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Club Night, Second Time Around


Club Night, Second Time AroundDanielle and I had been to the swingers club once before. It had been her first time then and I was wonderfully surprised when she let me use my fingers and hands to bring her to a big orgasm as we sat on the sofa of the club’s second floor balcony that overlooked the dance floor. That was an amazing display of public lust. I was hoping that we could repeat something like that.This visit held the promise of being even more exciting for us both. As we dressed at my apartment, Danielle was being seductive and flirty, touching me and striking provocative poses as she put on each article of clothing for our second visit to the club. She looked genuinely excited to be returning there. I was being cool and calm so as not to ruin the mood. I didn’t want to have expectations and run the risk of being disappointed.It was still summer in Atlanta so it was warm enough for her to wear mostly what she had worn previously – a short and loose, side-buttoned schoolgirl skirt, black thigh-high stockings with garters and belt sewn in, see-through black bra and matching thong, and red pumps. She did change her blouse. Instead of the white button-down top she wore before, she now put on an almost transparent black lace button-down top with very short sleeves. If the light were right, her breasts and nipples were clearly visible. It was a perfect outfit for this club.There was another minor change to her outfit and one that required a very diplomatic suggestion from me while she was still dressing.”Danielle, you should put your stockings on before you put on your thong.” She held her thong and looked at me quizzically. I wanted her to realize that it might be necessary to remove her thong at the club without removing the stockings because of the sewn-in garter belt. I also wanted to be reasonably diplomatic with my suggestion. Thankfully, Danielle is clever and so it took her only a few moments to figure it out.”You’re right.” With those words, she was telling me that she might very well indeed remove her thong without taking off the stockings. She finished dressing and then moved on to her makeup so she could finish preparing for the night’s fun.At the club and as before, we paid our entry fee and made sure that the bartender had our premixed bottles of cocktails. We walked slowly around the club’s first floor seeing what we could see. It was moderately crowded at that point in the evening.Danielle and I went back to the bar so we could have drinks. We found two adjacent stools and took our seats. We spent some time sipping our drinks and watching the scene on the dance floor and around the club. The dancers were doing their usual grinding and thrusting. It was a Saturday night and the club was getting more crowded with couples and just a few single guys. The age range spanned from the mid 20s to the 50s so Danielle and I fit in quite nicely with her in her early 30s and me facing down the big four-oh in a few short months.The dance floor was more than half full with couples and groups doing a kind of horizontal sexual foreplay. Some women were topless or wearing see-through clothing that held little to the imagination. There was a stripper pole on the low stage and a svelte, young, almost naked woman was doing an erotic pole dance. The music ranged from hip hop to classic rock with the occasional Latin song tossed it. There were a few couples who did some excellent Latin dancing which was fun to watch because of the sensuality of the dance moves. We didn’t dance at all because we’re not the dancing types, at least not vertically. We’d been chatting idly and drinking our cocktails while checking out the scene for almost 30 minutes.After watching all the adult antics on the dance floor and having a couple of strong drinks, Danielle was feeling frisky. She reached over and took hold of my cock through my loose-fitting dress pants. She winked at me as it responded by starting to swell. I took advantage of the situation by unbuttoning her top. She looked down at my hands as each button came undone, exposing a bit more of her chest.”It’s already-see-through and you want to take it off?” She had a bemused look in her eyes.”I like to see you,” was my honest reply. “Besides, you look incredible with just that black bra for a top.”She didn’t respond and let me continue to unbutton her top.With all the buttons undone, Danielle took off the sheer garment and let it rest over her arm. She reached out to continue her massage on my growing cock. She looked beautiful sitting on the bar stool. Her legs with the black stockings were slightly parted and her sexy, black bra revealed her little, pink nipples quite nicely. I reached out to carefully and slowly pinch one of them. Danielle didn’t say anything, just looked down at my fingers. The cute bartender had noticed us and smiled broadly when I looked around and my eyes met hers. I stopped pinching Danielle’s nipple.”Oh, don’t let me stop you”, she said. “Watching you two is more fun than pouring drinks.”Danielle giggled and I smiled. So, I continued with my treatment of her nipples making sure to get the most physical response from her. It worked. Her nipples swelled into points which were clearly visible through the bra. Danielle looked down again at what I was doing.”You really like doing that, don’t you?…especially here in public?”I winked at her. “You know me and you like me doing that. Besides, you started it.”She looked at her own hand that had firm grasp of my erection through my pants and then looked up again. “I suppose I did. It’s exciting to have an audience.” Danielle looked over at the bartender who had been watching us as much as she could. The brunette with the tight tank top smiled widely. “I wish I weren’t so busy or I’d be watching more.”I leaned and kissed Danielle, softly at first and then with more fervor. Our tongues met wetly. I knew that Danielle loved kissing and that it raised her ardor. Tonight was no exception. As we kissed, she kept her hand on my crotch and I kept my hand on her breast. When we withdrew, I pulled a bra strap from her shoulder. She raised an eyebrow archly. “And what are you intentions with my tits, young man?””I think one of them needs a good sucking.”Danielle looked around. No one seemed to be paying much attention and the bartender had moved away to tend to patrons further down the bar. This was probably just a little lingering modesty, despite our public display of affection the last time we visited the club and the bartender watching what we had just been doing.”Then do it, you horndog.”I pulled the bra strap further down so that the sheer fabric over her left breast fell away and revealed her well-shaped tit and very white skin with a firm, pink nipple. I leaned down and took it into my mouth feeling the firmess with my tongue and lips. I could sense Danielle’s head fall backwards. I knew she liked when I did this. Her nipples were very sensitive to my mouth. I sucked and nibbled using my teeth very sparingly. I moved a hand to her legs and caressed upward, taking her skirt upward as well. She spread her legs a little, just barely giving me access to that special warm spot I knew so well.Her head moved down and she whispered in my ear. “You’re making me really horny” I responded by moving my tongue rapidly back and forth across her nipple. This made her breathe more rapidly. She put her free hand around my neck. “Don’t stop what you’re doing” she whispered, a touch of urgency in her voice. I moved my hand between her legs more and she spread them more. My fingers moved away the fabric of her thong which was warm and moist. I rested my thumb right on her clit. “Oh shit!” she sighed, keeping her voice low. I was hoping that the cute bartender was watching all this. I couldn’t see because my face was in Danielle’s chest, my mouth attending to her nipple.Danielle was breathing heavily at this point. I ignored the music from the dance floor and the people around us. I was very focused on my girlfriend so I could bring out her passion and lust… to a point. I suddenly pulled back, my mouth away from her breast, my hand away from between her legs. She looked surprised and then upset. “Why did you stop?” I didn’t say anything. I just moved her bra strap back on her shoulder and made sure her breast was properly covered.”We have all night…I just want to make sure you’re ready for anything.” I removed her hand from my crotch.Her faced became bright again and she smiled. “Just don’t tease me too much because I’m ready for anything. If you do that again, it’ll be just like the last time we were here.” Her voice was playful.”I think we should check out the voyeur room and see what we can see.” She moved first to put her empty glass on the bar and I did likewise. She hadn’t put her top back on and was just wearing the sexy, sheer bra… nipples still pointy and firm. Danielle knew what to expect in that room so a public sexual display wouldn’t be the shock it was the first time when we came to this club. It helped that our drinks had left us relaxed and slightly buzzed from the alcohol.We walked back towards the voyeur room. I could tell that Danielle was eager to see something torrid. We opened the curtain that lead to the short hallway and the big window looking into the room. Danielle wasn’t disappointed. In the room was a naked woman lying on her back surrounded by three, equally naked men. Her legs were facing away from the window. It was hard to tell their exact ages but they looked to be in their early 40s or late 30s. The woman was plump but not fat. There was a muscular, balding guy between her spread legs and he was thrusting vigorously and deeply into her. In both of her hands she held the fat, erect cocks of the two other men.”Wow” was all Danielle could muster. She put her face close to the glass to get a better look of the sexual tableau just a few feet away on the other side of the glass. I stood directly behind her, my chin resting lightly on her shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her close. She didn’t respond immediately to my physical affection. Something else held her attention and it was truly exciting for us both. I whispered into her ear. “Do you like what you see?”Unlike the first time she had seen a scene such as this, Danielle was confident in her