Ashley Alpha Phi Ch. 03

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Quick note! For those keeping track, this short takes place before Katelyn Back in College Ch. 03 and after Ashley Alpha Phi Ch. 02!

As always though – its written as a standalone. No prior reading is required!

The night air was cold, and despite the fact my toga was created out of a queen size bedsheet my it wasn’t really retaining any of my bodily warmth. I clung to Katie’s arm with both of mine hugging it tightly to my chest hoping to keep myself at least a little warm.

It was about a mile walk to Cody’s place from campus. The streets were dark in between the street lamps but there were more people out on the streets than normal doing whatever it is that people do at 11 at night. You never see people bringing groceries inside. Have you ever noticed that?

We looked out of place on a residential street – the three of us in our white togas and immaculately done makeup – but on a street this close to campus we were not an odd sight. It was dead day eve. Toga parties were not necessarily out of the ordinary in a college town like this either. Tonight certainly felt out of the ordinary to me though.

Walking felt odd. I felt like I had a giant wedge of padding in between my legs. When i touched myself there, the feeling was deadened. I guess I had never noticed until now how often my hand would absentmindedly brush my privates during the course of my normal day. This day wasn’t anywhere near normal though, so maybe that’s why I couldn’t keep my hands away from myself. It didn’t help that I had been pre-gaming earlier and the keystone lights had caught up to me not yet halfway to our destination. The cold wasn’t making it any easier to hold it.

I guess today had started out normal enough. I had promised Katie a week ago I would come to this party with her. It was against my better judgement. It’s dead-day. I was going to miss out on some epic frat parties. I had even heard a rumor that Fiji had gotten away with throwing an “anything but clothes” party. Those were particularly good for getting laid since everyone showed up half clothed anyway. Something about boys with abs drove me wild. Boys with abs who were having difficulty looking cool while hiding erections? Even better. She had managed to convince me though. She had gotten me buzzed and horny and willing to promise her anything. So I did. I had promised I would come with her to this silly toga party that her boyfriend was throwing. I make good on my promises.

Of course, I had also promised that I was going to try to make her boyfriend cum in his pants. I think she thought I was joking. Maybe I was at the time, but after the events of the day I felt like i was owed at least a little indulgence.

I had arrived at Katie’s dorm around 8:00. She and her roommate hadn’t yet started to get ready, and I was set to pregame. There was something in the air between them though. Maybe it was tension, or excitement, or a joke had landed oddly just before I walked in. I knew that one week earlier Emily had caught Katie in a very compromising position; Katie was exploring some new kinks she had acquired and had managed to get caught knuckle deep inside herself and in the throws of finishing.

Katie had of course relayed all of this to me last week via re-enactment. We were very close in that way. We had been that close since high school. She had lived up the street from me and we sort of discovered our sexualities in tandem. It started out pretty innocently. We would nervously talk about masturbating each unsure if the other did it thought it was weird. It progressed to hushed talks at sleep overs in which we would move from discussing boys or class or whatever and each work ourselves over under our sheets, out of sight from each other but secretly kind of turned on to hear the others’ small gasps. Of course things naturally progressed from there. We both got pretty comfortable with each other’s bodies and habits. We would figure out new tricks or ways to get ourselves off on our own and then compare notes. We’d even blatantly watch each other occasionally to make sure we were getting the most out of our sensitive areas. When I first got a vibrator, Katie was the first to know. When Katie first got laid, I was the first to know. Last week wasn’t the first time Katie had seen me cum by a long shot, and it wouldn’t be the last.

I had actually left her performance in a bit of a panic that day. I actually squirted for the first time and I felt like I needed to regroup and shower and reassess my life. So we never really discussed what happened after she got ambushed by Emily minding her own business in her dorm room.

Today I found out. Emily had asked the obvious questions like “what the fuck?” and “you did what in public?” But apparently the diaper Katie had been wearing during the incident wasn’t altogether too surprising. Katie had been pretty sick in the weeks prior. It had resulted in a bad cough and lack of bladder control that had caused Emily to suggest she buy some panty liners. bursa escort I suppose diapers were just a natural extension of that, and when your roommate barges in the door masturbating, her choice of absorbent underwear is not typically the most shocking part of the situation.

