Eylül 23, 2021

Bi sub used by bikers and Dom.


Bi sub used by bikers and Dom.I have a Dom guy named Dave that is always wanting to push my sexual limits and do crazy stuff. He told me he was taking me to a party out in the country for a group of guys he knew looking for a sub bottom. I had never really done more than two guys at once so I was very curious about it. I spent the whole week playing with dildos and getting nice and loose for the party. Dave came and picked me up in him truck and told me to get in a strip. I sucked him cock almost all the way there. When we pulled up I noticed 4 or 5 bikes in the driveway and Dave told me this is a rowdy bunch. He let me at least get my underwear back on and when walked in the house.The house was nice but almost no furniture except a big music system and a contraption hanging from the ceiling. My wrists were forced up and hooked to the ceiling and I was “encouraged” to lay down on my back on a leather covered table with leather straps into which my legs were forcefully positioned.Fuck, was this a sling? I was panting with the tension and excitement as the group of guys started to undress Dave leaned his head next to my ear and growled, “Hope you’re ready sub. WE ARE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN.”A big blond guy came and shoved his cock in my mouth and Another guy had positioned himself between my wide spread legs and was rubbing cream on my hole. It burned and set my anus on fire and he kept rubbing and roughly fingering me, one then two and then three hard fingers prodding and thrusting forcefully.”AGGH, Oh, nooo. Fuck man not so rough,” but my horniness was having an effect and after a good blast of poppers,( that were pushed under my left nostril while someone held my right one closed), I felt myself begin to float away on a cloud of lust.”MMM, oh yes. That feels so good.””Ok guys, he’s ready for us. Get to it” said Dave. The pounding bass of the heavy metal music and thrusting hands helped take me to a different place. I was only half aware of a big pair of hands leaning on my windpipe as a huge cock with a prince Albert forced its way into my tender and hot man pussy. The owner pumped and grunted as he stiffened inside me. He felt big and the sling was connecting me directly to his cock. We seemed to be joined as one as he ploughed inside me. I felt a cock pushing my lips apart and hungrily opened for it. It forced down my throat as the guy knelt over my chest, a big sweaty tattooed guy, still in his leather cap and boots but nothing else. He face fucked me vigorously and I was really getting off on this hard action. I couldn’t resist or fight these hunks bursa escort off if I’d wanted to and could only writhe my body and moan to show my enjoyment at being totally used.I felt my legs being lifted as the first guy emptied his juice inside me. I could feel his spurts of cum flooding my guts and it helped cool the burning.The next I knew was another large cock inside me as a tall, muscled guy stood between my legs and poked an 8″ throbbing dick inside me. I pushed to meet his thrusts as best I could and was surprised when a smaller, slimmer guy got up on the table with one leg on each side of my thighs. While the other stud was fucking me he positioned his cock at my hole and pushed in as well.Fuck, that hurt, despite the and as if they read my mind another bottle of poppers was pushed under my nose.The guy in my mouth spunked hard and pulled out and the slim double fucker pulled my head up and gave me a forceful kiss as he licked at the cum his mate had left in my mouth and around my lips. God did that feel good. I was floating again as the poppers took effect and was disappointed when both guys came together in huge wads of jizz. I could feel it running down my thighs and felt lips below me between my legs as it was licked up with gusto by some hungry mouths.Through my half closed eyes I could see Dave undoing his thick leather belt and pulling off his T. He had a broad, muscled chest and pierced nipples with a heavy chain leading from one to the other. He had already slipped out of his boots and now nearly naked he pulled them on again. He looked hot with bulging muscles and tattoo decorated arms and calves. He approached and rubbed at the monster dick that jutted from his shaven groin. It was huge, at least 10″ and even stiffer than I remembered it from earlier that night.”How ya doin'” he asked as he pulled at my tended nipples and bent to take one in his mouth. He flicked with his tongue and then bit hard before giving the other the same treatment.”AAAggh,” was all I could mutter as his hands ran between my soft, pale thighs. He stroked my balls with his free hand and then pulled and pulled and kept pulling, providing such pain, and in my heightened state , such pleasure too. He squeezed too, gently at first and then with more determination until I was forced to cry out and beg him to stop. He turned his attention to my aching hole and roughly pushed in a finger, rotating it slowly as he moved it in and out.I moaned with the pleasure flooding my loins as he pushed in and withdrew.”You like that slave?” he sniggered, and pushed in two bursa escort bayan fingers. “How about that? Good?”I writhed