Dirty Old Man Loves Pretty Boys

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It was a slow day at work, I was going around to the empty cabins at the holiday park and re-filling the coffee and sugar sachets, nobody ever monitored me, and a lot of the time I strolled around looking for things to do, killing time and talking to people who were staying at the resort, it was the easiest job in the world.

The privacy of the cabins was great, I was allowed to browse the net anytime I wanted.

I probably spent half of my working day browsing the net and the other half talking to people.

The solace of the job allowed for plenty of time to think, think about sex and I often jacked off in the cabins, simply because I could, it allowed me to relieve myself and focus on other tasks.

I received a text from Colin on this particular afternoon and felt the elastic cock-ring slowly apply pressure and grip the base of my shaft, akin to how a blood pressure machine does to your arm.

It wasn’t your average vibration, I never once found it alarming, only pleasing because the tension came on so slow, slow enough that enough blood could flow through my cock and cause an erection, as the pressure from the elastic device increased, my cock hardened seemingly at odds with it. Because Colin was in complete control over it, he was in control of my cock which created a sense of trust and ownership.

The device put me on edge because I never knew how much tension was going to be applied and the thought of the possibility of it cutting off my circulation if it malfunctioned, as daunting as that may sound, only turned me on further and made my heart race slightly.

It was exciting! I’d experienced it so many times now and completely trusted Colin, I always knew the result of the process and that the device eventually began to decrease the pressure after a little while which I also found pleasurable and relaxing and ALWAYS masturbated afterward.

Because I worked on my own, there was never a chance of being ‘caught out’ during the experience and I always had a backup plan had I been talking to someone when the device was triggered.

The contraption was pretty much silent, there were times it went off mid-conversation and I had to divert my focus and often made out I had an incoming call and walked away.

I liked the idea I was ‘flirting’ with danger, like getting an erection in class, most of the people I spoke with were old holiday-makers, so it was the least of my worries.

Colin usually messaged me once a day and never made any demands, usually, he just sent through a cool illustration of an erotic image or a sexy gif and occasionally a time and date, that’s if I never planned something first! I didn’t consider him a pest or burden in any way, I had so much free time in my life as it was.

I eventually reached for my phone and opened the text in anticipation, a ‘giant’ cartoon devil illustration was displayed and over the crossed legs of the devil were many sets of young gay men who appeared ant-like in comparison to the scale of the ‘giant’ devil and were all involved in homo-erotic acts.

I’m not sure what it meant, maybe it was the idea of ‘sin’ or maybe I just found the image hot, however, it immediately turned me on.

Below the image said ‘Saturday 8 pm, Just the 3 of us?’

I was down, I knew Saturdays were good money, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to leave Colin’s place on a Saturday night with a minimum of five hundred dollars depending on the event.

I began to consider myself a young Gigolo and was enjoying it, Saturday would be no different.

I spent most of the day chilling out at home, I’d done some clothes shopping and watched a movie then decided to take a shower and get ready. I put on a black jockstrap with random white lettering, a pair of loose-fitting black denim shorts with a few thin slashes in the thighs which displayed skin through the slashes, a black ‘fishnet’ top that was reminiscent of a woman’s stocking and a pair of light pink vans with white socks that didn’t show. I wore wore my hair out; long dark brown, beyond shoulder-length, naturally straight locks which were quite thick.

A week prior I decided to get both of my nipples pierced which looked perfect for this top, my fashion sense was becoming much more metrosexual which I loved!

Experimenting with fashion was amazing, I was enjoying feeling liberated whilst wearing whatever I liked without small-minded assholes bringing negative attention and slander towards me judging my attire and ironically calling me ‘gay!’ Yet here they were judging another guy’s clothing, I had a new circle of friends in my life now and had started shedding my old life and distancing myself from these type of losers.

I wore a 90s style chain around my neck with silver beads which I thought complimented the piercings. I then grabbed my keys and started to head over to Colin’s feeling the sexiest I’d felt since the night of the strip show for the masked men, there truly was a sense of stardom I carried into my new world, along with a new-found swagger.

I walked into Colin’s istanbul travesti and was greeted by Colin wearing a maroon bathrobe.

‘Here he is, the man of the hour!’

