Captain of the Football Team

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Mike stood under the stinging spray of the shower reliving his last minute, game winning touchdown. His chest swelled with pride as he remembered accepting the most valuable player award.

Mike turned as he felt his girlfriend rake her nails down his back. Kimmy squealed as he roughly grabbed her naked ass and pushed her up against the cold shower wall. His hands began an assault on her smooth flesh even as she tried pulling away.

“Wait,” she said, “I have a present for you.”

“What could be better than banging the head cheerleader in the college’s showers?” Mike asked, grabbing a plump tit and pinching her pink nipple.

Kimmy escaped his grasp with a mysterious laugh and escaped around the corner.

As she came back, Mike was intrigued and delighted to see another cheerleader with her.

“I brought Trish with me to help us celebrate your big victory tonight.” Kimmy said, wrapping her lush body around him.

He looked over her shoulder at Trish and noticed her eyes widen at the sight of his large, hardening cock. Kimmy pulled Trish towards them and kissed her, shoving her tongue deep into the other girl’s mouth as Mike watched with delight.

The water poured bah├že┼čehir escort over Trish’s head, molding her cheerleading costume to her breasts and hips, imitating every fantasy Mike had ever had. Mike and Kimmy helped her peel her sweater off, revealing her small but perky breasts. Mike reached around her to fondle them as Kimmy worked on taking off the rest of her outfit.

Kimmy kneeled down on her knees before Trish and ran her hands up slender thighs until she reached the other girls shaven pussy. Her fingers began an exploration that had Trish falling back against Mike to steady herself. Kimmy’s hands slipped as Trish became more aroused and her scent had Kimmy arching to plunge her tongue deep inside of Trish, feeling her insides convulse around her mouth, drinking in the fluids that shot out. Kimmy stood and smiled at Mike. Trish’s juices were smeared on her face as she kissed Mike, letting him taste the other girl on her mouth. Mike had never been so hard as he pushed Trish on her knees and entered her from behind. Kimmy lay down beneath them so she could watch Mike’s cock go in and out of Trish. Mike pushed her off and grabbed Kimmy, pulling her onto his lap and emptying istanbul escort himself into her soaking wet, swollen pussy.

The three lay there spent for a minute, drained from the pleasure. Trish sat up first and grabbed the bar of soap Mike had thrown across the shower. Lathering it in her hands she straddled Kimmy. Starting at her shoulders she washed lower until Kimmy’s breasts swelled over in her small hands. Kimmy arched her back as Trish’s thumb played over her nipples.

Trish continued washing until she was between Kimmy’s legs. The soap slipped easily through her fingers as Trish washed Mike’s cum from his girlfriend’s pussy. Kimmy moaned as Trish’s fingers played over her clit, driving her mad with desire. Mike joined his fingers with Trish, watching as Kimmy’s pleasure heightened and showed on her face.

Trish rinsed away the soap and lay down on the shower floor to place her head between Kimmy’s legs. Mike watched as Trish’s tongue played over Kimmy, slipping inside and licking frantically, as if she couldn’t get enough. Trish pushed Kimmy’s legs up to get her tongue deeper inside of her. Mike gripped his cock as he watched the other girl lick Kimmy’s asshole escort bah├že┼čehir and dive inside. Kimmy grabbed Trish’s hair in ecstasy and came fiercely around her tongue.

Kimmy sat up weakly and wrapped her arms around Mike’s hips, placing her hands on his ass and pushing his cock inside her mouth. Trish stood and slipped her tongue in his mouth. His cock throbbed at the taste of his girlfriend on Trish’s lips.

Kimmy worked him, hands fit snugly around him and pumping him. It wasn’t enough, he needed more. Mike picked her up and sat down with her on top of him, sliding easily inside of her since she was still so wet. He tangled his fingers in her hair and crushed his mouth to hers, tasting a mingling of all three of them on her tongue. That thought made him want Trish too and he reached for her, sliding her up to sit on his face. She still tasted of him he thought, as he listened to her moans while he smothered himself deep between her legs. She turned and grabbed Kimmy to her, kissing her, as Mike buried different parts of himself in them. As he reached between them, grabbing tits, the pleasure was too much and he shot off inside Kimmy just as she herself reached orgasm. Mike continued his slow pleasuring of Trish until he felt her body tremble.

Trish cleaned herself and quietly left after kissing both of them goodbye.

“Thanks for the present.” Mike whispered into Kimmy’s swollen mouth. Before heading out the door to greet the press and his adoring fans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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