Back Alley with My Lust

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Flopping Cock

I’d been watching her for months.. tight little hottie, cute as a button, ass to die for, fine firm titties, even in uniform. She was on a different flight, but sometimes I’d see her at shift change or downtown. Every time I saw her, my cock would tingle and twitch, and when I saw her off duty… oh fuck, when it was summertime and she was dressed comfortable, watch out.

Saw her at work one time, I was attached to her flight for training. Fuck, she was hot. When she went into the break room, I found a reason to go in too. She was in there chitchatting with her friends, and I got a cup of coffee and just sat down to listen. I watched her without her noticing (I thought). So fuckin cute, her grin and her giggle made my cock twitch and my heart warm. Then she got up to wash out her coffee cup and head back out to work. Of course I needed to do the same thing, so as her friends filed out, I followed her over to the sink. She put her cup in the sink, then dropped the spoon she’d been stirring her coffee with onto the floor. “Oops,” she said, glanced back at me, giggled.. and did a knee-locked bend over to pick up the spoon.

Fuck. Just fuck. Even in uniform pants, her ass was so fucking perfect, curved. My cock filled, pressing against my loose uniform pants, tenting. She was moving slow, her back arched, her ass just, oh gawd, so fuckin perfect. She straightened, tossed the spoon in the trash, and came towards me. “Excuse me,” she said with a grin as she turned sideways to brush past me. Oh fuck… ass brushing past me, just grazing my cock. Fuck, did she giggle on the way out the door? Wait, she could have gone around the other side of the table down the middle of the room!

Out the door I went, down the hallway to the bathroom. Last stall, door closed, pants around my ankles, fat cock in my fist, fast furious stroking. I fired rope after rope of hot thick cum, balls tight, head thrown back, teeth gritted. FUCK such a hot little princess!

After I caught my breath, I went back inside and back to my position. I took my chair back, relieving the guy who had covered for me during my break, and sat down behind my trainee. He pretty much knew what he was doing, so I was free to scope out my little babydoll sitting down the aisle. She was working her position, fingers roaming over the keyboard, so I was free to scope her out. Fuck but she’s a pretty girl, and hot as fuck. My eyes were roaming up and down, even in uniform her curves were damn nice, but that face, those lips! My cock was thickening, stretching, full and hungry. Watched her through the mission, just loving the way she looked. Every time she took a break, watched her sweet ass wiggling down the aisle. Was it swinging more than normal?

I took some vacation time soon after. Spent time hitting the bars, which was usually what I did on vacation. It was early fall, still warm in the day, and a little chilly at night, but not what I would consider cold. Late in the evening, I was having a beer and leaning back against the bar, watching the dancers like I always did, and in came a group of people. Pretty common there, coworkers would get together and hit the bars. I glanced over and recognized a couple of people – oh fuck, it’s her shift! My eyes locked in, checking each person as they came in the door. Oh please, oh please.. YES! She’s there! fuckfuckfuck!!

I took a suck on my beer, trying to be casual, letting her pass me by without staring at her, at least not too obviously I thought. Like I could possibly keep my eyes off her. She flounced by, wearing a black trenchcoat looking affair. Well shit. At least I can feast on that pretty face, those luscious lips. Fuck, if I could just slurp on those lips, nibble on that neck.. my cock started thickening again, plum pulsing. Whoa but this little suckie could turn me on fast! She sat down at a table, getting a drink and chattering with her friends, sitting kinda sideways to me. I feasted on her. Even got a second beer, which was something I *never* did! The bar lighting almost made it look like she was glancing at me a lot, but I knew better. She was too fuckin hot to be paying attention to me!

I nursed my beer, watching their crowd from the corner of my eye. No way was I leaving, not with her sitting there. Then I noticed them finishing off their drinks, and a couple of her buddies walked past me to hit the can before they left. As they passed by, they were talking about the next bar. I tipped my beer and left, ka├žak iddaa had to get there first. As I left, did I see her glance at me with a little disappointment?

