Ekim 19, 2021

Festive First-Time


Festive First-Time”Oh hi!”I was greeted by a cheery voice in the street I was walking down, early in the Boxing Day evening.I looked up to see a familiar gorgeous chubby face.”Hey!”I beamed instantly recognising the large plump red-headed beauty.”It’s Danni, I was wondering if I’d ever see you again!”She chirped, her beautiful chubby cheeks glowing a pinkish hue in the cold weather.”Me too, I’m glad to have bumped into you.”I smiled, really happy to see her again. She was wearing a lovely wintry fur-trimmed coat, black leggings which looked like her big thick luscious thighs was about to burst out of, a flouncy leopard print top, big looped earrings and a sparkly hairband on her lovely deep red hair.”You’re looking wonderful and well.”I compliment her with a friendly smile.”Thank you, so do you.”She replied.”It’s good I can chat with you out in the open fresh air now, isn’t it?”She chuckled.”I don’t know, I really enjoyed our time trapped in that elevator!”I respond with a giggle.”Hope I didn’t leave you with a burnt nose!”She joked.”No, I got my smell back a week after…!”I joked back.We spent a good 10mins having a hearty chat out on the street.”Oh I’m sorry, I really must be going, I’ll be late meeting my friends.”She suddenly told me, looking at her wrist watch wrapped very tight around her thick wrist.”Aw ok, we should meet up again some time soon.”I reply, can’t help but feeling a little sad at her leaving so soon.”Sure, I’d love that! Well, I am free tomorrow, I could come visit you, if I’m not too hungover!”She beamed.”Yeah, that’d be awesome! What’s your number babe, I’ll text you my address when I get in.”I reply, my face lit up like yesterday’s Christmas tree.We exchanged numbers and then she hugged me goodbye.It felt really nice having her big arms around me and her beautiful big body smothering mine.That big hug warming me up from the cold in an instant.”Ok then love, I’ll see you tomorrow.”She leaned back to look in my eyes.”I look forward to it.”I grinned from ear to ear.”Oh, and, just for old time’s sake…”She stopped to pause for a brief second with her hands on my shoulders, before suddenly -*BLBLBPPFFTT!*She then winked at me, softly chuckled, and turned around to walk off into the night.I was left stunned at her parting gift!It felt like my mind had just received an electric shock.I was now buzzing with excitement and horniness.I sniffed the air, but alas, the open fresh cold breezy air blew away any chance of smelling it.I sighed disappointed, but still so horny as images flooded to my mind of fantasies about this gorgeous thick plump woman.I knew she was strait but I couldn’t help but daydream of the things I’d want her to do to me…As soon as I got back home, I turned the heating on, texted her my address, and quickly ran up to my bedroom, throwing my clothes off, and laid down to replay my encounter with her, both from today, and from the time spent trapped in that lift with her and her farts, and had myself the most wonderful play…The next day, I texted her again, asking if she’s still up for coming round mine.”Hi Sam soz I just woke up I can be around about 4 if that’s ok? xx”She texted back 20mins later.”That’s more than ok hon cant wait see you then 🙂 x”I text back.I was practically skipping around the room, anxious to have a proper catch-up with her.”me too 🙂 omg my morning farts are ripe this morning!! lol whoops 😉 xx”She text back.Once again, she left me stunned.I loved how brash she was being with me, and truth be told, I now fully knew that she knows I really enjoy farts. I guess her having plenty of experience being around guys with a fart-fetish meant she can tell when someone has that fetish or not, even a girl like me, she was able to pick up on it that I also have that fetish.”lol I wouldn’t mind them 😉 let em rip! lol 🙂 x”I text back, my clit started tingling at the thought.”I am 😉 feels so good blowing them off lol see you soon, love Danni xx”She replied.Fuck I felt like I had wet myself, I was so turned on now!I didn’t know what to do first, tidy up around my house, or masturbate…I re-read her texts to me again and I knew there was no way I’d be getting anything done feeling this wet and horny! So I slumped back down onto my bed and had a lovely time with myself.When I was done, I sighed real relieved and got up to the bathroom to have a wash, and tidied my house in preparation for Danni.After that was done, I had a nice shower, once again I was helpless to resist touching myself over thoughts of her, her gorgeous plump ass, and her amazing hot smelly farts.Afterwards, I got dressed.I wore a nice black V-neck t-shirt with small sleeves and the words, “Wild Thing” written on it in a leopard print pattern. A small dark denim