First Time With The Guys

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Bbc Slut

I never expected to be writing something like this, but I guess sometimes life takes a person into unusual places. A short time ago I had an experience that was very strange, but enjoyable as well—and it seems as though it would be of interest to the community here.

I had occasion to be visiting another state where my ex-fiancé and her family still live. Carol and I had been together for a number of years and I got to know her family well. There were several avid golfers in the family, and we used to play together a lot.

To make a long story short, I had let Carol know that I was in town—there were some business items that we had to take care of and it seemed like a good idea to get those done while I was in town. She was her usual bitchy self.

As we parted she looked at me and smirked, “I’ll let Dave and Rick know you’re in town. They may want to see you for a round of golf.” I let her know that would be fine with me.

She just laughed and said, “I’m sure you’ll get a lot more out of it than you did before.”

I had no idea what she meant, but didn’t worry about it. Dave was an older man and Carol’s stepfather, but he had always been great to me. Rick was married to Carol’s step-sister, and was also a great guy.

Later that morning, Rick left a message on my phone. They weren’t playing golf, but they were going to get together to watch the final round of the Masters tournament. They invited me to stop by for a “guys only” day before I headed home. I decided to swing by for a brief visit on my way out of town.

When I arrived at Rick’s large house, I was surprised to see Philip (Carol’s adult son) and a friend of his were there too. I immediately wondered if I had made a mistake. Philip and I had been quite close, and he had taken my breakup with Carol pretty hard.

Rick and Dave put me at ease right away, and made me feel very welcome. I was very happy to find that they were still cool, even though Carol and I had had a messy break-up. Even Philip was very friendly, giving me a big hug before introducing me to his friend, Tyler. They had met playing hockey together and how were college roommates.

We went upstairs into Rick’s “man cave”—big-screen TV and the works, and watched the computer feed of the early part of the tournament while we waited for TV coverage to start. “Watching,” of course was about 10% watching golf and 90% chit-chat as we got caught up with everyone’s lives. We also started drinking gin and tonics, which got everyone pretty relaxed too. We started teasing each other in the good-natured way that we always had, and I soon felt very much back at home.

After about half an hour, Dave redirected the conversation by saying, “Well, Mike, it hasn’t been the same around here since you and Carol broke up. Everyone’s house is a lot quieter now.” Everyone laughed and told me that family weekends had been entertaining since Carol and I had sex pretty frequently and she was very loud. Dave and his wife Janice had a very nice house on the beach, and the family would gather there regularly on holidays. Apparently Dave and Rick had heard Carol and me going at it at one point or another—and Philip told about how he got to hear us at home on a regular basis. I joined in the fun for a bit, and the conversation drifted on to other sexual things—mostly frustration with the wives’ lack of interest in sex.

Dave’s wife, Janice, was Carol’s mother and she still went for sex on occasion, but not nearly as often as Dave would have liked. Kathy, the wife of Rick, was not much interested in sex at all anymore and mostly approached it as though she were servicing her husband. Both Kathy and Carol had been violently opposed to pornography—Carol always got pissed off when she found out that I masturbated to porn, even when we were separated for long periods, and she and Kathy would share their disgust about it.

Apparently, though, Janice had talked with Kathy and got her to understand that if she wasn’t that interested in sex, it was a good release for Rick to service himself and enjoy his girlies. Janice and Dave had come up with that arrangement and it worked for them. I chimed in that since I was now single, my porn collection had grown significantly. Philip and Tyler listened intently as we older guys shared our secrets about masturbation and pornography.

During a lull in this conversation, Dave casually said, “Maybe we could see a bit more about what we’re talking about. Are you guys ready for a little variety in our viewing?” Without waiting for much response, he fiddled with his computer and a soft-porn strip video began playing alongside the golf. I laughed and asked what was up.

Rick explained that they had begun getting together years ago to watch sports “and other stuff” while the women hung out by the pool. Carol had let Philip come along at first “to get it out of his system” and he just continued to come, eventually bringing his friend Tyler along too. They all laughed and Ankara bayan escort said that it had become a good “male bonding” ritual to watch sports and porn. Rick’s house was large enough that it was no problem to find places to “finish up,” as they called it. One of the back bedrooms overlooked the pool, so occasionally they would jerk off while snooping on the girls in their bikinis.

