Daughter and Friend Invited Dad

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Ok with this story that I am writing about. I had a friend help me with this one. He gave me I ideas for this story. I hope you all like it.

Lara and Jenny are both 18 years old. They both go to the same high school which was Saint John High school. Lara is 5’9″ almost 6 feet, she has long brunette hair, a slender body with 38C breast and a shaven cunt all the time, and she has tan skin as well. Jenny is 5’5″ with her short black hair at her shoulders, a slender body with 36B breast also a shaved cunt as well with tan skin.

Lara and Jenny were taking Gym class at last hour and when it was over. Lara and Jenny would wait for the rest of the girls to leave the locker room. Lara and Jenny were the best of friends and they do everything together. Lara lean against the wall and looked up at the ceiling. Jenny looked at her. “Lara, what are you thinking about?” she asked Lara.

Lara looked at her. “Oh I was thinking about my ex boyfriend,” she said. Jenny rolled her eyes and took off her shorts and t shirt getting ready to take a shower. Lara’s gaze scrolled down from Jenny’s face to her ass. Lara loved how Jenny’s ass was curve in her panties. It was a sexy look for Jenny. Of Course, Lara has been having the hot for her best friend for a while and she’s never been with a girl before but she always wanted to try it.

Jenny looked at Lara. She giggled. “Oh look, I’m stripping for you, Lara,” She said. Lara smiled and took off her clothes, showing her naked body to Jenny. “Why don’t we take a shower together, Lara? No one is here but us.”

Lara nodded and smiled. “Sure, that could be fun, Jenny,” Lara said, as she walked into the showers and turned on one of the shower heads. Jenny got under the shower head first and Lara felt her breath leave her lungs as she stared at Jenny’s naked body under the water. Water was trickling down Jenny’s hair, over her shoulders, down her breast. Lara took a deep breath and went back to grab the shampoo and condition also the body soap.

Jenny looked at Lara and moved out from under the shower head. When Lara got her turn under the water, Jenny was staring at her breast and gulped. “Lara, you look so sexy under the water,” she said.

Lara grinned and looked at Jenny. “So did you. I mean the water trickling all over your body. I think you got me horny,” she said. Lara was horny like crazy; she’d hope that Jenny was too.

Jenny smiled. “Well, you’re making me horny at this moment being under that shower head. Although I’ve never had sex with a girl before,” she said as she looked at Lara.

Lara smiled and pulled Jenny closed to her body. “Neither have I but I’m willing to find out what it’s like, don’t you?” she asked. Jenny nodded. Lara covered her lips over Jenny’s. Lara slided her hands up to Jenny’s breast, cupping her breast, stroking Ankara escort her nipples. Jenny gasped and arched her back, pressing her breast hard into Lara’s hands. Lara pulled her lips from Jenny’s and leaned down her head, taking one of Jenny’s nipples into her mouth, suckling on her breast, flicking her tongue back and forth across her nipple as she strokes her other nipple, hearing Jenny moan softly.

Jenny cupped Lara’s head and runs her fingers through her hair. She licked her lips and moaned, “oh Lara, mmm.” Lara pulled her mouth away from her best friend’s breast, getting on her knees. Lara kissed down Jenny’s stomach and then covered her mouth on Jenny’s cunt, flick in her tongue inside, tasting the sweet essences of her best friend’s juice. Jenny arched her back and cried out with pleasure, breathing heavily that Lara made her want to collapse against the wall but she didn’t. She just stood there, running her fingers through Lara’s hair, moaning softly.

Lara pulled her mouth away and slided three fingers inside Jenny’s cunt. That did it just right too. Jenny tilted her head back and screamed as she felt her orgasm flow over Lara’s fingers as Lara continued to finger her. “Mmm, I guess being with a girl is pretty amazing,” she said. Jenny pulled Lara to her feet and got on her knees. Lara felt her legs shaking as Jenny spread her legs a little apart.

Jenny kissed the inside of Lara’s thigh going up to her cunt. She gave Lara’s cunt a little lick then kissed her other thigh. Lara closed her eyes and licked her lips. She ran her fingers through Jenny’s hair, pulled her head back. Lara leaned down and brushed her lips over Jenny’s.

Jenny smiled and knew that she was doing something right but giving Lara more pleasure and teasing in her play. Jenny rubbed Lara’s cunt with her finger and licked her cunt lips. Lara digs her fingers deeper inside Jenny’s hair, moaning and biting on her lower lip. She felt like she was going to die in the shower room because of the way Jenny teased Lara’s cunt. It was crazy and madness.

Jenny slided two fingers inside Lara’s cunt, sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt, she could hear Lara’s breath become quick and fast. It was unbelievable that this could affect Lara so quickly. She pulled her fingers out and sucked on them, tasting Lara’s juices. Then she put on her mouth on Lara’s cunt and sucking on her lips, nibbling them. Lara cried loudly that she was glad no one here but them two. Jenny flicked her tongue in and out of Lara’s cunt as Lara stroked Jenny’s breast making them both feel go at the same time. Jenny sucked harder and flicked her tongue in and out faster. Lara screamed as she came in Jenny’s mouth. Jenny swallowed Lara’s orgasm down her throat, feeling the heat and sweet taste of her orgasm.

