First Annual Battle of the Sexes Ch. 01

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I lived in a fraternity when I was in college. I really had no choice as my older brother was a member when he was in school here. But no big deal. No one made a fuss over Brad’s younger brother, Tom, me. So it was cool. At least I had somewhere to eat, sleep and dump my books.

We weren’t one of the ‘jock’ houses so we weren’t necessarily high in the pecking order when it came to socials and stuff like that. In fact, I think we were actually snubbed by some of the sororities because we weren’t. In retrospect, that probably saved us the agony of putting up with some of the witches that tended to populate those groups. For them, social status and looks were major reasons to date or not date someone. We didn’t have the social status that they were looking for, and looks, well, at least we weren’t too ugly!

During my freshman year, I got to learn the different functions of the fraternity. Like any organization, we elected officers for our fraternity and had a president, vice president, etc. Unique to a fraternity, we also had chairmen for other things, one being a social chairman. The Social Chairman’s job was to put together social activities for our house. Preferably with members of the opposite sex! That was a definite mandate.

Well, my freshman year sucked as far as socials were concerned. The hot sororities were not interested in us. So we were kind of left high and dry for the year. Our fraternity elections were held in May just before the school ended and I decided to take a stab at being the Social Chairman the following school year. Everyone thought I was stupid but they figured that there was nothing to loose so I ended up with the one job that no one wanted! Well, I had some ideas that I wanted to explore but didn’t want to tell anyone in case they fell through.

Summer vacation came and went and we were back in school. As you can tell, my summer vacations left a lot to be desired! It was just work as much as I could in order to earn enough money so I could enjoy the school year.

With school started, I needed to jump in the saddle and get going as Social Chairman. So I called up and made an appointment with the Social Chair of one of the lesser known sororities. I figured that they probably have the same sort of challenges that we had, only from a different point of view. So the idea was to approach them one by one until one of them went for my plan.

I made an appointment and then met with Sandy at the Chi Omega house. They were about the same size as our fraternity and not high on the social ladder so I figured that I might have some success with them.

Sandy greeted me in their front room of their house and led me upstairs to her room. She stood about two or three inches shorter than I was. She was a brunette and had a very cute face. Not big on top but what she had fit her very well. Slim but not skinny. She was dressed in a tank parallels izle top and a pair of shorts which showed off her long legs and her curves.

Sandy and I met and talked, and sure enough they also had some challenges in putting together a social calendar that they liked. We sat on the floor of her room as I outlined my plan.

“Sandy, what do your women like to do?” I asked.

“Well, parties are good. Doing things are good. Going places that are interesting are good.”

“Anything else?”

“I don’t know. Did you have anything in mind?”

“Well, how outgoing are your women?” I wanted to gauge how receptive they might be to doing things outside of the norm.

“I think some of them would be game for almost anything. And some of them wouldn’t. I guess it depends,” she replied.

“Ok, I think that mirrors our group of guys. What I’d like to suggest is that we team up for the year and provide social activities for our members who just want fun things to do as well as things that might be over the line for some. And let them pick and choose.”

“Sounds interesting. But what sort of activities were you thinking of?”

“Well for the group that just wanted to do fun things, we could go bowling, have fun nights with games and refreshments, and maybe go on an excursion or two to the beach or whatever.”

“Sounds ok,” she replied.

“Yeah, but it’s kind of tame don’t you think?” I responded.

Sandy smiled, “yeah, a little. But safe. So what did you have in mind for things over the line?”

“Before I say anything, I’d like to ask how you felt about doing something ‘over the line’?”

“Well, that depends on what it is and with whom.”

“Well, say it’s with someone you know fairly well and like. How would you feel?”

“If it’s someone I know and like, I think I might be interested. If it’s with someone I really like, then yeah, almost anything.”

“Well, let me outline this for you. I haven’t really thought out all the details however this is the general idea.”

With that I started to outline how we would start off the year with socials at least twice a month, to enable our members get to know each other and get comfortable with being with each other. Couple of dinners at each other’s houses, play nights at least twice a month, and an excursion to the coast just before Thanksgiving. So by the end of the first semester, our members would know each other fairly well.

Then if that worked out, we would offer a more ‘over the line’ program for those interested. I termed it the ‘Battle of the Sexes’. Sandy laughed and asked for more details.

“Promise you will let me finish and not slap me, ok?” I asked.

“Hmmm. Well ….. , ok, I promise.” she replied.

“Well, we would have to be selective about who is involved because what I have in mind will turn off some paul t goldman izle people.”

“Ok. And?”

“Well it would involve pitting your women and against my men in various activities or events to see who would win.”

“That doesn’t sound very ‘over the line.'”

“No, but there will be a twist to it that might not go well with some.”

“Oh, like what?”

