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Subject: Apple Of My Eye-Part 12 Apple Of My Eye-Part 12 IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH ITS GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ As I stepped through the front door of my house I was aware of being almost naked, rather than focusing on it I ran upstairs dropped my shorts, pulled out the plug, and then took a long shower, making sure to wash the butt plug thoroughly. Standing in front of my full-length mirror I noticed how impressive my tan was, and since I had been spending time naked outside it was all over. I made a mental note to spend a bit more time at the pond, making sure I focused on tanning my back as well as my front. Another thing I saw reflected in the mirror was that all my work and swimming was paying off, my chest, arms, shoulders, and abdomen were all definitely more toned than when we had arrived and I decided to start working more on this as well. Once dried off I pushed the plug back inside of me, loving the feeling and wondering how long it would be before I started using the bigger one, then I searched through my drawers and found a pair of old shorts and realized I would have to buy some, the pair in my hands was the last clean pair I had. Once on I checked in the mirror and saw right away that they looked as tight as they felt, they were not tiny or several sizes too small, but obviously tighter than was normal to see boys wearing. I wanted to pull on a t-shirt to cover them up, but I had promised so instead I walked downstairs to help with dinner. Both of my parents were deep in conversation when I walked into the kitchen, like usual discussing politics and they said hello to me without looking at me. I took a seat at the table and thought I might get away without anyone noticing when my mother said, “Waylon, get the plates and set the table please.” I stood and got the dishes and was almost finished when my father looked up at me, then back down at the table, and then back up at me. He looked surprised, then said, “Looks like all that work is really helping get you in shape son.” It felt odd, embarrassing, and exciting all at the same time to know he was staring at and talking about my body. I stood still, then as my mother started to turn around I stepped towards my chair as I said, “Thanks, Dad, I was noticing that too.” I was halfway into my chair when my mother said, “Waylon, your tan is getting darker too, stand back up.” I swallowed hard and pretended to not hear her as I moved my plate around on the table, but her voice raised, “I said, stand back up Waylon.” My heart sped up a bit as I stood, very aware that her eyes were on me now, luckily my shorts were covered by the table, until she said, “Step over here please.” My heart pounded and to make it worse I felt my cock harden slightly as I stepped in front of her. Her eyes scanned me from top to my feet then she said, “Waylon, you’re almost naked, go put some clothes on.” Both of my parents were now staring at me and I was extremely aware of the butt plug inside of me and my cock hardening a bit more as I said, “It’s too hot Mom.” I pushed my hands in front of my shorts to cover the bulge and started to step back to my chair but stopped when she said, “Aren’t those your school shorts from last year?” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I’m not sure Mom.” I had turned, my back facing her but stopped short when she said, “Let me see.” My breathing had increased as I turned to face her again, my face flushing as my cock hardened a bit more. I stood still waiting to see what she would do, terrified she would step closer to me, then my father said, “Take a seat Waylon, the shorts are fine.” I quickly sat down, my face as red as ever, my mother still looked like she was going to say something but instead she turned towards the sink and began cooking again. My father never said anything or made any indication or facial expression, but somehow I knew he had just saved me. He must have noticed my hands or even got a quick glimpse of the bulge in my shorts. As my mother served dinner she did say, “I want you to make sure you’re using a lot of sunscreen and I’m going to buy you some more shorts, those are too tight.” The idea of my mother picking out my clothes horrified me, luckily my father jumped in, “He’s fine, he’s almost 15 he can dress, right?” I wasn’t sure who he was addressing so I said, “Thanks, Dad.” That was twice now that he had stood up for me, this time I gave him my best smile, hoping he knew how much I appreciated his help. My mother did not look happy with what my father had said, but finally said, “Well, okay, but remember the sunscreen.” After dinner I helped clean up and then ran up to my room, relieved to be away from my parents. As I lay on my bed thinking about what had just happened and what had almost happened I wondered if something was wrong with me. I had no attraction to either my father or mother, but standing in front of them, their eyes on me and the idea of being hard in front of them, even with my shorts on was right now driving my cock wild. ankara escort I pushed my