Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 08

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My wife Janis and I have enjoyed a very fulfilling sex life after raising three kids, becoming ’empty nesters’, and rounding out our fantasies with a lot of fun outside our bedroom. We experimented with others and enjoyed every minute. These adventures also enriched our feelings and desires for each other. I have always considered my wife

with her luscious, inviting body, willingness to try new things, and of course her devotion to me.

Now a new problem. Janis has become obsessed with self doubts because of her aging and weight gain and although I still can’t seem to get enough of her, she is becoming much less interested in sex. Nothing I say seems to help.

Enter Shana. My young audiologist who has fitted me with some great hearing aids and great fantasies. Shana has demonstrated her desire to learn more about the art of making love. I eventually gave her lessons on oral and anal sex in an effort to arouse her work oriented, always out of town husband.

After our OJT (anal/oral) meeting it was weeks before my next hearing appointment. There was a little tension at first. She did adjust my hearing pitch and performed a routine examination but was unusually quiet- not her perky self.

“What’s wrong? You sure seem quiet?”

“Denis, I am embarrassed to talk about this but I just can’t get much out of Brad even after I tried what you suggested. He is always preoccupied with work and to tired for romance. I am really unhappy but I do love him. Maybe he’ll eventually change but when? I am so frustrated and needing real intimacy.”

“Shana, I’m sorry but hey, maybe we can help each other. I also have a problem. Janis has basically minimized our love making because she doesn’t feel sexy and even then doesn’t seem to put much into it. My sexual drive is obviously much more than hers and she knows it. Janis also knows I love her very much and she loves me. The other day I was mentioning you being such a good audiologist and how much I enjoy our appointments.”

She responded by telling me I sure talk about you a lot and seem infatuated. She went on to say she understands my strong sexual needs and could understand if I wanted to see you outside the office. Better than paying for sex, taking a chance with a stranger, or becoming really involved with someone. I just smiled, at first did not respond, then thanked her for understanding my needs.

“Shana, I am so attracted to you and not getting enough sex at home, I would really like for us to experience real passion and see how it goes. I too, feel so empty without it. You are an extremely desirable woman and I want to explore and enjoy you totally. You just can’t realize how much I need you.”

“Denis, I was brought up a very conservative, moral person but times change. I need to be loved by someone who I turn on and also who I also fantasize about. Got any suggestions?” . With that we both reacted like a couple of teenagers hugging and kissing behind closed doors in her office. She had next Thursday’s off so we decided on the nearby Holiday Inn in the afternoon for our rendezvous. With my wife still working this bal├žova escort is an ideal time although I knew I would eventually tell her.

Thursday couldn’t come quick enough. After checking into a room with a view of the lake, preparations were made. Knowing Shana’s taste, I was dressed in some light weight slacks with silk boxer shorts and a Hawaiian type shirt. With wine in the ice bucket and some Neil Diamond CDs ready, I couldn’t wait for that knock on the door.

She was running late but that only made me more impatient. Shana was of course not ‘in uniform’. A tight white sleeveless t-shirt and some very short tight royal blue denim shorts made my stomach tightened, head spin, and cock stir. This girl, although maybe too tall, slender, short dark mousy hair, and small breasts, was really getting to me.

We held hands, briefly kissed, then stood back admiring and anticipating what was to come. At that point I realized she was not wearing a bra. Her undersized nipples were distinctly visible through her body hugging t-shirt

“Why, Shana, how daring,” I kiddingly said.

“That’s a statement from me. You may think of me as a submissive little inexperienced girl but I’m here to make up for a lot of lost time! Get the message?”

Her aggressiveness startled me but not for long.

She then disappeared into the bathroom. As I waited I couldn’t help but to hold and massage my growing but hidden cock.

Shana appeared not as I anticipated. First peeking through the doorway she ordered me to close my eyes. I didn’t think this was that strange as she is basically a shy person but when she said open I could not believe my eyes. Shana was standing with hands on hips and wearing only a hot red bikini type see through panties and a sexy smile! Her statuesque body was perfect. Her tits and their rosy nipples wantonly pointed at me. Her thin tight stomach was like a direction finder to her poorly concealed dark bush and pussy. With those long slender legs that tapering in suggestively, she was so ready for a real love making session.

“You like,” she purred?

“Oh Shana, you are so tantalizing. I want to explore and make love to you as never before but first how about a little wine and some dancing to Neil?”

I then slowly undressed except for my boxers. After two glasses of wine we seemed to melt into each others arms and danced slow and very close. Her body tingled in anticipation against mine as her tits rubbed against my chest. My still concealed but growing manhood pressed against her panty covered pussy. We were like one. She loved my Old Spice and whatever she was wearing had an aroma to fuck by.

Our lips melted together as I clutched her bikini covered buns. Her hand found my shorts and my now swollen cock. Suddenly she dropped to her knees, pulled my shorts down, and stared intently at my hardness. She then kissed my pre cum covered man hood and she proceeded to lick and suck the entire shaft. I had taught her well but to much of this would send me over the edge.

Now it was my turn. I stood her up, fell to my kar┼č─▒yaka escort knees and visually absorbed her poorly hidden glistening, pussy lips. With my face only inches away, I deeply inhaled her intoxicating sexual aroma through those wet red panties. Pushing the panties aside, she took a deep breath as my lips found her aroused cunt. I savored her sexual sweetness and tongued as much as possible.

