Crowded Bar

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Just another night away from home on business. I think I’ll duck into this crowded bar for a drink; it looks hoppin’. Not three steps in the door, we make eye contact from across the room. I think to myself, hmm, she’s sexy. While I’m not prone to approaching women in bars, I find myself walking in her direction. I squeeze sideways alongside her bar stool and get the attention of the bartender. Our eyes lock again and I say hello. The view down the front of her low cut top is a distraction almost too magnetizing to block out. I can’t remember what I say next, but I hear my brain screaming at my eyes to quit leering and look up!

“Sure, I’ll have another beer,” she says, so obviously I’ve offered to buy her a drink. The bartender returns with our beers and we each take a sip and smile. The music is loud and the crowd is continuing to build. I feel another bar patron attempt to get an elbow on the bar behind me. In the process he pushes me up against her stool and my growing bulge brushes across her knee. I turn to look at the drunken jerk next to me to deflect attention away from the awkward moment, and then look back at her.

“Excuse me,” I apologize. “I don’t usually make a move this early on in a relationship.”

“So, we are in a relationship now?” she teases as I try to recover.

“Well, we damn near conceived a child when that drunken bastard behind me fell into the bar!”

“Why don’t I let you take the stool and I’ll stand over here where there’s more room.” As I slide down into your spot, my eyes follow the curvy contour of her firm ass. I rotate my stool towards hers as she stands with one leg between mine. The fragrance of her perfume lingers and triggers my primal senses. I watch her lick her lips dry as she takes another sip from her beer. An involuntary grin covers my face.

“What are you grinning about?” she laughs.

“A gentleman would never share what I have on my mind right now.” I dangle the words like bait.

“Try me,” she challenges boldly.

“Ok, but don’t throw your drink in my face if you are offended.”

“I don’t offend easily.”

“I was just looking at those beautiful wet lips of yours and wondering what it would be like to kiss them.”

“That’s offensive?” she says, as if disappointed my thoughts were so tame. Without a moment’s notice, she plants a quick kiss on my lips and retreats.

“Wait a second,” I protest, “I wasn’t ready. What’s a guy to learn from that?”

Another surge from the mob crushes us up against the bar, shoving her into me. With her chest pressed up against mine I say, “Look who’s putting on the aggressive moves now.”

“You are going to have to learn to control yourself.”

As she starts to pull back, I wrap my hand around her back and hold her in close. “A guy doesn’t get opportunities like this literally thrown in his lap all that often. I think you’re going to have to earn your release now.”

“Ok, what’s your price, you… you kidnapper?” she laughs.

“That quick peck on the lips you gave me a few minutes ago won’t cut it, but a long pondering kiss could buy your freedom.” Allowing little time to respond to the ransom demand, my mouth covers hers and our lips meet. The heels of her hands go to my shoulders as if to push away, but they weaken as the kiss becomes more silivri escort electrically charged. The hand around her back slides down over her ass and gives it a little squeeze.

“Uh” is the only sound that comes from her mouth as she stands in virtual disbelief at what just happened. She looks completely lost as her mind attempts to process the tidal wave of data flooding her brain. Was it the softness of my lips or the way my tongue subtly met hers inside her mouth, I wonder? Was it the way my hand slid down her ass and pulled her in tighter? Was it my hard cock beneath my jeans that she felt with the front of her thigh?

“Now, that’s the kind of kiss that you can learn from,” I whisper. She looks me in the eye and it’s as if we are the only two people in the room.

Funny thing about a crowded bar, the more people that cram into it, the more anonymous one feels. The people around us are completely oblivious to our little exchange. My hand slides lower and cups the back of her thigh. I release the tightness of my grip a little to create some space between us.

My heartbeat returns to its normal pace and I suddenly realize I’m thirsty again. I lift my bottle of beer off the bar and swallow the last ounce. I raise my hand to get the bartender’s attention and he approaches. “I’ll have another beer sir, and get my lady friend whatever she likes.”

She reaches for the drink menu, and I move my stool back to allow her to situate herself between me and the bar. While the bartender stands before us, she bends slightly over the bar to read the menu, and I run my hand up the inside her thigh all the way to her crotch. The crowd around us senses nothing. She parts her legs slightly and pretends to read the menu while my fingers massage the mound of her pussy through her jeans.

“I’ll h-h-have the pomegranate martini,” she stutters and presses back into me. “You are a naughty, naughty boy,” she whispers and removes my hand from her crotch. The bartender departs to fetch our drinks. The space to our side she previously occupied has been consumed by the crowd. Realizing the predicament, she sits back onto my lap.

“I couldn’t help myself. You really shouldn’t leave your body in such a vulnerable position; you know how men can get to groping in a crowded bar,” I say as my hand roams up her front and squeezes a handful of breast.

“What am I going to do with you?” she complains in mock protest. My hand lingers on her soft, round breast and pinches a quickly swelling nipple before getting cited for trespassing.

Her ass, now placed firmly on my lap, subtly begins to grind on the bulge beneath it. A breathy sigh escapes her lips revealing the emotions stirring within. She crosses her arms in front of her chest and leans forward. This allows my hand to sneak up her front for another feel. She permits the hand to move from one breast to the other under her concealing arms. The bartender returns with our drinks; I drop my hand below her chest and rest it comfortably on her stomach. He sets down the drinks and gives me a knowing smile.

She turns to me and smiles, then lifts her martini glass to my bottle of Heineken and says, “Cheers!”

“Cheers to you too, and by the way, my name is Dave.”

“Nice to meet you, ┼čirinevler escort I’m Tina.”

“That pomegranate ‘tini looks good, may I have a taste?”

