Finally We Meet

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The sun is warm on your shoulders as you walk down the beach, eyes scanning the dunes. “God, what am I doing here?” you ask yourself, for about the thousandth time since your plane touched down. The question hasn’t kept you away, though…just made you question your own motives. Not that there was any doubt about that either. The one word kept popping up in your mind: LUST. What else would take you away from your home, your husband, your new grand-daughter? You smile to yourself.

“That’s it,” you say aloud. “I’m head-over-heels in lust!”

“That’s good to hear,” comes the voice from behind you. You turn to face the voice, and your face breaks into a broad smile as you recognize me.

“You sneak!” Your arms open, and I step into them, pecking your cheek as I do. You feel as good as I knew you would…as good as you always did, in my fantasies. This has been a long time in coming, and we’re both so ready for it. I pull back after the first hug, wanting to kiss you, but wanting to look at you as much as possible, for as long as I’m able. Your face enthralls me…your little half-smile, so hesitant, so hopeful, entices me. How many times have I looked at that shot of your face while IM’ing with you?

“So you were able to get…how many days?” I ask, hopeful for at least a week. But I see your little frown, and I kiss it, wanting to stifle the answer I know is coming. You kiss me back, glad, for a moment, not to have to tell me. Your mouth is wonderful against mine…our tongues meet like old friends, and begin to embrace each other as well. Finally, after immersing myself in your presence, I leave your lips.

“I’m afraid I have to leave in the morning,” you say, and the words cut into me like knives. “I can’t be away from home more than 2 days, and the travel time…”

I put my finger against your lips. “Don’t even say it,” I whisper. “I understand.”

This has been our legacy, since we met: stolen moments, always in a hurry, fearful of discovery. I decide to make the best of it, and I smile down at you, pulling you even closer. Your body molds itself to mine, and our lips meet again.

“We need to make the most of our time,” I say, stating the not dead yet izle obvious.

You giggle, and say, “I was hoping you’d remember that.” Then, you allow me to lead you through the dunes to the small cabana on the other side. It takes not even a minute before we’re in the room, but we’re both out of breath, heady with anticipation. Anxious…

As I shut the door, I turn to you. The room is spartan, boasting only a small dresser, a table, and the bed. The bed is the only piece of furniture either of us cares about, and you settle onto it, watching me. I see your eyes travel up and down my body, taking me in. You smile when I catch you.

“Like what you see?” I ask, and am rewarded with a comic lick of your lips and a big, wide grin.

“Good enough to eat!” you proclaim, then you laugh nervously. Your laughter is infectious, though…as I knew it would be. I play it straight, staring at you as though you’d said something wrong. When your laughter suddenly subsides, I take your hands in mine.

“Promises, promises,” I say softly, with more than a hint of lust in my voice, and step into you. I take your wrists in my hands and move them around behind your back, where I encircle both of them in one of my hands. My mouth goes to yours again, and we kiss deeply, hungrily. You spread your thighs as I insinuate one of my own between them, and you can feel my hardness against you. Our breathing escalates into harsh gasping, bodies grinding against one another, your wrists twisting in my grip, anxious to touch me.

“Not yet,” I say, and place my mouth against yours again. I want to spend hours kissing you; to prolong this as much as possible, for I know that once we give in, we’ll unleash our desires on one another like tornadoes. At least, with my lips against yours, I can taste you…feel your heart beating through your lips. I know that as soon as I begin to touch you, the fantasy will give way to reality, and as sweet as I know that will be, it will have to end, and too soon.

Before long, however, the moment arrives. I release your hands, and they go to my waist, pulling me even closer. My own hands cup your ass as you obi wan kenobi izle stand, and I grind my cock against you, lifting you to your tiptoes. My mouth clamps over the side of your neck, and I stroke my lips against your skin, licking up to your ear and back down. Then I feel your hands go to the front of my jeans.

We separate slightly, and my hands rake up your back, taking your top with them. I pull it completely off over your head and toss it carelessly aside. Then, unsnapping your bra, I let it fall as I reach for your breasts. The nipples are already hard, standing out proudly, thermometers of your passion. It must be hot in here!

I feel you release the snap of my jeans, then slide the zipper down. They slide easily off my hips as you tug, as I’ve worn no underwear, and suddenly I spring free, pointing straight at you. As you pull the jeans down over my calves, you settle to your knees in front of me.

I step out of the pants you’ve discarded, and watch as you reach for me. Your hand grasps me possessively at the base of my shaft as your lips part, and I begin to disappear into your mouth. Oh, god…your mouth is so hot around me! I watch your face as you concentrate on filling your mouth with me…deeper, into your throat I slide. Your tongue washes over my cock, bathing it in your saliva, stroking it lovingly.

Jesus! I’m afraid I’ll come already! I try to slow my breathing, my urge to stroke madly in and out of your mouth, but you’ve got me so excited I can’t concentrate on anything but the sensations you’re producing. I’ve got to pull out, I think madly, to delay this, but the feelings you’re bringing out in me are just so overpowering!

I endure all that I can, then I pull myself from your lips and take you by the shoulders to pull your to your feet. I want to feel your breasts in my hands again, to bathe the nipples with my tongue, to taste their sweetness. I brush them with my thumbs, and they get even harder. A sigh escapes your throat, and your hands go to the waistband of your own jeans. You tug at the zipper. You’ve tasted my cock, and now you want it inside you, as do I.

First, though, I want ├Âl├╝m zaman─▒ izle to feast on the softness of your body. I take first one, then the other nipple between my lips, stroking the tips with my tongue, sucking and nibbling. You hold onto my upper arms and lean back, reveling in the sensations. Your pussy, now naked except for the tiny thong panties, rubs hungrily against my leg as you step out of your pants. I work my way down your body with my mouth.

When I go to my knees, my face at your crotch, I look up at you and smile. Your face is contorted in lust, your body thrusting itself against my face. So sexy! I lower my head and fasten my mouth against the cotton-clad surface of your mound, and begin to lick. You groan loudly and your legs spread, urging me on. I lick feverishly at the cleft your lips have made in the material, and listen to your little purrs of delight.

My hand snakes up between your legs to grasp the back of your thong, and I pull roughly up, eliciting another groan. Your pussy is now clearly outlined against the sopping material, and I attack it anew. I can taste your salty sweetness through the cloth…smell your desire, and it overwhelms me.

In one fluid motion, I rise to my feet. Pulling your panties to one side, I lift you with one hand around your waist, and settle you down over my throbbing cock.

“Oh, god, baby,” I groan, as you engulf me, your hot wetness washing over me. “You feel so good!”

Your legs wrap around my ass, your arms clutch frantically at my neck, and I begin to kiss you again, as I pull you up, then let you settle onto me again. Up…then, down again…each time feeling the tight slickness of your sex as it wraps around me. Our movements quicken, and we both give in to the urges we’ve held out on for so long. Our tongues dance wildly in each other’s mouths, our breathing becomes ragged gasps, and suddenly it comes…

There will be many more hours of this pleasure, but for now, this is the only moment that matters. As I thrust wildly up into you, I feel your pussy tighten around me. My own climax races upward, eager to merge with your own. In one earth-shattering moment, we come together, my husky groans mingling with your throaty growls; the sounds of two animals in heat.

Later, lying in a heap on the floor, we caress each other’s faces, and vow to make this happen another time; another place if necessary; for we are destined to meet again, to once again slake each other’s hunger for the other…

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