The video continued and the girl on the screen now was masturbating. After she brought herself to a moaning orgasm and squirted across the bed, Rick asked what we’d like to see next. I was getting a little turned on and a lot uncomfortable, and started to say goodbye—I had about a six-hour drive ahead of me. The guys were a disappointed that I wanted to leave, though, and they earnestly asked me to stay. I finally relented. Having just reconnected with some formerly very good friends, I didn’t want them to feel like I was running out on them. And the sexual atmosphere that was going on intrigued me.

Rick chose a nice lesbian scene as the next round and we watched the golfers play “Amen corner” while two cute blondes played with each other. As the girls moved into oral sex, Philip turned to Tyler and said, “This is a really good jack off video,” and they both laughed. He was right—the girls were really cute and were sensually kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. I was getting hard, even with the other guys around.

Rick got up to refresh everyone’s drinks, and as he brought them around he made absolutely no effort to conceal the enormous erection in his shorts. Philip said, “Gee, Uncle Rick, you’re really hard.”

Dave responded, “We all are, son, it just that Rick is better blessed than most of us.” Everyone laughed. By the end of this video, the other guys were rubbing their dicks through their pants. I was startled to see that Philip and Tyler were sitting together on the sofa, making no effort to keep their legs from touching. From time to time they would reach over and rub each other’s cocks through their pants. I looked at Rick and saw that his huge member was poking out from the leg of his shorts. He just looked at me and winked.

Dave said, “Mike, you’re the guest here, so I think you should pick what we watch next. What do you like?” I explained that I was probably not a great choice since I mostly enjoy watching girls smoke. They were mystified by this and asked me to show them. I went over to Rick’s computer and found “Fusswhip” on YouTube and put on my favorite video. That didn’t do much for them, but of course I really enjoyed it and the guys watched fascinated as I got turned on. They asked me what she was doing that I found sexy, and wanted to know more about my smoking fetish. While Rick put on another strip video, we talked more about what aroused us and that increased the level of general horniness.

Rick then said, “Well, Dave’s pick should be last for this round, so I think it’s up to you, Philip.” Philip chose a cumshot compilation that featured some incredible blowjobs.

After a couple of minutes Rick just said, “Fuck, it’s time for me to get started.” He just slipped off his shorts and began stroking his cock with long, slow strokes, milking out the precum to get himself lubricated. Within a minute or two the other guys all undressed and started beating off slowly.

I hung back, but Dave came over to me and said softly, “Do you need some help?” I was beyond caring about who was around, and the sight of the guys stroking their rampant erections was a real turn-on. I was surprised at how excited I was getting, since I’ve never been interested in sex with another guy. Finally, though, the sight of Dave standing in front of my slowly stroking himself got to me and I undressed and joined in.

Rick stood up and came close to me so he could watch. He looked intently at me and said, “Oh fuck yeah. I used to listen to you fucking the shit out of that little bitch Carol and wish I could see your cock. It’s nicer than I imagined.”

Philip and Tyler walked over and Philip chimed in, “Ever since the time Rachel and I saw mom blow you I’ve wanted to see your dick again.” Tyler played with Philip’s ass and whispered into his ear and they both giggled. “Yeah,” said Philip, “I wished I was the one blowing him instead of mom.”

Then Rick said, “Carol told us that your tastes had changed and that you’d probably fit in to our little club here.” I asked what he meant by that and he explained, “She said that you broke up with her because you liked fucking guys.”

I realized then that the bitch had set me up. “No,” I explained, “I have a new girlfriend and we’re going to get married. I think Carol just wanted to make sure that I was the bad guy.”

Dave smirked, “No one really believes a word of what that little whore says anyway. But we thought it might be fun to include you on our guy time anyway. We still fuck the ladies whenever they’re in the mood. This just lets us take care of our needs Escort bayan Ankara beyond that.”

I laughed and said, “Well, if you can’t beat ’em—er, beat off with ’em, I guess.” And everyone laughed. By now, Rick had put on a video of a threesome with two guys and a girl. The guys plowed into the girl from every angle, with some nice cock-to-cock contact as well. The girl made each guy assist with the cumshot for his buddy. As we watched that, Philip and Tyler began feeling each others’ balls as they jacked off.

