As Sex In The City Turns Ch. 02

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Gina’s eyes caught Sue’s hate-filled glare as Sue stepped out of her car. She looked strung out and Gina wondered did she cause this accident today by having sex with Sue? Gina felt an arm on hers, she looked up to see her sister Deanna standing next to her.

“What happened to Mary?” She asked Gina looking at her long time friend laying in the road.

“It was a very powerful discussion today, things came out today that will change everyone’s lives. Including mine.” She told Deanna with tears filling her eyes.

Sue ran up to Gina grabbing her by her white jacket. “You bitch! You caused this! You made me hit her! You are no better then a man who wants to fuck em and leave em!” She screamed as she shook Gina.

“Stop it! I am sorry I hurt you Sue.” She cried as she broke away from Sue and everyone’s eyes were now on both women.

Gina bolted down the sidewalk seeking safety from the accusations. She ran to the parking lot to the safety of her car finding a single red rose on her windshield. She slowly picks the rose up holding it close to her face as she takes in the sweet aroma. A smile came to her face when she saw Peter’s reflection in the window.

“Need a friend at the moment?” He asked her.

In a soft-spoken whisper “Yes, please.” She said with a slight smile and teardrops rolling slowly down her cheek.

They drove for miles until they reached a resort out of the city. The resort was secluded in a wooded scenery sitting next to a beautiful lake where they rented a boat to take out to the gazebo sitting in the middle of the lake with bahis siteleri beautiful lights and water fountains surrounding it. Peter picked up a pick nick basket filled with cheeses, fruits, crackers and wine. He placed a red blanket on the floor of the gazebo where she told him about Sue and poor Mary being hit by Sue’s car. Peter held Gina in his arms comforting her when their eyes made contact. Soft kisses turned into passionate kisses. His hands roamed over her body that he once only fantasized about in the privacy of his bathroom while his wife laid sleeping in their bed. The gazebo began to rock back and forth as his erection was deep within Gina. Her full luscious lips returned the hot passionate kisses he gave to her, her body reacting to his lips kissing her neck and down to her full large breast and he thrust deeper into her. Harder he began to thrust over and over until both of their bodies were just on the brink of receiving the most powerful climax. Gina wanted more of his hard, throbbing erection deeper inside of her when it happened. They both cried out from the orgasms that rocked they’re very souls. They laid in each other arms when they noticed the sun was setting causing everything around them to look as if it were orange with a purple hue.

“We should go and check into a room Gina. I also need to call my wife and let her know of the sudden business trip out of town.” He told her flashing a devilish smile and wink at her.

They rode the boat back to the resort where they rented the honeymoon suite for two days. Peter felt it best for Gina to stay canl─▒ bahis away for a few days before returning to the accusations. He would see her through this for the next two days. Gina wished she could find someone as caring as Peter. Someone she could commit to, but then he was married and screwing her. She let a deep sigh escape from her as she laid in his arms in the comfort of their bed. She smiled before drifting off to sleep thinking for the next two days she was his wife in their little world.

Back in the city….

Deanna sat beside her friends hospital bed as she fed her some soup. “I can’t believe he blurted out in front of everyone that we seeing each other.” Mary told her after swallowing her soup.

“Men, who knows about them.” Deanna told her shaking her head as she spooned more soup into Mary’s mouth.

” I was lucky I only suffered a few cracked ribs and a concussion.” Mary told her in between bites.

Peggy walks into Mary’s hospital room, her face white with red swollen eyes. She walked on the other side of her bed facing Deanna and Mary. Her hands clenched the side of the bed rails as her tears began to run down her face.

“How could you sleep with Leo? I poured my soul out to you Mary. Why did you want to hurt me by fucking my husband? He isn’t much, but he use to be mine until you came along.” Peggy cried into her hands.

“I am sorry Peggy, but it was only fucking though.”Mary told Peggy.

“You bitch!” Peggy yelled grabbing Mary’s hair and pulling it with all her might.

Deanna ran out of the room to get a nurse g├╝venilir bahis who called for security. They found Mary on top of Peggy as the two women had handfuls of each others hair. The guards pulled the women apart and hand cuffed Peggy. They left with her screaming at the top of her lungs and they took her to the psychotic ward to be examined. The doctor on duty agreed that Peg had suffered a mental break down and admitted her. He also admitted her so he could be more personal in examining her, after all he was known as Dr. Of Seduction amongst his patients.

Leo ran into Sue at the local pub as she drank away her pain of Gina leaving her at the worst time of her life. The fact that she did not even bail her out of jail made her feel even more then anger or hate, but pure revenge.

“I’ll get even with you for dumping me you bitch!” She said softly with her glass to her red lips.

“Sue let me buy you a drink.” Leo told her with thoughts of fucking her brains out.

“Sure by me a drink if you want too.” She said letting the booze think for her now.

A few hours later Leo was placing Sue in the back seat of his car. He looked around the empty parking lot to make sure no one saw them. Sue was past out from all the booze he plied her with inside the pub and he was getting what she owed him a fuck in his car. She won’t even know I fucked her he thought to himself as he released his raging hard on from his pants and removed Sues panties under her skirt.

“Mmm baby make me cum hard.” He told her as he tore into her pussy with rage and hate he felt for all women.

The next morning….

Sue woke up in a trash dumpster, she was bloody and bruised. Sue managed to climb out of the dumpster only to collapse in the pubs alley….

To be continued…

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