shorts down and stroked my erection, I wanted to play with the plug but I had told Erwin I wouldn’t so for what seemed like the first time in ages I stroked myself to an intense orgasm, then removed and washed the plug, making sure to hide it well, then easily fell asleep. The next morning after using the washroom and cleaning myself I reinserted the plug, pulled on the shorts, and headed downstairs. I greeted my parents, sat down, and ate breakfast, then as I stood my mother said, “At least put a t-shirt on before you leave Waylon, with those shorts being so tight, you’re almost naked.” Before I could speak my father said, “He looks fine.” Then to me, “Lots of sunscreen Waylon.” That was now 3 times my father had sensed my unease and helped me, I mouthed a thank you to him and smiled when he winked back at me. I put my dishes in the sink and raced out the door, grabbing my shoes as I did. Things were quiet at Erwins so I went into the barn and used the exercise stuff that Paul had set up for me, my muscles were sore but in a good way once I was done. As I stepped out of the barn I heard Erwin’s voice, “Looking good Waylon, love those shorts.” “Thanks, they are my last pair until my laundry is done.” “Well, that won’t do, will it? Follow me.” I followed him inside, taking my shoes off at the door and saw him pick up the phone and a minute later heard him say, “Hello Eric, how are you this fine morning?” Eric was my Fathers name, my eyes widened as I heard, “I have to run into town for a few things and just wanted to make sure it’s okay that I take Waylon with me, or I can leave him here or send him home, up to you.” I shifted my weight from foot to foot, hoping that my father said I could go, then relaxed when I heard, “That’s fine, it will be a nice change for him to get off the farm and see the town, is there anything I can get for you or your wife while I’m there?” There was silence, and I envisioned my father speaking to my mother on the other end of the phone, then, “Waylon mentioned something about needing shorts, is it okay if I let him pick out a few pairs?” They exchanged a few more words then Erwin hung up and said, “Good news, your father was fine with you picking out what you wanted and said they would pay, but your mother says if you are picking them yourself, the money has to come out of your pay.” I knew what my mother meant, she wanted me to buy long-legged shorts, but I was past wearing those, “I’ll pay for them myself then.” Erwin smiled and minutes later we were headed towards town, all the way he pointed out areas of interest or farmers he knew. There wasn’t much to look at in the way of buildings but the scenery was beautiful, as we neared town I asked why there were so few people around, “Most are working their farms, very few people in town during the mornings.” The town was small with the main strip, Erwin parked and the two of us walked along the sidewalk, passing only a few people, all of whom stopped and greeted him warmly, Erwin introduced me and explained how my family had just moved here. I was surprised to hear that they were aware of us, later finding out from Erwin that not much went private in small towns. We stopped in front of a department store, looking through the window I saw they sold all kinds of clothing, men’s and women’s as well as other things for around the house, I also noticed that it was empty, I couldn’t see anyone inside. Erwin said, “Head on in and pick out 10 or 12 pairs of shorts, I’ll be back in about 30 minutes, I have some business at the bank.” I watched him walk away, now feeling a little vulnerable standing on a sidewalk wearing just shorts and shoes about to go into a store I had never been in before. I thought about catching up with him and going to the bank, but instead, I opened the door, a bell sounding as I did, and stepped inside, instantly feeling the air conditioning. It was hot and humid enough outside that once the air conditioning hit my body I felt the sparse hair on my arms stand on end. There was a smell inside the store, a smell that was old yet comforting. I spied some shorts on a table and as I was walking toward it I heard, “Well young man, what can I do for you?” I turned and faced a large, heavy man who looked to be in his 50’s, his name tag said, David, “I’m looking for some shorts, Sir.” His facial expression remained neutral as he looked me up and down, noticing my naked torso for the first time. I felt uneasy as his eyes lingered on my chest and a slight grin appeared on his face, then, “Apparently you didn’t notice the sign on the door.” I turned my head towards the entrance and now clearly read the sign from behind, ‘No shirt, No shoes, No service’. I smiled awkwardly, I had not noticed it even though it was a large sign, I cleared my throat, “Sorry Sir, I can just leave.” He was now looking at me in a way that I would describe as ‘checking me out’ and his expression showed he was enjoying it which made me push my hands in front of my shorts. His eyes met mine and his mouth opened, escort ankara “I think we can make an exception in your case, what’s your name?” The meaning of his words was obvious, the exception was because I was almost naked and he was liking what he saw. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I could get some kind of discount on the shorts by playing along. The men from the other day had enjoyed watching me enough and the way David was now almost ogling me made it clear he was too. “Waylon Jennings.” There was a pause and then he laughed, “Great name. You and your parents just moved here recently, I was wondering when I’d get a chance to meet you and your family.” He pushed his hand out and I moved my right hand to grasp it, his shake was firm and I again noticed him checking me out, much more casually now. He let my hand go and I again covered up the front of my shorts, now aware that my cock was starting to harden. He said, “We have a large display of shorts back here.” I followed him and instantly saw that they were the baggy shorts that many boys my age wore. David seeing the expression on my face looked me up and down and said, “Judging from the shorts you are wearing, maybe the display we have in the back room is more your style, but they can be pricey.” I followed him to the back and through a curtain, there were change rooms and a large table covered with running shorts of different styles and colors. He looked me up and down again, then grabbed a few pairs and said, “Try these on, let’s get you sized.” David stood looking at me, then turned his back and walked out of the room. Once inside one of the changerooms I noticed the first pair was too big, as were the second pair, the third pair seemed a bit better and since there was no mirror in the change room I stepped back out and looked at myself in the large mirror on the wall. I dropped the first 2 pairs on the floor, then checking my reflection saw that these shorts fit pretty well, the material being much thinner than the shorts I wore into the store and there were slits up the sides of the leg openings. I turned to the side and noticed they really clung to my ass cheeks and the make of the material and comfortable they felt made me wonder how expensive they were. I was about to grab another pair when David walked back into the room, his eyes opening wide when he looked at me. Unlike most others, he was not even trying to hide that he was checking me out as he said, “Those look great on you, they really show off your legs. Turn around and let me see the back.” As I turned I heard him gasp and decided to experiment a bit with him, I turned my head looking over my shoulder at him, and seeing his eyes were glued to my ass I asked, “How do they look?” “They really accentuate your backside.” He then mumbled something low enough that I couldn’t quite make it out, but I definitely heard the words ass and hot. His eyes met mine for a moment, I gave him a slight smile and asked, “They’re not too tight are they?” For a brief second his face started to go red, so I turned my head to look away, allowing him a long look at my ass, and heard him take in a deep breath and let out a low groan before he said, “No, they look perfect, do they feel too tight?” I casually reached back and ran my hand over my right butt cheek, tugging the fabric down just a bit, and was rewarded when I heard him gasp as the very top of my ass cheeks were revealed. I dropped my hand to my side, “No I guess not, just take time to get used to them.” I turned again to face him, something about the way he was staring at me now was turning me on, my cock started to harden so I pushed my hands in front. David said, “Take those off and put them aside, they definitely suit you. Try on some more, and take your time, there is never anyone in the store at this time. Just make sure you are being careful, read the sign in the change room.” I had noticed a sign but had not taken the time to read it, since he mentioned it I decided to, but then lost my train of thought as he said, “Try on a few pairs a bit smaller, no sense covering up a body as hot as yours.” I felt my cock go half hard, then as he turned and left the room it hardened even more. I tried on pair after pair, dropping at, least 10 or 15 pairs on the floor as either too big, small, or just not what I was looking for, happy that my erection faded as I did so. I grabbed a pair that were white and took them to the change room, once they were on I walked back out and saw right away that they really showed off everything. They were tight but not overly tight, the legs were shorter than the others, the slits up the sides went a bit higher and the waistband sat lower than the others. When I turned I saw that these really showed off my ass as well. I was about to try on another when David walked back into the room and whistled loudly when he saw me. “Those look really great on you, the white against your tan is beautiful.” My face flushed slightly and instantly my cock started to harden again. I slowly pushed my hands in front and after he told me to, I turned away and again heard him whistle, ankara escort bayan “You really do have a sweet ass.” Those words did it, my cock popped fully hard and I decided to go a bit further with him. I made like I was adjusting the waistband, getting