I felt myself become rigidly erect. As I began to stroke myself, I glanced around and saw that the other guys were starting to get more into it, too. Rick was working his hand slowly up and down his massive tool, using a twisting motion as he reached his head. Philip and Tyler were jerking themselves with quick, nervous strokes—stopping and starting to tease themselves. They were facing each other and were touching each other with their free hands—roaming over each others’ bodies and focusing on their partner’s testicles as they jacked off.

Rick went with a nice blowjob compilation for the next show. This one, though, mixed some guy-to-guy action in with the heterosexual offerings. A cute blonde girl sucked an older guy’s cock, making him groan loudly before unleashing his sperm. The next scene was a young guy blowing the same older man. This time the older man stared intently at his partner as the young man sucked him expertly. Soon the older cock was twitching. Unlike the girl video though, the young guy skillfully brought his partner to a softer, but deep, shuddering orgasm. The man moaned softly, and we watched his buddy’s cheeks and throat work as he swallowed the entire load.

Dave’s cock was twitching, too. Since he was standing next to me I could see the precum oozing as he jacked himself. He was fixated on the scene on the screen, but leaned in so the head of his cock was brushing against my face. As he stroked, he deposited a streamer of precum along my cheek.

Rick said, “Dave, come over here, and I’ll show Mike what we do at this point.” Without saying a word, Dave just moved over to Rick and proceeded to anoint him with precum as he did me. As he made his next stroke, he held the skin back tightly as Rick turned his head and took Dave’s tool into his mouth, sucking it in deeply. Dave’s eyes closed and he put his hand on Rick’s head, guiding further down his aching shaft.

“Ahh, fuck,” he sighed, “I love the way you blow me, Rick.”

Rick gave him a slow, steady blowjob as the action on the screen continued to unfold. A glance over at the sofa revealed Philip laying back with his eyes closed as Tyler’s head bobbed up and down on his penis.

Rick removed his mouth from Dave’s cock just long enough to put on some new porn, this time a nice compilation that featured multiple couplings of men and women in various permutations. None of us, however, were watching the screen anymore. Dave was gazing intently at Rick’s hand and mouth working his cock. I heard Philip groaning, and looked over to see Tyler’s head bobbing faster as he began inserting a finger into Philip’s twitching anus.

“Your stepson is about to blow,” grunted Dave as he fucked Rick’s face. Rick freed his mouth, using his hand to rapidly jack Dave’s cock.

“So is your father-in-law,” Rick laughed.

A brief grunt then a shout drew my attention back to Philip. Tyler had removed his mouth from the young cock and was jacking it off as Philip began shooting into the air. Dave’s face set as he watched, and I saw his body begin to grow tense.

I looked up at him and asked simply, “Can you do that?” as Rick removed his mouth and began imitating Tyler’s furious jacking. It only took a second before the streams of semen burst forth from Dave’s throbbing penis, splattering onto Rick. Rick and Tyler milked their partners dry and Dave and Philip relaxed with satisfied smiles.

After a moment, we all realized that there were still three throbbing cocks that needed attention. Dave turned and walked over to me, but Philip gently pushed him out of the way. “Please, Uncle Dave, I want to do this, ok?” he asked softly. Dave just smiled and nodded. Philip looked over at Tyler and asked shyly, “Is it ok with you if I do him?”

Tyler giggled and said, “Well he’s your step-dad…or at least he almost was, I guess I won’t be too jealous.” He and Philip both laughed. Then Philip knelt between my legs and looked up shyly.

“Gee, I guess I should ask you too. Is it ok, Mike? I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time.” I was really touched, and just smiled and nodded. I was astonished at how hard I had become and how much I wanted his mouth on me.

Philip took my erection in his hand and gently stroked it a few times, then he deftly swirled his tongue around my head and eased his mouth down my shaft. As he created the suction, I was surprised at how much firmer he was than Carol—then I realized that I was in a man’s Bayan escort Ankara mouth. That became even more obvious when he began blowing me in earnest—the firmness of his grip, the intensity of the suction and the perfect speed of his stroke made me realize that he knew exactly how to get the most out of a cock.

