Daughter Dilemma

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Mrs. Allister stuffed another forkful of medium-rare chopped sirloin into her mouth as she glared angrily across the dining table at the company that she and her husband entertained during this particular evening’s meal. The daggers in her eyes remained specifically fixated on the scraggly young man occupying the chair next to her daughter; on Emily’s on again, off again, monumentally unscrupulous boyfriend Morty.

Mrs. Allister had disapproved of Morty ever since the first day that her well-to-do, college bound daughter Emily dragged his welfare recipient, ripped blue jean covered ass across the threshold of the front door of the gated estate that the Allister family called home. And now, just like so many times before, Mrs. Allister found herself having to tolerate this degenerate’s presence; in her home; at her pristine dining table, while the four of them enjoyed a meal, simply to appease her hyperemotional daughter. Emily had been known to break out into uncontrollable fits at even the slightest hint of her mother’s disapproval of the gentleman that she claimed to be head over heels about.

Her husband, Peter, didn’t seem to have any qualms about Morty. Then again, as long it kept Emily from erupting into one of her all too familiar tantrums, he could tolerate anything.

Mrs. Allister stuffed another forkful of food into her mouth and yanked out the sterling utensil as she stared across the table at the couple who were too busy smiling and giggling into each other’s faces as they chewed their meal to notice her piercing eyes. She sure noticed them though. Mrs. Allister also continued to take notice of the fact that Morty rarely had both of his hands visible above the white cloth covered table at any given time. Whenever they were both present for her viewing pleasure, Mrs. Allister noticed that his ten digits suddenly began paying a lot more attention to the duo of warm rolls on his plate.

Was he just that stupid or did he really not expect her to catch on to the way that he constantly maneuvered the mounds of bread around in his fingers once they were all visible above the table? She watched as he and her daughter shared quiet laugh after quiet laugh as he toyed with the bread, no doubt further flavoring the buttered coated concoctions with the juices that he’d gathered up after fiddling with her daughter’s snatch under the table time and again before taking a bite out of each morsel.

True, it could have all just been her imagination taking up torturing her where her daughter along with her exceptionally bad taste in men had left off, but it was highly unlikely. Mrs. Allister could tell. Just looking at them over there sitting across from her; the disgusting bliss the enraptured them. She could tell.

Although their family’s dining experience had ended hours ago, Mrs. Allister could still taste the bitterness in her mouth after having to suffer through yet another meal with that despicable piece of vermin. The mere thought of his wretchedness suddenly alerted her to the fact that even though dinner was over she had yet to witness Emily showing her guest to the door. Such a thought spurned her into action and Mrs. Allister abandoned her husband in the sitting room where the two currently resided and forced her to explore the home for any likely recesses where her daughter and her culprit of a boy toy may have gotten off to.

Much to her satisfaction and regret, Mrs. Allister found her search extremely short lived. Taking hold of the knob attached to the door of one of the T.V. rooms on the second floor of the home, Mrs. Allister slowly pushed open the barrier to the sound of her daughter’s sweet voice wafting out into the hallway where she stood.

“I don’t know. Are you sure about this?” she heard Emily say.

Continuing to move the door open wider, Mrs. Allister found her jaw dropping wide as she took in the sight of her daughter’s bare naked posterior. She was leaning forward over the couch she stood in front of, using her outstretched hands to brace herself against the back cushion. Morty was standing behind her and Mrs. Allister soaked in the view of his lean and naked body, completely beside herself with disbelief, given what she was, at the moment, baring witness to.

She watched in silence as the scraggly, naked alert missing persons unit izle young man keeping her daughter company turned up his right palm and filled it with a clear gel that he emptied from the tube held. Mrs. Allister was then left to stand there and listen as Morty coaxed her daughter into relaxation while coating the stiffening shaft between his legs with the lubricant. From where Mrs. Allister stood she had a clear view of the devilish grin that Morty wore on his face as he reached out his left hand and pressed his fingers into the soft flesh of Emily’s left ass cheek. With a gentle push, Morty spread her cheeks apart while stepping in closer to her.

Mrs. Allister couldn’t deny the small amount of admiration and pleasure that she reveled in while watching Morty run his lubed over palm up and down the solid shaft that he held clutched in his fist, but when he lowered the hilt and began stroking the wet, blood engorged head of his cock over the puckered opening of Emily’s ass, she caught herself doing all she could to remain silent as she sucked in a deep gasp of breath.

He couldn’t possibly be on the verge of doing what Mrs. Allister could tell by looking at his smirking face that he could no longer wait to do.