It didn’t take long before, “Oh Denis, I’m cumming, oh yes, please don’t stop, your tongue feels so good, oh yesss, yesss. I need this so much, your wonderful”

Her hands tightened on my head, she moaned, trembled, then cried out in ecstasy as she experienced a total orgasm before finally collapsed on the bed.

“That was so intense. I’ve never realized sex can feel sooo good and you didn’t even enter me!”

She seemed totally exhausted as we laid on the bed but after a few minutes Shana eyed my lonesome semi hard cock and began lovingly stroking it.

“Wait my young nymph, I can’t match your youth but I can help the cause”

With that I slipped my ever dependable cock ring to the base of my still semi flaccid manhood and explained how making it with her the first time would be more than I could take and this little ring will keep me hard well after cumming.

Quizzically, she nodded her approval.

Within a minute I was fully hard and wanting to fuck this young passionate woman for the first time.

“Oh Denis, make love to me, fuck me, dominate me. I need you in me….”

With that she rolled over on her back, legs widened, and feet drawn up. She now raised her arms inviting me to her promised land.

I slipped between her legs and slowly removed those moist panties, rubbing them against my face. Her slender body oozed with lust.

Now, on my knees, I looked down into her sexy brown eyes, then her inviting pussy, positioned my cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and at last was about to experience something I’ve dreamed about since the first day we met. This was going to be slow and deliberate. I will not hurry through my virgin penetration of her.

Slowly I pushed and wiggled my cock against her cunt lips. In anticipation she then raised up off the bed giving me full access.

Very gradually I pushed past her sex lips and entered that hot, tight tunnel I have yearned for so long.

“Denis, You feel sooo good. This feels so passionate and naughty. Please fuck me hard and long. I want you in me and I crave your love juice”

She seemed very tight but that’s expected with her thin body and smallish mouth. What’s small up above usually means small down below.

With that I shoved completely in as she gasp in joy.

Now gentleness was over. I was suddenly pumping her for all I was worth and ramming my throbbing cock in and out of her hot cunt with the vigor of a 20 year old.

All to soon I could feel my sex seed building up inside, then the eruption. I’ll never forget this erotic moment as I flooded her love tunnel with my creamy seed while yelling in pure pleasure- “ahhhhhh Shana, ├že┼čme escort soooo good.”

We continued our missionary style fucking for another 5 minutes thanks to my cock ring.

Both pleasurably exhausted we relaxed on the bed. Later holding hands, we stood watching the sail boats on the lake, enjoyed some fresh fruit and relaxation time.

“Okay, my young nymph, I fucked you, now it’s your turn to return the favor.”

With that I removed my shorts and laid on the bed beckoning Shana to join me.

She smiled lustfully, removed her panties again, and eased over next to me staring mischievously at my semi soft penis. She began massaging then slowly pumping my cock back to life. Then her mouth joined in on the fun and along with the Viagra I took after our first session- ‘things began to pick up.’

It was my turn to welcome her with open arms. She straddled my body then eased her hot and still frothy pussy over my now almost totally hard cock and lowered herself onto me.

I reached up to hold her succulent firm boobs, then our lips and tongues met lewdly as we both moaned in anticipation.

“Oh Shana, fuck me hard, I want to experience you as never before. I need your pussy to dominate and absorb my manhood. Oh, do it now.”

With that she began to slowly hump up and down, then increased the tempo more and more. Breathing heavily, she lost all her inhibitions and was wildly bouncing up and down on my throbbing shaft. I tried to match her pace by rhythmically trusting up to meet her but soon ran out of energy. This was her show.

After what seemed an eternity I felt her tense up, shutter, and totally climax at least twice with a far off look in her eyes and gasping from her lips.

Now it was my turn. Being the second time, my orgasm was even more exhilarating and longer than the first. My remaining jism erupted in her already oozing cunt.

With that we remained ‘connected’, her sitting on me. I then pulled her down, we briefly kissed, then detached as I scooted down to her soppy and well fucked pussy. She was now poised above my face.

“Shana you were wonderful and here’s how I say thank you. I want to clean you up- for dessert.”

“Oh Denis, what a the perfect ending. You are so sexual. Please do it.”

I gripped her firm slender hips, pulled her swollen love lips to me and proceeded to orally fuck her, consuming all our spent love juices possible. I will never tire of that taste. The ultimate dessert after sex.

She too was enjoying, crushed her sex lips against my mouth and continued rubbing and grinding while uttering guttural sounds. Soon I could feel another female orgasm and was rewarded by more of her pussy nectar. This women was phenomenal. So much sex in that conservative unassuming body.

Finally, both exhausted, we romantically showered together and then as she was leaving…

“Denis, that was exactly what I needed. I now feel fulfilled and know what hot, uninhibited sex is like. You were wonderful and are now the standard my Brad will have to eventually meet. If he doesn’t, I now know where I can get have my desires met.”

Shana, I am so glad you were totally satisfied. You were even more than I expected. I will continue to dream about you and if ever you need some more help, please don’t hesitate. I always have room for an audiology appointment with my favorite audiologist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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