but I was also excited and aroused by her positive reaction. Despite my resolve to put things right and to manage my own arousal I was also aware that this opened up the possibility that we might do the same sort of thing again.Donna looked so sweet, nervous and alluring with her head shyly lowered that I could not resist reaching my arm out to her and gently lifting her chin until she was once again looking at me. I smiled to reassure her and gently caressed her cheek with my thumb as I cupped her chin, much as I had when she was crying when we were up on my top floor.”I am so glad that you enjoyed the experience and I will of course answer any questions you have, as for anything else…..well, let’s just see what happens. I am still not sure it is right for you but let’s see. Do you want to get something to eat first, then we can make ourselves comfortable and you can ask your questions?””OK, I do feel a bit hungry, do you want anything to eat?””No, I ate before I came out but I could use another cider if you have one.” Donna rose from the sofa and reached past me to take my glass which was still about a quarter full and turned to the kitchen.”Come one then, come through and keep me company while I cook.”Following her long slim legs and deliciously shapely bottom I rose and went with her to the kitchen. It was not big so I stood just inside the door leaning my bottom on the counter while Donna went to the fridge. She pulled some fresh pasta and a jar of tomato based sauce from the fridge together with some cheese and then another can of the cider for me.She put the food on the counter and opened the can, it looked to me like she had done this before. Like a seasoned expert she tilted the glass as she slowly poured the cider in so that she could manage the head. When it was nearly full she passed it to me and then wiggled the can to see how much was left.”David? Would you mind if I finished this can off, my Mum lets me drink a little occasionally and I feel like I need a drink……I was very nervous asking you about last Monday.””I suppose so, as long as you don’t have very much, I am responsible for you while your mother is away and I can’t have you getting drunk.””Thanks David.” She put the can down and almost skipped across the kitchen and put both her arms around me, above my waist and below my arms and hugged me so that the side of her face was pressed against my chest.”I am so glad that you are here to look after me. I feel very safe with you and really quite grown up.” it was reflex to put one arm around her back and to cup the back of her head with the other and give her a gentle squeeze. “I am glad you feel safe Donna. I have come to care for you very much.” I kissed her lightly on the top of her head and eased her back off me.”Now, illegal bahis you should get on with your supper and then we can go through those questions you have.”Donna was clearly experienced in the kitchen and although the food she cooked was not complicated she had a practiced ease in what she was doing. She poured the remaining cider into a small glass and sipped at it while she was sorting out her food, cooking the pasta, grating some cheese and then finally mixing the sauce with the cooked pasta and sprinkling the cheese on top.We moved through to the living room and we sat beside each other on the sofa while she ate her food. We chatted about this and that. I was surprised to find that she and her mother were keen on documentaries and generally did not watch the soaps, reality TV and game shows that most people seem to enjoy. I was in totally agreement on that although I also like to watch sport when there is something good on. Although Donna was a good 30 years younger than me we got on really well together as if we were kindred spirits. I thought we would have very little in common and that the age gap between us would overshadow our relationship but not at all.It was really nice having someone new, young and energetic to talk to, someone excited to learn things, full of life, light hearted and with an easy going nature. To my surprise I was rather enjoying our time together and that had nothing to do with physical attraction, lust or another other base a****l instincts.Donna took her empty plate through to the kitchen and returned with another can of cider. Again the majority went to me with a little left for her. When she came back she perched on the edge of the sofa rather than sitting where she had been when she was eating.”Can I ask you those questions now David?” She seemed nervous again and had her head bowed. I reached forward and rubbed her shoulder to try and help her relax.”We don’t have any beanbags but could I cuddle up to you, it would help me to relax.””Of course you can, why don’t you lie on the sofa and use me as a pillow?””That sounds nice, thank you.” Donna curled her legs up onto the sofa and lay down on her side with her head high on my thigh, she brought her left hand up and hooked it over my thigh so that her cheek was resting on it. This was pretty comfortable for us both although I was acutely conscious of her fingers on the inside of my thigh.It seemed natural for me to rest my left hand on her waist just above her hip and with my other hand I was able to stroke her hair. Although trapped by her I was still able to reach my cider and she was really no weight so I was perfectly happy. We were silent again for a few minutes and then Donna started