Apartment 2B

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Ellis let out a long, ragged breath.

As she fiddled around with the pipe under the small bathroom sink, she did her best to focus on why she was in this man’s apartment. A task that was proving difficult as the shower ran just around the corner with one of the hottest men in her apartment complex inside. Her eyes took their time moving around from the entrance of said shower to the toolbox to grab a wrench wistfully hoping to catch even a glimpse of the man inside.

With another long sigh, she shook from her devious thoughts.

“I’m a goddamn professional.”

Her uniform had become restricting as her panties were soaked through and uncomfortable.

The first time she’d seen him, she was replacing the light fixtures in the apartment. He’d come by a day earlier to ask about the freight elevator usage. Wearing a perfectly tailored suit. Ellis licked her lips at the thought of seeing a peak at what was underneath his finely clothed exterior. 2B was sure to have her taking stock in batteries.

Now, he was naked not ten feet away from her.

She bit her lip and ran the mantra through her head once more.

She was a professional.

Ellis never considered herself to be a lustful woman, but there were times, such as this, when nothing could stop her body from reacting. Every time they had any interaction, every part of her tingled wondering what it’d feel like to be touched by him. Kissed. Rubbed. Fucked.

She shuddered.

Putting herself out there wasn’t usually an issue. Even if she was turned down, Ellis could always bounce back. But this chiseled specimen was a tenant in her building. There was no running away if she made a fool of herself. She’d have to see him every day until she either quit, or he moved; neither of which was likely. She wondered briefly if it would have been easier had she looked like one of the waiflike women he traipsed through his place most evenings, but shrugged it off. Ellis easily stood at a statuesque 5’9″ with thick thighs and ample curves. She could break those twig-like bitches in half with ease. Hell, if he let her, she would have no problem breaking him off something too.

A sly smile formed at her last thought. With another brief glance, she went back underneath the sink to finish tightening the new pipe.

Her jaw nearly hit the floor when he opened the door in a towel. He’d only called five minutes before complaining of leaking water. Whenever he had a problem before, which wasn’t often, he was usually on his way out, or holed up in his office.

Not today.

The moment the door opened and she caught sight of his chiseled abs and low slung towel, decadent thoughts about 2B hadn’t stopped since.

If she kept it up, the likelihood of her doing something idiotic was imminent.

“You had a wet spot?” she choked out.

He smiled. His dimples were deep set as he smiled at her.

“Yeah, in the bathroom. I was about to take a shower when I stepped in a puddle on the floor. I wanted to get to it before it leaked down to the neighbors.”

Ellis squinted trying to keep herself from looking him up and down.

“I’ll be happy to clean that for you.” Her voice was a squeak.

She moved towards him, but stopped when he only moved to the side.

Ellis looked down at his feet before doing her best to side step him. She sucked in a breath trying to keep her breasts from grazing across his chest. Silently, she thanked the heavens her nipples hadn’t decided to present themselves at that point, or it would have been a done deal.

She was a professional, canl─▒ bahis after all.

The sound of the shower turning off caused Ellis’s throat to dry. A clear vision of her licking the fresh droplets of water from his chest tasting only his freshly washed tanned skin and whatever he used to clean that delicious body. Her tongue sliding down his chest planting soft kisses every so often. Taking him by the hand, pushing him back on the bed while her lips travelled further south to his hardened cock. Her eager mouth taking his length in tortuously slow, hearing him groan in pleasure.

Ellis’s toes curled in her boots as she hurried to finish the last of the tightening under the sink.

She needed to get out of there.

“I didn’t know you were still here.”

As if her thoughts had been on full display, her head shot up towards his voice. Unfortunately, there was the fact that she was under the sink and there was not a lot of room to move. The pain was nearly blinding as her forehead came in contact with the metal pipe.

“Suck my ass!” she screamed out immediately reaching up to her head.

This was why she should have just hurried up and left. Now her head was in unbearable pain and she’d screamed out something she was sure she would regret later.