more comfortable, and heard him actually moan as I allowed the back of the waistband to slip down a couple of inches, knowing that almost a third of my ass cheeks would be visible to him. I let him get a good look and then readjusted them back to normal and from the sound of his breathing, he was getting as horny as I was. “Turn around, lets’s check the front again.” I adjusted my cock to the side, then I turned and faced him, my hands clutching my cock and balls to cover up, then he said, “Can’t really check with your hands in the way.” His eyes were again glued to my crotch as I dropped my left hand, his breathing got heavier as the outline of my balls and part of my shaft came into view, covered only by the thin fabric. I could see how turned on he was as I slowly lowered my right hand and let it fall to my side. The bulge in my shorts was unmistakable, his breathing now sounding almost like panting, but these shorts felt too expensive for me, so I decided to push further. I ran my right hand up and over my chest, making it seem casual, his eyes followed every move, then as I ran it over the left nipple I groaned and it looked like he was going to take a step towards me. My voice surprised him, “It’s a shame they’re so expensive, I don’t make that much money.” His eyes met mine then went back to my body as he mumbled, “Maybe we can make some kind of deal.” Those were the words I wanted to hear, I let my right hand slowly trace my erection over the fabric, moaning as I did, my left hand caressing my nipples. I saw the bulge in his pants as his eyes tried to follow both of my hands at once. As I stroked my erection with my right hand I pushed the front of their shorts down slightly, this time we both moaned at the same time she said, “Yes, a very good deal.” I did the same thing again, lowering the front of the shorts a bit more and then again. Just as my pubes came into view he gasped, then shook his head and I thought I had gone too far. His voice was shaky at first, “Did you? You didn’t……?” A moment later the entire scene changed as his voice got loud and firm, “Are you naked under the shorts?” I almost laughed, but his face looked angry, so I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Yes.” He shook his head a few times, then looked at all the shorts on the floor that I had tired on, then back at me, “Didn’t you read the sign in the change room, I told you to read it.” This time he stepped forward and grabbed me by the shoulder and firmly led me to the change room, when he swung the door open I easily read, underwear must be worn when trying on shorts and swimwear, no exceptions. Instantly I realized my mistake, “I’m sorry, I forgot to read the……..” “You have tried on at least 25 or 30 pairs of shorts, do you have any idea how much those are worth? What can I do with them now that a naked person has been wearing them?” Stupidly IO suggested, “Can’t you just wash them?” The expression on his face showed me that would not work, “Wash brand new shorts and then try to sell them? Remove all the tags, wash them and then reattach the tags and hope no one notices? I hope you have enough money to pay for all these?” My heart raced as my mind tried to come up with something. I tried running my hands over my chest, then over the bulge in my shorts and he looked interested for a moment, but then, “Trying to seduce me again? You’re a cute kid, but what you’re doing right now won’t pay for all those shorts.” I mumbled, “What about the deal you were talking about?” “I meant giving you a discount on the shorts you were buying, not all the ones you tried on.” I felt sweat forming on my forehead and my breathing got heavy, hard as I tried, nothing came to my mind, then, “I’m going to have to get your parents down here to pay for all this.” He turned and stepped towards the curtain separating the changerooms from the store. The idea of my parents coming here, after all the times my father had stood up for me, about picking out my own clothes and the idea of being grounded and not being able to visit Erwin scared me, my voice was loud, “Wait! Please no, don’t call them.” He turned to face me, a grin on his face, “I don’t see any other way out of this, you don’t look like you can pay for all these shorts.” I remembered his words from earlier, “Maybe we can make a deal?” I ran my hand over the front of my shorts, pushing the front down a bit, and saw his eyes focus on the bare skin, then his eyes met mine and he again started to turn away. My voice got louder, “How about a very good deal?” That it was now me pleading and bargaining was not lost on me, he looked me up and down, “Maybe…..but I still think I should call your parents.” My will broke, “Anything. I’ll do anything, just please don’t call them.” The grin on his face showed me I had convinced him before he said, “If you really mean that, we can leave your parents out of this.” I watched as he pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat down on it, then in a firm voice he said, “Come here and lay across my lap, it’s time for my hand to redden that sweet ass of yours.”

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