Ocak 13, 2021

Becoming Anne Ch. 04


Katrin would not tell her where they were going, only giving directions and instructions from the passenger seat as Anne drove them there. She’d dressed in the clothes Katrin had laid out for her on the bed — the bra she’d worn earlier, a tight black top with a v-neck that showed off her cleavage, a short summer skirt and heeled sandals, nothing else — and could feel the way the air moved around her exposed and smooth mound as she drove. She’d never gone out without underwear before, never been shaved before but now she was willingly letting Katrin take her out, heading to an ‘appointment’ that her lover would tell her nothing about.

Lover, she thought, was too small a word to describe what Katrin was to her. Even though she had only been in her physical presence for a few hours, all those months before meant that she was completely insinuated into Anne’s mind. Her arrival had been a catalyst for revealing the true scope of the transformation that had begun in her. Even that morning, she’d still believed she was Michelle, that this was just a game she was playing, but now she was much more Anne than anything else, and Anne existed to please Katrin. She was more than a lover — she was owner, mistress, goddess, whatever she wanted to be.

“Turn left here, then park outside the second building.” Katrin said. The country lane they were on widened for a moment, revealing a wide expanse of concrete and a few buildings scattered near it. A sign revealed it to be an old airfield, clearly now rarely used, if at all, and those few buildings that remained had been claimed as cheap warehousing and business space. A small plaque on the wall of the second building bore the name Phoenix Creations, next to a solid black door.

“This is it.” Katrin said, opening the door. “Follow me.”

Anne followed her, her hands resting at her sides to hold the loose skirt down, as the wind was blowing across the open expanse, threatening to lift it up and expose her nakedness. She was glad that they were out in the middle of nowhere, and except for a few parked cars, there was no evidence of people around who could see her like this.

Katrin’s knuckles rapped firmly on the solid black door, and they waited there in silence for a few moments until there was the sound of a heavy lock being swung back and it was opened from within. “Katrin!” She heard a voice exclaim. “You made it! So glad to meet you at last.”

A woman stepped out from inside and embraced Katrin, the two of them laughing and kissing each other on the cheek. The other woman was clad in a tight leather dress, laced up at the front and back, ample cleavage almost spilling out of the front, her bare arms covered with elaborate tattooed patterns and a thick leather collar around her neck. A pile of bright red hair towered over a richly made-up and pierced face, the whole outfit set finished off with thigh-high patent leather boots that culminated in a tall spike and a platform heel. She glanced over at Anne.

“Is this her?” She asked.

“Yes it is.” Katrin replied.

“Mmm, she looks yummy. She will be impressed. Come in, come in.” She shuffled back inside the door as Katrin took Anne’s hand and led her inside. She wanted to ask who the woman was, who ‘she’ was and why she’d be impressed, and most of all, what they were doing out here, but she meekly followed Katrin as she led her down a narrow corridor and through another door. They stepped out into an open space, filled with clothes racks, tailor’s dummies and sewing machines, lengths of all sorts of material scattered around the place. At one end of the room was a large table by a wall, where a number of drawings — sketches and designs for clothing, Anne guessed — were pinned up, emanating in concentric rings from a central drawing table where someone was working, not turning to look at them as they walked in.

The woman who’d greeted them — Anne thought she was in her mid-twenties, perhaps a few years older than Katrin — told them to wait a moment, while she walked over towards the table.

“Mistress?” She asked quietly, barely audible to Anne.

“What is it, girl?” It was a woman’s voice, clear and cultured with undertones of anger at being disturbed.

“Katrin is here. She’s brought her woman for their appointment.”

“My my, is it that time already?” She stood up, revealing a slim body in tight leather trousers, a black vest and spike heeled ankle boots. She turned and walked over to them, and Anne saw her short spiky black hair, and an elegant but angular face with rich red lips. She was older than the girl who’d greeted them, at least in her forties, and walked purposefully over to them.

“I’m sorry, Katrin, I was working on a couple of fresh orders and completely missed the time. It’s wonderful to meet you at last.” They cheek-kissed and smiled at each other.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Helena, and to see your studio.”

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting to proper work on your designs.” She looked over to Anne. “Is this her? Does she have a name?”

“Yes, this is Anne.”