with the questions.”On Monday, did I really arouse you David?” it was certainly not the first question I expected from her and caught me on the hop a little.”You certainly did, couldn’t you tell? I thought ….it….. was rather obvious.””Well I suppose it was.” She gave a little giggle at that. “I just did not realise that it was me that had caused it.””Well there was no one else there and believe me you were fantastically arousing.””That’s what I don’t really understand. I am inexperienced and you are a grown man and have probably been with lots of more experienced women in your life so I did not think that it could have been me. I really didn’t do anything. I was certainly very aroused myself, I was so turned on I thought I would burst.””One thing I was aware of and was obvious when I checked back at home was how…..wet I had become. Did I have an orgasm, is that why I was wet?””I don’t think you did, if you did you would not be unsure. The wetness was just because you were being stimulated and aroused. It is part of your body preparing for love making, for sex itself. If you had had an orgasm you would have felt not only the build up, what you described as thinking you would burst but you would have also felt a massive feeling of release. You might even have cried out or shaken all over….you would definitely have known.””Oh I wish we hadn’t stopped David, I would love to have experienced that although it is hard to imagine anything better than what I felt at the time.””What is the name for that we did?””I suppose you could call it foreplay. That is any activity between a couple that comes before making love and has the effect of preparing them both for full sex. So anything that caused the woman to become wet, lubricated, and the man to become hard so that he can penetrate her properly and ensure that he puts his seed as far inside her as possible.””Are there other things that can be done in foreplay?””Of course, we were just rubbing our bodies on each other, both fully dressed, there is a lot more than can be done.””What sort of things?””Let’s see, the natural next step would have been more touching between us, but with our hands, touching can be all over and there are lots of parts of the body that can be stimulated – they are called erogenous zones. Then we would have started to touch underneath our clothes and to actually remove clothes so that we are touching bare skin to bare skin – I find that really nice, to feel the warmth of a woman against me.””I don’t think I would know what to do. Where to touch a man and how to touch him, I would probably be clumsy or too rough like Dan was with me.” over the last 5 minutes, as the questions had become more intimate I had been aware of Donna’s fingers moving on the inside of my thigh and it was of course having the inevitable reaction and I was starting to harden.Almost u*********sly I had responded by moving my hand over her hip, across the front of her tummy at the top of her leggings and even back across to the start of her buttocks. She responded by curling her top leg up which meant that I could now run my hand along her thigh to her knee and back up again with my fingers curled around the back of her thigh, dangerously close to her crotch, close enough to be able to feel the heat starting to emanate from there. I should have predicted that this would happen, her questions and our closeness was working on us both. I don’t suppose that either of us was acting consciously, I certainly wasn’t, but we were both starting to respond to each other.”I am pretty sure you would know what to do. You have been pretty good at it so far.” I laughed and she joined me. I ran my hand down across her stomach and with my hand flat and open across her tummy I pulled her towards me. I knew that this would send sensations down and into her lower belly and her sex but I did it anyway. She moaned lightly and her fingers slid a little further up my thigh until they were right under the bulge of my crotch. My hard cock was stretched painfully up across my belly and beyond her reach.”So how should I touch a man?” I suppose this was the next obvious question.”There is not really any right way I’m afraid. Sometimes it should be delicate, tender and teasing, almost tickling and sometimes firmer, more demanding and forceful.””Oh that’s not fair, that’s no help at all David, how on earth am I supposed to learn when you say things like that?””Practice my dear, practice.””But how will I know when to be soft and when to be firm?””OK, here’s a clue. Men are really not much different from woman in this. When you touch yourself….” when I said this she suddenly lifted her head from my lap and looked as if she about to say something.”Please don’t deny it, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and definitely nothing to be ashamed of, all adults play with themselves at least from time to time and many do so pretty frequently.””So…..when you touch yourself I would guess that you vary the way you do it. Tenderly and softly at first and then as your passion rises you become bolder, firmer and more forceful with yourself. It’s exactly the same with men.””But how will I know when his passion is rising and he wants me to be more forceful and all that.””Oh you’ll know, I am sure it will be pretty obvious especially if he is touching you at the same time and I imagine that you will be kissing too and that will help you understand what