At the Cabin with an Old Friend

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All participants in this story are over 18 and any resemblance to people living or dead is fully in the mind of the author. Another story I wish was actually me but is just a product of my imagination.

The long drive had been tiring for both of them. Leaving early in the morning to beat the snow they were now only a short distance from the rented lodge but the weather had made a sudden turn for the worst a short while ago. It was heard to see and he was forced to hunch over the steering wheel looking out through the windshield as the defroster labored to keep the ice off and the wipers fought the sleet.

“Not much farther now I don’t think” Ryan said looking over with a tight grin at Violet. She was bundled into her heavy ski-jacket, hands white knuckled and clenched in her lap. She hated driving in bad weather and these mountain roads didn’t help matters.

They had been coming on ski vacations like this every few years since they were in high school. This was their first time back since they had finished university over two years ago. They were meeting two other old friends up at the chalet so it was planning to be a great weekend. If they could just get there through the inclement weather everything would be great. The trips were an exciting time with many great stories still being brought out years later at the few times when the friends could all get together.

The tires slid along the road as he coaxed the rental Jeep around a slow curve. For a moment they locked and put the car into a slide but Ryan managed to correct the skid and force the car around. Over the sound of the laboring wiper motors the radio was giving the weather report.

“The Cascades are seeing record snowfall and there is a storm warning for the Groom Mountain area. If you are traveling in this area please drive carefully and if you can stay off the roads until tomorrow when the plows have had a chance to get through…” the reporter was saying, merely confirming what they already knew.

“We are almost there, Vee. No reason to worry.” Ryan said, trying to stay positive even though he was a bit nervous about the drive as well. Vee was what he had called her since they had taken French together and he had heard the teacher call her Vee-oh-let. It had stuck.

“I’m okay Ryan, just keep your eyes on the road” her feet were pressed stiffly against the floorboards and he could see she was very tense. He resolved to get them there as safely and as quickly as possible. He put his mind on the road and powered on through the snow. The 4×4 more than was able to handle the last few inclines and within about ten minutes he saw the sign for the rental lodges.

“We made it!” he grinned. “I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

They pulled up to the main cabin and Ryan left the Jeep idling while he went in to confirm the reservation and get their keys. He came back about five minutes later and climbed back in.

“Well I have good news and bad news…” he said, “The good news is that they already have a fire going in the cabin to warm it up, the bad news is that Kris and Kate called ahead and they got stuck at the bottom of the mountain and can’t make it up until tomorrow. So it’s you and me, lady. Good thing we left early.”

They pulled the Jeep around the bend and stopped in front of the cabin. Within a few minutes they had the skis, groceries, and their other essential gear unloaded and inside the cabin. It was nicely appointed. It had thick rugs thrown across hardwood floors, a cheery fire burning behind a glass screen in the fireplace. There was a small fridge and freezer in the kitchen that was quickly filled with groceries, beer and the wine Violet liked.

Once they settled in Ryan started putting together a meal. They had been on the road most of the day and both needed to recharge. He expertly chopped vegetables for a salad and threw frozen lasagna into the oven for them to eat. He then cracked a beer for himself bahis siteleri and a bottle of wine for Violet and brought her a glass.

Violet had finally begun to relax from the stress of the drive up. She accepted the glass of wine with a nod of thanks and went to poke at the fire while he worked. She wasn’t much of a cook and knew to leave him to his own devices. Their friendship had long since gone past the point of needing to fill the air with chatter so they worked and sat in comfortable silence while the fire crackled and they waited for dinner to be ready.

Dinner was soon ready and they moved to the small table in the kitchenette to eat. They chatted about their lives and pretty much everything under the sun. As old friends often do they began to talk about much more intimate things in great detail. They talked about their most recent sexual experiences and dating mishaps. It turns out neither of them had been seeing much action with their active jobs taking up so much of their time. The drink and trusted companionship served to loosen them both up immensely and it felt almost like high school again. This added to the strangeness of just the two of them in the cabin instead of part of a larger group added an air of newness that had them both feeling charged.

Hours later, by around 9PM they were both seated in the living room. Violet was covered with a soft blanket lying on the small sofa with Ryan holding a beer leaning back against the front of it. He got up to go check the fire again, poking at the logs. A loud pop startled Violet and she started awake, sitting up, looking around blearily before again pulling the blanket up over her and curling up.