“Oh bahis firmaları good, I’m getting very bored of all this new fashion to not let them have a name. Gets very confusing when you can’t decide which slave or girl you’re making something for.” She walked around Anne, Katrin beside her, as the other girl stood meekly to one side and watched.

“I did change her name. But Anne suits her much better, don’t you think?”

“Yes, and she looks impressive too. How old?”

“Thirty-four, but she’s been doing a lot of work to get ready for me. She didn’t look this good when I first encountered her.”

“A very good job. She’ll look good in what you wanted.”

Michelle was rising in her mind again, asking questions and demanding to know what they were here for, who the woman and the tattooed girl were, and just what Katrin had planned for her. Anne stayed still and quiet, listening to them talk about her as if she wasn’t there.

“I’m glad you like my designs.” Katrin said.

“They’re interesting — if you ever find yourself needing a job, give me a call. Freelance, of course, I can see you wouldn’t make a very good employee of mine.”

Katrin laughed. “Definitely not. She’s very interesting.”

“Dominique? Yes she is. All that time I spent training her wasn’t wasted. I changed her name too — once I started transforming her, Lisa didn’t seem a very appropriate name.” She turned and looked towards the girl. “Measuring tape and notepad, please.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Dominique replied and walked over to one of the tables to get them, her movements not hindered by the sheer height of the boots she wore, nor the tightness of her clothing.

“She needs to be naked.” Helena said. “Not that she’s wearing much anyway.”

“Of course.” Katrin said. “Excuse me for forgetting. Anne, remove all your clothes please.”

She paused for a moment, frightened about being naked in front of strangers, but then forced her hands to move up and draw off her top. Michelle could never have done that, but Anne could and that made her feel stronger, knowing that whatever was being planned, it was what Katrin wanted for her.

She stood there naked and still as Helena measured what felt like every part of her, calling out the measurements to Dominique as she carried on the conversation with Katrin.

“You’re coming on Friday?” Helena asked.

“Of course, and I’ll make sure anyone who asks know that we were clothed by you.”

“Your things fit OK, then?”

“Perfectly. Though next time I promise I’ll come for a proper fitting.”

“Good, that’s always the best way for custom orders. How long do you have her for?”

“Just a week this time.”

“This time? Planning more?”

“We’ll see. She’s impressed me so far, but it’s only been a few hours.”

“I’m sure you’ll both make an impression on Friday. I think that’s all the measurements now. We did the preparatory work from the ones you supplied, so we should be ready for a full fitting in two days. Come back around the same time then.”

“I will.” She looked at Anne. “You can put your clothes back on now.”

Anne dressed herself as Katrin said her goodbyes to Helena, and then Dominique showed them out and back to the car.

“You may ask your questions.” Katrin said, as Dominique closed the door behind them.

“What was that for?” Anne asked, her mind flooded with things she wanted to know. “What’s on Friday?”

“Friday is when I’m taking you out. There’s an event I want to go to, and take you to, but you’ll need to be dressed appropriately for it. Helena has made outfits for me in the past, and I’ve been working with her on some for you too.”

“Like what Dominique was wearing?”

“No, something different. You will see later on — it’s a gift from me to you.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Anne said. Michelle was still shouting in her head, wanting to know more, but Anne was feeling happy that Katrin was pleased enough with her to give her a gift.

“You can drive us home now.” Katrin said.

“You are curious about them and their relationship, aren’t you?” Katrin asked as they drove back.

“Yes Miss, I am.” Anne said, not hiding that she’d been thinking about Helena and Dominique for much of the journey so far.

“Dominique is Helena’s slave. She’s given herself up totally to her, and let her change her from the girl she was to what she is today. She has told me a lot about it, as she knows I’m interested in taking women and making them into something that fits my desires too.”

Anne gasped. “You want me to be like her?”

Katrin laughed. “Only in spirit. I’m not attracted to all those tattoos and piercings she has, but they do look very good on her. She showed me photos of Lisa — the girl Dominique used to be — she was this little mousey twenty-year-old girl who Helena took charge of and turned into what you saw today. About a year ago, she finished all her training and gave herself totally to Helena — she works for her, lives with her and lives her life entirely for her.”