each other is feeling.”With this Donna sat up and without warning planted herself in my lap. Most of her bottom was sort of between my thighs with her legs curled next to me on the sofa. She reached both of her arms around my neck and gently rested her head against my shoulder. It was impossible not to respond. My right arm came around her back and onto her waist and my left hand rested on the side of her thigh right up where it joined her bottom.She nestled her head into my neck and sighed. “This is all so confusing and complicated””Like I said Donna, practice. That’s all it takes. Practice.” What were my intentions in saying that? I am really not sure myself. Did I intend it to be an invitation or was it simply a statement of what I believed? Either way I should have realised the inevitability of her next action.Donna raised her head from my neck raising herself slightly from our embrace. She brought her face round never moving more than half an inch from mine and looking me straight in the eye she made her simple and clear request. It was almost a whisper, breathless, with an undertone of vulnerability.”Help me to learn.”She moved forward and closed that tiny gap. Our lips touched lightly and I am sure we both felt the shot of electricity that passed between us. It was like that moment on a roller coaster when it reaches the top of the ride, at its highest point. It is balanced on the edge of the drop, momentarily stationary and then it descends. From nothing to maximum speed in the blink of an eye. Suddenly you are plummeting downward, no going back, hell for leather and fully committed.It was like that between us. One minute she was curled on my lap our lips barely touching and the next we were kissing deeply with unbridled passion. Both exploring each others mouths, tongues clashing, breathing deeply as if we had just finished a race, holding each other tight so that our chests were pressed together. My hands roamed freely around her body. One across her back and around her waist; the other more intimate, up and down the side of the thigh, over the curve of her buttock deliciously close to her most intimate and private self.Her right arm, which had been across the front of my chest and on my neck initially, moved to the back of my head pulling me into her as our passions rose but then her hand started to withdraw. Back from my neck to the top of my chest and then down my chest, pausing to feel my muscles there and then continuing down between our bodies to my stomach.There was a pause, a detour, as she reached around my waist to my back and again pulled me into her before returning to my front and slowly, ever so slowly, descending towards the front of my trousers, towards the place where my hardness was straining against the constraints of my clothing, trapped, uncomfortable and yearning for release.Her hand slid between us, now with her fingers pointing down, exploring, tentative and with a light touch they crossed the waist of my trousers and on to the hard bulge within. The way I was sitting, with Donna on my lap, I was most uncomfortable and I am sure she could not really tell what she was touching.Without breaking our kiss my left arm snaked under her knees and lifted her off my lap, as I did this I brought my own legs up onto the sofa and around to my left. I was able to lie myself along the length of the sofa pressed again the back and to lay Donna beside me along the sofa’s front edge.My right arm was now behind her neck so that she was nestled in the crook of my elbow and my left arm was free to wander over her body. I traced a delicate line over her from her knees, up over her thigh, around the curve of her bottom and up her back. Returning I lightly ran my fingers under her armpit, across to her chest teasing and touching her clearly hard nipples before heading downwards over her flat tummy. With my fingers spread wide across her front the heel of my hand ran across the bulge of her mons and then down her thigh with my thumb caressing the soft and sensitive inside while my fingers ran down the seem of her leggings.I was not the only one using my hands and fingers to explore; Donna had realised what I was doing and had kept her hand against my arousal only now, laid out along the length of the sofa I was far more comfortable and my hard cock had been able to extend to its full length rising from the bulge of my crotch like a pole trapped in my trousers and pointing straight up towards my head.Donna delicately traced the shape of it, as if she was measuring it with her fingers, running lightly from the base up it’s length round it’s head and back down again. Then continuing down and between my legs until she cupped my full scrotum in the palm of her hand.As she ran her hand up the length of me again I could not resist pressing forward with my hips pushing myself into her hand as if there was nothing between us. Unfortunately of course I was still wearing my trousers but I was sure she could feel both my hardness and the heat coming from me. Involuntarily I moaned into her mouth as we continued to kiss.I now turned my fingers inwards so my thumb was now on the outside of her thigh and, after a tantalising pause my hand started to journey up her leg clearly aimed for her sex, that most private part of her that had yet to be touched by anyone other than herself.As I moved up her leg two things happened. First she instinctively turned