Emily belted out a shrieking cry as Morty pulled back on her hips while at the same time he plunged the entire slippery wet length of himself into her backside. Mrs. Allister’s brow crinkled up into a frown as she watched Morty take hold of Emily by each fleshy hemisphere of her ass before quickening the pace with which he thrust into her. She watched her daughter lurch forward a time or two only to be pulled back into the pelvis pummeling against her. Listening to her cries that struggled to drown out the groaning coming from Morty, Mrs. Allister imagined Emily instinctively attempting to clutch closed her once virginal anal canal against the force of each one of Morty’s penetrating movements. Undoubtedly she was finding such an effort wasted on the extensively greased over tool that Morty continued to shove into her.

Something had to be done about this, Mrs. Allister thought.

Taking hold of the doorknob, she quietly pulled the door closed to the sound of her daughter’s whines and Morty’s commentary in regards to his impending release.

Emily bounded up from the diving board and came splashing down into the heated water of the pool. Letting her eyes drift away from her daughter as she walked, Mrs. Allister made her way over to the cabana. She stepped through the door and closed it behind her just as Morty was about to walk outside and join Emily for a noonday dip in the pool.

“Mrs. Allister,” he said, surprised to see her standing there.

“Hello…Morty,” she said in a snotty tone, letting her eyes roam over his body from the tip of his black matted hair, down to the swim trunks that he wore, to the floor, and back up again.

“Is there something I can do for you?” he said to her. She watched as he made a piss poor attempt to hide the fact that he was leering at her small, black, two piece bikini covered body.

“Yes,” she answered him, taking a step in his direction. “You can do something for me. For starters, you can stop seeing my daughter.”

“What?” he said, amazed at what she was saying to him.

“You heard me. I want you to stop seeing my daughter.”

“Stop seeing Emily? I don’t understand. Why would I want to do something like that?”

“Well, watching the pleasure you took in cumming up her ass the previous night, I can imagine why you’d be reluctant to simply pick and walk away.” She looked him in the eye as the astonishment overwhelmed his face. “So I’ll make you this offer. You lay off of Emily and I’ll make sure that it’s worth your while.”

“Meaning…” Morty said, still unsure as to what her true motives were.

Mrs. Allister reached a hand up behind her and undid the string holding her top together. A bright wide smile stretched across Morty’s face as he watched the black material concealing the two bulging globes atop her chest fall away to the floor. He was beside himself with disbelief. Both palms out in front of him, he lunged at the vision in front of him only to be halted by one alice in borderland izle of her rising palms.

“Not so fast,” she said to him. “Do we have a deal?”

“I don’t know. Emily’s sure going to be some kind of upset.”

Mrs. Allister could see by the way his eyes refused to leave her chest that Emily’s feelings couldn’t be further from his mind. She took hold of the elastic around the top of his shorts and jerked them down to the middle of his thighs. “Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll get over it.” She wrapped her palm around the thickening strip of flesh that she’d exposed and began to stroke her hand across it until it swelled to capacity. Lowering herself into a squat, Mrs. Allister wasted no time in stuffing every inch of the trembling mass into the warmth of her mouth and pulling it out again to the sound of Morty’s overtly pleased moans.

Taking hold of her by the side of her head, he eagerly assumed control of the situation and began jutting his pelvis back and forth in front of her face. Mrs. Allister listened to him bellow out her name until his words finally melded into a low groan. Arching her neck back, she pulled his twitching rod out of her mouth and turned her eyes up to his. She pumped her fist over his erection and watched the expression on his face crinkle and straighten as he emptied out the contents of his balls across her chest. Suckling on his sagging meat once more, she considered their deal officially sealed.

Morty climbed out of bed the next morning leaving Emily where she silently lay as he sought out other areas of the home. He quickly found his way into the bedroom belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Allister. Mr. Allister had already left for the office by now, leaving the Mrs. to wallow alone in the large bed amidst the mass of twisted sheets.

Morty pulled back the covers concealing her body to reveal the red silk pee jays that Mrs. Allister slumbered in. She continued to remain unconscious even as he climbed onto the bed and straddled the back of her legs, placing the palms of his hands against the two voluptuous humps of her ass. He pressed down hard as he fondled her but she had yet to awaken. Morty pushed up the bottom hem of the top she wore to reveal the elastic band holding the pajama pants up around her waist. Sliding those down, he marveled at the sight of her voluptuous ass as well as the fact that she still had yet to awaken. Hoisting himself up onto his knees, he pushed down the shorts that he wore, freeing his growing hard-on.

At first Mrs. Allister assumed that it was her husband’s restlessness that sought to rouse her from her sleep until she moved further into consciousness and began to realize what was happening to her. She felt a cool breeze wafting across the bare skin of her ass and lifted her head up off of the pillow, turning around just in time to watch Morty press his morning wood up between her legs.

“Morty!” she called out to him. Her voice soon melted into a gasp as he penetrated the warm folds between her hips and forced himself up into her wet opening. “Morty, what are you doing?” His only response was to simply keep calling out her name as he began to slap the front of his pelvis against her ass.