Ryan chuckled at this and went and turned off the little light in the kitchen, leaving on the bright light from the fireplace to illuminate the cabin. He then made his way to sit back down against the sofa. He put his beer down beside him and also began to watch the fire.

He was not sure how much time had passed when he opened his eyes. The fire had burned down significantly and was now just glowing embers. It was quiet in the cabin and as his brain tried to make sense of what woke him he felt a hand stroke his neck. It was Violet.

He froze.

Vee had never shown any interest in him despite some general flirtatiousness that was a part of her nature. This was new. He wasn’t sure if she was awake or not so he just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her hand on his neck and ears. If he didn’t move he wasn’t taking advantage of her sleepiness, he thought guiltily but smiled. It would be hilarious if it turned out that Vee was a “groper”. A term they had devised in high school that was used to describe someone who was extremely touchy-feely when they slept. He laughed to himself.

After a few minutes of this her arm moved awkwardly to encircle his neck and her hand continued to stroke his chest. He tried to steady his breathing. She had very good hands. She nuzzled her face up close to the base of his neck and made contented sleepy sounds.

In the darkness Ryan couldn’t see that her eyes were wide open. She had been asleep earlier but had woken up a short while ago. Violet found the entire idea of them being stuck in the cabin alone together to be highly exciting. She had been having rather erotic dreams on that subject when she had woken to find him asleep, the fire down low.

She wasn’t sure if Ryan would be up for anything as he had never shown any interest in her romantically but she hadn’t been with anyone in awhile and it felt good to touch him.

It was harmless fun.

She ran her hand across his chest and stroked his side as she hugged him. He smelled very good, a light scent of vanilla; he always had the best colognes. She snuggled in even closer and began to breathe on the small of his neck. She kept the breaths deep to continue the illusion of sleep. She felt his hand rise up and stroke her arm and she almost stopped moving, canl─▒ bahis but to do that she would need to “wake up” and she wasn’t even sure if he was even still awake. She decided to keep going. His hand was gently rubbing her forearm as it held her hand and arm against his chest.

His hand slowly slid down to hers and began to stroke each finger, pinching lightly at the tips then moving back up to stroke again. It gave Violet goose bumps. This was the most intimate she and Ryan had ever been. She leaned forward a bit again feigning a sleepy sound and kissed his neck softly and sensually. She did it just the once.

Ryan pretended not to notice but he did press her hand to his chest just a little more firmly as she stroked him through his light fleece shirt. Had she just kissed his neck? He could feel his erection swelling in his jeans. Oh god! I will be in so much shit if she wakes up. His mind was racing.

He shouldn’t be doing this. The gentlemanly thing to do would be to get up and carry her into the small bedroom and put her to bed before too much more happened. He got ready to do just that.

Violet felt him tense and sensed he was truly awake. Playing her part to perfection she let her hand slide sleepily until it was just on his waist at his side. She moaned again and hugged him a little. She didn’t want him to know she was awake and she began to think the kiss had been a step too far. But part of her was still thinking of what it would be like if it went further. She let her hand rest there until he appeared to settle again. After awhile she then opened her hand on his thigh and began to run it back and forth along the outside of his leg. She leaned in and kissed his neck again.

This time it was Ryan that moaned. He couldn’t help it. This entire scene was too erotic. It was just a little one but it startled her just the same.

Even if he was asleep she was definitely having an effect on him. Her hand roamed back up to his chest lightly and again his hand found hers, stroking her soft skin. She was beginning to sweat a little under the warm blanket, her own excitement rising and she didn’t want to stop.

Taking a chance she slid her hand down his chest and over his stomach until it reached the waistband of his jeans. She let it rest there for a moment and then began to probe a little with her pinky finger, almost absently.

Ryan was out of his mind with the idea of Violet touching him but he didn’t have the willpower to get up anymore.

Violet’s hand moved into the waistband of his jeans but couldn’t get inside due to the awkward position; she made a frustrated sound and popped the button as if she had just been thwarted at something in her dream. She put her hand onto his now hard cock and leaned into his neck giving yet another contented sigh as she stroked him through his underwear.