I sheepishly grinned and brushed my hair over one ear.

“You look gorgeous!” He said, which made me feel incredibly confident, the reassurance was great because it was still a daring move, for me anyway! I’d spent the majority of my life wearing what society told me I should wear.

“There’s someone I’d like you meet,” he said

”Jordan, I present to you, Lucy” Colin continued.

I loved being called Lucy, It made me feel like a rebel! As I was going against the grain of what hive-minded idiots were accustomed to.

Once I gazed upon Jordan, my bubble almost burst, I immediately felt like he was stealing my thunder. He looked like a model cut straight out of a magazine, He looked so good, almost like he ‘wasn’t real.’

Jordan almost looked synthetic and too good to be true, like he was an angel from a Michelangelo painting.

What instantly struck me about him was his incredible ass! An amazing bubble butt! He had a better ass than any girl I’d ever seen! I literally couldn’t take my eyes off it, admiring this amazing specimen.

If I had to compare him to someone, I guess you could say a young Justin Bieber but with sharper bone structure and gray eyes, he had zero facial hair, not because he shaved, but his face was smooth like a boy as if he didn’t grow facial hair yet at the same time looked like he was in his early 20s. I would later uncover he was indeed only 21.

He was wearing a white jockstrap with random black lettering, the polar opposite and inverted version of mine which created a duality theme. He had a great body, like a water polo player and completely smooth. Jordan was a fraction shorter than me at 5ft 8, he was probably 5ft 7 which suited his boyish good looks.

Usually, when I see a nice ass, I avoid looking to save bringing attention to it, however, it was impossible with Jordan! I was completely mesmerized.

Colin presented him as if he were Adam, the perfect man, and Colin was God.

I didn’t feel jealous at all, I was comfortable in my skin, at this present point in time I was just in awe and becoming excited thinking of what lay ahead.

I was becoming seriously horny over this motherfuckers ass! It’s all I could think of and couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

He stood there and barely spoke, he didn’t have to, he knew what I was there for, I knew what he was there for so we decided to spare the small talk!

Jordan, sensing my lust and desire kind pivoted and posed like a trophy. He knew he looked good! Colin’s lounge room had become a human art gallery.

At that very moment, I couldn’t wait to fuck him! I’d never had sex with a guy before, not given anyway, only received.

I knew Colin had been grooming me for it with the anal flesh-light a few weeks prior.

On this occasion, Jordan was to be the receiver, we instantly knew our places, with an ass like that how could he not be! There was a sense of ‘purity’ that radiated from him, enforced by the white jock.

I’d become confused with my sexuality lately; however, right now, at this very moment, I was gay!

I wanted to see him bent over doggy style, his big cock and smooth balls on display like a fruit bowl!

The word ‘fruit’ began to turn me on given what it was slang for, it was amazing what words could do! They had serious power.

Colin then began to pour some bourbon and coke which settled my nerves and I began to relax and enjoy the evening.

I slipped off my black fishnet top, shorts, shoes, and socks and stood there in my black jockstrap.

Jordan began grazing his eyes over my body and was attracted to me.

On a silver plate besides the bourbon bottle was Colin’s Viagra, Jordan and I were semi-hard yet relaxed from the bourbon and I thought it would be fun to take one so we did, just for kicks!

All I could think of during the next half an hour? Fucking Jordan’s ass! As we slowly sipped our drinks and shared a spliff around and admired each other’s bodies.

We then felt the Viagra kick in quickly! About the same time as the Mary J! And we all began to share a laugh at how hard our cocks were becoming within our jockstraps which provided a playful and fun atmosphere; along with the strong sexual tension in the air, the viagra, and marijuana eased us into things.

Jordan and I remained standing whilst Colin sat down and gestured him over, calling for the spliff.

As Jordan passed it to him, Colin put it in his mouth and reached around Jordan’s waist, and slapped his ass with both hands like he was his property which turned me on! He looked at me with an expression that hinted, “How good is this!”

Colin then gestured towards a closet and suggested I step into it momentarily, I became slightly confused but also excited. I stood there in the darkness, only thinking about Jordan’s ass for the next few minutes, feeling my rock-hard cock.

“Okay, istanbul travestileri you can come out now.” Said, Colin.