mini-skirt, and just out of honour to Danni and her love of leopard print, I decided underneath all that to wear my sexy leopard print bra and thong.I waited around anxiously for the ring of my doorbell.It was unbearable, like a young girl waiting around on Christmas Eve for the big day.Finally, about 10mins after 4. The bell rang.I sprang to my feet, quickly dusted myself down, straitened my top, and very quickly brushed my blonde hair. I stood at the door, sighed nervously, and opened it.”Hello!”I cheered, seeing her stood there wearing a festive red top and black tights.Even with her standing below the doorstep, she was still an inch taller than me.”Hiya!”She greeted me, and showed me a bottle of white wine in her hand.”I didn’t know wether to bring this or not.””Looks nice, don’t think I’ve had this before.”I smiled, taking the bottle from her, and showed her in.As she stepped up and walked in, she was now a few inches taller to me.I can’t help but to notice how even more prettier she looks from the angle I’m at, looking up at her.”You have a lovely place.”She compliments me.”Thank you, please have yourself a seat.”I pleasantly grin and present my white sofa to her.”Thank buca escort you.”She took her festive coat off and folded it over her arm before sitting down.I felt jealous seeing the white couch cushion contort and get swallowed up under her big gorgeous plump butt as she sat all her weight down on it. I’ve never wanted to be a seat so bad in my life!”Let me take that for you.”I smiled, holding my hand out for her coat.”Thanks.”She smiled back at me, handing me her fur-trimmed coat.I went and hanged it up on the coat hook by the front door.”Would you like a drink? We could either have that wine you bought with you, or if you don’t fancy drinking just yet, I make a nice cup of tea.”I asked.”Tea for now, thanks love.”She nodded.I made our brews and sat down beside her.We was just chatting small-talk at first, and then moved on to talking about what we did at Christmas.After our teas, we moved on to the wine, sharing the big bottle between us.We talked more about Christmas,I was listening with such wonder as she spoke about all the food she ate on Christmas Day.”Woah, I love a woman who can put it away!”I cheekily beamed, which made her laugh.”I sure can put it away! Of course it’s not the putting the food in that’s bad,it’s the things that come out that are bad!”She chuckled.”Oh yeah?”I respond, eager to hear all about it.”All that rich food, well I was farting like a thoroughbred!”She chuckled.”Better out than in!”I wrinkled up my nose and giggled like a schoolgirl.”That’s my motto!”She laughed.”Doesn’t rich food make them smell?”I asked, still grinning.”I say! I’m sure my usual wind wouldn’t win any beauty prizes in perfume anyway, but these ones I was letting off could have put down an elephant!”She heartedly laughed.”Wow…!”I stared in wonder and admiration before giggling again.”The worse was last night though, on my way back home.”She admitted.”Oh, do tell?”I smiled eagerly.She then told me about her encounter with a cab driver, how she stunk up his cab really bad with her sprout-fuelled gas, and was then kicked out of it for being so smelly…”-so then, when he turned his head back round to look out his window, he was faced with my fat arse and I blew off a real loud stinker, right in his face!”She burst out laughing.”Oh my God!”I erupted with laughter.”That showed him!”I continued to laugh.”I know, that’ll teach him for being a scrooge.”She smugly smiled and then chuckled.”Yeah, but if that’s what being a scrooge gets you, then I’d have to start hating Christmas!”I giggled.”Oh, you want to have your face farted-on?”She creased her nose, raising her eyebrow.I suddenly stopped giggling, and felt rather embarrassed that I let that slip out.”Um- only if it’s your ass doing the farting…”I nervously grinned at her, I felt my cheeks starting to blush.She softly giggled.”That can be arranged.”She winked at me.My grin grew bigger.”So did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?”She suddenly asked me, knocking me off my composure.”Nearly everything, there was just one thing I never got…”I told her, being a little mysterious with my answer.”What’s that?”She asked concerned.”Well… Um, it’s… It’s kind of embarrassing to say…”I replied nervously.”You can tell me, come on, tell your Fairy God Danni.”She giggled.”I never got… Well, er…”I gulped real nervously.”Don’t be shy.”She smiled.”I was really wanting you to- um… You know, to – to fart in my face.”I suddenly confessed. The wine making me confident to say it.”Oh.”She just causally replied.I looked down at my wine glass in my hand, feeling shy and silly for saying it.I was expecting her to call me disgusting and storm off out, but she