Mrs. Allister suddenly found herself comforted by the fact that it was her falling victim to Morty’s wake up call instead of Emily. She wondered just how many mornings her daughter had been shaken out of sleep by the feel of the prick that was now being plunged in and out of her moistened hole. Morty began to quicken in his action and out of nowhere Mrs. Allister began to shudder under the wave of the orgasm sweeping through her. She actually found herself calling out Morty’s name as he continued to vigorously fuck her. In all reality, it had been ages since she’d experienced the ecstasy of such activities, what with her mister being so busy with work and all.

Morty called out her name once more before pulling his waist back and sliding his member out of her quivering tunnel. Mrs. Allister listened to him whimper and moan with a slight smile on her face as he jerked off over her ass, covering both hemispheres with his warm, wet runoff. Perhaps this would turn out to be more fun than she’d originally imagined.

In the weeks that americas got talent all stars izle passed Mrs. Allister watched the riff grow between Morty and her daughter as she quietly hovered in the background. Everything appeared to being going exactly as planned.

Mr. Allister was hosting a dinner party at the home for a few of his colleagues. Mrs. Allister stepped into the kitchen and found Morty rummaging through the refrigerator. “What are you doing in here?” she asked him, walking over and pushing the door closed, nearly hitting him with it. “We’ve got guest.”

“I know,” he said to her. “I asked Emily to come down and grab me something to drink but for some reason she seems more and more put off with me these days.”

“Really?” Mrs. Allister said, grinning sinisterly.

“Yeah. I wonder why that is.”

He took hold of her by the wrist and pulled her over to the island counter. Mrs. Allister giggled profusely as he lifted up the hem of the skirt she wore and pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. She leaned forward and pushed her ass back to him. Morty dropped his pants and took hold of her by the hips, just as he had done so many times before. It wasn’t long before he was pressing the upper portion of his shaft into her slick funnel and slamming his hips against her naked ass. Listening to this young stud moan and grunt until he forced his heated pulsating prod to coat the inner walls of her pussy white with his cream, Mrs. Allister knew that it wouldn’t be long now until Emily was completely free of the likes of this vagabond.

Mrs. Allister poured a glassful of champagne and handed it to Morty after the two of them convened in one of the studies within the walls of this home. “What’s this for?” he asked her before taking a sip of the drink.

Mrs. Allister poured herself a glass and walked around from behind the bar. “Just a little celebration.” She walked over to one of the couches in the room and took a seat. “I hear Emily’s finally found herself a new boyfriend,” Mrs. Allister said to him, referring to the gentleman of significantly more promise that she’d recently seen courting her daughter. “I can’t imagine how distraught you must feel.”

“That all depends,” Morty said, guzzling down the contents of his glass until it was empty. “Will I still be allowed over?”

“I’m not sure,” Mrs. Allister said, raising the glass up to the grin she wore. “Perhaps there might still be some use for you around here. I don’t know.”

Morty sat his glass down and quickly relieved himself of every stitch of clothing that he wore. He walked over toward the couch Mrs. Allister sat on, slowly stroking his swelling cock. “Do you think you can find a use for this?”

She flashed him a sinister sneer as she slid forward on the couch and sat her glass down on the end table. Morty brushed her hair out of her face and rubbed the tip of his swelled member across her painted lips. He continued to rub his palm up and down the length of it until he spread a smear of his precum across her smile. Mrs. Allister parted her lips and took him into her. Morty didn’t indulge her long. Pulling back from her suckling lips, he ordered her up off of the couch and out of her clothes.

Mrs. Allister didn’t mind complying in the least. Once she was naked Morty instructed her down to her knees in front of the couch. Mrs. Allister faced the seat cushions and looked back over her shoulder at the sight of Morty kneeling behind her. Grinning widely, she reached her hands back and spread apart her cheeks. Morty lined the head of his rod up with her quivering anus and Mrs. Allister leaned her face and shoulders down to the seat cushions in front of her.

“Honey, I was wondering if we could…” Mr. Allister pushed open the door to the study and was shocked into silence by the image of his wife down on her knees in front of the couch holding her cheeks apart while his daughter’s ex-boyfriend pounded his erection into her asshole.

She cried out with pleasure as this young man panted and groaned with every new thrust forward. “Patty!?!” he called out to her.

Morty and Mrs. Allister turned their faces toward the door. “Peter!” Mrs. Allister said.

Morty, who had yet to stop the motion of his hips, turned his head back around and dropped his eyes down to the opening that he slid his hard-on in and out of. “Oh, Mrs. Allister.”

Mr. Allister stood there staring into his wife’s wide spread eyes as Morty began to fill her ass with his cum.

Much to her disbelief, Mrs. Allister watched her husband’s look of surprise meld into one of arousal as he began to undo his belt and pull down his zipper.

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