her hip outwards so that, although this meant that we were not pressed against each other it did make her open and available to me – a very clear message of consent and desire. Secondly, I lightened my touch the further up her thigh I travelled. At the top of her thigh my hand move down slightly until it was not resting on one thigh but was actually between them and now, as light as a feather, I touched her between her legs, my fingers starting almost as far back as her bottom and running over the entrance to her vagina, clearly feeling the shape of her engorged lips, continuing up over he tiny bump of her clitoris, also discernible through her thin leggings until I was cupping the bulge of her pubic bone.I could now tenderly trace the shape of her opening by simply curling and straightening my fingers with her mons in the palm of my hand and the heel of my hand able to press her lower belly just above the bone.She had held her breath as my hand ran up her thigh but now she let out a deep moan which caused our lips to vibrate. She broke out kiss and moved her head back just slightly from me.”Oh David, that’s the most amazing feeling, you are barely touching me and yet you are sending waves of feeling through me like electricity. Oh God don’t bahis siteleri stop, please don’t stop.”Her body instinctively responds and she presses her hips forward into my hand causing the pressure to increase, at the same time she is now kneeling my hard cock through my trousers alternatively rubbing it and trying to grip it and to get her small hand around it despite my trousers.Responding to her clear need and desire I increase the pressure of my fingers . The heat coming from her is obvious and I could also feel her wetness starting to seep through the material of her leggings. My middle finger is actually starting to push into her. I can’t really penetrate her with it because of her leggings but the end piece of my finger is clearly now between the lips of her vagina.”So you like that then do you?” My mouth is no more than half an inch from hers and my words are breathy low and my voice is vibrant.”Do you understand what I meant now? You certainly seem to understand about how to touch a man, you certainly know how to touch me and you can tell that I am very aroused.””Mmmmmm I know, you feel hard……and you feel big, you feel big in my hand anyway. I just wish that I could touch you properly, with my bare hands, with no clothes between us”I look at her directly in the eye, we are still fondling each other, still breathing heavily and there is still and electric tension in the air.”Are you sure of that? I am not sure that it’s such a good idea.””Why not?” she looked deflated and although she did not remove her hand from the front of my trousers her fingers stopped stroking and holding me.”I don’t think it would be so easy to stop there, I fear that we could not stop it going further and I am not sure that would be right for you.”My whole body yearned to continue, to allow this to go further knowing that it would end up with more than touching, more than foreplay but the last remnant of control I had was holding firm, was just enough resist the temptation.”Let’s just lie here like this for a while, let’s enjoy what we have like this.”Donna sighed and lent her cheek against my chest, she was still holding me but some of the passion had subsided.”You don’t want me David, that’s the real problem isn’t it. I’m too young, too c***dish”I removed my hand from between her legs and used it to very gentle cup the side of her face. I tilted it up and back until we were able to look directly at each other again.”You are right of course. You are too young but you are definitely not too c***dish, in fact that is part of what I fear and I very definitely do want you. You are very desirable, you are beautiful, fun and I really enjoy being with you….but I don’t think it is right for you to be with an old man like me.”As I finished speaking I leant into her and kissed her lightly on the lips. I held the contact until I felt her respond. We kissed, tenderly at first and then with slowly increasing passion. My knee moved across and between her thighs to press against her sex. I kept my hands on her back moving around and occasionally dropping down to run over her bottom but now not going any further.We were like this for sometime, probably half and hour or more. In some ways this was more intimate, more passionate as it involved a different sort of surrender. It was controlled, deliberate and all consuming. We moved against each other, she occasionally rubbed herself against my leg and I continued to caress her back moving over her bottom more and more.We were holding each other tight now and she has started to move onto her back I lifted my weight off her slightly holding myself on my right knee, she moved further across the sofa towards the back and I settled back down between her legs, I shifted my weight again on to my left leg this time allowing her to release the leg that was under me which brought my weight fully on to her.As we settled like this she moaned against my mouth and drew her knees up either side of my waist. I was harder than ever before now and able to position the end of my cock right at the entrance of her vagina. Just our trousers between us and like this we made love. Simulated, with no penetration but none the less passionate for that.And then the alarm went on my phone.I had set it for 8.45 to remind me I was due home shortly. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it broke the moment between us. We separate breathing deeply as we had been kissing for so long.”That means I had better go and that you had probably better get ready for bed. I promised your Mum I would stay until you were ready to settle for the night. Will you be OK when I leave?””Of course I will, I’m not a baby, but I will miss you, I want you to keep holding me.””I know, it’s very tempting but I really do have to go. We will see each other tomorrow of course, but sadly we will not be alone.””Why don’t you go and get changed for bed, I can tuck you in before I go so I know that you are safe and sound. Would you like me to come over tomorrow morning once you are up? It is a big step to be alone for the first time and an important part of growing up so it will be quite something for you to be here alone tonight but there is no reason for me not to make you breakfast tomorrow.””OK David, that sounds rather nice, you making breakfast for me.””If you are afraid in the night then you can text me and I will come over but it would be a good experience to spend the night on your own. Right now, off you go to get changed.”Donna turned and walked through to where I assumed her bedroom was. As she walked away from me I could not resist admiring her long slim legs and shapely backside. I am pretty sure she knew I was looking as she walked very slowly and even at one point stopped and bent over to scratch her foot. With her legs dead straight this gave me a fabulous display of her womanly assets.I breathed out heavily and put my clothing right, my shirt had become partially untucked, there was nothing I could do just now about the obvious bulge in my trousers or the slight damp patch where my precum had seeped through leaving a darker spot. I just hoped it would not be obvious to my wife when I got home. Then again she did not normally pay much attention to me anyway so I thought it unlikely.After a couple of minutes I heard her in the bathroom and then a moment or two after that she came through to the living room again. I had wondered what she would be wearing and hoped it was not anything too revealing. I needn’t have worried, she was wearing a pair of what I thought of as man style flannel pyjamas which almost completely hid her figure, just a slight hint of where her breasts were and a little more fullness across her hips but that was all.”Will you tuck me in David?”She reached out for my hand and as soon as I held it she turned and led me to her bedroom. It was small, only really room for her bed, a desk and chair and a small bedside unit. It was clearly her space, she had made it a reflection of her personality. Not too feminine, definitely not too young, some school stuff, mostly scientific in nature, not much to do with fashion and only a couple of well loved cuddly toys on her bed.Donna let go of my hand and jumped onto her bed and slid under the duvet.”Not as grand as your bedrooms David but it is my space and I like it.””It looks very….you. If you had asked me to guess what your room is like I think I would have come pretty close to this””Will you give me a good night kiss like you used to with your girls?””Of course”I knelt down beside her bed and reached over her to hug her to me at the same time kissing her lightly on the forehead and then on one cheek. As I pulled back from her she held me briefly and moved back into me kissing me directly on the lips.It did not take much for us to be melting into each others arms again but after no more that a minute or so I rocked back on my heels and let go of her.”I can promise you that I have never said goodnight to my girls quite like that before and probably just as well. I really must go now Donna. I will come back at 8.00 tomorrow morning, will that be OK with you?””It’s a bit earlier than I would like to get up but I am sure I will cope.””sleep well Donna, don’t be afraid as you can always text me if there is anything that frightens you, other than that I will see you tomorrow.”I stood up and left the room with a final Good Night and headed to the front door. I was careful to make sure that the lock clicked shut behind me and headed back towards home. I was surprised and concerned that I had again allowed things to develop between us but relieved that we had stopped and that tomorrow we would not be alone.I was also relieved that Donna had not been disturbed by what had happened between us on the top floor of my house. It would seem that the opposite was the case. Instead of me taking advantage of her and soiling her innocence it would seem that I had awakened a vibrant sexual being, keen to explore her newly awakened passions and by my reckoning something of a natural. I walked slowly home, partly to get my head together and partly to allow myself to return to an unaroused state, it would not do to get home with a raging hard on tenting the front of my trousers.I was astounded at how aroused and intimate we had become without even touching each others skin or even adjusting clothing. Goodness only knows where we would have gone if hands had wandered further. It was just as well that we would have a chaperone tomorrow or things could easily get out of control if past form was anything to go by.When home I called out to my wife who replied from the living room where she was sat on the sofa