didn’t.She just sat there, finished what was left of her wine in her glass, then set it down.”Why didn’t you just say so!”She chuckled, instantly easing the tension.”You only had to ask, love.”I looked up to her, my face glowing red from both blushing and having my hopes raised.”Really?”I asked, still just a little unsure I heard correctly.”Yeah, well in the spirit of Christmas, I think it’s only fair I blow off in your face!”She chortled.”Oh thank you! I’ll love that!”I was so excited, I felt like bouncing around like a little puppy.”Good thing for you, I’ve been brewing one up for the last 10mins…”She revealed.”Mmmmm let me have it, please…!”I softly purr, putting down my wine glass without taking my eyes off her.”Why don’t you get down onto your knees.”She told me, as she stood up.I looked at the seat cushion she was just sitting on, moulded to the shape of her fabulously plumped up butt, slowly raised back to its original shape.I immediately sprawled down off my seat onto my knees on the floor.She turned around, and I was now faced with that big beautiful bum, mere inches from my face.Her jeans were so tight on her that they looked more like she’d been poured into tights.”Go on, put your nose right here.”She instructed, holding her chubby index finger to the middle of her big butt.I anxiously swallowed, and leaned my face right in, nose first, ’til I was touching her.The middle part was surprisingly hot. Almost like as if I was close to touching a hot stove.”That’s it, now before I fart, I want you to sniff my fat arse.”She told me, smiling.”Ok.”I reply, even though I already began sniffing her just as I began leaning my face in to her bum.She smelt so wonderful.It was a hot heavy smell, yet also with a real sweet edge to it.I closed my eyes as I sniffed her.My leopard print thong was now real soggy between my legs in my horny juices.”You ready? Here it comes…”She warned me in a sing-song kind of voice.Sure enough-*Pppfffttttltlttltlt…!*A rattler of a fart breezed out of her.The hot air covered my nose. I sniffed it in. My eyes watered at the strong musky smell.”Ahhh… Smell good?”She sighed and asked.”Mmmm yeeeaahh…”I sighed in pleasure.My wet pussy felt like it had been shocked with electric, it was on fire!”Merry buca escort bayan Christmas.”She chirped before letting rip another rattler in my face.Once again I sniffed the strong hot gust up eagerly.I found my hand had moved itself down between my thighs, touching and rubbing my pussy through the patterned fabric.”You dirty fart-bitch, you love it, don’t you?”She asked me, and despite the offensive words she used, she said it in a tone that reeked of love.”Ahhh yeah I do.”I confessed.”Are my jeans in the way? Do you want to sniff my fat arse, bare?”She giggled.”Yes please.”I reply, still sniffing away at her gorgeous butt.She then pulled down her jeans, with some struggle, I must say.They was so tight, they took a bit of heaving to get them off,but once she did, oh my, what a sight!Right before my face, was a huge mountain of gorgeous flesh.2 big rolling mounds of soft supple flesh, and right in the middle of it, ran a deep dark creek.Instantly, my face dived in, nose first, right in the middle of that dark dank smelly crevice.I hardly noticed the fact that she was wearing a teeny tiny thong.”You like my Christmas panties?”She asked me, referring to her thong.I couldn’t see it, even from my advanced position.The small string of fabric was lost entirely in the deep valley of her luscious crack.All I could see was a tiny white triangle of fabric nestled up above from her crack.”I love it!”I reply.”You want some more farts?”She asked me, rubbing her bloated beautiful tummy.”Yes please.”I reply, as if she even needed to ask.”If you give my thick plump cheeks a kiss, I may give you some more.”She softly chuckled.”Mmmmm that’s more than fair.”I reply, pulling my face out from between her big plump bumcheeks, puckering my lips up and pressing them against one of those big heavy cheeks.She may have only said to give them a kiss, but I was determined to give her a lot more than one.My lips smacked against the big moon of pink flesh, kissing them over and over again,and I punctuated each and every kiss with a big grateful, “Thank you.” “Now kiss my crack.”She commanded, using both her hands to pull her big fat cheeks open.Without any hesitation, I pressed my puckered up lips right up against the dark brown hole of her bottom, and kissed it, ever so thankfully.*PPPPFFFFTTFTTTFLTLTL!