response. “I love it… this is incredibly erotic.” I moved my arms up and took her breasts in my hands. She pushed back into me, nestled nicely in my body. Another couple entered the hallway and stood close by us so as to also watch the passionate happenings in the voyeur room. We didn’t pay much attention to them, we didn’t even see if they were old or young. The four of us just watched the nude woman cavorting with the three nude men.It was not easy to predict how the scene in front for us was going to unfold. The balding guy was eagerly fucking the woman with his deep and dramatic thrusts. When he pulled out to thrust again, we could see his condom-covered erection and that he was very well hung. He thrust into the woman and she yelped. Her hands were stroking the firm cocks of the other two guys. I whispered to Danielle, “I’m glad you like this, it’s making me horny, too….you do realize that they can see us watching.” Danielle nodded her head and then pressed her butt into my crotch, obviously feeling my own hardness.We continued to watch the group in front of us. The man suddenly thrust in deep and closed his eyes. He was cumming! He held that frozen position for a few moments, not making a sound. The woman who was on the receiving end started crying out “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” She was cumming too! After her first very obvious orgasm, the balding guy pulled out slowly and moved away, peeling away the full condom as he did so. One of the other guys took his place, reached around to find a new condom, rolled it down his cock, and thrust into the woman without hesitation. Her reaction was immediate and loud. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! UH! UH! UH! UH! FUCK! FUCK!”Danielle started to squirm. I could tell that the sight in front of her was making her very aroused. I clutched at her breasts using my fingers to feel and tease her tightened nipples. I could feel her breathing becoming rushed. “I think she’s going to fuck all three guys in there,” I told her quietly. The woman standing next to us responded instead. “I hope so, this is wild.”Danielle and I both glanced over at the couple standing next to us. Their position was a mirror to us. The man – early 40s or so – was standing right behind the woman and he had pushed up her tight, white top and was playing with her exposed breasts just as I was doing to Danielle’s not so exposed breasts.”This is incredible,” said Danielle. I took a moment to kiss and nuzzle her neck. Danielle made a very low noise of contentment and arousal. In front of us, the second guy was slamming into the woman on the floor. She had tilted her head far back and her glassy eyes and open mouth showed that her arousal was at its peak. Perhaps she was between orgasms or in the middle of one; she had moved past loudly crying out and was visibly panting with shallow breaths.My girlfriend seemed to be panting a little as well. As she was firmly in my embrace from behind, I could sense every breath and every subtle movement in her aroused body. I lowered my right hand from her breast and reached under the front of her skirt. The fabric moved up easily as I reached for the junction of her legs. With no prodding from me, Danielle spread her legs wide enough to allow me to reach her pussy. Her thong was wet with her natural lubrication. Danielle always got thoroughly wet when she was very aroused and I always found that thoroughly exciting.In front of us, the lusty scene continued. The second guy thrust in deeply and he made a loud grunting noise. The woman closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Both were cumming and not being shy about it. I briefly looked over at the other couple in the hallway looking through the same window. The woman – a tall brunette – was grinding her ass into the front of her man who was standing right behind her, his hands firmly on her naked breasts. I don’t think Danielle even noticed them, so deep in her arousal was she.I used my index finger on Danielle’s clit, pushing and massaging through the damp thong. My other hand was tweaking her nipples. I was also lightly kissing her neck. My erection strained against my trousers, poking out the fabric. Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing any underwear or my erection would have been very uncomfortably confined.Suddenly, Danielle tensed up and a second later bent slightly over, putting her hands on the glass of the window to support herself. She trembled and moaned softly. Her orgasm had snuck up on her and seized her. I held on closely, not moving my fingers on her anymore. She gasped and continued to tremble. “Ohhhhhhhhhh” she uttered quietly.We heard a feminine voice. “Yes, it’s exciting, isn’t it?” The couple standing next to us had certainly noticed Danielle’s climax. I looked over and nodded my head. The woman next to us was receiving much the same treatment, her man’s hand up under skirt. But hers was much tighter than Danielle’s so it was pushed well up her shapely hips to give her man better access. The woman put her head back and was quickly lost in her own passion.Danielle recovered quickly. I pulled my hand away from her pussy but continued to hold her close, a hand on a breast. In front of us, the third man had mounted the woman, but this time, she had shifted her position to be on her hands and knees, looking straight at us as she was deeply penetrated from behind. “They can really see us?” Danielle asked softly.”Yup, but not completely clearly, I think the glass is tinted on their side,” I said quietly in her ear.”So they saw what just happened, that I came?””If they were looking, yes.” My response transformed Danielle.”Do it again, make me cum again. I want her to see.” Her voice was compelling. She took my free hand and moved it towards her pussy. Danielle was becoming an exhibitionist and I took it as my duty to indulge her exhibitionist and sexual needs.”You have to do something first.” I took my other hand from her chest and then using both hands, I hoisted her skirt completely up. Then I grabbed the waist band of her thong and pulled it down. She got the hint and so lifted one leg, then the other, and helped me deftly removed her skimpy lingerie in an easy motion. I was glad she had put on her stockings before she put on her thong. If not, the only way to remove the thong would be to remove the stockings first, a mood-killing proposition. She put the thong over her arm where her flimsy blouse was already resting.Danielle stood up and pressed her back into my chest. She spread her legs so that I could easily drop a hand in between them. I glanced at the couple next to us. They were close physically but in a completely differently galaxy sexually. His hands were rapidly rubbing her pussy and the look on her face made it clear that she was thoroughly enjoying it.”Please, make me cum… now!” Danielle demanded in a low voice. I took my right hand and put it firmly on her wet pussy, my index finger immediately finding her deliciously wet lips. Without hesitation, I moved my fingers to put pressure on her clit, finding it very swollen. “Ohhhhhhhhh” murmured my very aroused girlfriend. My other hand pulled down a bra strap and then clutched her naked breast, thumb and forefinger lightly pinching at her nipple. I made a point to softly kiss her neck.The scene in front of us continued in a mad sexual frenzy of two bodies joined well. I sensed that Danielle was staring directly at the woman on all fours being ravaged by her partner behind her. I was massaging Danielle’s pussy strongly and aggressively. She started gasping and very quickly tensed up. Her second orgasm hit her quickly and dramatically. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!” she quietly called out with her hips rocking back and forth against my hand, Danielle obviously did not care that she and I were standing right next to another couple.The woman in front of us was clearly cumming as well. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Low, guttural sounds could be heard through the window glass of the voyeur’s group room. The woman next to us was also pushed over the edge into climax. She let of a very satisfied “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Her posture relaxed and her man held on tightly to her, his hand, like mine on Danielle, tightly against her pussy.The whole scene probably unfolded in less than ten minutes but the intensity very much stretched out the minutes. Danielle seemed content to be held in such an intimate way. I didn’t release my hands. I held her closely and felt her orgasm fade away. I nuzzled her neck affectionately. “You have no shame.” I said quietly.There were no further words for a few moments. We watched the group in front us and the couple who were screwing so enthusiastically pulled themselves apart. The man’s half erect cock glistened with her moisture, the condom now fitting loosely. My girlfriend had relaxed at this point. She pulled my hand from between her legs and kissed it, no doubt smelling her own arousal. The couple next to us drifted away quietly. While Danielle was in the throes of her passion, I had mostly forgotten about them, anyway. Playing with my girlfriend was far more important.It was time for us to move on. I pulled up Danielle’s bra strap to cover her exposed breast. She turned around kissed me deeply on the lips. When she pulled back, her eyes were sparkling. I looked up and down at her. The short skirt and bra combination were so alluring. I was turned on completely but what I was seeing, what I had seen, and what we had done while being voyeurs and exhibitionists in that hallway.It was Danielle who took my hand. “Let’s go to the balcony so we can sit down, my legs feel weak.””You were shameless, I was amazed.” I really was. I know that we might doing something sexual at the club, I just didn’t know what, especially something like what had just happened.”You know how to get me turned on and what I was seeing was incredibly erotic.” She said it almost matter-of-factly as if what we had done was routine. I think my girlfriend was really getting into this.We sauntered hand in hand back to the bar first to get fresh drinks. Danielle looked so wonderful. It was exciting to know that she was without her thong, as it was d****d over her arm along with her top. The club was very crowded now with a packed dance floor and even the