First Fuck Together

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All I could remember during the whole dinner was my raging hard-on and me fantasizing about the evening to come. Steve and I had been on a few dates; however, we haven’t had the opportunity to sleep together. We’ve seen movies together, had dinner, and discussed books, but nothing inherently sexual. Both of us had the weekend off and were free from obligations so tonight was naturally a good night for us to take things to the next level. Every few minutes I’d catch myself with an erection while admiring his 6′ figure and caramel colored skin. I couldn’t wait until seeing the contrast of his tall dark body next to my shorter thinner white body.

Dinner was finally over. On the way out of the restaurant he lightly swatted my ass; which promised a fun night. It only got better. He started his car and before he put it in gear he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. The kiss started out soft and playful but became harder and more intense. In my life I’d been fucked by men, I’ve sucked on cocks, and I’ve been sucked off, but I’ve never full blown made out like this. He broke the kiss and told me to wait. He had to drive us back to his place. The drive seemed to take forever. All I could think about was getting close again. I wanted to feel his body and I wanted him to feel mine. escort izmit

Finally we made it to his apartment. He led me to his couch and gently pushed me down; I pulled him down with me. We began kissing again; this time hard and intense from the beginning. I was on my back and he was in top kissing me and running his hands up my back and sides. He kissed my throat which made me moan out loud. My cock was throbbing mercilessly in my jeans. Our cloths had to go. I started pulling his shirt off over his head. I gasped between kisses as I looked at his chest. He didn’t have a lot of hair and his stomach was nicely toned. Not surprising he removed my shirt and started running his fingers up and down my chest and stomach. The feeling of his chest against mine was simply indescribable. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed to see and feel his cock. I first placed my hand on his crotch to feel his throbbing member. He let out a soft and sexy moan. I unzipped his pants and started pulling them along with his boxers. Immediately I saw his dark 8″ cock pop out. He did the same thing to my pants. We both laid there naked with our cocks standing at attention between our bodies. Kissing another person had never been hotter. The feeling of a man’s hard cock pressed against your izmit escort stomach feels unbelievably sexy. I wanted more than naked kissing though. I started playing with his cock. He already had a nice collection of pre-cum dripping on my stomach. As I played with his cock he sat up and pushed of my legs aside and put his finger on my ass hole. He started massaging it as we kissed. Slowly he pressed his index finger in. I replied by pushing my ass towards his finger. When his finger was all the way in he began rubbing my prostate. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, and dry humping him. I had my arms wrapped around him tight as he fucked me mercilessly with one and soon two fingers. I felt an orgasm build up and my humping got sporadic. Both of our stomachs were slick with pre-cum, happily sliding around. Just as I felt myself peaking he pulled his fingers out.

He got up on his knees and I looked him over. I don’t know if it was love or lust but looking at his dark, chiseled chest, thick arms, and sexy smirk created an almost perfect feeling. Then I noticed his cock. It seemed to grow from all of the excitement; it was slick and shiny from the mixture of his and my pre-cum, the head was purple, and his entire beautiful cock was throbbing. izmit kendi evi olan escort My ass felt empty and I wanted him to fill it. He moved forward and placed his cock at the now gaping entrance to my rectum. I winced in pain as the head of his cock popped in, but I wanted his entire length. He slowly fucked me with just an inch of his cock; just until it started feeling good, then two inches, then three. Finally he was using the entire eight inches of his manhood on me. My hands were all over his body, and I was gyrating my hips to his slow, but deliberate fucking. I don’t know how long it went on but we kept touching and kissing. His rhythm changed he would slowly slide out and then quickly thrust and pound his hips against my ass. Each time he did that I let out a moan. Mu cock was rubbing his stomach in such a way that I was building an unstoppable orgasm with each thrust he made. Finally we both hit the point of no return. He started moaning into my ear which set me off. I bit into his shoulder as my cock finally exploded between our slick bodies. My orgasm seemed to go on for minutes. I would shoot a stream each time he would do a power thrust. Just as I bit into him I felt his cock expand and release a torrent of semen into me. He finally emptied himself.

We laid there exhausted covered in sweat and cum. His cock got limp and slid out of my ass. I felt a tickling sensation as his cum started trickling from my anus and pooled between my cheeks.

Since we were so messy we decided to go shower…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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