*A loud steam of hot air blew out over my lips.I almost gasped from the shock of another fart, before relaxing my fart-covered lips and sniffed it up.”Ahhhh yeah, you dirty fart loving bitch, you love it!”She groaned with pleasure.”Mmmm I do! I do!”I briefly reply before kissing her fart-stenched butthole.”I love it so much!”I cry out in ecstasy.”I know you do! Fuck, I’ve never had another girl do this before!”She revealed.”Do you like it?”I pull my lips away to ask, before kissing her more.”Yeah I do, your soft loving lips feel so nice on my arsehole.”She confessed.She then farted again, right in my face.”Ahhhh smell good?”She asked, I could tell from the movement of her arms that she was feeling herself up.”So good…!”I breathlessly utter.”Think that’s all I got for now, might have some more brewed up later.”She sighed, now patting her relieved tummy.”Have you ever been with another girl before?”I asked, looking up at the large back of her, but my nose still nestled between her cheeks.”No, but I’ve always been a little curious about it.”She admitted.She then turned around, I tried to get a few more whiffs of her in before she turned too far.”If you wanted to mess around, experiment a little, I wouldn’t mind being your lab partner?”I winked up at her, the smell of her gorgeous huge butt still lingered around my nose.”That sounds like fun.”She winked back at me before giggling.She reached her hand down, pulled me up onto my feet, and gave me a huge strong hug.She almost picked me up off my feet as she squeezed me in her arms.”Close your eyes.”She told me, which I did.”Mmmm I can smell my arse on you.”She told me as she tenderly rubbed the tip of her nose on mine.She then pressed her thick plump cherry-red lips on mine.I was taken aback at first, but quickly kissed her back.I was surprised by her sweet wet thick tongue as she pushed it into my mouth and down my throat.She was both forceful and yet so loving with her passionate snog.I just submitted to her, letting her ravage my mouth and tongue with hers as we snogged.After thoroughly taking my breath away, she eased up and pulled back.”I wonder what your bedroom looks like…”She strongly hinted.I took her hand in mine.”Come with me, I’ll show you.”I winked.I led her to my bedroom, we carried on our passionate snog as we removed eachothers clothes.”Love your leopard print undies.”She giggled, before ripping me out of them.Before I knew it, we was both naked and she pushed me down hard onto my pink bed,and climbed on top of me.It felt amazing being under her, being under all her big supple gorgeous flesh.Luckily the bedsprings was supporting most of her weight so I wasn’t feeling too crushed.I could feel her hot naked ass smothering my entire belly.She leaned down to snog me more.She was so ravenous with me, like as if my whole face was made of chocolate and she was going to gobble up every last bit of me. She stopped to lick my face before snogging me more.”I’ve never touched another girl’s fanny before.”She suddenly admitted.”Mmmmm touch mine.”I told her.She nervously bit her lower lip.”It’s ok, I don’t bite. Unless you tell me to!”I cheekily grinned at her.”You’re so cheesy!”She playfully giggled before wiggling my erect nipple between her chubby thumb and finger.”I’ll get you for that…!”She playfully winked, before turned around on me.She was now sat on me with her back to me, I softly caressed her back and big curvy hips with my nails and fingertips, as she cautiously ran her fingertips around my thighs and lower belly,being sure not to touch my pussy just yet.She then bravely gave my pussy escort buca a nice long stroke with her fingers.”Mmmm that feels nice.”I reassure her.Emboldened by that, she continued to stroke and softly play with me.I just laid there under her, enjoying her feeling me up as I stared at her gorgeous ass.She then looked behind her shoulder at me.”I wonder what you taste like?”She queried.I watched as she then carefully pushed her fingertip into me, before holding it to her mouth.She slowly opened her mouth and placed her finger inside, giving it a little soft lick.”Mmmmm tastes sweet.”She winked, sucked her finger, then pulled it out licking her lips as she did.She then stuck that wet finger right back onto my pussy, and pushed it deep inside me.I gasped with pleasure as a single one of her chubby fingers stuffed my soaking wet pussy.”You like that?”She asked, rubbing her thick finger right on my g-spot.”Ahhhh- fuck- yeah- fuck!”I gasp in short bursts of intense pleasure.I was all hers and she knew it.Basking in the glow of my pleasure.As she fingered me, she turned back to look at me.”I got to fart again.”She softly chuckled.”Mmmmm fart on me- ahh fuck- please!”I breathlessly call out.She turned her focus back onto my pussy, and I could only lay there helpless in my pleasure,as she rumbled out a hot muffled fart on my stomach.”Ahhhhh fuuuccckk!!”I cry as the intense pleasure soon exploded into a squirting orgasm.”Oh wow.”She said to herself, stopping to look at what she just did to me.She