Bachelor Party Ch. 03

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I am curled up in a ball on the couch, crying softly from pain and embarrassment. You and your groomsmen have been enjoying my body for over an hour now, and I just wish the night would end.

No, I think, no I don’t really want it to end. Did I really just think that? What have I become? Am I really a slut like they keep telling me I am?

“Hey Saul, did you see the way she sucked on the handle of that paddle? Bet that mouth sure feels good on a cock,” said Tim, as he looked at me greedily.

“Oh hell yeah, it sure does,” you say. “In fact, that’s a good idea, let’s have a go at it.”

I whimper in protest, but it is to no avail. You grab my arms and stand me up, moving me into the guest bedroom as everyone follows. You take me to the middle of the room and instruct me to kneel. I do as I am told, waiting for the inevitable.

“Here is how this is going to work,” you say. “Allysa here has self-esteem issues when it comes to sucking cock.” I am ashamed to hear you tell all these guys about this.

“She doesn’t think she is any good at it, so she doesn’t do it very often. I want you all to help me prove to her that she is wrong about this. So all five of us will take turns with her lovely mouth. I am the only one who is allowed to come in her mouth, though. The rest of you can make use of any other part of her body you want, just not inside of her.

“Oh, and as a reward for all of her efforts, the next person in line will go down on her while she is sucking off the person ahead of them. Got it?” All of the guys nod excitedly, and Tim steps up to my mouth first.

“Ready for this?” he says to me. I nod, but he wants more. He grabs my hair and yells at me, “Answer beylikd├╝z├╝ escort me, bitch!”

“Yes, I’m ready,” I reply timidly.

“That’s better,” he says, and instructs me to unzip his pants and remove his cock. It springs forward, already quite hard, and he moves it toward my mouth. Faced with no other option, I open my mouth and cautiously take him into it. I begin to suck on it, using my tongue all around the head.

Just then I feel hands at my thighs, moving them apart. A head slides in between my legs, and Jake begins to lick my wet pussy. I moan into Tim’s cock, and he moans in reply. Jake’s tongue is fucking me as far inside as he can, and my head moves faster on Tim’s cock. Before I realize what is happening, he pulls out of my mouth and squirts his cum all over my chest.

“God, that was good,” he says, then steps aside as Jake crawls out from underneath me and steps in front of me.

Again I unzip his pants and pull out his cock. I stick out my tongue and lick all around his cock, from the back to the front, then take it into my mouth. Again I feel a head slide under me as Don takes his place on my pussy. Jake grabs my hands and leads them to his ass, instructing me to grab it while I suck.

Don’s tongue laps at me like a hungry dog as I bob my head on Jake’s rod. My tongue teases him as Don’s tongue teases me. Don begins to lick my clit, then all of a sudden bites it. I scream into Jake’s cock, and it doesn’t take much longer before I feel him pulling out of my mouth and emptying himself on my face.

“Here, let me help you with that,” he says, as he grabs a handful of my hair and wipes his mess off my face with my own hair, laughing at escort beylikd├╝z├╝ my humiliation.

Don slips out from under me and come around to my head. I move to unzip his pants and he stops me. “With your teeth, slut,” he growls at me, and I do as instructed, with much difficulty. He is bigger than the last two guys, about the same as you, and I pause momentarily before bringing my mouth to his dick.

He does not like my hesitation and grabs the back of my head, forcing his cock into my mouth. I gag in response until I am able to accustom myself to the unexpected intrusion. He does not let go of my head and controls the pace of my face fucking as he wants it.

Mark’s head finds its way below me and his tongue to my wetness. He circles my clit gently, in great contrast to the force with which my mouth is being treated. I am moaning at his pleasuring of me and Don begins to pick up the pace in my mouth. He is pushing my mouth further and further down on his cock, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust.

“You are GOING to deep throat me, bitch, so just get used to it.” Fear rises up in me, as I have never been able to deep throat you, until the fear is drowned out by the amazing goodness of feeling on my clit.

Don continues to shove my mouth further onto him, until I feel my throat expanding to accommodate his cock there. I gag slightly, but manage to relax enough to stifle the feeling. Mark is licking my slit for all he is worth, occasionally sucking it into his mouth, causing me to moan even more. Finally Don pulls out and empties himself all over my stomach and breasts.

I take gulps of air that i wasn’t able to take easily with Don in my mouth, beylikduzu escort while Mark comes around in front of me and you take your place beneath me. I am completely aroused by all of this, and eagerly unzip Mark’s pants and take his cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue all over the tip of it as I feel your tongue swirling my clit.

You begin to suck my clit as I begin to suck Mark’s cock. Suddenly I begin to feel hot and realize that I am on the verge of coming. You continue to work your magic on my clit and I suddenly come all over your face, screaming into Mark’s cock and flooding you with my juices. You greedily drink them all in, and before long I feel Mark pulling out of my mouth. He shoves my head down and shoots his cum all over my back and ass.

I regain my composure as you come around to stand in front of me. Tim takes his place, but instead of his tongue on my pussy, I feel it on my asshole. I moan, knowing the pleasures of a tongue there. You unzip your pants, and free your cock, then lift my chin so that I will look at you. “Do you still doubt yourself?” you ask me gently.

“I suppose not,” I say, and you smile down at me. You place the head of it at my mouth, and I stick out my tongue to lick it, looking up at you and teasing you. All the while I feel Tim’s tongue on my asshole, probing and teasing me there. I am in heaven. I am sucking off the man that I love while one of his friends pleasures my asshole and the rest watch.

I continue to suck on your cock, using my tongue as much as possible because I know you like it. I increase my speed as Tim’s tongue fucks my ass. I hear you moaning, and I know you are close. Just then you explode in my mouth, and I am careful to swallow all of it down.

I continue to suck gently on your cock until you pull out, unable to handle any more sensation. Tim crawls out from under me and I sit down on the floor. I look up at you, wondering what you have in store for me next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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