but with the sound off on the television and her laptop on the coffee table in front of her.”You’re working late.” “I’m afraid the shit has hit the fan at work and I will probably be another couple of hours yet, and my plans for tomorrow are completely messed up. I now have to fly to The Netherlands with Adrian in the morning and will be there at least one night and perhaps more.”Adrian was her boss, I thought he was a bit of an arrogant cock but Carole seemed to like him. In fact I had occasionally wondered in there were having a thing, particularly since the sex had dried up at home. I had ceased worrying about it, to be honest I didn’t really care.”Oh no, really. Donna was planning to come over tomorrow evening if you remember.””Oh god yes, I forgot. Well I will still have time in the morning to set up a stew for you both which I can leave in the oven and she can still stay in Hannah’s room if she likes, I have made the bed anyway unless she would prefer to go back home.”So much for having a chaperone. I wondered if this would mean we would have to change the plans.”Fair enough, I guess we can just play that by ear. I promised that I would go over at 8.00 to check that she is alright and to make her some breakfast I can talk about it with her then. What time do you have to be off in the morning?””I will need to leave here no later than 9.00 so I will make the stew while you are at Donna’s and will probably be gone before you are back. How is she by the way?””Oh she is fine. I think she is quite excited, and perhaps a little bit nervous, about being alone at home. I told her she should text if anything troubles her but I don’t think she will. She seems pretty self sufficient, I guess she has had to be with looking after her Mum and all that. It must be quite nice for her to be able to just think about her self for a day or two.””She seemed a nice k** when I met her, thinking back to when I was her age she is probably quite relieved that you are around to keep an eye on her and help her if she needs you, even if she seems totally comfortable on her own.””I suppose so.” Actually I was sure she was glad I was around but for completely different reasons. Just talking about her was making me wish I was with her still and causing a stir to return to my groin.I quickly sat down and picked up my book. I turned the tele off and settled down to read while Carole tapped away at her laptop finishing whatever it was that was so very urgent for Adrian.I went up to bed before Carole, quickly showered and got into bed to read some more. I was not surprised to see the amount of sticky precum in the front of my boxers, considering the extent to which Donna had aroused me I expected no less. I wondered if Carole would notice when she next did the laundry and what she would think if she did. She joined me shortly before midnight and we read side by side for another 30 minutes or so before both turning our lights out. As usual we both turned away from each other and settled under the warmth of the duvet to sleep in our own, private and chaste cocoons. In this, having such a large bed was a kindness. If we had a smaller bed and were therefore thrown together in the night her celebrate approach to our marriage would have been painful and awkward. As it was with such a large bed there was no need for us ever to touch each other even by accident. Having enjoyed the intimacy of lying with Donna that evening I felt even more alone that night, missing the touch and warmth of another loving human being. I found myself thinking of Donna, was she alright, did she also long for my physical presence? I was soon hard again and gently peeled my foreskin back off the head of my erection. Despite showering and being careful to clean myself I realised that I was again slick with precum.I had not had the opportunity to relieve my sexual tension so was probably full to the brim with cum for when I next masterbated. As usual it would be wasted on some tissues in the privacy of my office, probably tomorrow afternoon some time.It made me realise how very aroused I was by Donna, it was quite extra-ordinary the effect she had on me particularly considering that we had not yet even touched each other other than through clothing. I was quite surprised.I started to think about tomorrow. What should I do now that Carole was not going to be around as an unwitting chaperone? I should probably ask Donna to stay at her place. She could join me for dinner and I would get her safely home and tucked in to bed at home on her own. I didn’t feel confident that I could trust myself alone with her at night and I was certain that I couldn’t trust her. I had gone from guilty feelings about taking advantage of an innocent girl and abusing the position of trust that I was in, to realising that I had awakened a young woman to desires that she did not realise she had but could no longer deny. That despite her lack of experience, she would not be the one to stop things. She had started to discover the incredible pleasure to be derived from trusting, loving and sensitive contact with another human.I resolved to some how make sure that she did not spend the night with me but returned home to her own bed. With that I drifted off to sleep, pleasant dreams that slipped from my memory as radio 4 came on at 7.30 the next morning and it was time to get up to another day.

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