Mayıs 24, 2022

brother sister Threeway


brother sister Threewayfamily means a lot to me. I’m basically the only man in the house because my dad is constantly working. So its just my mom and my two almost identical twin sisters. Ever since I saw one of them naked when I was 13 by accident I’ve wanted to fuck them both. They do everything together even though they don’t seem to like each other. They are constantly trying to out do the other often in the strangest way. There are all sorts of rumours at school about how they were dared to make-out on camp and they ended up fingering each other. I jerk off to the thought of it. They are both shorter then me and having developed early look older then 18. They dress to impress with cute matching clothes that show way too much leg and shirts that always show a lot of cleavage. Rachel, who’s 5 minutes older then Emma, dyed a streak of her hair brown a while ago to avoid the constant confusion, while Emma kept her blonde hair the same. I believe the rumours about them because they still share a room at 18 even though there is a spare and always make me wait a minute before I can enter to get something. I imagine it is so they can quickly put their clothes back on. Summer is my favourite time of the year as they love to wear their slutty bikinis all around the house after lounging by the pool. Today is a really warm day and I just watched them rubbing lotion on each others back. i got a boner as I noticed that they were too willing to rub under their bikinis. My dad is treating my mom to a three week trip to Venice to make up for everything he’s missed so my sisters are bossing me around all month. I had my suspicions that they were lesbians together but didn’t have proof so I did a bit of spying that night after they sent me to bed. Our house has two stories and my bedroom is on the top floor with their bathroom downstairs only a short walk along the roof away. I’ve had a bath there before and know that there is a small sky window directly above the bath. So when we all went to bed I crept out of my window and along the roof and looked down. I could see Rachel lying there in the bath, unfortunately there were bubbles covering her tits and pussy but it looked like there was movement down there. I thought that she was masturbating and although I hadn’t planned to I quickly started masturbating on our roof. I’d never really fully jacked off while I could see one bahis siteleri of my sisters before so it didn’t take long for me to get ready to cum. I was just about to when a head emerged from the bubbles settled around Rachels cunt. It was Emma! I uncontrollably jizzed over the window and saw Rachel look up but I think I hid without her noticing me. When I looked again a few minutes later the roles were switched and Emma was the one getting a thorough licking from her sister.I masturbated three more times that night with the image now confirmed of my sisters together and wondered if they would ever let me into their fun. The idea turned me on and I thought of a plan to do it. I knew for a fact that they were both willing to take a dick. There were at least ten people who could prove it. I prized myself on my 11 inch dick and thought i’d let them know about it and how hot I thought they were by not hiding my boner as i had every other time. I was always quite proud of how well I thought I could hide it. A perfect time for me to try my plan arrived in the morning when I woke late to find my sisters back to their usual lounging at the pool. After a had breakfast I put on my swimmers (They were my old ones from the year before that were really tight so that nothing would be hidden) and went outside for a swim. It was another hot day and I witnessed a much closer version of my sisters rubbing lotion on each other. It didn’t take much to get me hard but they didn’t seem to notice me at all. I even tried floating on my back where my dick protruded out of the water under my swimmers, but they were only interested in rubbing each other. I was annoyed and without thinking I said, “Why don’t you two just make out already?” There was a silence that seemed to go on forever before they looked at each other and started to laugh. They laughed for a while before Emma said “When did you find out?” laughing the whole time. I stood in the pool, speechless as Emma slowly turned to Rachel and started kissing her. Rachel eagerly kissed her back and they both let their hands wander around each other. After a while Rachel started whispering something in Emma’s ear. She laughed and they both turned to me grinning. “So”, Emma said as she stood slowly, “What does our little brother think of that?” I nodded furiously, still unable to speak. “Wanna see more?” asked Rachel. I continued canlı bahis to nod dumbly. Rachel stood up too and began undoing Emma’s bikini top. I