As I stepped out of the closet, I saw Jordan flexing his gorgeous ass with his head over his shoulder and his brown hair almost covering one eye.

Colin then approached me and lowered his head towards my raging erection and said “Congratulations on coming out!” And handed me a drink, It was then he held the glass out and raised a toast “Cheers!” And clunk went the glasses with a rattling of the ice cubes.

I felt rather silly for not getting the joke straight away, slightly humiliated yet completely turned on over the gesture. It made me feel proud! I was enjoying all these newfound emotions flooding through my heart and mind. The gesture was ceremonious and made me feel special, liberated and evolved with the urge to celebrate!–Gay pride that is!

Colin was enjoying this as we stood around getting in the mood, my eyes competing fixated on Jordan’s girly ass which Colin brought to his attention a few times, I felt a sense of embarrassment and at the same time, I enjoyed it. He was bringing me out. I began to ‘come out’ and admit to Jordan he had a nicer ass than any girl I’d ever met, as I walked behind him and ran my hands down his hips and began feeling his ass in the same motion you would clean a window.

”Mmmmmm” I said and stood behind him and made sure my raging hard-on brushed against his ass to which he raised his head slightly, I then placed my hands on my hips and began slowly rocking my hips, each thrust, my cock dry-jumping his ass as he softly groaned and closed his eyes. Jordan hasn’t spoken a single word and wouldn’t throughout the entire night, the only noises he made were moaning and grounding sounds.

I didn’t know what was turning me on more, Jordan’s ass or the fact I was going to fuck him in front of this dirty old man!

This dirty old man who was incredibly turned on over watching two young pretty boys have sex was extremely arousing.

Colin then directed both of us over two him and we stood before him in his chair with erections so hard there was a gap in between the fabric of our jockstraps and lower abdomens. He then grabbed both of our cocks and started massaging them and said “I love feeling the cocks of pretty young boys.” He then gently bit both of our cocks through the jocks as he leaned back into his chair.

“Show me your dicks boy’s” was his next response as we both pulled down our jocks and felt a sense of liberation in our cocks being free. Colin then grabbed the bases of both our shafts and began stroking us in a left-right format, followed by a unison motion and then left-right format again as if he were shadowboxing.

Jordan and I both turned our heads towards each other; both of our forelocks covering his left and my right eye as we began to gently kiss as Colin tugged away at our dicks and seemed very delighted that we were softly making out. He revelled in the perverted nature of the situation which only made us even hornier.

It was then Colin gestured that we both turn around with our asses’ now facing him as he began kissing our butt cheeks and sniffing our anuses’ and said “I love sniffing pretty young boys anuses.” As Jordan and I just groaned and rubbed each other’s cocks whilst making out ever so softly.

I felt a strong sense of anticipation and excitement as I was crossing uncharted waters, new-found territory, and began feeling really ‘different’ about how strong my gay desires had become.

Was I gay after all?

My cock told the story! I blocked out any racing thoughts from my mind as my dick told the truth! My mind was corrupted from society which had instilled so much shame on me through religion, which I detested!

How evil I thought, to make someone feel so bad over something so wonderful and left it at that.

In between Jordan’s white jockstrap, a clear plastic rectangle-shaped butt-plug was in place, which I knew was Colin’s and I knew he’d been playing with him before I got there which made me even hornier thinking about it.

Jordan had the same fantasy as me and liked being played with by an older man and he enjoyed the idea of getting fucked by another young stud in front of this dirty old man.

I grabbed his cock from behind and kissed his neck as Colin began to lean back further in his chair.

Jordan then reached his arm behind him and grabbed the back of my head as he turned his head around and we started to kiss passionately.

All I could think about was my cock spooning his gorgeous ass.

The plug was becoming a hard obstacle on my cock and I decided to remove it slowly and threw it to Colin which he clutched and before sniffing it then placing it down beside him, next to the bourbon bottle, marijuana and Viagra as he quickly began watching the show.

I started pulling the strap on Jordan’s jock and snapping it whilst slapping his ass.

I continued to stand back and slap his fat ass for brief periods before holding travesti istanbul his hips and spooning him again from behind.

Becoming hornier and hornier as we were taking things slow, I couldn’t wait to fuck him.