Soon, I felt my head swell inside his young mouth. Philip sensed it, too, and began working me more firmly. I glanced over to see Tyler standing in front of Rick. As Rick sucked him off, Tyler’s ass worked back and forth. Dave knelt behind them and began to play with Tyler’s ass and Rick’s balls before swallowing Rick’s twitching erection. Philip focused my attention back to him by stroking my balls very gently, then sliding his finger back to my asshole.

As with so many of our activities that day there wasn’t much preamble. Philip swallowed the entire length of my cock as he eased his finger into my ass. The combination caused my body to tense and lift up out of the chair. Philip never missed a beat as his finger expertly found my prostate gland and began to make slow circles on it while exerting a gentle press/release action. I grunted and faintly heard Rick say, “Shit, Mike’s blowing into Philip’s mouth already.”

“Ahh fuck, I am,” I groaned as I felt the first shot burst from my aching dick. I grabbed Philip’s head and held it down on me as I shot several powerful spurts into his mouth. I heard only gulping sounds as he swallowed it all, then he slowly eased his mouth off of me and sat back on the floor.

“That was fun,” he said with a big smile, “Did you like it, Mike?”

“Oh Jesus, Philip. It was amazing,” I said sincerely.

Philip nodded toward the other three guys. “It looks like Tyler and Rick are headed to where you just came from,” he said softly. I looked over just in time to see Tyler’s ass twitch as his semen began to shoot. Rick’s cheeks bulged, then he began to swallow. Tyler’s ejaculation was so strong, however, that some escaped from the corners of Rick’s mouth and splattered down onto Dave’s bobbing head. Tyler finally finished unloading and stepped back. Rick released his cock and gazed down at Dave’s mouth as it quickly brought him to the brink. Tyler knelt down and began to kiss Rick passionately, and, after just a few seconds of that, Dave was receiving a generous offering from his male lover.

After Rick finished, we all relaxed for a minute, and as we did so I began to realize what had happened. Now that I wasn’t worked up, I started to feel very awkward around these naked men, especially since I knew them so well. Rick left and returned in a few seconds with some luxurious bath towels that he passed around so we could wipe up and cover up a bit. Once everyone had done that, he put on another movie and came over to me.

“I hope you’re ok with everything, Mike,” he said softly. “I think we’re all really happy that you joined us, and we all hope that you feel good now.”

“I’m not sure,” I replied honestly, “I’ve never really thought of gay sex before, much less with guys that I know well. It’s a lot to process.”

“Well,” chimed in Dave, “I don’t really think of it as gay sex. I really enjoy sex with Janice, but this is a good outlet for me. She doesn’t have as strong a drive as I do, and I do like just having an afternoon with the guys from time to time. It’s really brought us closer together.”

Philip came over to me and gave me a big hug. “I’m really glad we could do that,” he said softly, “I’ve been wanting that for a long time.” He was so sweet that I couldn’t help smiling.

“I’m glad you liked it, Philip,” I replied. “I did too, really. It just takes a little getting used to.” He came over and hugged me awkwardly. I stood up, so we could hug properly and we embraced warmly, holding each other for a long time. I began rubbing his back, and he just relaxed against me. Although we had towels wrapped around our waists, I could feel his penis begin to harden again. I continued to rub his back, and he sighed deeply.

I looked around and saw Tyler, who had regained a huge erection, come over to Dave. “Hey, dad,” he said softly, “could you help me out?” Dave took Tyler’s face in his hands and kissed him, then began kissing his way down the younger man’s body. Soon, he had the young cock in his mouth, and was eagerly blowing Tyler. After a short time, Tyler pulled away and knelt down so the and Dave could kiss some more.

Philip reached down and began stroking my ass. “Could I kiss you, Mike?” he asked shyly.

I was pretty grossed out at the idea, but I thought it would make Philip happy, so I said “Ok, Philip. I’m not sure that I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a try.”

He smiled and began kissing my neck, then worked his way over to my mouth. Soon he was giving me a solid kiss. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, so I continued to kiss him back. After a few seconds, he slid his tongue into my mouth and we were in a full-fledged French kiss. I was astonished to feel myself become fiercely erect. I grabbed Philip firmly and pulled him to me and felt our hard cocks rub together. We continued to French deeply as we pulled the towels away and began to stroke each other’s rampant erections.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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