I didn’t know all of this when I arrived though. I still naively thought that Katie had this secret and she had somehow just kept it from Emily. I figured that even though she had been caught violently flicking her bean that she would have hid the diaper aspect; I thought it was just us besties that knew.

We started pre-gaming. Katie still had some Keystones left over from our encounter the week before and Emily surprisingly joined us. I hadn’t really pegged her as a party girl. We sat around for an hour or so doing makeup and catching up. Beer tends to go right through me but I wasn’t about to break the seal before that lightweight Emily. Katie’s dorm had an “escort-only” policy, and I would have to ask one of the two of them to take me to the restroom or risk getting caught and kicked out. I wasn’t about to do that. It was humiliating. I could just wait until one of the two other girls eventually had to use the restroom as well and tag along.

My situation got more and more desperate. I found myself unable to keep up with the conversations as well as I would like as progressively more of my attention was occupied by my futile attempts to keep myself from wetting my panties.

I was able to hold it well enough at first. We talked about classes and final projects and I just clenched my muscles.

By the time we were discussing our plans over Christmas break, I was crossing my legs. Still no big deal. The extra pressure was helping to keep everything in.

By the time we had moved on to Katie’s plans for New Years Eve though, I was in emergency mode. I felt a few drops escape and I had to grab myself through my sweatpants to stop. Finally, I had relented asking if either of them needed to go to the restroom because I was about to flood my pants.

Emily just giggled, which I felt was a little bitchy. Katie gave me a puzzled look and asked me. “Oh Ash, why didn’t you just say something? It didn’t even cross my mind that you might need to go!” She got up to escort me down the hall to the restroom. By the time I got there I was leaking something fierce. My body wanted to release. My muscles were aching so badly that they wanted to just let go and feel the warmth pool out over my hand that was gripping myself roughly through my pants. I gave it serious thought, but my aching muscles held on as best as they could. Still, I was at the point where each step I took jostled a little more pee out of me and into my panties.

The worst, of course was when I entered the bathroom. There’s something about being in a bathroom where your body just decides that it’s in a safe place to release and will refuse to hold it in. I sprinted over to the toilet as I felt my walls relax, and the telltale warmth begin to spread in my panties. When I finally flopped my butt on the toilet and pee was streaming out of me loudly into the bowl I was able to assess the damage. The gusset of my light blue Brazilian cut panties were strictly a darker blue. They had taken most of the assault though. I had to clean up a little I dribbled on the floor, but my sweats weren’t in too bad of shape. I stepped out of my pants and pulled my underwear off of my ankles, balling it up in my fist.

Katie waited for me in the hallway. When I stepped out of the restroom, she was just leaning up against the wall grinning broadly. “All better?” She had asked me.

I sheepishly displayed my wad of wet panties. “I might need to borrow some underwear for tonight.”

I found out shortly that this was Katie’s plan all along. Maybe the exact plan wasn’t to have me ruin my underwear, but she explained to me that following the incident, she had impressed upon Emily how convenient wearing diapers to a party could be. It all clicked into place for me then. They didn’t have bladders of steel. They just weren’t bothering to excuse themselves. It was kind of funny to think about my friends just peeing themselves whenever they felt like it while we were talking.

When we were back in the room, Katie declared that it was time to get changed and ready for the night. She stripped her clothes entirely off and stood mostly-naked in front of us wearing nothing but a swollen purple diaper. Emily giggled that she also needed a change. It caught me a little off guard how comfortable they were with the situation. I mean, these were diapers after all. I figured they should be at least a little embarrassed. I also felt a little odd to be staring at my friend standing in the middle of the room wearing nothing but a diaper. The swollen padding made her mound look giant. It was kind of comical, but I was not about to make it awkward.

Emily and I followed Katie’s lead and stripped down. I began digging in my overnight bag bursa escort bayan for the bedsheet I was going to fashion into a toga as Emily and Katie changed out of their soaked pregaming undergarments.

