Eylül 21, 2021



FINALLY SATISFIED”I am nervous” he said. I said “it is notneeded I am there with youna. we will bang her hard. now you justconcentrate on a way to herhouse”. he said “I am nervous because thisis my first time. well,when she called me to her house, initially Iwas in heaven. butnow…… will she feel okay looking both of us.I said “I know her.she is very hot & curous about sex. almost allboys of our class hastouched her whole body. It will be not agreat deal for me to convinceher for sex..we reached at her door. I knocked it. sheopened the door. she wassuprised looking at me. she said to him byfunny mood at doorstepitself “yes… what you want. he said “youcalled me & we will…. youare understanding na..” she hold his cheek inher same mood & said “ohh… you are very innocent. you are firstwho got trapped. ActuallyI bet with my friend. she is inside she washaving doubt that can Iever fool boys. so I took challenge to foolatleaat 10 boys today. butnow two of them are trapped at a time. oneon one free. so now you canleave. I got angry. I was having a plan..I moved inside in same mood. she camerushing behind me & said”what….!!!!!”. I said “I have something in mymobile to show you.hope you will like it. she looked that video &tried to grab my mobilefrom me. but I didnt allowed. she said “fromwhere do you got that” Isaid “I captured it”. she said “how?????”.she said ” I was part ofyour gangbang. maybe there were many guys& you dont remember me.think what if I show this to your boyfriend. hewill realize how kindyou are. I looked at her with nude eyes… shelooked at me & saidwith calm “okk”. she sat down on floor &removed my dick & startedsucking it. while I noticed my friend is still ondoorstep. I calledhim inside with face expression. he cameinside closed the door & hestand kaynarca escort besides me. he was still nervous. Igrabed his neck in funnymood. then he too removed his dick. she wasstill sucking my dick.wetness of her inner mouth were touchingmy dick. that was making memad. her friend came & said “can I join” I said ” sorry weare not intrestedin you. did you heared that. but he said “Iam ready but not now. Iwill cum on you second time. I was shockedhe who hesitate to talkwith girls said this..now she was sucking one dick & shakinganother one of us. she said inbetween “that’s yummy”….that sounds good,isn’t it? afterwards Itook her doggy style & in next end she wassucking his dick.well…while she was sucking, he was makingfunny faces. I waspenetrating her round ass rapidly & with fullexitment. I enjoyed it.but due to over exitment. I cummed on herass in just 3 minutes. Ifeeled sad. I sat aside. I was just looking atthem. he was giving herwild fuck that surprised me. he is awkwardfew time ago he wasnervous. then he lie on floor & took her ontop of his dick &penetrated her hard. she was screaming,shouting.. making varousnoises. I was jealous. I cant stay here in thismood anymore. I wentout to a way of my home. but I feeled goodthat her video is stillwith me.Next day in college classroom. I met him.Iasked “how was it” he feelshy & looked at her. she was with her friendsgroup. she also lookedat us & smiled. he said “you dont know afteryou went they bothattacked on me. they shared my dick. theymade me cum twice-thrice,they made me tired. but that my firstexperience was awesome”. I wasjealous of him. I got angry & said “that’s allbecause of me… I willtake returns from you for that”.I saw her on street after college. she cametowards me with giggling in orhanlı escort herlips. she shake her hands over my hairs &said with fun ” poor boy” thatmade me angry again. when she was going I waslooking at her bouncing ass.I became c***dish & said in mind “I wantthat”. in that night in sleepI dream that I was fucking her. when I wakeup I found that myunderwear is wet by cum..after few days in college, during recess time.I was moving toplayground from class because everyone wasoutside. I saw her roamingin college building talking on phone with herboyfriend. I followedher from behind looking at her bouncy round ass.there was a silencein the building & favourable climate. inbetween she looked behind &noticed that I was there. I went closer &closer to her & when shedisconnected the phone, I grabbed her frombehind & took her insidethe nearest computer room, where all lightswere switched-off. she wassilent during this time. she touched mygrabbed hands & her soft asstouched my dick. this made it erect. I closedthe door & opened allthe windows. she understood what I want. Iplayed her video toblackmail her. but she came infront of methrowed my mobile aside &moved her hands over my chest. that mademe feel good. she said “youare damm hot” . I kissed her lips & startedsqueezing her boobs for along time. she said “we just have 20 minutes.after that recess willend. do it fast. what ever you want. I removed her clothes quickly & started sucking her nipples, while at the same time I was fingering her wet pussy. her moaning excited me to do more & more, but I have to control. I dont wanna repeat prevous mistake. after that I lifted her left leg in my hand & started penetrating her pussy by both standing. now we both were in sex world, unaware of outside world. she asked me tepeören escort while moaning “you liked that…”I said “I liked your tight pussy. Its wonderful fucking in sunlight”. after that I took her both legs on my shoulder & made her sit on table & started penetrating her both holes one by one..best part of her is her soft boobs. I can squeeze it whole day & still my mind will not be fullfilled. I was squeezing it in between & she was enjoying the way I was doing. after that I took her doggy style on floor I was holding her ass & was fucking hard & faster & faster then after I bend forward on her back & took my body posture same like her & continued the same with full exitment. now we both were moaning. .suddenly someone knocked the door. due to that our mind got distracted & with uncontrol, without my intention I cummed inside her. she looked at me & said smiling “such a hot cum”. I rushed to wear my clothes. well… computer sir came 5 minutes early. that’s a problem. I wear my clothes quickly & she was busy on my mobile. I got angry on her & said “that sir is banging a door & you are busy on my mobile”. i took my phone from her. then she started wearing her clothes & I was just enjoying looking at her, being careless about banging door. after all finally I opened the door. sir understood what we were doing. afterall we took so long to open a door. he came inside & said “I will not reveal anything outside provided she must have sex with me”. she said hesitating “ok”. she grabbed my hand & took me outside quickly. now we were on a way to a classroom. I said with jocking “you are very horny. with how many more men you are gonna fuck. she said ” mind your tongue. I will not do that with him” I said “but…” she said “he cant prove about us & on what basis he is gonna reveal”. we reached class. I sat on a bench peacefully. when I took my mobile I found that she deleted her video. shittt…!! now I have to convince her in future for sex. but I was happy that after a long frustruation.I was FINALLY SATISFIED.

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