Closing The Deal Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Two months had passed since college student Stacy had seduced her father, Eric, and then had her first sexual experience with her mother, Cheryl, in an attempt to help Mom secure a big contract. Eric and Cheryl covertly continued their individual liaisons with Stacy, unwilling to risk losing the new relationship with their beautiful, sexually talented daughter by giving away their secret.

All that changed the day a meeting Cheryl was to attend got cancelled at the last minute, and she returned home to find Eric and Stacy in the pool. That, in itself, would not have shocked Cheryl. But to see her husband standing behind Stacy, his cock frantically thrusting into Stacy’s pussy as she leaned against the side of the pool, caught Cheryl off guard.

They were just as surprised to see her. But Cheryl allowed them to finish before the family had a confessional. They decided that the first time all three of them were together should be a special occasion. They left it up to Eric to set the date and location.

When the opportunity arose a couple months later for the family to take a short vacation together, the anticipation grew to a fever pitch. They knew that, if properly planned, the vacation would be an orgy of non-stop experimentation.

Eric was totally re-energized by his daughter’s sexuality. An athletic, good-looking man to begin with, he now felt the undeniable urge to fuck either Stacy or Cheryl virtually every time he saw them. It was his idea to charter the 43 foot cabin cruiser in order to get the three of them alone in a relaxing setting.

Cheryl was a marketing executive who didn’t think twice about using her near-perfect body to help get a client’s signature on a contract. As much as she loved sex with men, it was Stacy who put the fun back into it.

The daughter causing all of this could have been nobody else’s child: she had her father’s height and athleticism; she had her mother’s girl-next-door looks and figure. Stacy was the spoiled brat of rich parents who got what she wanted…because she made it happen.

Eric made the vacation happen because of his experience in the Navy and subsequent years of yachting in South Florida. Rather than charter a sailing yacht that would require either a crew or considerable effort by the females, he chose a large cabin cruiser. To say it was loaded was an understatement. It came with an upper steering station atop the cockpit. The cockpit itself had padded seating with a coffee table and icebox. Outside, there was plenty of room to sunbath in the front. A large swim platform at the back, complete with a propane BBQ and inflatable dinghy, was sure to get plenty of action.

Eric, Cheryl and Stacy caused quite a stir when they arrived at the marina. Both of the women were in bikinis, covered by lightweight button shirts on top and baggy shorts below. The young guys helping to prepare the boat seemed to stumble over each other when it came time to load the trio’s suitcases, food and beverages. Stacy was her usual tease, asking the best looking guy, “Are you the one we call if we need help?”

The young man offered his private cell phone number, but Eric put a stop to the flirting and got ready to shove off…without him.

They headed north along the coast. Stacy and Cheryl toured every inch of the boat, opening every cabinet and drawer. Eventually, all the clothes and supplies were put away and it was time to unwind.

“If I go out onto that front deck, can you drive smooth enough that I won’t fall off?” Stacy asked her Dad.

“It’s got railings all around and the cockpit at this end. If you fall off it won’t be my fault,” Eric told her.

She gave him a dirty look and headed for the front of the boat. Stacy had no trouble scrambling onto the smooth, white surface despite the strong wind blowing directly into her face. It didn’t take her long, however, to realize just how hot the surface was.

Stacy looked back into the cockpit and yelled, “Hey, Mom. Throw me a towel.”

Cheryl realized any attempt to actually throw the towel would have ended up with a towel in the Atlantic Ocean, so she reached out and allowed Stacy to grab it. Eric watched his daughter fight with the wind to position the towel just right. Eventually, she just sat on it in frustration and did the best she could.

She laid down, her head nearest the cockpit. From his position at the wheel, Eric had a marvelous view down Stacy’s body. He watched as she removed her shirt and slid off her shorts, leaving her in just her brightly colored bikini.

Eric pushed open a window near him just enough for him to yell out at Stacy. “Isn’t this a perfect time to work on a full-body tan?”

He looked over at Cheryl and winked. Three months ago she would have slapped him. Now, she smiled back.

Without even glancing back, Stacy leaned up enough to get her hands behind her back. She untied the bikini top and pulled it off. After shoving it under her heavier clothes, she laid back down on the towel.

Stacy ran her hands gracefully over both breasts, squeezed them once, almanbahis adres and then put her arms at her side.

“God, she’s gorgeous,” Eric said softly.