I was in the middle of balling up my panties and trying to find a place in my bag that wouldn’t contaminate my other clothes when Katie tapped me on the shoulder. She very plainly explained to me that she and Emily were going to wear diapers to the party. She reasoned it would be fun and kinky and prevent them from needing to take multiple trips to the bathroom throughout the night.

Admittedly, I was pretty reluctant. Her logic was sound enough I guess. The bathrooms at these house parties could get pretty crowded and on more than one occasion I had ended up squatting in the bushes. It still seemed a little taboo, but Katie has one of those personalities though – I’m sure you know someone that has one. They’re somehow magnetic. They’re always the center of attention or the topic of conversation. They may not be the coolest person in the world but they’re confident in themselves and comfortable in their own skin. They can convince you to wear cups on your hands or a shoe on your head or a diaper when you’re 20. That was apparently what had happened to Emily shortly after their incident, and yes dear reader, it was exactly what happened to me as well.

I had fought back at first – the sheet I had brought was meant to be short enough to show a little butt cheek. Of course that plan was made more difficult by the fact that I had soaked my underwear already. Katie had already planned for this though. She brought three new queen sized white bedsheets out of her closet.

They were high enough thread count so as to not be see through. There was enough fabric that we wouldn’t be revealing ourselves to everyone. Katie had thought of this. Katie had orchestrated it. It was one of Katie’s games, and I knew better than to protest too much. I was already asking to borrow her underwear. If I resisted I was going to be flat out told that of any of us I probably needed them the most (and admittedly they would be right.) Also there was no way I was going to be a stick in the mud when Emily was so cheerfully participating.

Finally I reasoned that just because I wore a diaper didn’t mean I needed to use it.

As we walked down the street leading away from campus I couldn’t stop thinking of the thick padding between my legs. It was forcing my upper thighs apart and rubbing against my sensitive areas lightly with each step. I tried not to think about it too much.

It had been a couple of hours since we had been pregaming in the dorm room and I had soaked my panties. My need was rising again and I just wanted to get to Cody’s place to relieve myself but my muscles were still so fatigued from earlier.

I was resolved to make it though. I wouldn’t be defeated by the keystones! I clung tightly to Katie’s arm and concentrated hard. Each step was agony. My pride and my bladder were locked in an epic battle that my brain was having to adjudicate. My bladder was making the same argument she made every time we entered a room with a toilet. I was wearing a diaper. This was an appropriate place to go so clearly it was time to go. My pride counter-reasoned that I should at least be able to hold on if I wanted to. It’s pretty weird to be 20 and even entertaining the thought of using a diaper. My brain liked that argument. It was nice to be in control of my own body. My bladder parried that it would be easier to hold on if I just let a little bit out.

That was at least reasonable. Nobody would ever know but me. I mean, who was going to check me, the diaper police? I nodded silently to myself and decided that just letting out one little spurt wouldn’t be the end of the world. That’s what the diaper was for anyway, right? And I had to go so so bad. And maybe a little spurt would relieve some of the soreness I was feeling.

I started to try to relax my muscles. Nothing came out. I found it incredibly ironic that I was probably more desperate now than I was back in Katie’s dorm room. I couldn’t hold it in there. Here, I couldn’t manage to get anything to come out. Each step seemed to make it retreat back up into me. It was like the act of doing it on purpose felt too naughty. It was baked into my wiring to not pee my pants.

Emily and Katie were chittering rapidly about something. I exhaled deeply and tried to remove myself from the situation. I closed my eyes and let Katie’s arm guide my steps. I pictured my toilet back home, and tried to imagine what it was like to sit on it and relax. The aching in my bladder wouldn’t let anything move.

I released Katie’s arm with one hand and grabbed myself through my toga. I felt my muscles relax ever so slightly at the assistance. That was it. That was the key.

I relaxed and closed my eyes again. I pictured my toilet. I applied pressure and then backed off the pressure slightly while trying to keep escort bursa my muscles just a little relaxed.

I felt a small spurt escape from me. It felt warm between my legs. But it wasn’t like when I accidentally let out drops in my panties; I didn’t feel wet at all I just felt the most minuscule amount of relief. It felt kind of neat actually. It was a little bump of dopamine. It was all the reward with none of the consequences.