I took up my post at the next bar. Got my beer and positioned myself to have the best view down the row of seats at the only empty set of tables big enough to hold them. It was at an angle facing slightly towards me; the end chair on one side was at about a 45 degree angle. As her crowd came in, I tilted my beer up but kept one eye on them. She glanced around on her way in, and I saw her eyes go a little wide as she spotted me. Shit… does she know? She grinned this little grin to herself, and proceeded to the only chair that was facing me, the one on the end. Her buddies sat around and across from her. I pulled up a barstool, I wasn’t going anywhere!

They got their drinks, and then a good song came on, and I almost poured my beer down my shirt. She got up to dance with her friends, and slipped her trenchcoat off. Fuck, slinky black dress, neckline low but not outrageous, but it was a wrap type thing, and that neckline could easily gap in my imagination. And fuccccck, the wrap separated in front, so I could see her delicious legs – oh FUCK yes, black stockings… groan!

Up to the dance floor they went, and were quickly swallowed up in the crowd. All I could see was her cute face, smiling and laughing. So fucking delicious, cute, beautiful, hot. Must be warm in that crowd, she keeps licking her lips. Fuck me, but all I could think of was watching a little bead of sweat run down her neck and down that smooth skin of her chest. Just seeing her dance and joke with her friends was thickening my cock quite well.

The song switched to the next one, and they all headed back to the table. I could swear she glanced my way, a wry grin lifting the corner of that – oh fuck I want to suck on it – beautiful mouth. She slid into her seat, then lowered her face to wrap her lips around the straw in her drink. With her face tilted down, she stared up at me through her lashes, her friends didn’t notice, and slowly.. slowly.. slid a leg away from the other.. she was staring at me, grinning, and my eyes were drawn to the gap in the front of her dress, half under the table, where no one but I could see. Calf, knee, oh god thighs… FUCK! WIDE LACE BAND AND GARTER STRAP oh FUCK my beer slipped from my fingers and crashed to the floor, smashing just as strong as my cock was jamming against the fly of my pants!

Heads turned my way, her leg casually slid back over, and a waitress glanced my way and grabbed a mop. I spun around to the bar, as much to get another beer as to hide the cockstand tenting my pants, and took a deep breath. Fuck me, this girl is gonna have me shooting my load over the top of my head tonight! I reached under the bar and adjusted my shaft so it wasn’t quite so obnoxious, and grabbed my fresh beer and spun back around to lust some more.

She was waiting for me.

She reached across the table to cuff her friend for some joke or something, and watching me out of the corner of her eye, swung her arm around in an exaggerated slow right hook, playing with her friend – but also making that gap down the front of her dress spread, and the spots shining around the room gave me a perfect shot of her black lace bra, just enough there to call it a bra. Fuck. Fuck. Now my cock was oozing juice, hard as fuck and throbbing. I was frozen. She shook her head at something her friend asked her, glanced at her watch and said something to them, then stood and announced her departure. Her friends all groaned (who wouldn’t??) but waved her off and turned back to their conversations. She collected her overcoat, slipped it over her shoulders, and locked eyes with me as she headed my way.

As she walked past, she feigned recognition for the first time. “Oh, hi!” she yelled loudly for the benefit of any of her friends who might be watching. Her eyes were intense. She came closer and moved between my knees. As she leaned forward, ostensibly to shout in my ear so she could be heard over the music, her lips met my ear, and as she said, “There’s an alley behind this club, be there in five minutes!” Her hand slid up my thigh and her fingers wrapped around my cock, which was thick and full from watching her walk my way.

She squeezed me, judging my size, and said into my ear, “I’ve wanted this for a long long time,” and her tongue slid into my ear. Oh fuck.. cock ROCK HARD RIGHT illegal bahis NOW, and she felt it. She leaned back, her eyes wide, and said, “I WANT.”