Cheryl moved behind him and put both hands on the front of his shorts, quickly finding his cock. She applied more pressure and pressed her body against his.

“Stop it,” Eric scolded her. “I’m trying to steer.”

“No you’re not. You’re staring at your half naked daughter thinking about fucking her whenever you get the chance,” Cheryl said, her fingers wrapped tightly around his nearly erect penis.

“Actually, I was thinking about sucking on those incredible tits. Maybe you should take advantage of the opportunity…since I’m steering.”

Cheryl kissed him on the neck, squeezed his cock one last time, and headed outside. Eric watched her join Stacy on the deck. He could tell they were talking, but the roar of the twin diesels and the thick windows prevented him from hearing anything.

Soon, he realized sound was not nearly as important as sight. Cheryl removed her shorts and bikini top, revealing the petite, yet firm, breasts both Eric and Stacy had learned to love. Cheryl hovered over Stacy for a few seconds while they talked, then she sank down partially on top of her daughter.

They kissed long and hard while their hands explored each other, particularly under the tiny bikini bottoms they both still wore. Cheryl was the first to break off the kiss. She slid down Stacy’s body and put her mouth on top of the tit closest to her.

Eric watched Stacy’s nipple disappear between his wife’s lips. He imagined the sensation of the hard bud in his mouth, bending back and forth under the pressure of his tongue. He watched Cheryl take more of the breast into her mouth and suck on it lovingly.

Stacy’s eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open. She put a hand behind her mother’s head and pulled it closer. Cheryl sucked harder, eventually moving to Stacy’s other breast.

The speeding boat kicked into the air upon hitting an unexpected swell and a shower of water sprinkled over the women. Eric saw them laughing, relieved they weren’t screaming at his steering. Then Cheryl began to methodically lick the sea water off Stacy’s chest.

In his mind, Eric could taste the salty water, combined with the luscious warmth of Stacy’s smooth skin. He was jealous of Cheryl, but knew he would get his chance soon enough. In the meantime, he opened the zipper to his shorts and reached inside to free what had become a very hard cock. He steered with one hand and stroked with another.

Cheryl made her way down Stacy’s body until reaching the small patch of material that constituted the bottom of Stacy’s bikini. She kissed her way between Stacy’s legs, which slowly spread in response. With no hesitation, except for a quick glance to make sure no other boats were nearby, Cheryl removed the last of Stacy’s bikini.

Now fully naked, Stacy prepared herself for the lips and tongue she loved so much. Cheryl pressed her feet against the railing behind her, put her hands under Stacy’s ass, and lowered her face on top of her daughter’s pussy.

Eric slowed the boat just a little in anticipation of the scene playing out in front of him. He pumped his hand up and down his hard shaft until he felt the urge to cum. Then he stopped masturbating and just watched.

Cheryl was attacking Stacy’s pussy like Eric had never seen before. Cheryl’s mouth closed tightly around Stacy’s clit, and then moved down so Cheryl could stab her tongue in and out of her daughter’s sweet, wet hole. Stacy squirmed on top of her towel, swaying with the roll of the boat and her mother’s assault on her pussy.

When Cheryl sensed that Stacy was about to cum, she traveled back up Stacy’s body until they faced each other again. From inside the cabin, Eric watched the mischievous smiles grow on their faces. To his surprise, the women then climbed down from the deck and walked towards the cockpit.

Eric made no attempt to hide his erection.

“Oh my,” Stacy exclaimed when entered the cabin. “So you liked the show?”

Staring at her nude body did nothing to shrink his cock. “Yep. Why did you stop?”

Cheryl stood next to Stacy and said, “We thought it was time to let you play. Why don’t you park this boat for a minute,” she said.

Eric quickly powered down until the boat was motionless in the water. They were well off shore and clear of any traffic, so he pulled off his shirt and approached the women.

Stacy unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them off. Eric’s cock pointed at her like a pole, still a bright pink from his hand being wrapped around it.

“Were you playing with it, or did Mom do this?” Stacy asked while running her fingers up and down the cock.

“Both,” he replied.

“Mom thinks you should fuck me now. I agree,” Stacy said, pulling forcefully on the cock.

Eric looked at Cheryl, who nodded back.

“Get on the coffee table,” Eric told Stacy.

Stacy felt a shiver go up and down her spine as she put her ass on the table and lay almanbahis adresi down. Finally, the three of them were about to enjoy each other to the limit.