I smiled to myself privately and enjoyed the warmth. I was in a bit of disbelief. I had just purposefully wet myself and it wasn’t the end of the world. Emily and Katie were still chatting away, oblivious to my little secret. Surprisingly I felt my body react to this new development. My nipples tightened against the fabric of my toga. I felt my breathing quicken a little bit. I could feel the color rising in my face.

I felt the overwhelming desire to do it again. To feel that private, secret, naughty feeling one more time.

This time I knew how my muscles needed to feel. My arm returned to hug Katie’s. I did my best to imagine the feeling of pressure from my hand slowly releasing. I shot another hot spurt into my padding. I tried to maintain it just a little longer this time. I tried to not be startled by the feeling, but my muscles clinched closed once again after about a second.

The rush of release sent a shot of pleasure through me. It was an orgasm, but it was close. It was a wave of relief and light. I still didn’t feel wet. I mean, I was starting to feel myself get wet, but I didn’t feel like I had wet myself. It was amazing. I felt like a heroin addict chasing the dragon. I released Katie’s arm once more and briefly touched my padding. It was warm and a little heavy. I could feel that it was slightly bulkier between my legs.

Keeping everything held in was suddenly no longer on my mind. It was addicting. It was all reward and no consequence each time I was able to squeeze out another shot of pee. Some distant corner of my brain was yelling something about this being naughty and that I should be ashamed but I couldn’t focus on that in the slightest.

I took another deep breath and exhaled. I closed my eyes. It came to me even easier this time. My body opened up and pee came streaming out of me. This time I pushed ever so slightly. I lasted more than a second. More than two seconds. It kept coming. Relief washed over me. I stopped dead in my tracks and let go of Katie’s arm. I spread my legs slightly and a giggle escaped my lips as my hand shot to my mound.

“Oh my gawd Ash! Are you peeing?” Katie asked me nearly bouncing with excitement.

I nodded eagerly. I had a smile on my face. I could feel the flow hitting against my hand through my diaper, but other than that there was no sensation. I mean, I’ve wet myself before. You’re used to the feeling of warmth spreading down your legs as the relief washes over you. That warmth feels like shame and smells like defeat. This was the absence of any other sensation other than warmth at my pussy and the flow thumping against my hand.

Emily and Katie hand both stopped walking and had turned to watch me. It felt strangely erotic to be watched.

It was hard to tell when I had finished. On the toilet you stop hearing sound. During an accident you clench yourself shut as quickly as you possibly can. Here there wasn’t a black and white moment where I knew I was no longer peeing. My muscles stayed relaxed and I only realized that I had stopped when I felt a little more come out.

“I think I’m done.” I finally said, relaxed. Relieved. A little embarrassed. A little turned on.

Emily’s eyes were big. “Was that seriously your first time?”

I nodded. “That actually felt surprisingly good.” I resumed holding Katie’s arm to continue on, but the bulkiness between my legs was preventing me from walking right. It seemed I could choose to walk bow-legged or squeeze the mass between my legs like a sponge and cause it to run down my legs. “I may have a problem though.” The familiar feeling of shame started to wash over me. “I think I need a change.”

We stopped again. Katie had come prepared. She dug in her purse and produced a diaper for me to change into. Emily and I giggled as she held my toga up and I tore the sides of my diaper letting the cold night air tickle my pussy. Teamwork.

Katie talked on the phone with Cody letting him know we were on our way as Emily tried to hold me steady and I tried to get another pull-up on over my shoes. As she hung up I half jogged over to a trash can sitting by the back gate to a random house we were near. I thought briefly about what the residents might think about finding a grown woman’s diaper in their bin, but dismissed the thought. Who looks in their trash after they’ve put it out anyway?

That was the moment that a thought flashed across my brain. It was perhaps a little evil. I was a little ashamed that my brain even went there, but in that moment I felt like I knew what my contribution to the hazing of our next pledge class would involve.

We continued our walk on to Cody’s place. I was relieved. I was dry. I was horny. I was ready to party. With each step I got more into my element. I was ready to show Cody’s dorky engineering friends how Ashley partied.

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