Kasım 22, 2021

BBC Robert “stays in touch”


BBC Robert “stays in touch”In my first story I explained how I met Robert at the age of 13 and how he stayed in touch with me.My first sexual experience was being gangbanged by a group of older black men. Robert, who picked me up and invited me to his condo also was kind enough to drive me home early the next morning. He wanted to know where I lived so he could stay in touch. On the weekends my parents were out of town for work, he’d continue to pick me up and take me to his condo. He owed some money to a bookie so he would pimp me out to black friends for money. He made the most money allowing white guys to watch and shoot their loads all over me while black men fucked me. Since the first night we met, Robert told me I was born to serve black men and I believed him and loved it.When AOL chatrooms were the big thing and I was finally 16, he’d often take me to a gay bar in Cincinnati called “The Dock” which was on the Ohio River. He’d take my clothes away from me and drive me down to behind the club, he’d pimp me out to couples, halkalı escort transsexuals, transgenders, and bi guys looking for a 16 year old white boy to pleasure them.My favorite memory was meeting this 30ish year old white couple who were both very good looking. Robert spoke to the driver who handed him cash as his wife hopped between the seats and into the backseat. The driver was naked and stroking his probably 9″ white cock as I sat in the passenger seat. The wife told me to suck him until he filled my mouth with cum then she wanted to kiss me. I slobbered on this nice looking cock for only 10 minutes before he began to moan and filled my mouth with cum, she pulled me into the back and began kissing me. I don’t have any idea how it happened but I was inbetween her legs and fucking her while he husband watched. I had never had sex with a female and this MILF was letting me fuck her bareback as her husband begged me to fill her with cum. I stayed hard after nişantaşı escort cumming and just kept fucking her for probably half an hour as a group of people in the parking lot watched. Robert appeared and told me to follow him into the wooded area, I was naked with a hardon covered with the cum of a 30 year old MILF who had been pulled from the car and was being fucked by numerous bystanders.I followed Robert into the wooded area behind the gay bar and found a group of 6 black men standing naked in a circle waiting for me to arrive. There were numerous white guys around watching but I was the main event of the evening. A black guy named Ray asked, “do you swallow? i say Yes Sir, he lowered me to my knees and I began sucking his black cock which was 9” and super thick. I sucked it for like 10 minutes before he filled my mouth with his black seed. I swallowed all of it and he stated, “this white boy is a keeper.” Almost immediately my mouth was filled with another şişli escort black cock as fingers because to fuck my boipussy. I loved every bit of it, these black guys were most likely in their 20’s and after lubing my ass and their big black cocks they all took turns fucking my ass for only a couple minutes until the next big black cock was tagged in. Robert, always the business man, stood nearby collecting money from the white guys who wanted to shoot their cum on me as the black men abused and used my holes. I loved having hot cum shot all over me while various brothas called me their nigger loving faggot and black cock swallower. I was begging to have more black cock after black cock in my ass. They stopped fucking me around 4 a.m. and I had taken countless loads of cum in my ass and stomach, I was covered from head to toe with cum as Robert walked me back to his SUV.When we arrived at his SUV he told me that I was going home with Mike and Stacy, they were the 30 year old white couple that I met when we arrived at the club. Mike had paid to fuck me but because of his wife he only got a blowjob and I was going back to their place to get cleaned up and fucked by Mike while Robert fucked Stacy. It’s another story but I clean all the cum out of Stacy’s pussy while her husband fucked me until late that morning and again once we woke up that Saturday afternoon.

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