stage filled with dancers. We carefully threaded ümraniye escort our way through all the bodies. I could see that Danielle was getting quite a few glances and some outright stares. Her state of undress didn’t seem to faze her one bit. Could she be actually enjoying the looks?With our drinks in hand, we made our way to balcony stairs. As I had on our previous visit to the club, I put a hand on Danielle’s ass as we walked up. I made sure her skirt was pushed up high so I could get a long look at her nicely shaped butt. I think she liked feeling herself exposed that way. Once on the balcony we had a look at the main group room. It was crowded all sorts of naked people. It was so crowded that a completely nude couple was standing in the entryway, waiting for a space on the mattresses. I was disappointed because I so much wanted to take Danielle into the room right then and there.”I was going to see if you wanted to go in but there’s no room!” Danielle looked at me with a “poor baby” look in her eyes. “Then let’s find an empty sofa so we sit down”. Her voice was teasing and playful. We walked down the balcony to find all the sofas and plush seats occupied by couples. Some of these couples were in various states of undress or sexual play. We got to the point were the balcony turned left 90 degrees. That area of the balcony looked over the bondage area but we still didn’t find a place to sit because the seats and sofas were also all occupied on this part of the balcony.We ended up standing right at the handrail where the balcony turned left. Danielle looked over at the bondage area and then at the dance floor, crowded with people. To our left, two women were sitting on the handrail, legs wide apart, their long skirts hoisted high to their waists with a man servicing each woman orally. It was quite easy to see how the guys’ tongues were lapping at the lewdly exposed pussies. Danielle hardly noticed them, her concentration was on the floor below. I was looking at the women towards my left and getting more and more excited by the scene.I stood directly behind and Danielle and put my hand between her legs, just as I had done in while looking into the voyeur room. She had both her hands on the handrail. Then she spread her legs as I diddled her wet pussy in full view of anyone down below who might decide to look up. Danielle didn’t respond with outright passion as she had done before, she just seemed quite comfortable with the stimulation and the situation.There was movement to our left as a couple got up and walked behind us. One of the large, plush, and very deep chairs had become available. Danielle noticed it and took my hand the few steps so we could both squeeze in together, side by side. She placed her thong and blouse on one of the thick arms of the big, padded chair. We were parked right next to the women sitting on the handrail, a man’s head between their spread legs. Danielle and I kissed passionately, feeling deeply sensual.When Danielle pulled away from the kiss, she reached out to slowly rub her hand up and down my crotch. My erection throbbed with the attention. She then grabbed my zipper, pulled downward, and deftly plucked out my erection, taking a moment to stroke it to full size. Actually, it was more than full size, it was one of those desperate, throbbing erections that is the result of supreme sexual excitement. She circled the base of my cock with her thumb and index fingers and then squeezed gently, making my cock surge and fatten still more.I didn’t know what to expect, I was just reveling in the moment. There was cunnilingus to watch in front of us and my girlfriend was expertly handling me to bring me to the fullest of hard-ons. As we were sitting so close and side by side in the chair, it was too awkward for her to bend over and start sucking on me. Instead, she released her grasp and stood up leaving me breathless with wild desire. She looked down at me, her eyes full of mischief and desire. She stepped forward and began to straddle me.With one hand lifting her skirt slightly and the other hand on my erection, she maneuvered her body over me her thighs spread around mine. Then slowly, deliberately, she guided me towards her wickedly wet entrance. She used her own wetness to lubricate the top of my cock by letting it move over the folds of her pussy lips. It was breathtaking.Then she positioned me at her pussy’s entrance, ready for that first, incredible sensation of penetration. Down she went, enveloping me, bringing my cock into her. It was smooth and wonderful, her sexual heat had created generous lubrication. She was then all the way down – her thighs fitting nicely around mine and into the overstuffed chair – she kissed me forcefully. I was in awe of her complete willingness to have sex surrounded by people. She had abandoned any sense of restraint to indulge our mutual lust.We kissed for a long time. My cock was throbbing and I know she could feel it. She leaned back to let her head fall back. I reached out to grab her breasts and bucked my hips up a little. I could feel my cock work its way deeper into her pussy. She replied silently by raising up and down, trying to get a thrusting rhythm going. She leaned forward, putting her face into my neck. Danielle was breathing very heavily now.I put both hands slightly under her ass and used my arms to help her up and down in a steady, rhythmic motion. This helped. She put her hands out on each arm of the chair so that between her arms and thigh muscles, she could move up and down far more easily. My cock moved up and down effortlessly inside her. I reached behind her back and quickly unfastened her bra. It slipped easily away but Danielle had to move her hands from the chair arms so the almost wispy garment could fall onto my stomach. With the exception of her short skirt and stockings, she was deliciously naked, her breasts on display, he ass almost showing, her white, mostly naked thighs with the black stockings on either side of mine. The red high-heeled shoes hanging off the edge of the chair nicely punctuated her look.I pulled her towards me so I could seize a naked, pert nipple into my mouth. Danielle growled into my ear. She let herself down in my lap completely. This made her gasp. She leaned back again and looked at me, fire and lust in her eyes. We didn’t exchange any words, there was no point for words, just raw lust as we fucked away in the chair. I saw the red flush appear on her chest. I knew that her excitement was complete. I just had to keep my own lust from escaping too soon. My cock was throbbing strongly now, a sign that I would cum soon.I reached out to firmly pinch Danielle’s nipples. As her lover, I knew full well that she would react passionately to my forceful touch. I was not disappointed. She looked right into my eyes and then opened her mouth, her own eyes opened wide as if in surprise. I started bucking my hips up and down, pushing my cock deeply into her with each upward thrust. This set off Danielle … OH!…. OH!… OH!” she cried with each of my upward pushes. Her climax was on her, in her, around her. She closed her eyes, still crying out with each of my upward thrusts….”OH!…. OH!….. OH……OH…..!!!!!” Again and again.We paid no heed to the others around us. This was our moment. This was our time to share pure carnal excitement. Our bodies were enmeshed more than any lovers could be. I put my arms around her and squeezed tightly, feeling her climax as if it were my own. Her chest was heaving and her voice had become automatic. I suddenly stopped thrusting, trying to at least briefly delay my impending orgasm.Danielle was oblivious. She was gasping, her body had tensed up. I felt her pussy throb and her pelvic muscles contract again and again. She held that position until I felt her relax in my arms, her stunning climax draining too swiftly away. I couldn’t take any more. I thrust upward quickly and held up my body a few inches from the seat of the chair. My balls tensed up then I spasmed forcefully, my cock throbbing strongly as I felt my cum jet up and into Danielle. My erection pulsed several times, each time squirting more into her. My eyes had closed and I think I was making a deep noise as my breath rushed from my lungs. The pleasure was staggeringly intense.As the wild pleasure evaporated away, my body lowered itself back into the chair. I opened my eyes and saw Danielle looking intently at me. I reached up to push her disheveled hair from in front of her eyes. I pulled her down so I could kiss her softly. Her skin was slightly damp from her sexual exertions and her strong climax. I was perspiring too.When I stopped kissing her, I spoke softly into her ear. “That was wonderful, I think I love you.””I will I’m not sure I love you,” she replied coquettishly.I looked at our surroundings. The women sitting on the handrail were still there but no longer were the two guys licking their pussies. Instead, the women were playing with themselves as a show to the two guys sitting in chairs, directly in front. They were casually stroking their exposed erections sticking out through their respective pants. Something occurred to me.I whispered to Danielle, “Ummm, we have small problem.””We do?” She looked surprised.”You’re full of my semen and when you stand up, it’s going to be messy. I came a lot””I know, I can feel it inside me. I think it’s sexy. Can’t we just stay this way?” She was only half joking, I could tell.My cock was still quite hard. “I think we could for a few more minutes.” I tensed my muscles so my cock throbbed inside her.”Ohhhhhh… do that again!” she said enthusiastically. So I did it again.”I like that. It’s erotic. I can feel you throb inside me” She looked at me intently.Once more I made my cock throb, and then again a second later. She wiggled her hips in response. It was both a comfortable and deeply sensual moment between us.I reached to cup Danielle’s breasts, my fingers directly on her nipples. “You do realize that you’re rather naked sitting on my lap and my cock is still deep inside you?