The table was big enough to hold Stacy, but her head and legs hung off either end. This proved to be no obstacle as Eric moved between her legs and Cheryl took a position behind her head. With a rapid untying of her bikini bottom, Cheryl pulled it off and placed her exposed pussy by Stacy’s mouth.

“Mmmmm. This is going to be good,” Stacy sighed.

Eric could see the moisture at the entrance to Stacy’s cunt, brought on primarily by Cheryl’s efforts out on the deck. Between his own hardness and Stacy’s horniness, he was going to have no problem getting his cock inside her.

And he didn’t wait long. With his hands under Stacy’s thighs for support, Eric pushed the tip of his cock between the folds of skin shielding her pussy. Stacy guided it into place, then awaited the satisfying feel of her Dad’s thick cock totally filling her.

Despite his urgent desire to fuck Stacy, Eric slowly entered her, enjoying every second of his cock’s long ascent into her cunt. He stopped pushing only when their bodies came together.

Stacy immediately reached up to grab her mother’s ass, then pulled Cheryl’s body down onto her face. She began to lick the juices that flowed from Cheryl’s pussy. Her tongue rose inside the tight hole and probed the soft, warm skin. Then Stacy searched out the swollen clit she had licked and sucked on so many times before, knowing it drove her mother wild with lust.

With the sight of Cheryl’s nude body facing him and his teenage daughter’s face buried between her legs, Eric was more aroused than he’d ever been. He began to drive his cock into Stacy with increased speed and force. Cheryl looked on with great interest and even greater stimulation, knowing how much each of them was enjoying themselves.

Stacy’s cunt tightened around Eric’s throbbing cock. She thought back to the night in the hotel room when she made her mother cum in front of her client. But this was different. This was her father fucking her while she licked and sucked her mother’s clit. Stacy had to fight off an instant orgasm in order to prolong the ecstasy. Eric and Cheryl had the best views and were so intent on watching each other get ‘served’ that their own orgasms were delayed.

Eric was apparently going to be the first to succumb. His masturbation before the women joined him had already brought him close to the edge. Now he was about to go over it.

Stacy already had her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, so there was no need to pull her any closer. He pounded his cock into her cunt as hard and as fast as he could, building up to the inevitable climax.

“Almost there, Stacy,” he groaned. “Almost…there.”

He grunted each time he shoved his cock inside her. Stacy’s young body shook on the table and her tits rolled back and forth with each thrust.

“Yes, Stacy! Yes! Now!”

One prolonged, loud moan preceded the first of many shots of cum that flowed from Eric’s cock into his daughter. His cock plunged into her relentlessly, and nothing could have felt better to Stacy or her Dad. Eric’s groans filled the little cabin and the spongy sound of fucking was unmistakable.

The force of Eric’s fucking caused Stacy to bite harder on Cheryl’s clit. Combined with the sight and sound of the sex in front of her, Cheryl soon began her own orgasm. She steadied herself by grabbing a countertop with one hand while her body lost control. Multiple orgasms nearly caused her legs to give out under her, but she was held up by Stacy’s arms…and face.

Eric pulled out of Stacy and buried his face in her pussy. It only took a few swipes of his tongue across her clit to cause the third member of the party to cum. A minute later it was over, despite Cheryl’s persistent squeezing of Stacy’s nipples.

“Oh my God,” Stacy whimpered when she was done. “How many days are we going to be out here?”


They arrived at a safe anchoring location just off shore a couple hours later. Dinner and swimming completed the day, with all three family members more than ready for bed when the time came.

The double bed in the aft cabin accommodated three persons on this trip, but nobody complained. The night was filled with plenty of attention paid to each other’s naked body, but it was mutually decided that more sex would wait until the next day.

The next morning, in preparation for the boat heading back out into deeper water, Eric tested the radio only to find out a short was cutting off the transmission. A quick call to the charter company’s main office resulted in a referral to a marina nearby that could do the repairs.

A half hour later, they were docked.

“This shouldn’t take long,” Eric told the women. “Are you going to shop?”

“I might,” Cheryl replied.

“Can I come with you?” Stacy said.

Eric looked at her with a quizzical expression. “Instead of shopping?”

“I can do that any day. I want to go with you.”

Eric almanbahis adres scanned her body, covered only by a teasingly tight and low cut tank top and shorts. “This might get me a discount,” he said. “And keep your hands off the hired help.”