watched it fall to the floor and looked up to see my sisters tits being rubbed by my other sister. Rachel’s bikini fell to the floor a minute after Emma’s and they just stood there, massaging each others tits. Suddenly they stopped and looked at me. “Well”, said Emma, “what do you think”. I managed to say how sexy they looked. They laughed and told me to have a closer look. As I got out of the door, they both noticed my obvious boner and made oohing noises. i watched from a closer distance as they started to make out while touching each others tits. After a while I went in closer and started to stroke Emma’s arm. As I did, she moved her hand along me leg and onto my crotch and started to feel my dick through my swimmers. I felt another hand and realised that Rachel was doing it too. All my dreams came true and I felt myself shoot a load inside my swimmers. They stopped when they realised and Emma said, “Wow we must have gotten you really excited. Do you think you can go again?”. I said something like hell yeah and they both laughed and led me inside onto the couch inside.Before I could sit down they both helped me out of my pants and admired the size of it and how wet it was from my cum. They looked up at me and Rachel said, “We’ll take care of you” as emma started licking the tip of my dick. Rachel joined her and their tongues met on a sticky patch at the tip of my penis. Then Emma put her whole mouth around it as Rachel started to massage my balls. Soon she was sucking my balls as her twin sister choked on my fully erect cock. I started to force Emma’s head onto my dick as I felt close to cuming again. As i felt myself beginning to cum I said, “I’m cumming”. Immediately Emma released my dick from her mouth and the two knelt there with there tongues out. I squirted an equal amount of my cum on each of them and as I stood there panting, they started to lick my cum off each others faces and ended up passionately kissing with my cum in there mouths.By this stage they were really frisky and Emma went down and started to slurp up Rachel’s pussy, making loud slurping noises as she did. As I watched and listened to Rachel moaning, I felt myself get hard again. I crawled under Emma, who was kneeling on the couch and looked güvenilir bahis up to see straight into her pussy, which was wide open as her legs were apart. I hesitantly licked her and felt her body move around my mouth. I kept licking to discover she was already quite wet and her cum tasted amazing. I buried my face into her shaved pussy until my dick felt like it was about to burst. Then, I came out and started to rub the tip of my dick up and down her ass. As I reached her pussy, I gently penetrated. It felt so tight and wet with cum. I couldn’t control myself and shoved my dick into her as far as it would go. I heard her squeal, her mouth still full with Rachel’s cunt. I thrust in and out of her getting faster and faster, holding on to her soft ass as I did. I felt her whole body shudder as she came on my dick and after a few more thrusts I shot my warm sperm into my older sisters pussy. I pulled my dick out and watched my cum flow out of her pussy.”My turn now b*o”, said Rachel. “I don’t know if I can go again yet” I said but she said not to worry about it and began sucking on my dick again. She went deeper and faster then Emma did and my dick eagerly rose again for my oldest sister. After making my dick nice and hard, she lay down on the sofa facing me and spread her legs with a frisky grin on her face. I went straight in and was pumping into her with everything I had. At some stage, Emma climbed on top of her and practically sat on her face, allowing rachel to lick my cum off her pussy. After a few minutes of fucking my sister, Rachel moved her hand up and shoved a finger into Emma’s ass. She wriggled her ass on top of the finger and started riding it. Rachel added an extra finger, which inspired me to put a finger up her ass. I felt her cum almost as soon as I did and I came for the fourth time that day straight into her soft wet cunt. The next few weeks were great fun. I don’t think I left the house once. I was naked practically the whole time and lost a lot of sleep because me and my sisters stayed up so late fucking. They were so cool. Whenever I wanted to try something, at least one of them would be willing to do it, which encouraged the other to get onboard as well. I fucked both their asses, watched both of them scissoring each other and gave them countless cumshots. They were so horny that they were ready to fuck all the time. When I woke up they were already fucking or feeling frisky.Of course it changed a bit when mom and dad got home but every night they let me watch them in the bath from the roof and when they weren’t home we got up to a lot of wild fucking.

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