As she flounced out the front door, I caught my breath, tried to look cool, and watched the dancer on stage as I gave her time to make her exit. I knew if I headed for the back door immediately, her friends would notice, so I took a sip off my beer and imagined her on stage in that g-string, cock throbbing and juicing fiercely in my underwear. Oh FUCK but she’d look good up there, rolling that pretty sexy ass around, grinning down at me.

I swilled the rest of my beer down and hit the pisser. It was difficult getting my cock out through my fly, but I managed it, swiping my finger across the head of my cock and smearing my precum along my finger. Sucked my finger into my mouth, tasting myself and wondering what her pussy would taste like. Finished getting rid of that last beer and grabbed some paper, wet it to wipe the head of my cock and my shaft for her… dreams maybe, but if she wanted to suck on my fat knob, I wanted it clean for her!

I casually drifted out of the bathroom. Oh good, her friends were already gone! BEELINE for the back door! Went out into the alley, and fuck it was dark. Then I heard her, off to the side: “Come the fuck here!” Cock pulsed and started thickening again as I turned towards the sound of her voice. Ten steps down the alley, dark and deserted, and she reached out and grabbed my hand. “Come!”

Fuck yeah, followed her down around the bend. Still dark, but you could see out to the street. People going back and forth, walking past without a second thought. We could see them, they couldn’t see us (WHO CARES). She pushed me against the wall, pulled my arms inside her trenchcoat and planted them firmly on her ass, then wrapped her hands behind my neck and pulled my face down to hers. Nirvana! I grabbed her firm tight ass and pulled her against me, grinding her mound into my firm hard cock, our lips met and slurped, sucked, puckered against each other. Our tongues wrestled, sharing our breathing, moans, oh fuck I’m in heaven.. my cock grinding her mound, fuck I swear I can feel her heat, oh fuck she tastes so sweet, I can’t take this any more!

I spin her around, pin her against the wall. My elbows spread, opening her trenchcoat. I slide my lips down the side of her neck, feasting on the sweet smooth skin. She threw her head back and moaned as I slid down, running my tongue down the middle of her chest. Her titties will be mine later, I need that pussy, I need to taste her, I need to suck the cum from her sweet pussy!

I dropped to my knees and ran my hands around to grab her sweet firm ass again, and nosed apart the gap in her dress. She was kind of caught off guard, but as my fingers started kneading her ass, I used my nose to run through those sexy lacy panties, and ran it up and down her groove, breathing deeply, her essence making my cock into a granite lance, jumping, throbbing, juicing.. fuck me, she was fucking incredible! My fingers clawed into the waistband of those fucking sexy lacy panties.. oh fuck, they *ARE* a g-string! I yanked them down her thighs, in the back of my mind I registered that this hot little fuck bunny knows how to dress, she put the g-string on *over* the garter belt, so they’re still on when the panties come off! My cock lurched, and my mouth latched onto her sweet sweet juicy peach, fingers jamming the g-string into my pocket to keep forever, then returning to that sexy fucking ass, grabbing and pulling to me as I feasted on her.

Such a juicy sweet pussy, I could feel her fingers twining in my hair as my lips and tongue feasted on her, lipping, slurping, sucking, tongue deep in her hungry clenching pussy, lapping the juices out of her tight little groove, swollen thick pussy lips wrapping around me.. time to suck on her sweet pearl, lapping, licking, sucking, pursing my lips around her sweet love button, yes, baby, yes, I can hear your gasps and chirps, cum for me, cum in my mouth YES she jerks and spasms, my mouth, tongue, lips going nuts, sucking lapping eating she spasms and shakes, it’s time, I rise up fast and hard, my fingers automatically unzipping, my cock leaping out, as I rise up my fingers lock around her ass, her thighs spread and wrap around me, and FUCK my cock rams right straight up her hot hungry cunny, sliding down my fuckrod, my fat thick cockhead slamming deep into her pussy, her mound bahis siteleri rides down my rod and slams into my pubes as my lips find hers again, perfect synchronicity.. as her clitty slaps firmly into my pubes I save her from public embarrassment, because she cums, and cums hard, my balls swinging up and slapping her, my tongue twisted with her absorbing her scream as her pussy cums and cums around my throbbing cock..