… you’re also in public.”She looked around to note several people on the balcony and the foursome to her right. Likely, someone had watched our performance. She took her hands and picked up the hem of her skirt. She revealed to me her neatly trimmed and dark pubic hair, the flair of her hips, and a bit of her smooth, flat stomach.”I have an idea.””Oh” I raised my eyebrows at her.Letting her skirt fall back down, she reached to the right side of it and quickly undid the buttons. With a graceful move, she pulled it completely away from her body.”Now I’m almost completely naked, sitting on your lap with your cock deep inside me.” She smiled and put the skirt with the rest of her clothes on the chair’s arm.I tensed my pelvic muscles again. It wasn’t easy, my erection had begun to subside. She looked at me. “You’re getting me all horny again.””So?” I replied.”We can’t do this again because I can feel you get soft.” Unfortunately, she had a good point.”So, what do we do about the mess?”She reached for her skirt and put it down to the junction of where our bodies joined. “We’ll let the skirt catch the sperm. I can always wash it again.” It was a good idea.She began to stand up slowly. As my erection slithered out of her, she quickly moved the skirt to catch the fluid dripping down. It was kind of sensual in a quirky way, knowing that our very public display of lust was responsible for something to clean up.When my girlfriend stood up completely, she was still holding the bunched up skirt to her crotch. It was comical to a degree – red shoes, black stockings and nothing else except for her clutching the skirt between her legs.”Don’t laugh, I know I look ridiculous.” She had a serious look on her face.”I’m not laughing because I don’t look exactly dignified.” My cock had flopped over onto my pants leaving a small, shiny stain on the dark fabric. We took a moment to get collected. As gracefully as possible – very hard to do – I put my limp cock back in my pants and zipped up. Danielle wrapped her skirt back around her and buttoned it up. She collected her bra and put it back on. Finally, she scooped up her top and her thong.”I need to use the ladies room and you should use the men’s room.” She was right, there was a bit more cleaning up to do. The rest rooms were downstairs and we made our way through the crowd after leaving the balcony to find the restrooms.I finished first (cleaning off the cum stain on the front of my pants) and waited for Danielle outside the women’s room. When she came out, her skirt was straightened out and she had managed to make her long hair in less of disarray. She exuded the air of fresh sex and from the appreciative glances of both men and women, it was pretty clear to all that she had just recently been fucked.I led her back to the bar. If she were as thirsty as me, she would need some water too. As the club was crowded, it was standing room only at the bar. Fortunately, there were cups of water set up and we both drank deeply. We were getting jostled a little but we did manage to get two fresh cocktails from our bottle, but not from the cute bartender we had seen before. We stood back a few feet away from the crush of people and sipped our drinks. Danielle stood closely to me.”Hey, it’s the voyeur room couple!” came a deep voice. The couple who had witnessed our display in the hallway of the voyeur room was standing right next to us. The man had his arm around the brunette who was still topless, her big breasts and large nipples almost intruding.She smiled warmly at us both. “So where did you two get to after you saw that scene in there.”I spoke before Danielle. “We had some drinks and then went up to the balcony to sit down.””Oh, that’s a fun place to watch.” said the man. He had thick, dark hair. I put him be around 45 or so. His wife (or maybe girlfriend) was younger by a few years and looked good with her long legs, narrow waist, and long hair. Her boobs were quite impressive. I tried not to stare.Danielle spoke up. “We found a chair up there. It was so crowded!” She wasn’t at all distracted by having a conversation with a topless woman.The woman laughed. “Honey, this time on a Saturday night, everywhere here is crowded. It was hard for us to find space on a mattress in the group room!”My girlfriend looked around to note just how busy the club had become. “Wow, this is definitely crowded. I had no idea this was all so popular.”The man gave a knowing smile to the woman and then turned back to Danielle and me. “So, did you guys fuck on the balcony?” He was certainly direct with his question.I fully expected Danielle to turn red or start stammering. But her response was just as direct and fast, before I could say anything. “We had a great fuck!” she said without any hesitation. I was the one who was almost embarrassed. Maybe the cocktails were having an affect on her. Maybe it was just the overall excitement of being there and actually fucking in publicly.The couple laughed loudly and smiled broadly as if sharing a good joke. “You two enjoy yourselves, we might go on the other side of the voyeur room later. Check us out if you want!” They left us, disappearing into the crowd of dancers.Danielle put her arm me and squeezed my butt. “We did have a great fuck, didn’t we?” I laughed out loud. I liked that my girlfriend wasn’t hesitant to talk about sex with me and was so candid with two strangers. I quickly kissed her on the lips. “We had an amazing fuck. You surprised me… all those people around.””Once I got so turned on watching the scene through the window, I guess I saw no reason to restrain myself. Up on the balcony just seemed natural.” I couldn’t disagree.I kissed her again. “Lover, it’s only about 1AM, the club doesn’t close until 4AM”. She had a gleam in her eye and was clearly thinking about further possibilities before we returned to my apartment.”Hmmmmm, that depends on what you can handle.” She squeezed my ass again.”I think we should find a quiet corner and give me time to recover.”Danielle rolled her eyes. “Men, never there when you need them.” Her voice had a friendly yet slightly mocking tone.I stuck my tongue out at her. “Come on, we can take our drinks over there.” A few feet away was a long, sectional sofa with space at the very end for us to sit down. The rest of it had couples sitting down already. We plopped down and Danielle put her head on my shoulder and a hand on my thigh. From there we could see some of the dance floor and most of the bar. There was almost too much to take in.There were three other couples on our long sofa and we didn’t pay them too much attention. We were looking at the dance floor. It was quite the display of flesh and fantasy. Short of actually having sex, more than a few of the dancing couples and groups were doing pretty much everything else sexually arousing that people can do to a beat and standing up. There were quite a few women dancing together provocatively, men behind them, holding their partners close from behind.We finished our drinks and put the empty cups on the floor. This gave us free hands to hold each other and kiss passionately, like a couple of horny teenagers on a third date. Since Danielle and I had already had some righteous sex, the kissing was less about foreplay and more about emotional and physical intimacy – for me, anyway. My girlfriend was getting aroused, again. We were sitting pretty much side by side. For once in the evening, I didn’t have my hands between her legs or on her breasts. I was simply enjoying the togetherness. Danielle, however, was working her way into some sincerely feminine lust.My girlfriend broke the kiss and stood up. She had an expectant look on her face. I didn’t say anything. In the race for sexual excitement, I was definitely in second place and anxious that I couldn’t catch up. Danielle would have none of that. She plunked herself down on top of me, straddling my hips, thrusting her bra-covered breasts towards my face. She reached behind her back, unclasped the bra and put it over the back of the sofa. “Suck my tits, now!” she demanded. I eagerly obliged and wrapped my lips around a nipple. She made a small sound of contentment. I reached behind under her skirt to grab both ass cheeks. I forcefully moved her whole body back and forth across my crotch, making sure that her legs were spread wide over me. I was using my mouth aggressively on her nipples taking care to use only my lips and tongue. I think she was looking down at me, I couldn’t be sure.I felt a distinct stirring from down below. Danielle’s hot arousal was affecting me. She leaned back and I replaced my mouth with my hands on her breasts. She continued to move her hips back and forth as if my crotch were a bottle and my cock a genie. It was beginning to work and she felt it. She looked down at me. “I feel something down there. It feels good.” I deftly pinched her nipples. This caused her to twitch. “Are you ready for more?”I thought about this for a second, gauging if I could satisfy her a second time. “Yes, but not here.”She looked disappointed. “Why not? We did it on the balcony.””I have a better idea…” Danielle looked puzzled. “Let’s go upstairs to the group room, that way we could lie down and be more comfortable.”She looked into my eyes. I could tell she was quickly considering the idea. Her lust got the better of her.”OK, let’s go.” She quickly stood up and retrieved her filmy, black top, putting it on but not buttoning it, She simply held her bra and thong in her hand. As we walked back to the stairs we passed a trash can. Danielle made a point to stop, take her thong in her hand, raise it above the container, and then drop the skimpy underwear right in with a flourish.”No point hanging on to that anymore,” was all she said to me.We walked up the stairs and made our way to the entrance to the group room. It was crowded with bodies on the mattresses. Luckily, we only had to wait a moment when two couples got up to leave and no one else was waiting in front of us. Both couples were stark naked and Danielle squeezed my hand when they walked past. I grabbed a couple of fresh towels from the nearby stack and led Danielle to claim the empty space on the raised mattress. We had to walk carefully so as not to step on piles of clothes and legs extending into the short walkway between the two rows of raised mattresses. The room was dimly lit but with enough light to see that we were walking in the middle of an orgy.Adjacent to us on the right was a young, black couple; both kadıköy escort naked. His head was between her slender legs and she was laying on her back, up on her elbows, her head back. On the left were two naked couples. It was hard to tell if they were starting or finishing their sexual antics. Danielle sat down on the edge of the