and moaned in ecstacy as he withdrew and thrust three fingers in this time.”Oh God, yes, oh yes, Fuck me man. Plough me hard.” I cried as other hands groped my body and lips sucked and kissed and licked their way over, round and into all parts of my vulnerable frame. I was on the edge of anticipation, heightened by the poppers. I wanted everything Mitch could give me, and I wanted it now.I felt him position himself between my spread legs and with one hard thrust, push the head of his engorged ten inches past my tight ring.”Mmmm still tight eh. Well I’m gonna fuck you till your guts fall out. You won’t be able to walk for a week,” and with that he gave a huge, vicious thrust and was completely inside me up to his pubes. He had touched bottom in one rough move and I screamed with the intense pain. Despite being prepared by others and the poppers, this really hurt. Perhaps it was the big Prince Albert or the studded leather cock ring he had strapped on after removing his jeansNo, please,” I murmured. “You’re so big. No I cant. Please.””Relax boy. You’re my little slut aren’t you? You like to tease us hard leather men and now you’ve got what’s due to you. Just relax. Don’t fight it and you might grow to like it.”He leaned forward and kissed me roughly, biting my bottom lip to draw blood. His large, rough hands caressed my smooth chest as he murmured compliments.”You are so sweet boy, such a tight fuck. Mmm I could stay in here all night.” With that he picked up speed and his thrusts grew more urgent; right in until our pubes met and then almost all the way out, then back in again, hard and firm against my soft , tender body.In spite of the pain I felt myself yielding to him, “oh God, you’re so big and hard. Oh go easy man.””Oh you slut!” he growled. You take my fuckin’ cock all the way down ’till I cum in your guts.”He pumped and pumped roughly, then leaned forward and roughly bit first one nipple then the other.” Mmm oh, ugh, ugh, oh yes. yes, YES!” I blurted out.Incredibly the pain had gone and I was riding on a wave of lust and pleasure, completely at his mercy. I moved my hips and body in time with his thrusts, enjoying the feel of being totally possessed. I couldn’t move more if I’d wanted to but he had me now and was using my body for his own pleasure and it felt great.I was rolling in ecstacy as he pounded my arse, licked me, bit me and slapped my butt cheeks. God it felt so good and it didn’t look like ending any time soon. escort bursa This man had real stamina. Dave ploughed on with his monster tool, grunting and sweating as his pile driver fucked my hole.”God, you are sweet,” he growled again. He was now fucking in time to the bass beat of the loud music and seemed to enjoy “dancing ” inside me. It was certainly turning me on and when two pairs of lips lined up on my cock and started to move up and down I knew I wouldn’t be long.All too soon I felt a deep seated contraction in my loins and spurts of cum exploded from my tool. Eager mouths licked and slurped at my jizz as it erupted but Dave just laughed, picked up my legs, one in each hand, and continued with his hard, determined fucking. He kept going for another 20 minutes, reducing me to a gibbering wreck and at last I felt him tense, his arm muscles go rigid, his groin thrust in harder and deeper, and then collapse on top of me as wave after wave of hot, sticky cum exploded inside me. I could feel about 15 spurts hit my guts. It felt glorious now that he had paused and as he slowed further it oozed out of my hole and down my thighs to drip onto the floor.”Mm, not bad boy. You make a good slut. Be back for another go in ten minutes,” and he pulled out and moved off, grabbing a bottle of beer and taking a deep swig. I watched his hard muscled torso, fit legs and throbbing cock waving as he strutted off.I lay back exhausted but quickly felt another hard but smaller cock entering my tender, wet hole. It slurped around with no resistance as another guy climbed up to face fuck me.”Mm, how long to wait before Dave returns?” was all I could think. The sensations of these guys were hardly bothering me as I lay back and let them pleasure themselves. Dave was what I wanted. I needed him inside me again, filling me with his super sized manmeat. Now I was really spoiled and I knew that only he would do it for me. However many times he wanted to fuck me I was ready. I was his bitch, his slut and no-one else would come close. The table rocked as the two guys fucked me but I was away, thinking only of Dave and how he would set me alight when he returned. Dozens of guys came in me over the next two hours and as was about to pass out Dave came back hard as a rock and ready for round two. He said here I got you something to drink and pulled out a used condom filled with 9 or 10 loads. The open end of the condom was put in my mouth and as he slide his cock back in he lifted the condom and I drank it all down. Eventually Dave came again and they untied me from the sling. I didn’t even bother to get my clothes back on as I got back in him car. “Hope you had fun, I know they got there moneys worth with your ass and mouth. I couldn’t even replay as I knew I liked it as much as they did.

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