“That’s one I’ve never heard before.”

There was a hint of laughter in his voice, but he was definitely closer kneeling down to where she was.

“Come on out of there and let’s take a look at that.”

His hands were strong on her shoulders making her feel like a plate of jelly. She didn’t dare open her eyes for fear of melting completely at the sight of his freshly cleaned skin. Being this close, she wouldn’t be able to hide her devious thoughts from him.

“Alright, let’s take those hands away and see the damage.”

His comforting words and gentle touch as he coerced her hands from her face helped the pain to subside, but the urge to take him was more prevalent than ever. Even at the sight of blood, her thoughts were far from pure.

“Looks like you got yourself pretty good there. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

She smiled. “I’ve done worse.”

He moved to help her to her feet. Ellis didn’t think of herself as a light woman. The fact that he seemed to be able to take on her weight with little to no effort made her wonder if she’d really be able to break him like she originally thought.

They moved towards the kitchen table where he had her sit in a chair. He then left for a moment before returning with peroxide, gauze and band-aides.

“It’s not that bad is it?” she asked looking down at the first aid.

His smile was wide this time, his strong jaw showing off two deep dimples.

Green eyes connected with brown for a moment before he looked up at her forehead.

“Better safe than sorry I suppose. I don’t want to leave a scar on such a beautiful face.”

Ellis gulped at the words. Did he really think she was beautiful? Had she been wrong about him and his predilection towards tiny brunettes? Maybe getting a little banged up would be worth finding out.

His hands worked expertly tending to her wounds. Ellis did her best not to lean into his touch. Even when he seemed to brush his fingers across her cheek.

The air seemed to grow heavy around them in the silence. Ellis’s arousal was now an unbearable ache. While he worked over her, she had a chance to check him out closely for the first time. He was even more handsome up close. Everything was in the perfect place from his cheekbones, to his neck, broad shoulders, chest…

Ellis’s bahis siteleri mouth began to water.

Was there really a bulge in the front of his pants?

She closed her eyes for a moment and looked again. Her previous thoughts about her mouth on him coming to the forefront of her consciousness. 2B stood up straight allowing her a much clearer view of his appreciation of his work..

“It’s safe to say you’ll still be as beautiful as ever.” His voice seemed thicker. Ellis glanced up to see him gulp as though his thoughts may have mirrored her own.

She stood immediately looking everywhere else but his face.

“Thank you.” Her voice was quiet, almost breathy.

Only a few centimeters kept her nipples from brushing across his chest. Her pussy throbbed at the heat that radiated between the two of them.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” His hands moved behind her head taking out her ponytail. They then moved through her head massaging her scalp. “There aren’t any other bumps or cuts are there?”

All higher brain function ceased at the feel of his hands on her. Instinctively, her eyelids fell heavy while her back arched into him.

“I wouldn’t want to let you leave without a thorough check.”

His lips brushed lightly against her cheek as he spoke. Her knees nearly buckled at the feel of his groin pressing into her just below her belly button.

One of his hands moved slowly down her neck towards her shoulder. His fingers moved purposely until they found the zipper of her coveralls. Simultaneously, he moved in to brush his lips across hers while his hand slid inside her shirt kneading her breast. A small whimper escaped her lips as the kiss became more fervent. Ellis was stunned. She couldn’t believe he was making the moves on her after all this time.

She forced herself out of the dull haze and wrapped her arms around his waist pulling his body flush against hers; the full hardness of his shaft pressing into her causing her to gush even more. The hand that was in her coveralls moved around to her ass grinding her into him seeking more contact.

“So beautiful.” He breathed placing kisses down her neck.

He’d removed the top half of her coveralls and was slowly moving down to explore more of her body. Ellis couldn’t believe how wrong she was about him. He was very take charge and quite sure of himself. His hands knew their way around a woman with an assurance that she trouble finding in previous partners.

2B was much more than she could have ever asked for. The surprises continued when he yanked down her suit the rest of the way exposing her lace boy short panties.