mattress. I took the two towels and spread them behind her. She took off her shoes and scooted back until her head was almost to the wall. She made a “come here” motion with her finger. I quickly stripped off all my clothes, putting them in a pile on the end of the mattress. In a moment I was naked, standing before her. My girlfriend spread her legs and lightly patted the space between her knees as an invitation for me to find a place there.I sat on the mattress and swiveled my body towards her. She was on sitting on her butt, lying back a little, supported by her elbows. She was still wearing her stockings, skirt, and the gauzy top which was open and not covering her breasts at all. I got up on my knees and worked my way between her legs. She sat up and quickly took my half erect cock in her hands and then guided it in to her open mouth. With expert licking, sucking, and stroking, she easily brought me to a full hard on. While she was doing that, I slipped off her top and reached down to caress her breasts. Once again, I was in awe of her complete and unrestrained willingness to be so utterly sexual with me in a room full of naked, moaning bodies completely engaged in fucking and sucking. It was a night of surprises.With a final kiss on the head of my cock, Danielle laid back down, her eyes shiny and welcoming. I briefly thought about just ramming my fiercely erect cock into her. Instead, I looked at her moist, swollen pussy and decided it was ripe for the tasting. I moved back a little and then got on my stomach and chest, my head right between her splayed out legs. I looked up at her. She was still on her elbows but her head was thrown back in anticipation. I lowered my head and put my mouth directly on her pussy, moving my hands under her skirt so that I could feel the sides of her ass. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” was all she could muster as my tongue found her erect clit. I used a pointy tongue to flick at it. Her voice changed. “Ummmmmmmmmm”.I maneuvered my left hand so I could unfasten the buttons on her skirt. With it completely undone, I could move the fold of fabric over her, completely exposing Danielle as I continued to work her clit with my tongue. She was making low, moaning noises. I fattened my tongue and put it right on her labia. This caused her to lie back completely and grasp my shaved head. I licked her up and down, making my tongue pointy when I came to her clit. Then, I pursed my lips and sucked on the little bud of flesh. Danielle started trembling. I knew she adored this.All around us were the sounds of sex and lust and the low hum of voices in conversation. There were moans, cries, and grunts. I couldn’t see anything and was not really interested. I was concentrating on my passionate girlfriend’s dripping pussy, tasting her heat and desire with my tongue and lips. Perhaps she was watching the sexuality around us or maybe she was too overwhelmed by it all. Danielle suddenly squeezed her thighs together. She always did this just before cumming. I held her clit with my lips and pushed down on her pelvis with my hands. This allowed me to feel her muscle contract sharply with each spasm of pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, GOD!” she cried out.She would have been thrashing but I was holding her down with both hands on her flat stomach, pushing down so I could mercilessly manipulate her clit with my lips and tongue. She was cumming almost violently now…. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” Her hands were on my head, pushing me into her. I had to push back so I could breathe freely. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!. Danielle was still cumming. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! SHIT! She shoved her hips up suddenly causing me to pull my head away. The climax was fully on her and it was dramatic. She lowered her hips, leaving her legs spread lewdly. “Ahhhhhhhhhh….God” she said more quietly. It was one the most powerful orgasms I had seen in her.I didn’t wait for her to recover. I moved up to kiss Danielle and lowered my body between her legs. My stiff cock found her wet center and easily thrust into her. As I did that, I planted my lips on her mouth and forced my tongue between her teeth. Danielle was completely over stimulated. I pulled away from her and the hot kiss, leaving her pussy smell on her lips. She took in a great lungful of air and let it out while moaning….”mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. She tried to thrust her hips towards me but I had her pinned onto the mattress with my weight, my cock deep insider her.I didn’t let up. I began thrusting in and out with long, deliberate motions. I increased my pace. With each thrust in, she grunted as another climax hit her…. ‘UH! UH! UH! UH!. My pace increased. I was ruthless, slamming into her, our bodies slapping together. “UH! UH! UH! UH!… OHGOD!…OHGOD!…OHGOD!” Danielle’s eyes flew open and she looked at me briefly with a stunned expression. With the next thrust, her eyes closed again. OHGOD!…OHGOD!…OHGOD!.. .OHGOD!…….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Her legs were spread wide, the skirt wrinkled under her ass. Her face was shiny with sweat and her hair was sticking to her shoulders. Her hands stretched to her sides, clutching at the fabric on the mattress. I don’t know if it was just one orgasm or a series of them. More softly she muttered, “ohgod!… ohgod!… ohgod!… ohgod!……” Her voice trailed off…Finally, the spasms left her body and she calmed down. Her body resting heavily on the mattress. She opened her eyes and almost glared at me with disbelief. I kept my cock deeply buried in her, it throbbed in excitement. It was a truly pornographic scene. Her legs, clad in black stockings, spread so widely, my body lying between them, my cock as deep as it could possibly go. Danielle pulled herself up to her elbows, still looking at me in wonder. I smiled and then made my cock twitch inside her. “Oh SHIT!” she uttered when I did that.Danielle looked to either side of. I did too. The young, black couple was now fucking vigorously. She was knelt over, he was thrusting from behind. On the other side, there was now an oral sex three-way of two women and a man, the second guy had left. My girlfriend looked back up at me. I made my cock twitch again. Her eyes opened wide. I couldn’t keep this up much longer, I had to cum and soon. Danielle sensed my urgency. “Cum in me! I want to feel you cum!” She reached around my waist and held me tightly. She also started to tilt her pelvis up and down causing her pussy to squeeze on my cock deliciously. “I want to make you cum,” she told me seriously. I just made a murmur of contentment and then my cock twitched again deep insider her.Sometimes a climax can be controlled. Sometimes it just sneaks up and jolts the body with an explosion of pleasure. My climax accelerated from zero to detonation in a single breath. I could no longer resist the power of the profound sexuality Danielle and I were experiencing. Her adroit squeezing of my cock with her pussy took me over the edge in a waterfall of pelvic contractions, thrusting, and gush of fluid from my balls, through my cock, and into her. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” I cried loudly and I tried to the look into her eyes. But my eyes closed involuntarily as my fast and forceful explosion crashed into me. Danielle was in control now. She rocked her hips against mine, trying to fill herself more and also trying to drain me completely. It worked. I spasmed again and again and again, each time a bit more semen squirted into her. I let out a long breath of air and my arms quickly became weak.I felt that the wind had been knocked out of me. I reluctantly withdrew from Danielle and laid down on my side next to her. She rolled over so we were on the mattress, face to face. She stroked my face delicately and put one leg between mine. “You’re a good fuck,” she told me softly, a wry smile on her face. I couldn’t say much. I rolled over to be completely on my back, Danielle left her thigh on mine and reached out to hold my still-slippery and semi-erect cock.”I’m leaking you,” she said simply. “And I’m not going to do anything about it. I think it’s erotic feeling your sperm run across my thigh.” I just smiled weakly, still drained from my climax. Danielle leaned over and kissed me affectionately on my nose. It was kind of funny. Then she kissed me lightly on the lips. She spent a long time just looking at me while my energy gradually returned. Despite the noise and sexual activity in the group room and the music pulsing in the background, we were actually feeling intimate and alone.A few more minutes passed and I finally found the energy to gather my wits. Danielle had turned her head to watch the scene to her left. Right at her feet was woman’s head, her dirty blond hair actually over my girlfriend’s right calf. Danielle had rested her head on my chest her eyes cast downward to see the blond woman. I slowly raised myself to my elbows, careful not to disturb Danielle. But she shifted her position anyway so she could sit next to me, also up on her elbows, her arms touching mine. This allowed us to get a real look at what was going on around us.The scene to the right was getting wilder and the three bodies were running out of mattress real estate. The woman close to Danielle’s legs was lying on her back, her legs spread very widely. There was another woman with her head between those spread legs, lips and mouth working sensuously, with an ass in the air. Behind that woman was a young, blond man slowing thrusting in and out. The three of them looked a bit cramped as the wall was directly behind the blond guy.To our left, another couple had joined the young, black couple. The new couple was white and the contrast of dark skin and white skin was fascinating. The white woman was eagerly sucking the black man’s long cock in slow, deliberate motions. Her partner was being ridden by the black woman.Directly in front of us on the mattresses lining the other side of the room we saw a knot of naked bodies in motion. At least four couples were actively fucking in all manner of positions. Danielle and I just looked, taking in the scene of wild abandon. I noticed that the threesome on our right was shifting positions and motioned to Danielle to move back so that our backs were