Kasım 27, 2021

Bangladeshi Wife oggled by Danish guy


Bangladeshi Wife oggled by Danish guyWe are a couple from Bangladesh. We are from Jessore and we arrived in Denmark recently. Its very cold in this country but it is very nice in the summertime. My wife is Nazma and she is 35 years old and has a voluptuous body, dark brown skin and, long black hair and full lips. She wears colorful shalwar kameez all the time and teases the danish men when we go out. I have seen Danish men follow her from behind when we are out and some of them walk behind her with a camera in their hand filming her which I notice but ignore them. One summer weekend, we were out shopping at an open market in Copenhagen. There was a huge market out in the open and people were selling all kinds of home items. My wife wore a very tight bright orange kameez with a red salwar underneath. The kameez was hugging her wide hips and her bum swayed making tight creases as she walked and I saw one Danish white guy follow her from behind with his phone camera. She was next to me and she noticed him but ignored and liked the attention she got. She told me, I think that white guy likes my dress and she giggled as she cupped her mouth with her hands. He was behind her all the time and she removed her white silky unna(a soft cloth that covers her breasts and hangs over the shoulders onto the back) from her back, so she grabbed the unna and pulled it towards her front to give him a better view of her backside so he could get a full view of her back as she walked. kadıköy escort She held my hand and just ignored him and gave me teasing smiles as the Danish guy walked behind her. We came to a stall which was on the ground where there were some old pots that on display, Nazma bent over all the way and fiddled with the pots as he stood right behind her enjoying her bum. He then slowly knelt down, pretending he was tying his shoelace with one hand and held his phone with the other hand towards her bum. We both were busy tending to the pots that were on sale while the Danish guy enjoyed kneeling right behind her filming her ass. She gave him a good view of her bent over bum for him and she actually bent over for him to give him a good view. He had earphones stuck to his ears, he had a bald head and was a bit skinny and his skin was pale white and was probably pretending that he was listening to music.Nazma then got up from the bent-over position and started walking slowly as he followed her. I told her that I was going to check something while she can tease him for a while walking around for him and give him a good view of her luscious ass. He even groped her bum a few times, she felt his hand press against her buttocks as she walked. At one point, he groped her bum for almost 10 seconds when we stopped to look at something. His hand was pressed all the way into her bum cheeks üsküdar escort and she ignored him and was really enjoying the moment. He also groped her bum with his crotch a few times too and she was really enjoying it while I looked through the corner of my eye.A few minutes later I bought some personal items and was walking towards Nazma and I could see the guy walking behind her as she walked slowly and acted like she didn’t notice and fully ignored him and I could see his phone pointing towards her back at all times as she walked. It must have been 15 minutes the guy has been walking behind her. I then joined her and then we started to walk away from the market and he was still following her from behind and he was pretty close. We walked all the way home and it took us almost 30 minutes and the Danish guy followed Nazma from behind all the way to our home and it seemed like he got very confident since we were ignoring him all the time, he thought we didn’t care at all and as we walked up the stairs, the guy followed Nazma from behind up the stairs filming her ass and as we came towards the door, I opened it and walked in. I left the door open and Nazma then bent down all the way to pick up her sandals and I could see his reflection from the glass door that he was kneeling right behind her pointing his phone towards her bum. I could see him right behind her, crouching and staring at her bent over bum. She bent over even tuzla escort more by placing her palms on the ground and feet together and legs straight. Suddenly I saw his face shoved in her ass from behind. Nazma’s hip shook as his face got shoved right into her bum cheeks and she gave out a low moan of pleasure. I could see the view from the front. He was jerking off in his pants as his face got planted into Nazma’s bum cheeks and he jizzed within a few minutes and heard him giving out a muffled grunt since his face was in her ass. He then got up and stared with bulged eyes as he moved his face away from her bent over ass and then heard his phone click a few times where he was taking pictures of Nazma’s bent over bum. He clicked almost 25 times and came back and planted his face in her ass again and sniffed her asshole through the shalwar kameez. I could hear deep inhales and loud exhales. He went on sniffing for another 10 minutes and Nazma let him have her ass as much as he wanted, she would have let him fuck her asshole. Her brown anus was aching for some white cock. He sniffed until he parted his face from her ass again and then got up and gave her ass a last gaze and walked off. Nazma then got up from the fully bent over position and came inside the house and closed the door. She gave a sigh of pleasure and she was feeling so horny that she told me she wanted that guy to fuck her in the ass so bad!!!!… I said, well he knows where we live now and he might come back and if he does, invite him over while I’m gone and let him fuck you in the ass, only in the ass!!..she then agreed and got excited and went towards the window to see him go. My wife loves it when white guys give her attention and she loves to tease them with her killer curves and exotic brown skin that drives white guys crazy.

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