Caught in the Rain Ch. 01

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OK, this is my first story, and only the first part of it. All feedback is welcome and if it is good enough, I would be happy to post part 2. Thanks ­čÖé


It had been over a year since I had moved from Bristol to London for work, and this was only my second visit back there. This wasn’t for the want of trying, but finances were tight and I had met a girl in the “big smoke” who I spent a lot of time with.

So, when my friend’s 32nd birthday coincided with a nice bonus in my pay packet, a trip was always on the cards.

I was met at the railway station by a friend and we went back to his place for a few beers, some food and a chat before we went out. Whilst we were chatting and he was filling me in on all the gossip, he mentioned a few people I hadn’t seen in a while who would be coming out that night.

One of them, was Sheila.

At the sound of her name, my cock began to harden. Sheila was 45 to my 30, short and plump with wonderful massive tits and a nice round arse. Her sparkling eyes and wicked smile topped everything off. On top of all that, she was wonderful company, and I was looking forward to an evening of getting an eyeful of her.

So, out we went.

Sheila was dressed to kill….a low cut top, short skirt that revealed surprisingly bursa escort shapely legs and high heels. How I didn’t blow my load at the sight of her is beyond me.

A great night ensued, about 25 of us were out, and I had a great time catching up with old friends. As is often the way, we lost a couple of people along the way, including the birthday boy. This pissed me off, as while he had probably pulled some girl and was drunkenly fucking her brains out, I was supposed to be staying at his place!

No matter, my uncle lived about 30 minutes walk away from where we were drinking, and being a shift worker, he’s probably still be up.

As it happened, his house was in the same direction as Sheila’s….

“Ok Jack, if you’re heading to your uncle’s, why don’t you walk me home?” Sheila said.

“Sure, no problem, can’t have you walking home alone now, can we?” was my reply.

Off we set, and not long after we did, it started to rain, and rain heavily.

“Shit, I knew I should have worn a jacket.” I grumbled.

“Stop moaning,” Sheila laughed, “its just a bit of rain!”

But it was more than a bit. Withing minutes we were both soaked to the skin.

After what seemed like ages we arrived at Sheila’s house.

“Look Jack, how far is it bursa escort bayan to your uncle’s place?”

“Probably another 10 minutes walk I reckon, but its no problem, its not like I can get any wetter, is it?” I joked.

“Well look, why don’t you at least come in for a bit and dry off and see if the rain eases up?”

This was hardly an opportunity I was going to pass up, so I accepted her offer. We walked in and Sheila immediately went and got a towel for me. In the light I could now see her more clearly, and was incredibly turned on by her nipples straining to get through her bra and blouse.

“Here you go,” she said, chucking me the towel, “I’m going to get changed”.

I stood there, not wanting to sit down and spoil her furniture with my rain soaked clothes. At least my hair was drier…

After a few minutes Sheila came back with a pair of shorts and a t shirt. She was wearing a dressing gown….and not much else. My cock immediately sprang to attention.

“These are my ex-husband’s, I’ve been meaning to get rid of the shit he left behind for ages…good job I didn’t now. Why don’t you get into them?”

“Thanks She’, I’ll catch a stinking cold if I stay in these wet clothes! Back in a minute.” I replied.

I went into her bathroom escort bursa and began to undress….even my boxers and socks were soaked. As I disrobed I became aware of just how hard I was. My 7 inch cock was standing upright and my balls felt ready to burst.

“How are you getting on in there?” Sheila called.

“Umm ok, be out in a sec.” I stammered back.

Shit! I couldn’t go back in there with a raging hard on could I?

“Come on Jack, I’ve made you coffee and its getting cold.”

Fuck it. What the hell.

I went back in, turning away from Sheila slightly as I walked into her lounge. I was surprised as I walked in to see that she had moved some things around. Her two sofas had assorted crap on – handbags, a jacket and the like – but now one sofa was clear of crap, and Sheila was sat on it. She beckoned me to sit next to her.

“Oh Jack, thanks for walking me home, it was nice to have some company.” She sighed.

“Always a pleasure, you know that.” I said, turning towards her slightly.

Wow. I could see a fair bit of cleavage here. While I enjoyed the view, it wasn’t helping my erection.

“Like what you see Jack?” She whispered. She had her eyes fixed firmly on the bulge in the shorts.

“Well, of course, who wouldn’t?” I replied.

“I know I like what I see” she said, placing her hand on my erection and rubbing it through my shirts. “Will I like how it feels as well? Oh yes, yes I do!” She squealed with excitement as she slipped her hand inside….

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