couldn’t believe she had just made another girl cum.”Mmmmmm fuck…!”I groan, my mind buzzing.”Was that my finger, or my fart, what did that to you?”She asked proudly with a soft giggle.”Both…”I pant.”Hey this isn’t fair, you getting an orgasm, I want one too.”She playfully huffed.”Bring that gorgeous butt over here and I’ll give you one!”I smile, still catching my breath from that awesome squirt.Sure enough, she backed that big fat thick gorgeous ass up right over my face.My whole world seemed to suddenly be eclipsed under her enormous fleshy moon.My whole world became ALL about her beautiful large butt.She sat right down on me.Being in the deep dark moors of her bum, meant all I had to guide me was my tongue.I forced my tongue out from my lips against her sweet thick sweaty flesh, and licked blindly around, trying to find the sweet spot.After a short search, I found what I was looking for.The hot sweet sticky nectar of her pussy’s juice.I forced my tongue between the thick flesh of her gorgeous sweet tasty slits, and lovingly fucked her with my tongue.Her sighs, moans and groans of pleasure sounded muffled to my ears, being under all that ass.I continued to lick as she rocked back and forth on me.Clearly, for a first time, she was loving it!I didn’t stop licking ’til I achieved my goal of giving her a fantastic orgasm.Her juice oozed out of her with a muffled scream.”Fuck!”She cried as she flicked her clit with her chubby fingertip.”Wassh tha- goo-?”I asked, my voice muffled underneath her luscious flesh.”Fuck yeah it was! Oh fuck…!”She continued to sigh as the pleasure buzzed around her mind and body.Finally, I saw light again, as she lifted her big butt off my face, my chin disappearing up between her cheeks as she rested her crack down there on me.”I think that shifted some wind down there.”She turned her head to tell me.”Oh, what do you mean?”I asked, panting to breathe fresh air again.*PFFTTT!*A short sharp puff of hot air huffed out of her crack, blowing over my face.”MMMMMM!!”I moan ecstatically.”More where that came from!”She chuckled, real pleased with herself.She was about to get up off me but I quickly wrapped my arms around her big thick creamy thighs, wrestling to hold her in place on me like that.”Don’t! I want you to blew off in my face!”I begged. She laughed.”Careful what you wish for!”She warned me, before blowing another louder, more powerful fart on me.”Ahhhhh fuck yeah!!”I moan aloud, in deep satisfaction from the hot smelly air breezing over me.”Your face is going to smell like my arse for weeks!”She giggled.”Good, your bum smells lovely!”I reply, my eyes closed to appreciate the smell of her wind more.”Thanks!”She giggled.”Ah look at that, your nipples are rock hard, and your fanny is soaking wet!”She pointed out.She then grabbed my tits, playing with my nipples in her chubby hands as she just sat on me, casually blowing off in my face. Of course, I was loving it all.We spent the rest of the evening doing that, ’til it finally got real late.”I best be going now love.”She told me, putting her clothes back on.”Aw ok.”I sigh dejectedly.I called her a cab, as we shared a glass of wine while waiting for it,arranging to meet up again someday soon.When her cab finally arrived, we kissed and hugged goodbye.I waved to her as she got in the car, then turned around and closed the door.I slumped down on my couch, hearing the cab drive away,already missing her and her gorgeous smelling butt.Suddenly, my doorbell rang.I opened it, and she was stood there, her cheeks a little red, with a real playful grin.”What happened, where’s your cab gone?”I puzzled.”You’ll never guess what, but that was the cab driver from last night!”She laughed.”No way?!”I perplexed.”Yeah, as soon as he realised it was me, he was like, ‘oh no, not you again!’ and told me to fuck off!”She explained.”Oh my god, what a rude prick!”I gasped, feeling offended for her.”I know, I told him to kiss my fat arse and got out.”She continued to explain,”But just as I got out, I did a nasty smelly fart, ha! I’d like to see him try to get the smell out of there!”She laughed.”Nice one!”I applauded her.”Shall I call you another one?”I asked her.”You know what, my house is not too far from here, only a 20min walk away, I’ll just walk it.”She told me.”What at this time of night? No way, I can’t allow that.”I concerned.”Aw that’s sweet, but I don’t want to bother with any more cab drivers.”She scrunched her nose up in a real cute way.”Tell you what, why don’t you just stay the night.”I insisted.She was a little unsure at first, feeling like she was imposing on me, but I reassured her and convinced her to stay.Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep at all that night!

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