against the wall, out (our) legs outstretched. This provided more room for the three naked bodies to stretch and get more comfortable. They took advantage of that. The blond woman moved backwards, the other woman still between her legs. The blond guy repositioned himself so he could thrust more deeply. The blond woman turned her head and smiled at us. She then reached our (out) her right hand and starting massaging Danielle’s shapely calf, dark with the fabric of the stockings.I didn’t know if my girlfriend would move her leg away from a woman’s touch. Instead she looked at me questioningly. “If you don’t want it, just move your leg.” I whispered very quietly. Danielle looked back down at the woman and didn’t do anything; she allowed the massage to go on. I took my girlfriend’s left hand and guided it towards my somewhat wet cock. She got the idea and took it in her palm, just holding it. It was a warm and close feeling. The blond woman massaging Danielle’s leg suddenly tensed, clutched my girlfriend’s leg, and gasped quietly. I squeezed Danielle’s thigh.The woman with her lips and mouth on the blond’s pussy removed herself to lie on her back, allowing the man to move between her legs and thrust his erect cock into her and then slowly start fucking her. This left the blond woman alone, laying on her back at our feet. I don’t know how Danielle felt about this but I thought it was exciting. The woman then rolled over on her side to look at us and smiled invitingly. She looked directly at my girlfriend’s hand holding my cock.The woman moved closer. She was in her thirties, neither fat nor skinny. Her breasts were small and her nipples prominent. She had a bit of a stomach and it was hard to tell if she were short or tall given her position on the mattresses. I would say that she was attractive and made more so by her recent orgasm right in front of us.”You two are sexy,” she said quietly but still able to be heard above the music from the dance floor down below. Danielle simply nodded subtly. The woman reached out and stroked my girlfriend’s foot. “I love your stockings. Where did you get them?””Frederick’s. I like how the garters and belt are already attached,” answered Danielle, a very small hint of nervousness in her soft voice.”Very convenient for sex.” The woman moved closer and then sat up cross legged, facing us. It was easy to see that her pubic area was completely shaved, her labia puffy and pink. I was a bit worried for Danielle because she and I didn’t know the intentions of the blond woman and we had never foreseen this scenario. But Danielle seemed generally calm and collected, her hand still hold my cock which by this time had swollen slightly. It couldn’t get to a full erection because of my recent orgasm. Regardless, it was exciting to be naked on the mattresses with two women. I hoped that my girlfriend wouldn’t get squeamish or jealous.We suddenly became aware of the black and white couples to our left. The black girl let out a series of moans and cries as she climaxed on top of her partner. The blond woman in front of us also noticed. “Hmmmmmmm, sexy. That gets me turned on.” She had a husky, raspy voice. She moved closer to use further still, our legs now touching hers. She was staring quite intently at the open sexuality right next to us. She moved her hand to between her legs and began wantonly stroking her own pussy. She caught herself, stopped, and looked at us. “You don’t mind, do you?” I shook my head and Danielle, well, she didn’t say anything, just squeezed my cock a little and began stroking it. I think she was turned on by the blond’s display but didn’t want to say anything.Then the couple on our right shared orgasms. The blond man thrust into the woman on her back and cried out as she gasped loudly. The blond woman reached out and stroked the other woman’s check delicately. It was an almost tender display right in the middle of almost violent passion.The blond looked back at us. She whispered “Those are my married friends. Aren’t they sexy?” .Danielle finally spoke up, softly. “It’s all so hot, it’s making me crazy.”The blond woman smiled and then shifted her body. “I’m going to get comfortable with you two so we can all be friends… here, let’s sit together,” she said quietly and almost seductively. This woman was being assertive and Danielle was taking it quite well. Of course, I didn’t resist this turn of events.In a moment, the three of us were sitting cross-legged and naked, sitting so close that our knees and thighs were all touching. We didn’t want to talk too loudly, that might upset the mood of the orgiasts around us so we kept our voices as low as possible. The music was still loud enough to be heard and helped cover the sounds of our conversation.”I’m Brenda.””I’m Danielle.” She sounded pleased to meet Brenda, even in this naked setting.”I’m Justin.” I tried be calm and collected. It wasn’t easy.”I saw you two, you guys are hot together. It got me really turned on.”Danielle responded first. “I think we got carried away.””I think that’s the idea here,” Brenda giggled softly.”Danielle surprised me, it’s only our second time here.” I was certainly being honest with both statements. In a type of response, Danielle reached down and held my cock.”See, that’s the way it should be, a couple of lovers expressing themselves without caring who is around.” I was beginning to like Brenda.”You don’t care what I’m doing to Justin?” Danielle was honestly curious.Brenda laughed softly and placed her hand on Danielle’s knew. “You can do anything you want to him, just let me watch.” She had a look of anticipation on her face.Danielle began stroking me, up and down, very slowly. My cock swelled some.”That’s the way, make it all hard and fat so I can see.” Brenda had a gleam in her eye.”OK… I don’t mind… and I know he doesn’t mind.” Danielle responded slyly.”Absolutely not!” I replied enthusiastically but quietly. I had never considered this happening on only our second visit to the club.Brenda leaned in conspiratorially towards my girlfriend. “I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t appreciate a hand on his dick. Now go ahead, stroke him for me.”Danielle complied without hesitation and stroked me further.I laughed a bit. “Brenda, she and I have already had sex twice already tonight, I might need time to recover.””Then I might have to help if Danielle doesn’t mind.” Brenda looked directly at Danielle. This was a moment of truth for my girlfriend. We weren’t prepared for this. I didn’t want to look at Danielle because I truly didn’t want to pressure her into doing something that she might not want to or keep her from doing something she wanted to try.Our new friend quickly figured out the situation. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to (do) anything to make anyone uncomfortable,”Danielle hesitated and then looked at me. “Whatever you want to do,” I told her. I wasn’t happy with putting the burden on my girlfriend but pressuring her to do something was just not an option. Having sex just between us was one thing. Putting on a show on the other side of a window was one thing. Being naked with a relative stranger was one thing. Having that stranger involved in our sexual play was something entirely different.”How would you help?” Asked Danielle, sounding curious.Brenda thought for a moment. “Well, to start, I’d use my hands on him with you.””That doesn’t seem so bad… go ahead.” I was quite startled but pleasantly so. Brenda reached out her hand and wrapped it around Danielle’s hand. They both moved up and down my cock. I was so hoping that I was good for another orgasm. But I knew it might take awhile. Brenda and Danielle were concentrating on my slowly (very slowly) growing penis.”Danielle, do you mind if I play with myself?… this makes me so horny.” Brenda was being nicely respectful to us both by asking first.Danielle shook her head and actually watched as Brenda used the fingers of her left hand to stroke her own pussy up and down. I watched too. I couldn’t help myself from seeing the erotic image of Brenda masturbating and the sight of her swollen and moist sex spread by her fingers. I leaned over and kissed Danielle’s nipple firmly and then kissed her neck. I could feel another groundswell of excitement in me.”Oh Justin… that’s hot and I just felt your cock grow. Danielle, do you mind if I feel his cock by myself? I love it when I can feel a man get hard.””OK, but I’m going to play with myself, too.” My eyebrows shot up when I heard this from Danielle. Tonight was a night of dropping sexual barriers and trying new things for her. I was completely thrilled and turned on by the thought.”Oh, please do… that makes me horny, too. I think everything about you two makes me horny.” Brenda giggled softly at her own joke.Danielle and Brenda moved their hands so that only Brenda’s hand was wrapped gently around my penis. My girlfriend took her hand and moved it to her own pussy. There we were, three naked people enjoying some intimacy in the middle of a swingers club group room. Brenda was stroking me and herself simultaneously. Danielle was watching Brenda and was playing with herself. On either side of us, there were couples playing or just relaxing and watching. Brenda’s married friends had finished with an intense bout of fucking and were now just lying next to us three, resting and not paying us much mind.I don’t know how much time had passed, it just wasn’t important. I was focusing on my own pleasure with Brenda’s help, willing myself into more arousal. Both Brenda and my girlfriend were ascending into sexual bliss with their own efforts. It was amazing to me that Danielle was so open and expressive sexually in this environment. She had even accepted another person to share in the experience. I looked over at her, She had her back against the wall, her legs open, the fingers on her right hand deftly manipulated her clit. She was watching Brenda do the same.Then it happened. My excitement crossed an invisible line from recovery to fresh start. My cock surged quickly in Brenda’s hand. “Danielle, I think Justin’s getting bostancı escort really turned on,” she remarked happily.Danielle looked over at Brenda’s hand on my thickening cock, not stopping what she was doing to herself. “I’m getting really turned on, too,” was all she said. My girlfriend then rested her had against the wall and closed her eyes, looking lost