After taking a shower in the school’s Ankara escort bayan locker room, Jenny thought that Lara should come over her house and have fun. Lara agreed to going to Jenny’s house. They played in Jenny’s bedroom with her vibrator and strip on. She didn’t think her father would be home for hours since he takes long with his paper work in his classroom. Yes, Jenny’s father, Jake, was a teacher at Jenny’s school.

He is 37 years old with black hair. His body muscular and fit for his age, he had tan skin and gray eyes that were like smoke. He is 6 ft and he has an 8 inch cock that was still good for great uses. So he pulled in the driveway about 6:30 pm. He saw his daughter’s bedroom light on from outside in his car. He knew that she’d be home. He got out of his car and walked into the house. He took off his coat and shoes. He put the case against the wall and started toward the kitchen.

When he heard moans and groan noise from downstairs, so he turned toward the stairs and climb up the stairs as he did, the noises got louder as he moved closer toward Jenny’s bedroom. He stopped dead center in Jenny’s door way to see his daughter and Lara touching, kissing, and fucking each other in Jenny’s bed.

Jake licked his lips as he stared at his daughter between Lara’s legs, eating out her cunt, flicking her tongue in and out. Lara had her eyes closed and ran her fingers through Jenny’s hair, moaning out Jenny’s name. He felt his prick grow hard and stiff in his pants. He couldn’t believe how his daughter and her friend turned him on when they are like this in her bed. He could see Jenny’s cunt dropping and wanted to taste his daughter’s juices so bad.

He stripped off his clothes and saw that Lara opened her eyes. She gave him a sweet smile and little wink. He climbed onto the bed slowly not to stop Jenny from eating out Lara’s cunt. He got between Jenny’s legs and slid his prick deep inside his daughter’s sweet wet tight cunt. He saw as Jenny pulled her head back and moaned loud. He put his hands on her hips and slid his prick in and out of her slowly.

Jenny opened her eyes and looked at Lara. “Who has their dick inside me, Lara?” she asked her best friend as she moaned a little as the thrust got harder.

Lara just smiled and looked at her. “You’re father is giving you nice fucking right now, Jenny” she said. Jenny laughed and moaned at that same time.

Jenny pulled away from her father and looked at him. “Well, Daddy, since you want to be part of the fun, you have to lie on your back,” she said to her father. He smiled and did what his daughter told him. Jenny slid her cunt down his prick and rode him hard as Lara had Jenny’s father’s head between her legs.

He flicked his tongue in and out of Lara’s cunt as Jenny rode him hard and fast. He breathes heavily and sucked Escort Ankara hard on her cunt. Lara arched her back and came in his mouth and he drank her orgasm. Jenny rode him harder and faster as he knew that he couldn’t hold it any longer. He screamed out his daughter’s name and put his hands on her hips, slamming her cunt hard down on his prick. He let his cum fill up his daughter’s cunt and he felt her orgasm as he did.

Lara looked at him and sat on the edge of the bed. “Jenny, you have to let you’re father eat you out. He’s so fucking good at it.” She said as she got between his legs. Jenny gave Lara a nod and slid off her father’s prick. She had her father’s head between her legs now. He started to lick his daughter’s cunt as he felt Lara’s mouth on his prick.

She slid her mouth down his prick taking him all the way in. She wrapped her hand around his prick and stroked him slowly. Jenny moaned as her father licked her cunt and Lara fondled his balls, sucking him deep in her throat. He breathes heavily and cries out with pleasure. “Wow, Lara, I didn’t know you deep throat,” he said as he felt her mouth move up and down his prick.

The way she sucked him was all the proof he needed. She took very deep in her throat, sucking him and fondling with his balls. Jenny gripped her headboard and cried out with pleasure as her father sucked on her cunt. It felt so good to feel his tongue flick in and out of her cunt as she had dreamed of once or twice at night lying in her bed. She closed her eyes and licked her lips. She breathed heavily and grinded her cunt on his mouth, making him taking more of her cunt into his mouth.

Lara felt Jenny’s father prick pulse in her mouth. She moaned and sucked on his prick. She pulled back and flicked her tongue around the tip of his prick. He thrust up his hips and moaned against Jenny’s cunt, making her cunt vibrate. Jenny cried out with pleasure and cum in his mouth. He swallowed her cum down his throat as Lara took him all the way in her mouth again.

He ran his fingers through her hair and moaned. He thrust up his hips as she took more in her mouth. She massaged his balls and stroked him hard. He breathes heavily and arched his back. He grips her hair and pulls her all the way to the base of his prick. He thrust up his hips and shoots his cum down her throat. She swallowed his cum down her throat and pulled back. Jenny lay motionless next to her father and Lara lay at the end of the bed, breathing heavily. He looked up at the ceiling and said, “since when did you two start having girl on girl sex?”

Jenny popped up on her elbow and said, “We tried it in the school’s locker room.” Lara nodded and closed her eyes. They cuddled up on Jenny’s bed and went to sleep. It was the greatest night of Lara’s and Jenny’s life. It was the best sex Jake has had in his life.

So whenever Lara would come over or spend the night, that’s when Jenny, her father, and Lara would do is have the greatest sex all together for the fun of it. And it was always a secret between all three people.

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