“Well for instance, what do you think of an event where contestants had to blow up 20 large balloons…”

“What?” she interrupted, laughing. “That’s no contest.”

“Hey, let me finish.”

“Ok, but this better be good.”

“Ok. Any way, each contestant would have to blow up 20 balloons however, the guys would have to do it while the gals gave them blow jobs and the gals would have to do it while the guys ate their pussies. The first group to blow up their balloons wins.”

I watched Sandy as her faced turned red. I thought, ok now I’m labeled a pervert and will get thrown out! She stood up and started to pace the room. Hmm, she’s actually thinking about it.

“Tom, that would only work if the guys knew how to eat pussy, and the girls knew how to give blow jobs.”

Sandy floored me! She is actually buying this! Cool!

“Well, it might give each house a reason to practice so that they would be good at distracting their opponents.”

“And I know that some of our women are real sluts and would jump at this!” she smiled. “But I think they would want to know if your guys really know how to eat pussy.”

“What can I do to prove that we would at least try hard?”

Sandy smiled and got up and locked her door. “Well, maybe you could give me a demonstration.”

Sandy smiled and began to unbutton her shorts as she walked over to her bed. As she sat down, she kicked them off and beckoned me with her finger. “Let’s see what you can do.”

I didn’t need a second invitation! I started just above her knees, kissing and licking her thighs as I slowly made my way up one leg then the other; stopping short of her panties each time. Sandy had laid down on her back by now and was rubbing her tits under her shirt. I could smell her sex as she became excited. Her femme de odor was intoxicating and made me more excited!

I could see that the crotch of her panties was becoming damp so I kissed it about where I thought her clit might be. Sandy groaned and held my head in that position momentarily. When she relented a bit, I slowly slid her panties to the side and started to lick the lips of her pussy, greedily drinking in her moisture. Sandy’s groaning became louder as I parted her pussy lips and began to fuck her with my tongue.

“oh …… Tom …… oh …….. feels so good …… yes ……” Sandy was in orbit.

She started to hump her hips as if she were fucking my face. I slid her panties off and grabbed midnight at the pera palace izle the cheeks of her ass, latched on to her clit with my lips and then gave it a slow, hard lick with my tongue! Her thighs tightened around my head as Sandy tensed up and groaned loudly! “Shit!” she screamed before she tensed up one final time.

As she relaxed her hold on me, I moved up onto her bed and wrapped my arms around her and we kissed. Sandy laughed as we broke that first kiss, “I can smell myself on you.”

“I know and you smell good to me.” I replied before kissing her again, this time searching for her tongue with mine. As she responded, I played with her pussy with my fingers, stroking her clit softly and slowly.

“Fuck me Tom, I need you in me.” she said softly.

My clothes were off in a second, I was so excited. Sandy whipped off her top and bra at the same time. As I laid back on top of Sandy, she grabbed my cock and gave it a couple of strokes before placing me at her opening.

“Protection?” I asked.

“On the pill and I’m clean. And you?”

“Not on the pill but I think I’m clean also. No one for about a year.”

“Funny guy! But I like how you eat pussy. I think I’ll keep you around.” she smiled then closed her eyes as I starting to descend into her. Sandy’s pussy slowly opened up to me as my cock relentlessly bore down into her vagina. The sensation was amazing!

I tried to detach myself from the fact that I was having sex with this beautiful and sexy woman! I wanted to prolong our enjoyment and make sure that it was memorable for Sandy. I tried to keep my pace slow with deep strokes, and rubbed my pelvis against her pubic mound each time that I bottomed out. It apparently worked as Sandy had two orgasms in quick succession before she became the aggressor and flipped me on my back and started to hump me rapidly!

“Shit! So good Tom! So good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in me! Cum in me! SHIT!” she screamed before she came a third time, arching her back and slamming her pussy down into my crotch as she trembled! I sat up and hugged her as she came down from her high! Then I laid her on her back and began to thrust rapidly into her to satiate my hunger for her! That set her off again!

“Harder! Harder! Yes! Oh! Oh!” Sandy came again just before I plunged my dick as deep as I could into her pussy and unloaded a bucket of my cum into her womb! It felt so satisfying, so good to cum inside of Sandy!

I rested on top of Sandy with my deflated cock still partially embedded in her pussy, Sandy’s legs were wrapped around my waist to keep me inside of her. We kissed several times, appreciating each other.

“I think I could go with your balloon blowup contest only if I get to choose my own partner and he stayed with me all year.” she smiled as she began to flex the muscles in her vagina. “I think I’d want him to know my pussy well so he could do a good job.”

“I like how you think. Perhaps that could be made an option for participants?” I replied as I felt my cock respond to the contractions in her vagina and begin to harden! “Besides, I think I’ll need the practice, don’t you think?”

“Shut up and just fuck me!”

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