in her own, self-induced lust.Brenda looked at me intently as she stroked me up and down. She stopped fingering herself and brought both hands to my now firm erection. I felt the moisture on her fingers. Up and down, up and down she went, softly clutching me. She looked down at what she was doing with her hands. I saw excitement in her eyes. To my left, Danielle was using her fingers on her pussy more forcefully and more quickly. She was breathing quickly and her lips were slightly apart.Brenda whispered, “Danielle, I want to suck Justin’s cock, please, let me do that.” My girlfriend just nodded her head silently, still keeping her eyes closed. Brenda shifted position so she was laying on her stomach between my outstretched legs and perched on her elbows. She kept her hands on my cock and bent down to kiss the head and then take it into her mouth, much like a popsicle. She lowered her hands on my shaft and brought more of it into her mouth, applying delicious pressure with her lips. I wondered if Brenda could taste the smell of sex on my cock from when Danielle and I were fucking so very recently.I leaned back and put my head against the wall as Danielle was doing and as she continued to play with herself. I put my hand on her thigh and felt the warmth rising from her aroused body. She opened her eyes and turned to look at me and then down at Brenda with her mouth on my cock. Danielle said nothing, just kept moving her fingers on her wetness. If my girlfriend suddenly got up and made an angry scene, I would have totally understood. In an ordinary relationship, this is what would have likely happened. Happily, this scene was far from ordinary and Danielle seemed swept along in the mood and atmosphere. It also helped that we started the evening watching a highly sexual scene in the voyeur room and things just escalated erotically from there.In such a dimly light room, it was hard to make out the details of the individuals on the mattresses. The physical flaws that might be visible in the light of day became washed out and irrelevant in the low light of the group room. I looked at the shape of Brenda’s ass. It wasn’t a firm as Danielle’s. I didn’t care. Brenda was a friendly and sexual woman and was nicely proving that by the skillful blowjob she was eagerly giving me. Perhaps Daniel was learning some lessons as she watched this blond woman bobbing her head between my legs.I was still quite a ways from cumming. Maybe Brenda sensed this. She stopped sucking on me and raised her head. “Danielle, I think you should be doing this.” Danielle’s lusty reverie was interrupted and she stopped fingering herself.”But I was having so much fun.” She sounded disappointed.”Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Here, take my place.” Brenda stood up on her knees and let Danielle move to take her place. “What do you have in mind?” My girlfriend was not quite comprehending what Brenda had in mind.Brenda knew exactly what she wanted to do and instructed my girlfriend “Get on your knees so you can bend over and suck his cock… then I’ll do something for you.” Danielle did just that. In a moment, she had her lips on my erection and was licking and sucking enthusiastically. Brenda, also on her knees, positioned herself behind my girlfriend’s ass and then spread her legs. Danielle didn’t stop what she was doing. Brenda then began massaging my girlfriend, starting from the lower back and working her way back to run her hands over Danielle’s ass cheeks. It was hard for me to see and even more difficult to focus as I was awash in pleasure from the skillful application of her mouth to my cock.This was a dilemma. I so wanted to see what Brenda was doing but I didn’t want Danielle to stop what she was doing. I did notice that Brenda had moved her body so that she was lying on her back, her legs off the edge of the mattress. I had a strong suspicion that Brenda was going to do something that Danielle had never experienced from a woman before. Suddenly, I saw Brenda’s hands on Danielle’s ass, pulling it downward. My girlfriend stopped sucking me and looked into my face with surprise and almost shock. Then her eyes opened even wider and her mouth rounded into an O-shape. A moment later, Danielle gasped a little.”Oh my God! Brenda is eating me out!” She rasped quietly. I looked down past my girlfriend’s stomach and sure enough, there was the top of the blond woman’s head, face up and her mouth glued to Danielle’s pussy.”And this is a problem?” I asked a bit flippantly and trying not get distracted..”Yes!…. I mean no! Oh shit, I don’t know what I mean…..ohhhhhhhhhh!” Danielle was a bit unglued, but it looked like in a very good way. She put her head back down and quickly deep-throated my cock and then began moving her head up and down in long motions. My cock responded quickly and throbbed sharply. But my girlfriend couldn’t concentrate on both receiving intense pleasure from Brenda’s mouth and giving me intense pleasure with her own mouth. I quickly decide that Danielle’s pleasure was more important.It was quite apparent that Brenda was a skillful giver of cunnilingus because Danielle was moving her hips and making little noises of pleasure as the blonde’s tongue and mouth did their magic on my girlfriend. Danielle shifted her hips downward so her pussy was firmly on Brenda’s face. I shifted to the side of the two women so I could watch more carefully. My erection bobbled up and down as I moved. Neither woman paid me any attention. Danielle had put her head on the mattress and turned her face towards me. Her eyes were glassy and her breath was coming in shallow gasps. I reached out and took her hand to show that I was encouraging what I was seeing and what she was doing with Brenda.”OHHHHHHHHHHH” cried out Danielle. Brenda reached up and grabbed my girlfriends ass and pulled it down firmly. “UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! ” continued my girlfriend as Brenda devoured her pussy. Danielle was cumming and cumming intensely from what I could see. I was fantastically turned on and wanted my own release. As Danielle’s strong orgasm stormed through her and then as quickly stormed off, I viewed my options. I could take a risk and fuck Brenda. The blond was lying on her back and her legs were spread, completely available to me. It would be easy to find a condom and ravage the woman who was giving my girlfriend such intense oral stimulation. But without Danielle’s consent, I could be crossing a serious line in our relationship. I could also wait until Brenda moved away from Danielle and then fucked my girlfriend from behind.The decision was made for me. Danielle came down from her climax but remained with her head on the mattress, her ass in the air because she was still up on her knees. Brenda pulled away from between my girlfriend’s knees and then quickly rolled on her side, taking my cock into her mouth. She took my very stiff member fully in her mouth and coated it thickly with her saliva. When she pulled her head away, Brenda grasped my cock. “I want to guide it into Danielle’s snatch, please let me do that.” Who was I to argue with a passionate woman who wanted to be part of me fucking my girlfriend?”Go ahead… let’s fuck Danielle.” I let Brenda lead my erection right to my girlfriend’s amazingly wet and aroused pussy. I was up on my knees and Danielle was positioned to be taken from behind. Brenda used the head of my cock to rub and down my girlfriend’s pussy lips. Danielle responded by pushing her ass back, trying to ensnare me. Brenda would have none of it. She continued maneuvering my cock to tease Danielle and the intended result was being reached. Brenda moved herself behind me, pressing her breasts against my back. I could feel her heavy breathing against my shoulder. “I’m want to feel you going into her,” were her sultry words as she helped me push my erection right into Danielle, Brenda’s right hand not quite pulling away from my cock as I penetrated my girlfriend.It was an incredibly sexual moment for the three of us. Danielle had me inside her and I could hear her panting loudly above the throbbing of the music from the dance floor on the first floor. Brenda had her thumb and forefinger tightly around my cock making it firmer and larger. I let Brenda’s arm motions direct my thrusting in my girlfriend who was on all fours and pushing back with her hips. Back and forth I went. “Keep fucking her…” Brenda whispered to me. “I want to feel you both cum.” I was happy to oblige. Danielle seemed unaware of what was going on behind her. I did know that my girlfriend was deep in her arousal. I could tell by the glistening film of moisture on her back.Back and forth I continued, making sure that my thrusts were not too fast as to lose Brenda’s grasp on my cock. The way she was holding me, her thumb pushed on Danielle’s ass. There wasn’t enough lubrication for Brenda to insert her thumb into Danielle, but I knew that my girlfriend sometimes like anal stimulation, even if just pressure on her asshole. My girlfriend was indeed wet, her pussy slick with moisture and arousal. My thrusts into her were delicious. I felt Brenda’s warm and rapid breath on my shoulder. I suspect that she was using her left hand to play with herself.”OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. damn!!!” Danielle cried out. I felt her pussy throb on my cock. The climax continued. “UH! UH! UH! UH! ” my girlfriend uttered each time I pushed into her. I stopped thrusting so I could feel Danielle’s amazing vaginal contractions as she came. “I felt that” said Brenda softly. She had tightened her pressure on my cock with her thumb and forefinger and I felt huge inside Danielle. “That was amazing, Can she cum again?” Brenda was clearly enjoying her participation in the sexual festivities.”I don’t know, she’s been cumming a lot tonight. Maybe I’ll wear her out.” I was only half joking with my response to Brenda.”Dammit, fuck me more!” It was Danielle. She had turned around to see what was going on and had a frustrated look on her face. “Keep thrusting!” she almost hissed. Brenda nudged me with her body. “You heard the girl, we both want you to keep fucking her… now fuck!” I resumed thrusting as hard as I could without losing the firm grip that Brenda had on my hard cock. Danielle responded almost immediately. “UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!” she continued with each