Anne kaçak iddaa shivered as she thought about it, realising that Katrin was showing her a whole new world that she’d never considered before. Dominique had seemed perfectly happy while they were there, and she wondered just how much of her old self remained within her, and if she ever tried to question the decisions she’d made.

She was disturbed from her thoughts by Katrin’s hand reaching over and stroking her bare leg, fingertips tracing up her inner thigh, but not reaching her sex. “Don’t worry about it, my dear. You are only mine for this week, and even if we do have something beyond that, it will be very different.” She kept her hand there for the remainder of the journey, stroking and teasing.

Once they got back, Anne prepared dinner for both of them, and Katrin told her more about Helena and Dominique as they ate, telling how she had discovered Helena’s business while looking for clothing for herself and how their discussions had widened from her needs to discussing their lifestyle in general. Anne realised that there was still lots she didn’t know about Katrin and her experience, the younger woman having given her only the bare minimum about her life, explaining how she was the youngest child of a wealthy family, a generous allowance from the family funds removing the need to work and allowing her to explore her desires.

“You will be naked for the rest of the evening.” Katrin declared when they had finished eating. “Go upstairs, remove your clothing and put it away, then come down and kneel for me.”

“Yes Miss.” Anne said. She did as she was told, leaving only the collar on and feeling fear as she walked through the house naked, seeing herself reflected in the mirrors. Michelle was quiet in her head, her protests ignored and forgotten as she walked into the living room and saw Katrin sitting in the same chair she had been in earlier, flicking through a magazine. Anne knelt in front of her, remaining still while Katrin continued reading, listening to the rustle of the pages until she put it down.

“Look at me, Anne.” She raised her head, saw her sitting there with her legs pressed close together, hair hanging loosely down over the dress. “I want you to be totally honest with me now. Have you enjoyed your first day with me so far?”

“Yes Miss, I have. I wasn’t sure of some things at first, but I enjoyed them all and I hope I have pleased you.”

“Good. You have pleased me, even though your inexperience has shown a few times, but that is why I am here, to give you the experiences you have craved and not yet had the opportunity to experience. But I did notice that there were times when you hesitated to follow my instructions, and I am disappointed that you did not last longer before you climaxed.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, I tried as best as I could.”

“I know you did, and you will try harder in the future, but you will need some punishment to help teach you this.”

Anne shook as she said that. “Punishment, Miss?”

“Yes. Just as I’ve had you do before when you’ve not pleased me sufficiently. Of course, now I am here, you do not need to spank yourself.” She patted her lap. “Lie across here.”

“Yes, Miss.” Trembling slightly, Anne rose to her feet, then lay across Katrin’s lap, feeling her breasts pushed against her, resting her weight on her hands as they pressed against the floor.

“Raise your rear a little more. Yes, that’s right. As this is the first time I’ve done this to you in person, I shall use my hand, but in future I have a few other tools in my bag, and I will use them if I think it necessary to teach you a lesson. Remember what I have told you?”

“There can be no true pleasure without pain, Miss.”

“Correct.” She brought her hand down quickly across Anne’s cheeks, a stinging slap that made her catch her breath and wince with the sudden shock and pain. “And as your capacity for pleasure increases, so too will your ability to accept the necessary pain.” She brought her hand down again and again, changing the landing spot each time until Anne could feel every part of her cheeks tingling with pain.

She felt more than just the pain as she lay there. There was humiliation too, as she let Katrin punish her like a child bent over her lap, but under it all there were feelings of pleasure. Just as the clamps had earlier, the pain of the spanking was setting off other feelings within her body, arousing her. Katrin was asserting her control over her, and Anne knew that was what she desired more than anything else. Katrin’s hand was roaming along her thighs now, spanking up and down them, adding their sensation to the warmth she could now feel in her cheeks. She moaned and cried out, partly complaining about the pain, but a greater part of her now enjoying it and craving Katrin’s touch.

The spanking stopped, but the sensation remained, stinging pain in her skin mingled with the warmth in her flesh, now added to by the softness of Katrin’s hand roaming over her, pressing and massaging her, occasionally raking her fingernails over kaçak bahis her skin, making Anne gasp and catch her breath. Anne felt herself drifting into a reverie of pain and pleasure, losing track of how much time had passed as Katrin alternated between stroking and spanking, again and again. She said nothing during that time, communicating only with her hands, the only sounds in the room the slap of them landing on Anne’s flesh, matched with her gasps and moans.

