Temmuz 3, 2022



As I stumbled up the stairs of my flat I could still feel his hot lips pressed against mine, his hand firmly rubbing my clit through my trousers…

The wine in the club had gone straight to my head, dancing held up close to Danny made me so hot. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my pubic bone. I could feel the crotch of my thong getting wet with my own juice as he licked my neck.

I so wanted to go back to his place and take his throbbing cock in my mouth, sucking him deep and hard. Bending over and grasping my ankles as he thrust deeply into my waiting pussy. My cum covering his balls as they banged into my ass. If only I didn’t have to work in the morning.

I finally got to the door of my flat, thinking about fingering my pussy and making myself cum. I could hear music coming from inside my flat, meaning that my flatmate was home and awake. Damn that meant that I would have to be quiet.

I decided to have a quick shower then go to bed and play. The thought of the shower made me realise that I also needed to pee real bad. Being isveçbahis horny often had that effect on me – especially when combined with drinks.

I walked towards the bathroom door and found it was locked; from inside the bathroom I could hear the giggles of two people. I realised that my flatmate was enjoying a bath with her boyfriend. Not only was I jealous that she was getting to play but also I realised that I would have to wait to use the toilet.

I went to my room and lay on the bed, my clit was still hard and engorged from being played with. I stood up and started to remove my clothes, trying to keep my mind off my full bladder. Concentrating on my hard nipples as they were exposed to the cool air. They looked so full and dark coloured against my pale skin; I bent my head and took one in my mouth, sucking it firmly. This made my pussy get even wetter.

I thought about Danny and what he would be doing in his bedroom now, he whispered to me as I left the taxi that he was going to have to wank as soon as he got through the door, thinking isveçbahis giriş of my hard nipples and wet cunt. I could imagine him grasping his hard shaft, mmmm.

I began to finger my clit, but the urge to pee was getting stronger. I crossed my legs and hoped my flatmate would finish soon. As I squeezed my legs together I could feel my clit beginning to throb more. The pressure of my muscled thighs was exciting my clit, making it beg to be touched. My cunt was getting wetter and wetter, preparing itself for the finger fucking that it expected. The feel of my own juices meant that I had to squeeze my legs even tighter so I didn’t pee. My bladder was aching to release. The more I crossed my legs the wetter I got.

I realised that I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to pee now. I looked around my room for anything I could use to pee into. I had recently had a clear out so no cups or tubs remained. It was getting really urgent now; I could feel a small drop of urine mix with my pussy juices.

I saw my towel from my morning shower on the floor; I folded isveçbahis yeni giriş this up and put it under my body so it would catch my pee. My legs were crossed so tightly now I could feel my hips straining with the pressure. I was still so horny. The thought of having to wet myself felt so wrong but also so wild. I began to move my hips so my pressure rubbed my clit even more. I could feel my orgasm approaching, I was so hot. I knew that one stroke of my g spot would make me cum, but I also knew the moment I uncrossed my legs I would begin to pee.

Not being able to resist no longer I opened my legs and thrust my fingers into my waiting cunt. I thrust them in and as I did I felt my bladder begin to relieve itself, I lay on my bed, finger fucking my own pussy as hot pee streamed down my thighs, over my puckered asshole and on to the waiting towel. Suddenly I felt the wave of orgasm hit me. Cum was shooting out of my contracting cunt and mingled with the urine. I had to stop rubbing myself, as the orgasm was so strong.

As my throbbing subsided I lay on my bed, feeling utterly relieved in everyway. It was my first experience of golden showers and my strongest orgasm ever. I thought to myself that it certainly would make the bathroom queue more exciting in the future.

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