“Sure,” she says, extending the glass in my direction.

“Not that way,” I interrupt. “I think it would taste much better coming directly from your mouth.”

She casts a wicked grin my way and lifts the glass to her lips. She suctions a small amount of liquid and holds it on her tongue. I move in and our lips meet. She streams the contents from her mouth into mine and I take full advantage of the meeting of our lips, kissing her hard and running my hand up her thigh to her crotch again.

“How’s that?” she smiles.

“I knew it would be delicious, but it’s even better served directly from your mouth.”

She rotates her body on my lap. As her hard nipples rake across my chest, she offers no resistance to the fingers between her legs vigorously massaging her pussy. She places a hand on my crotch and squeezes the outline of a very large cock straining to find freedom. We proceed to discretely explore each others’ bodiesÔÇölegs, ass, arms, chest, neck, forearmsÔÇöjust little touches that, much like the rest of our movements, are going completely unnoticed by the partiers crammed in next to us.

With one final gulp of her martini she announces, “I think I need to use the restroom.”

“Me, too.” She hops down off my lap and I grab her hand to follow her through the crowd. Down the hall leading to the restrooms, I notice a dark corner back by the rear entrance. She peels off to the restroom and I begin to evolve my plan as I do the same.

“That’s better,” she says upon leaving the ladies’ room, “but that martini went right to my head.”

I notice her chest is flushed down through her ample cleavage. I step back to fully survey her body and without speaking, press her against the wall and place a hard, passionate kiss on her mouth. She feels my hand move up her front to maul a breast. She kisses me back passionately as I begin to shuffle us down the hall. Just before the exit, off to the side, is a small nook where it appears pay phones used to exist. I force her back into the dark corner and immediately shove my hand down inside the front of her jeans.

“I’ve been dying to get my bare fingers on what I’ve been feeling through your jeans,” I whisper into her ear with hot breath. She turns her body away from me and brushes aside the hair on her neck allowing my lips and tongue direct access to her skin. My lips reach her earlobe and my teeth take over with little nibbles. She reaches back and places her hand on my thigh, then moves it to my crotch. My fingers on her chin turn her lips to mine. They meet again and she hardly reacts to the free hand that has gone from inside her panties to unzipping her jeans. As they slide down her hips, I insert my middle finger up inside her now dripping wet pussy. She gasps for air and presses her crotch into my hand.

Moving her hands over my crotch she whispers, “I want to suck your cock.” Turning and dropping to her knees, she pulls down my pants and reaches inside my boxer briefs to release my throbbing member.

Just then, another couple, obviously with similar plans, turns the corner and enters the small space. ┼či┼čli escort They stop a few feet away and the woman willingly lets him explore her chest, ass and pussy. She glances over at us as if to see the magnitude of the cock being sucked. The woman continues to watch while her man fingers her pussy. Tina sees her audience and displays her trophy for the other woman. She spits on it, and then jacks it up and down with long strokes. With a wink, she demonstrates her talent for taking a cock deep into her throat. The other woman gasps. I lift Tina to her feet and turn her away from me.

“You ready for some cock?” I tease and bend her over hard at the waist. [I position my cock at her opening and she begins pressing back into me. Her dripping pussy stretches to accommodate the rock hard rod. She places her palms on the wall to steady herself. At this point, a third couple enters the space and the loud and rowdy bar rocks on without any particular regard for the sexual activities taking place in the back. I begin fucking Tina harder and harder as she groans and fucks back. It seems she couldn’t care less who stops to watch as the cock filling her so completely has rendered her indifferent to everything else around her. As she starts to gasp for air, I jolt her with a sudden stinging slap on her ass cheek. The shock acts as a launch pad for her first orgasm. Her pussy floods with juices and her body shudders from the massive quake. “That’s my girl, take that cock and make it yours,” I command her. Tina responds by bucking back harder and harder. A slap on the other cheek reminds her that this is rough, primal sex.

When I grab a handful of hair and pull her head back hard, she growls, “Fuck me like a slutty bitch!”

“You like getting taken hard like a trashy whore?” I accuse.

“Yes, fuck me like the slut I am, harder, rougher. I want more!”

With that I release my grip on her hair and reach my arm around her neck, her throat in the hinge of my elbow.

“You like it rough?” I ask, clamping my arm down tight on her throat. She loses her ability to breathe and I feel her face grow red and hot. At that very moment she also feels the impact of my cock pounding into the deepest recesses of her pussy. Her pussy feels a subtle pain as it strains to accept the girth of the cock inside it. The muscles inside spasm in involuntary orgasm and her head begins to spin from the lack of oxygen. She reaches to pull the hand from her throat I release just as the orgasm sends her body into convulsion. She arches her back and reaches back to grab his ass and pull it tightly against her rigid quaking body. As the tremors begin to subside, I return to sliding my cock in and out of her through her tightly contracted internal muscles. The glorious massage-like sensation quickly has me announcing my own impending orgasm. With this news, she immediately pulls my cock out and throws her mouth down onto it.

“Give me your cum, I want it down my throat,” she says, pausing between strokes. She jacks it harder and faster, her mouth just covering the head. Just moments later, the first blast of cum hits the back of her throat. She continues to work it, pumping blast after blast into her eager mouth and swallowing throat.

“Oh, fuck!… shit!..aww.. That’s it, take it all down your throat, you hot fucking slut!”

She licks her lips and swallows hard. “Yum.”

“Let’s get out of here, Tina,” I say as we gather up our clothes. “You are coming home with me and I’m going to do nasty things to you all night.”

With a cavalier smile she responds, “You’re right, it’s hard to get intimate in such a crowded bar.”

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