“Violet, you are awake aren’t you?” Ryan said as she stroked him, feeling himself grow even harder.

“Not awake. Asleep. Quiet time now” she said, muffled by his neck, as she gave him another kiss trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

He turned his head to object to what was happening but she met his words with a kiss and clamped down sternly on his package, continuing to stroke it. They kissed for a short time and then he broke the kiss looking into her eyes. “Pretend your dreaming…” she said to him in a whisper.

She lay back down and peeled the blanket back so he could join her on the couch. He moved next to her and began to kiss her, as their passion grew their kisses grew to include necks and ears as well. Violet’s hands became entangled between them and she forced herself into a sitting position next to him. She rolled half on top of him and pressed him back down into the sofa kissing him wetly, her tongue moving into his mouth as her hand walked down his body to again grasp his hard penis through his underwear. A wet spot had developed and she ran her thumb over it knowing it g├╝venilir bahis would be the sensitive head of his cock. She slipped her hand into his underwear as they kissed and his hands went to her bra clasp. They fought with each other’s clothing as they kissed, sitting up to remove her shirt and bra, lying back to get his pants, socks and underwear off before finally removing her pants.

“Stay right here” he said jumping up and padding across the floor to the one bedroom. The sounds of carnage came from the darkened room and a moment later he came padding out with the single mattress and some blankets and threw them on the ground before the fire. He looked so cute that she didn’t have the heart to tell him that the sofa was a pull-out.

“My hero” she laughed and pulled him down onto the mattress. It was strange. They both were nervous but it was still so comfortable.

Never one to stand on formality he threw her back on the mattress pressing her hands down as he laid his body atop hers. He could feel how wet she was and he hadn’t even touched her. He kissed her deeply and then began kissing his way down her body. He stopped when he reached the junction of her thighs and he immediately put his lips to her clitoris. He knew that she was very aroused already and his experience told him that she wasn’t looking for hand-holding curtain rustling sex. His tongue worked gently at her lips and clitoris as he ran his hands up to her breasts. He kissed her softly on the inner thighs; her hands were entwined in his hair as she moaned.

He buried his face into her wetness and thrust his tongue into her. He then replaced it with his fingers as he moved them in and out of her. He turned his hand over and began to gently massage the flesh on the inside of her vagina. Softly and rhythmically he worked eventually taking his mouth away and just concentrating on using his fingers to bring her pleasure. She arched her back on the mattress and thrust herself against his hand until finally she gave into her orgasm. He leaned in and gave her another lick just to see her jump a bit then moved up along side her.

“Good?” he asked, knowing smugly that it was. She hit him on the arm. Reaching down she grabbed him hard by the cock once as she sat up panting. “Bastard, you know it was.”

Walking forward on her knees she leaned forward onto the couch and looked back over her shoulder at Ryan. “Please fuck me” she said wiggling a little bit.

He positioned himself behind her and reaching forward grabbed her by the hair pulling back, forcing her to arch her back. He then slid his cock up and down her wetness before moving forward, sliding it in. He groaned as he pushed himself into her. She arched back against him so that he was deep inside of her. They say like that for a few minutes until he was sure he wasn’t going to come immediately. He then began to thrust inside of her. Smoothly his cock moved within her, his thrust growing stronger as she pushed encouragingly back. His grip on her hair was relaxed and he let go of her so he could put his hands on her ass and watch himself moving in and out. Violet pushed her head down onto the couch and then reached back between her legs to rub her clitoris. She knew that Ryan wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

He leaned forward as his thrusts became more urgent. She began to moan more loudly in time with his thrusts. He pushed himself up so he could kiss her back and then reached around her leg and back between her thighs so he could feel her fingers moving on herself. Their fingers moved together slickly and his thrusts became slower but more powerful.

With a final thrust he cried out and came within her. He held himself against her ass unwilling to move, it felt so perfect. He gave a few more gentle thrusts as she moaned happily. He kissed his way down her back until he was able to pull out of her without falling over. She then laughed quietly; head down on the sofa but looking back at him.

“It’s funny. We could have been doing this for years…”

He was stunned by the realization.

He could only nod and laugh helplessly as he then joined her next to the sofa and they cuddled up together.

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