We pause for the barest of seconds, both moaning into each others mouths. She’s off the ground, legs around my back, my cock driven deep into her, holding her up against the wall.. she looks into my eyes, pulls back just a bit, and says, “give it to me, fucking give it to me,” and locks her lips back onto mine.. oh fuck fuck fuck I start pounding my hips, fucking my cock into her sweet tight pussy again and again at breakneck speed, my toes digging into the soft dirt of the alley, my balls, dripping with her juices, slapping between the sweet soft curves of her butt over and over, my thick throbbing plum pumping up deep into her cumming pussy, stretching her out over and over as I fuck her like I’ve dreamed of over and over..

I can’t take it any more.. I have to fill her, I have to shoot her full of cream, I need to make her mine.. I drop my head down to her neck, on the way I tell her into her ear, “I’m going to fuck you so full of cream babydoll,” sucking and feeding on her sweet smooth neck I power deep deep deep high up into her pussy, she’s clenching and squeezing and cumming on me OH FUCK CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING shooting spurting fuck fuck fuck never like this in my life oh fuck cumming cumming cumming she’s cumming too we’re so hot juicy creamy oh fuck fuck our lips find each other again, kissing, cumming, creaming oh fuck please baby last forever yes yes yes..

Finally I jam my cock up her sweet fucking tight pussy one last time and hold there.. my cock pinning her against the wall. She’s still twitching spasmodically, and her pussy is chewing on my cock.. her pussy clenching slows a bit.. we both look deep into each other’s eyes, both of us panting and breathing hard like we just ran a mile..

“Oh fuck baby.. I’ve wanted you for so long,” she says, “what took you so long, asshole?” We grin and I flex my cock, and she jerks a little, feeling it.. she grins (oh gawd she makes my heart cum too).. and she says, “I want to taste us.”

Oh my fucking God.. I gently lower her to the ground. My fingers don’t want to leave that sexy sexy ass, but.. she squats down and licks her lips (my gawd this is impossible, I’ve found perfection) and she kisses the head of my cock, then laps a bit at my sweet spot. I spasm and flip around to get my back against the wall, or I’ll collapse. She follows me, looks up and winks, then she slurps the head of my cock between her lips and starts to bob, slurping up our combined juices. I can’t believe.. oh fuccck.. she pulls back and gives the head of my cock a kiss.. giggles and glances at the people walking past at the mouth of the alley.

“Think they’d like to watch?” she giggles, then pushes my (again rock hard) shaft up against my belly, and drops down, first licking, then lapping, then sucking my balls, one at a time, into her warm wet mouth, sucking and slurping.. oh fuck I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Her fingers roll my balls as she moves back up to my cock, and sucks my plum into her beautiful full lips. She seems to be sliding her finger back and forth through our juices, my cum mixed with hers around my cockshaft and my nutsack.. she looks up at me as she starts bobbing on my shaft again, the hunger in her eyes fucking unbelievable.. she pulls off, says “I WANT!” again, and slides my cock into her hot fucking wet mouth as she slides two fingers up my ass OH FUCK FUCK she hits my prostate and I’M FUCKING BLIND STARS ROCKETS FUCK FUCK FUCK CUMMING CUMMING oh motherfucker I’ve never cum like this before I CAN HEAR HER CUMMING TOO oh my gawd NEVER BEFORE my mind is exploding my heart is exploding oh FUUUUUUCK

i don’t know when i dont know how long i dont know where i am i recover and she’s in my arms we’re breathing in unison her trenchcoat is around us my arms are around her her arms are around me my face is buried in her neck her face is buried in mine we breathe we hold each other.

She says, “give me back my panties!”

I laugh, I say “Never!”

She says, “then you need to come up to my apartment to get the bra too…”

I answer, “only if i can give you a tongue bath from your forehead to your toes and back again!”

She says, “let’s go before i fuck you right here in the alley again!”

I say, “Lead the way, princess…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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