“I’ll try,” she promised.

Eric and Stacy walked into the marina office with radio in hand. A quick explanation of the problem, along with the fact Eric was on vacation, resulted in a guarantee from the manager that the radio would be looked at immediately. It seemed to Eric, however, that the young manager’s primary concern was an immediate look at his daughter.

Eric didn’t know for sure, but he would have guessed that Stacy’s bending over to look inside the display case at the counterÔÇöand the subsequent view it provided the manager of all but the tips of her breastsÔÇöwas not a coincidence.

“Uh, I’ll take this back to the shop,” the manager said, not even attempting to bring his eyes back to Eric. “Can you check back with us in an hour?”

Once Eric was sure he had the man’s attention again, he confirmed they could be back.

Walking out of the office, Eric said to Stacy, “You’re awful. Don’t try to tell me there was anything in there you were actually interested in.”

“That cute guy. Do you think he noticed?”

“I’d say so, considering he hardly knew I was there,” Eric said.

“I could see him in the reflection on the counter. I think he liked my tits,” Stacy said once they were outside.

“Who wouldn’t,” her father admitted.

“So we have an hour. Now what?”

Eric looked around. “Do you want to eat?”

Stacy frowned and shook her head. She scanned the variety of buildings making up the large marina. Then something caught her eye and she showed some renewed enthusiasm.

“C’mon. Over here,” she said, grabbing Eric’s hand and tugging him behind her.

They were heading in the general direction of an open air bar next to the water. It reminded both of them of the type they saw more often in the Caribbean islands, with a square design and low ceiling. Fake thatch hung over the edges of the roof and Christmas lights hung below that. Stools lined three sides of the bar with early-day customers already occupying about one-third of the seats.

“Are you thirsty?” Eric finally asked.

“No. I’m horny.”

Eric allowed his daughter to lead the way, only a little surprised at her response. They passed the bar, the eyes of every male in the establishment closely following Stacy’s every step. They were walking straight towards a small public restroom.

Stacy was delighted to find out for sure that the entrances to both the men’s and women’s rooms were hidden from the sight of the bar patrons. She glanced around at the otherwise empty streets, stopped directly in front of the ladies room, and said, “C’mon. Hurry.”

She and Eric dashed through the door together. Stacy slammed it shut and promptly locked it. The tiny room, consisting of a single stall and sink, was surprisingly clean and well lit from a pair of windows near the ceiling.

Stacy looked up at Eric and said, “Fuck me, Dad. You have one hour.”

Stacy wrapped her arms around Eric’s neck and kissed him passionately. He could feel the warmth of the Florida sun in her hair as his fingers ran through it. Their bodies came closer together and she felt the telltale signs of his growing erection.

“We could get arrested,” Eric said between kisses.

“We could fuck and nobody would know.”

He gave in to her sexual perseverance. Never before had she led him wrong, except perhaps the day Cheryl caught them in the pool. ‘But look where that led us,’ he reasoned.

Stacy had his zipper down and his cock out in record time. She kneeled down and took a long look at the thick cock, running her fingers up and down the shaft as she always did. A light kiss on the tip was followed by a long, slow lick up the bottom of the cock.

“God, Stacy. Suck it please!”

Stacy smiled to herself, knowing her teasing approach to her Dad’s cock always got the results she was after. Sometimes she wanted him to cum in her mouth; sometimes she would suck him until he was ready and then use her hand to make him cum on her tits. Today she wanted him good and hard so he could fuck her like he did the day before on the boat.

Stacy separated her lips and inserted the entire length of Eric’s cock before closing her mouth around him. The first thing Eric felt was Stacy’s warm, wet tongue along the full underside of his erection and her lips wrapped around the base. He may as well have been inside her tight cuntÔÇöit felt the same. Only when she began to bob her head up and down did he realize the magnificent difference.

Stacy gripped the base of her Dad’s cock, stroking it in rhythm with her blowjob. Her pussy grew damper by the minute, so she decided to hasten the proceedings. She unbuttoned Eric’s shorts and quickly had him naked from the waist down. For this session, that was sufficient.

From outside the little restroom, the sound of men laughing broke the silence. Stacy and Eric both experienced a twinge of excitement knowing that only a wall separated them from the men at the bar. It also served as a reminder that any noise from them could land in the bar patrons’ ears as well.

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