There were big vertical mirrors on both walls to our left and right and we were both watching ourselves like we were in a movie, we both had a strong sense of vanity and were not only attracted to each other but to ourselves and the image of us together.

Jordan then turned around and we stood facing each other, his bulging white jock pressing against my bulging black jock.

I rubbed my palm over his circumcised knob and began feeling his balls.

“I want to see your dick,” I said

Then he pulled the elastic out and over his raging erection displaying his 9.5-inch cock which I thought was intriguing because it was circumcised, I didn’t care much for his dick at this point I was mostly focused on his ass, I whipped my cock out and we stood there, the tips of our dicks only millimeters away and identical in width and length, the image of both styles of dick was extremely contrasting, he had a low loose circumcision which I preferred over high and tight.

I liked uncut cocks, yet on this occasion, the difference in contrast from my uncircumcised cock was cool!

I admired both dicks in their magnificent form and turned him around again and continued spooning.

To Jordan’s left was what looked like a bench-press with no weights, just the bench with a fluffy black material over it, I leaned Jordan over displaying his perfect fat ass!

His jockstrap still covering his package only revealing his boy-pussy! Which was perfect for my first time and the ‘weirdness’ of fucking a ‘guy’s ass’ quickly disappeared, an ass was an ass, I thought! His ass looked like a girl’s! You wouldn’t know any different.

I began putting my cock under his jockstrap and holding it in place,

I knew his ass was well-prepared from the plug and placed my hands on his hips and began inserting my knob and fucking him! I didn’t care how ‘weird’ it was anymore, all my focus shifted to how tight his asshole felt clenched around my cock!

His legs were close together and elbows tucked in on the bench whilst I stood their legs apart on either side of the bench, which provided me a perfect position and sense of dominance.

I began holding his jockstrap and twisting it in my hand as I fucked him and also turning to the side and looking in the mirror, as did Jordan! He was getting off over the image of me fucking him.

Colin, who had his robe open, masturbating from afar in which we barely noticed nor did he intend us to.

I wanted more from Jordan! I wanted the sex to be ‘gayer’ with his package on display revealing his hard cock and beautiful symmetrical balls hanging beneath his round ass.

We moved over to the sofa and I started to pull down his jockstrap, he got the hint, then proceeded to get on all fours on the couch whilst I positioned myself behind him, one leg on the ground, the other on the couch, and began fucking him up the ass again, the only difference was this time his huge cut cock and smooth balls were on display proudly.

My balls began slapping against his as I fucked his ass, the way his hips were shaped and ass in general I couldn’t help but think I was fucking a woman and began fucking him like one! He was my bitch! If he wasn’t one naturally, then I was going to turn him into my bitch!

The room began to smell like ass and cock.

I could feel myself about to climax and especially loved how ‘wrong’ the situation was according to society which made me feel ‘abnormal and bad’ turning me on further.

At that thought, I pulled my cock out and was ready shoot my load and spray his bubble butt! However, the orgasm was so hard, I shot everywhere in rapid succession like a machine gun, all over his back and his neck, even in his hair at the back of his head and all over the place at the right and left angles like a sprinkler, I’d just had one of the hardest orgasms of my life! Some of the drops even reached Colin who was sitting in the far corner as he stared wide eyed and excited like someone who’d taken a foul ball catch in the crowd or won a game show segment.

Colin was looking like it was raining gold coins, such as the glee upon his face. It was, however, raining men! Or should I say, It was raining pretty young boy cum!

Jordan must have felt as if it were raining as well, for he was completely showered in cum.

I admired his well fucked ass cheeks which were lubed up from all my pre-cum and shining, as his waxed asshole twitched a couple of times, he was satisfied!

Colin was used to me not hanging around long after I came and never put pressure on me, I was however technically a Gigolo, as was Jordan,

I slapped him on the ass and said “It was nice meeting you” and began to part ways.

Colin then said “One for the road” and handed me another spliff followed by “Don’t forget your present under the pot plant.” The place where he usually left payments–On this occasion, a cool thousand dollars for the performance and visit. I’d enjoyed myself, it was the easiest money I’d ever earned and drove home feeling like a more accomplished person, a more evolved human and more of a man!

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