Anne felt everything slip from her, all her worries and concerns subsumed beneath the sensations of pain and pleasure Katrin was giving to her. There was no Michelle to chide her, no fears of being seen like this or questions about what she was allowing it, just pure experience. Katrin knew what she wanted, what she needed to be shown, even without her knowing it, and this was her way of showing it.

Katrin’s movements changed, her hands still stroking and rubbing Anne’s thighs, but this time pushing them apart. Anne didn’t resist, letting them be spread open, then felt Katrin’s hands move slowly up the inside of them, incredibly slowly, moving back and forth, up and down, getting slowly but tantalisingly higher and closer to her eager sex with each moment. Gently, almost imperceptibly softly, her fingertips grazed over Anne’s lips, making her shudder with pleasure.

“So wet.” She murmured. “You enjoyed being spanked, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.” Anne breathed, then moaned loudly as she felt two of Katrin’s fingers slide easily inside her. The fingers started to pump slowly in and out of her in a delicious rhythm, adding another note to the symphony of sensation playing within her. Katrin continued that for a while, her slow pace making Anne warm with pleasure.

“It has been a long day. Time to take you to bed.” Katrin said, slipping her fingers out of Anne’s sex and urging her to slide off her lap and stand up. Anne followed her directions, feeling a slight stiffness in her body from having been stretched out for so long, realising that it was now dark outside, amazed that she had missed so much time lying across Katrin’s lap.

Katrin stood and took her hand, leading her up the stairs and into the bedroom. “You may undress me.” She said, and Anne quickly dropped to her knees and began unlacing her boots, helping Katrin step out of them. The dress came next, then the tights and underwear. Anne had to control herself as she did it, resisting the temptation to run her hands over Katrin’s body as she exposed it, marvelling at the slim frame, the well-toned muscles and gorgeously round breasts as she freed them from Katrin’s thin silk bra.

Finally, she knelt before Katrin’s naked body, her eyes trying to look over all of it in the dim light of the bedroom. She’d climaxed many times looking at pictures of it, so much that it was burned in her memory, but in the flesh it was even more beautiful to her. Kneeling before her, like she would to a goddess, seemed entirely natural.

“You like my body, don’t you Anne? You want to worship it and please it.”

“Yes Miss, I do.”

“And you will. Many times, but not tonight. Kiss my feet, then get onto the bed on all fours.”

Anne leant forward, pursing her lips as she softly and reverently kissed both of Katrin’s feet, then climbed up onto the bed, spreading her legs as she leant forward, pushing her still-warm rear into the air, displaying her wet and bare sex to Katrin. She could hear Katrin rummaging in her bag for something, then the sound of her moving around and straps being fixed. Anne looked around and saw Katrin fixing herself into a harness, a long dark shape between her legs.

“Did I tell you to look?” Katrin said, reaching out and swatting Anne’s rear with her hand, a harder slap than anything she’d done downstairs. “Perhaps I should get out the bigger one instead.”

Anne shuddered as she said that. From what she’d seen before turning her head back after seeing it, that one was more than enough for her, and the idea of something bigger scared her, especially if she’d failed to please Katrin by looking. She felt the bed sink down at her knees and realised it was Katrin climbing on, kneeling behind her. She reached out and grabbed Anne’s hips, pulling herself closer, then raking her nails down the side of her thighs.

“You will be punished for that, but it can wait until the morning.” Katrin said, pinching Anne’s cheeks lightly between her fingernails. “For now, you can ask me to fuck you.”

“Yes Miss.” Anne said, feeling the tightness of the pinching, the short stabbing pain of Katrin’s nails digging into her not enough to overcome the need within her. “I want to be fucked by you, Miss, I need you inside me however you want to take me. Will you fuck me, please Miss?”

There was no verbal answer from Katrin, just the feeling of her moving closer still, then Anne felt the mass of cock she wore rubbing against her wet sex, moving up and down, coating itself in her wetness. Anne moaned, pushing back against it, feeling Katrin’s hands grip her hips as she rubbed harder against her. Then, one of the hands let go, sliding between the two of them, lifting up the cock. She could feel the head pressing against her, then could only let out a long deep moan as Katrin slid it inside her, going long and deep into her.

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