of my thrusts into her. “Oh, fuck her!, fuck her!, fuck her!” Brenda gasped into my ear. Danielle was overwhelmed with her orgasm. “OH FUCK!!!!!” she yelled and then her body went limp and she put her head down on the mattress.The three of us held that position for a moment. I was wildly aroused but in control. That’s the advantage of having cum twice already in one night, I didn’t feel like I would lose control of my arousal. I kept my cock deep inside Danielle as she quickly spiraled down from another intense climax. “I can’t take any more, I’m done.” My girlfriend’s voice sounded tired. I moved to backed away and my very slippery cock emerged. Brenda took it in her palm and fingers. “Damn, that’s sexy… she’s really juicy.” I wanted so much to cum but my girlfriend needed to relax.Danielle deftly got on her side to relax, resting her head on her left hand. She looked up at me and Brenda, a slight smile showing her deep satisfaction. The blond was still behind me and was stroking my cock with her right hand and I think she was stroking her own wetness with her left hand. “You two are having fun, I think Justin is pretty turned on,” said Danielle. As a way of response, Brenda stroked my cock a bit faster.”Your boyfriend did a great job of fucking you. I could feel you cum with my fingers around his dick.” Brenda gave my cock a quick squeeze and I gasped loudly with the feeling.”I think he’s ready to cum soon.” She started stroking me again as to prove her point. I could feel my own climax deep inside me but I was still in control. I wanted to savor the moment further still. Danielle just watched us.”So Danielle, should I make him cum?” Asked Brenda.”What do you think Justin, should she jack you off in front of all these people?” My girlfriend asked in almost a challenge.”I’d rather fuck you again.” I looked straight into her eyes.”Tempting, but I’m worn out.” Danielle pointed at her crotch. “You’re going to have to carry me home.”Brenda took the opportunity to make her desires known. “I’d let him fuck me, right now, I’m really horny.” The breathless tone in her voice made it clear to both me and Danielle that she was incredibly turned on. Danielle looked at us both for a moment, clearly mulling over the possibilities. Her next words completely floored me.”I’ve had enough fucking for the night… you take him Brenda… let me watch.” My eyes opened wide at what she said. “That’s right Justin, I want to watch you fuck her…. but we have to find a condom.” I had no problem with condoms.”There are some by my towel.” Brenda let go of my cock so she could point to the mattress adjacent to ours. There were some unopened condoms next to the couple making out on that mattress. Danielle quietly moved over and plucked a condom, not disturbing anyone.”Here, squeeze his cock to make it firm so I can put this on him.” Brenda complied and again squeezed my cock with her thumb and forefinger. My erection responded predictably and grew larger and fatter. My girlfriend smiled. “No wonder he felt so big inside me, he’s huge when you squeeze him like that!””You should buy a cock ring for him, it can be amazing.” Brenda angled my cock upward and Danielle skillfully opened the package and rolled down the latex onto me. Then she took me by the shoulders, turned me around, and guided me to lie on my back, my erection pointing obscenely upward. Brenda had to let go of me.”OK Brenda, I will do the same to him as you were doing so he’s as big as he can be.” Danielle knelt down on my left side and circled my erection with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. Brenda easily figured out that she was going to ride me. She put her left knee and my right side and had her pelvis right over mine. The blond gently took my erection and as she moved downward with her thighs, and guided me into her. She was moist but very, very tight and so it took some gentle thrusting with my hips to slowly insert myself into her, Danielle’s fingers still squeezing me, making sure my erection was solid and huge.”Ohhhhh… he’s so big!” Brenda was doing her best to let me into her wetness. I had never thought of myself as well hung. Brenda worked more of me into her and then gasped, “He’s really filling me up!””Just let yourself down onto him,” my girlfriend said. “I know he feels great when he’s inside.””Hmmmmmm…. ahhhhhhhh….. oh SHIT! I CUMMING! Brenda cried out and then let herself down completely on me and on Danielle’s hand that was clutching me. I couldn’t believe how snug and tight was Brenda’s pussy. As she climaxed, I could feel her whole body tremble. “I can feel her cum,” Danielle whispered to me.”Ohhhhhhhhhh! he’s so BIG!!!!” Brenda wasn’t holding back. I could feel that my cock couldn’t go any deeper, She started working her whole body up and down with obviously strong thighs. She reached out and put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. I just laid back and watched. Danielle leaned over and kissed me passionately, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. The passion of the kiss and Brenda riding me was a wild and passionate combination. I felt Brenda tense up and cum again. “OHHHHHHHHH!” she cried loudly. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”Danielle broke the kiss. “Brenda’s passionate.” she said almost nonchalantly. I wasn’t feeling nonchalant. I was getting ready to cum myself. Brenda had closed her eyes and was now practically jumping up and down on me. My girlfriend was taking it all in stride. “Are you ready to cum? Do you like fucking Brenda?””Yes!” was all I could choke out. This was definitely not the time for small talk. Brenda was riding me hard and I was hard inside her. Danielle let go of her grasp and pulled away. I looked up and over at her, not knowing what to expect. She smiled broadly at me and the look in her face seemed like she was quite happy to share me with Brenda. At this point, I didn’t care about the boundaries being broken and happily it was apparent that my girlfriend didn’t care, either. This was delicious sexuality that the three of us were enjoying.”OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK…OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Brenda was cumming again. She threw her head back and grabbed at my chest. I could feel all the muscles in her body tense up as her wetness tightened on my cock well deep in her. I raised my hips to push deeper into her. “FUCK FUCK FUCK” The blond gasped. When I lowered my hips Danielle reached between her legs and grasped my erection, her hand squeezed by Brenda’s legs and my mid-section. “I want to feel you cum insider her. Cum for me.” My girlfriend sounded almost anxious.With Brenda raised on her knees, I had room to start bucking my hips upward and downward with Danielle’s fingers around the base of my cock, keeping it as stiff as a flesh obelisk. The blond on the receiving end of my thrusting was cumming again. I knew she was making all sorts of passionate, orgasming sounds but I was a bit zoned out. I was concentrated on my own intense pleasure.Pleasure it was. Intense, deep, passionate, lusty. With each upward movement into Brenda I felt the gathering storm in my balls. I looked at my girlfriend. Danielle was starting intently at me. I looked up at Brenda. She was trying to focus on my eyes. It didn’t work. She was lost. “Look at me when you cum.” It was Danielle’s voice. I turned my head to stared right at my girlfriend. But then my eyes closed involuntarily. I was cumming. Hard. Upward and almost violently I pushed my hips and of course I went deep into Brenda. She clutched at my shoulders with both hands. At least I thought so because I was overcome with passion as I came. I could feel my balls convulse and my cock throb with each amazing and electric thrust upward into Brenda. I might have cried out. I might have just gasped. I really don’t remember all the details. It was that good.The memory and awareness suddenly came back to me. Danielle was touching my face and Brenda was still straddling me. My erection was no longer quite the impressive thing but it was still hard enough to keep the condom secure within the blond on top of me. My girlfriend had a soft smile on her face. “You impressed us both.” she told me quietly. Brenda then slowly removed herself, putting her hand on the base of my slowly shrinking cock to make sure the condom stayed on me. When she moved off me, Brenda laid on the other side of me. She carefully removed the condom. “Let me take care of this because you took such good care of me.” She then kissed me quickly on the lips and moved off the mattress to deal with the condom. Danielle bent down and kissed me passionately as if she were saying that everything was fine. Words weren’t really necessary.As we were kissing, Brenda returned to the mattress to lay beside me and let her hand reach across my chest to find Danielle’s hand. “I really had some fun with you two. When you come back here, I hope we run into each other again.” Danielle smiled widely. “Oh Brenda, I had no idea this would happen and I’m glad it did.” she said enthusiastically and then winked at me. “I know he loved every minute of it.” I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head. Brenda leaned over and kissed the very top of my now limp cock. “OK, I’m going to go find my friends so you two can get straightened out… and I can find my clothes.” With that, she scooched off the mattress and went to find her clothes, wherever they might be.My girlfriend and I managed to get collected. It took a few minutes to get dressed again because we were both kind of weak and wobbly. Danielle didn’t bother with her bra and her thong was long gone. She just wore the skirt and see-through top. We headed back downstairs to the bar and gulped down some water. The scene on the dance floor had become a shocking display of Dionysian abandon with couples having sex on the stage and many naked dancers writhing about. The sofas next to the bar were full of couples and groups entwined in ardent embrace. It was clear that cocks were well stuffed into pussies. But we were too tired to even bother watching in detail.We were both totally exhausted and we no longer had sex on the brain. We looked at each other and just quietly left the swingers club, satiated and happy. We would be back to that club and others in the coming months.

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