“Very sexy.”

Ellis watched him take her in. His touch was driving her insane. She wanted him to bury his cock into her, but he seemed intent on getting to know her body. Her soft panting and mews didn’t make him move any faster. Trying not to sound completely needy, she asked, “Can we take this to your room?”

Her words didn’t even faze him. Instead, he helped her out of her clothing and then slowly came up to her face. His kiss was forceful and long before his hands swooped down to her thighs and pulled her up causing Ellis to yelp.

“With pleasure.”

They moved towards the back while he continued to place sloppy kisses all over her considerable breasts. The fact that this man could carry her and be sexy about it had her nearly ready to come all over him. 2B had the kind of strength she’d only read about in trashy romance novels.

His movements were graceful as he laid her out on the bed. She watched with canl─▒ bahis siteleri hungry eyes while he undressed himself exposing tightly coiled muscles, lean hips, and a nicely trimmed treasure trail over a rather impressive looking cock that stood at attention. Ellis wanted to wrap her hands around the base and take him in, but he moved down her body nuzzling her center teasing her clit with his teeth. Ellis gripped the blanket underneath her in disbelief that this man was about to bring her to orgasm with so little foreplay. Her cries were building along with a sheen of sweat on her face, chest and arms. Her tenant, the one she’d fantasized about for months, was going to bring her to places of ecstasy she’d only previously dreamed about.

With one well-placed nip on her clit, she was taken over the edge.

Ellis did her best to muffle her screams, but he pulled her arm away.

“Let me hear you.” He ordered.

Their eyes stayed on each other as he slid into her awaiting channel that practically pulled him in.

The grunt from him was a thrilling sort of satisfaction for Ellis. It told her that he wasn’t as in control as he pretended to be. Feeling a little naughty, she started by undulating her hips riding him from underneath.

“Fuck.” He whispered into her ear. He pulled up with a smirk. One hand moved down to grab a handful of her ass while the other kept his balance over her. Ellis sucked in a sharp breath feeling his cock drive deeper into her body. She sucked in a sharp breath as he moved her up on the bed getting on his knees angling her higher for better control. Ellis would have argued had the angle of his thrusts not been rubbing right onto her g-spot causing another orgasm to begin deep within her core.

“Had no idea… feel like this.” He panted out gripping her thighs tighter. He began to thrust faster causing both of their orgasms build higher. Of all the fantasies she’d had about him, none of them involved him taking her to these heights. Ellis loved her control, but she’d have to rethink that if there was to be a repeat performance.

“Ellis, sweetheart, can you…?”

She was close but he was closer. Through everything, a wave of tenderness hit her that he would worry so much about her coming. He wasn’t what she thought he was. “Yeah, close. Close.” Her hand moved down to her clit and began to rub furiously. That last bit of will shattered over her body clenching on to him until he followed suit claiming his own orgasm with a strung out groan. Her entire body was awash with satisfaction, she looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he was struggling not to fall on top of her. Ellis had to stifle a chuckle. She could only imagine the reason he was doing so was because he was used to smaller women.

“You can lay on me. I won’t break.”

His eyes shot open. A lazy smile crossed his lips before he came down between her ample breasts. “No, I don’t imagine you will.”


The walk down to her apartment was surreal. Ellis wondered if people could tell she’d just been properly fucked for the first time in she couldn’t remember how long. The endless smile on her face didn’t help her case any, so she opted for looking down. She’d barely closed the door to her own apartment when her work phone began to ring.

“Maintenance.” She answered hoping it wasn’t an emergency.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but its apartment 2B again.”

Ellis licked her lips.

“What seems to be the problem?” she asked almost serenading him with her voice.

“I believe there’s something wrong with my shower.”

Her smile was bigger than ever. “Oh yeah, what seems to be wrong with it?”

There was a slight pause on the other end. “You’re not in it.”

The familiar clench of her pussy returned. “I’ll be right up to fix that for you.”

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