Forced To Worship GILF Legs

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I had just finished up my five-mile morning run, when David pulled up, a local young man who does carpentry work in my little town. Being a divorced older woman, I needed such help from time to time and he’d come recommended by others.

I watched the young man get out of his truck, a handsome stud to be sure, in his early 20s with shaggy blonde hair and a lean, muscular body showing quite nicely in his tight white t-shirt and snug jeans. I smiled. I’m no slouch myself, despite my age, 64, but very well preserved, standing a lean and sinewy 5-foot-6 and weighing a pretty solid 130 pounds. Granted, I have the usual sags and wrinkles of a gal my age, but with my short, silver-blonde hair and flashing blue eyes, and I must say a killer pair of long, tanned legs, I do attract my share of notice from men.

And David noticed. His eyes followed me up and down as I stretched my long, ruggedly muscled legs on the steps, my post-run ritual, and noticed him fidgeting as he watched and spoke.

“Uh, hi, Mrs. Bellows, I’m here, to, uh…fix those…kitchen cabinets you called about,” he stammered.

I smiled sweetly and turned to face him. “Good enough, young man, follow me. You don’t mind if I do some work while you do?”

“No, not at all,” he said.

He puttered on his hands and knees behind me in the kitchen as I sat at a nearby table, after kicking off my sweaty sneakers and leaving my dirty socks on, facing away from him, working on my laptop. I didn’t hear any noises, but paid it no mind. Until I turned to see what he was doing and noticed him tucking his cell phone into his pocket. Odd, I thought, but continued to work. A few moments later, I looked again and sure enough, he was pocketing his phone.

I smiled. The little bugger was taking photos of me, of my legs, as I sat on the stool, my feet on the rungs, my silky white shorts riding high on my freckled, sexy smooth thighs! It had to be, but I had to find out and a few minutes later, when David excused himself to use the bathroom, I looked on the counter where in his tool belt, was the phone.

I picked it up, got to his photos, and sure enough, there were shots of my long, tanned muscular legs! He’d shot mostly my calves, they were the most visible, and I had to admit, they looked good. As I sat with my feet on the rungs, they balled up the muscles above my little white socks, all bulging and hard and quite sexy. I was far from insulted by the invasion of my privacy and had to admit, very turned on by knowing a young stud like David was clearly aroused enough by an old lady’s legs that he’d go through all the bother to take photos of them!

I put the cell back and puttered at my computer, waiting for him to return to work, and sure enough, he was at it again, long moments of silence in which he was taking photos. I ramped it up a bit, and pulled the hem of my knee-length shorts up to expose my long, tawny thighs, turning them to the sides as I worked. I swore I heard David groan as I did, and sure enough, he was taking izmir escort more photos!

Now I’m far from a dominant sort, but this situation called for a little control. I cleared my throat.

“David,” I asked sternly. “Just what do you intend to do with those photos of my legs?”

Silence. I could almost hear his shame and the wheels turning in his brain.

“David,” I said calmly, turning on the swivel stool, crossing my legs now, exposing the long, top shin, with calf muscles flared around the front, looking at him as he knelt with a frightened look on his face. “I may be old but I’m not stupid. I checked your phone. Now, what are you going to do with those photos, young man?”

He stammered and stuttered, blurting out, “I…I’m sorry Mrs. B…but your legs…they’re so hot! PLEASE don’t tell my boss, please, he’d be so pissed…I’m sorry…please…”

“You haven’t answered my question, young man,” I continued. “What are you going to do with those photos? Is it sexual, is that it? Are you going to go home, look at them on your computer and…masturbate to my legs!”

His face went beet red.

“You disgusting young man, you’re nothing but a pervert aren’t you, snapping photos of old women’s legs for your…your jerking off pleasure!” I barked in mock anger, barely able to keep from laughing at his nervous fidgeting.

“Please…,” he groaned, looking anywhere but at me and my legs inches from his face. “Please…Mrs. B…”

“We must work something out David, I can see that,” I sighed. “Tell me: What is it you like about my old legs? Is it the tanned firm flesh? My calves seem to attract you the most, is it the muscles under that old, wrinkly skin? Or is it my feet? Are you a foot man, David, do you like Mrs. B.’s sweaty feet in her damp, nasty socks?”

He blinked and stared at me. Clearly, I’d hit home and left him unable to say a word!

“Well now,” I smiled darkly, “I think we’re onto something here…”

For a long moment of silence, I let the possibility hang in the air as I slowly bounced my right leg as it crossed the left, the muscle flaring, the skin flowing over it.

“Smell that foot,” I said with a throaty growl, pointing to my right socked foot. “Get over here, put your nose to Mrs. B.’s nasty foot and smell her little, sweaty white sock!”

He blinked, mouth agape, staring at it. Gulping, he shuffled over and put his nose close to it, inhaling.

“Closer, David,” I growled. “Put your nose right ON my sock and smell!”

He obeyed, closing his eyes, groaning as he took a long, deep whiff of my very stinky foot and sock! This was too much, I’d never done anything like it and could feel my pussy moisten in my shorts as I did! I watched and listened as this gorgeous young stud, a good 40 or more years younger than me, inhaled the rank vapors of my sock and foot that had been stuffed in a dirty old sneaker moments before!

“Look at my calf and shin as you smell,” I snarled. “What do you see?”

“I…I alsancak escort see dark, sexy skin…muscle…muscular calf…oh, GOD, Mrs. B., you have such beautiful calves!” he gushed.

“Yes, yes I do,” I smiled, arms crossed watching him smell my foot and gaze up my shiny, dark shin above my sock. “Now…lick. Lick my sweaty sock and suck my toes through it! DO IT!”

He moaned like an animal and lapped at the sweaty fabric of my sock, tonguing the toes, then the instep and then taking my toes into his mouth and suckling them, his eyes closed, his tongue washing over them! It was crazy, it felt SO good, my pussy was on fire as I watched this young man worship my dirty foot! I had to have more.

“Now lick up my shin, above my sock, alllll the way to my bony old knee, do it now, David, lick up that salty, sweaty skin!”

He obeyed again, his long, hot tongue tracing over the shin bone and up to my knee and then back down again, lapping like a dog, moaning like one in heat! This was just getting good.

“Now around the side, lick the flare of hot calf muscle meat around the shinbone, I want to feel that hot tongue lap up every salty drop of sweat from my run!”

Groaning, he put his tongue to the calf muscle, licking and sucking and slathering it with his oral devotion, digging it into every sexy, salty old wrinkle and fold of crinkly flesh, massaging the muscle beneath with the tip. The boy was good, very good, and I felt my pussy tingle all the more.

I shook his face away from my leg and spun my stool back around, putting my feet on the rungs, balling up my calves in a fierce bulge of GILF muscle.

“Now put your head through the opening in the stool and lick my calves, boy,” I hissed darkly, amazed at my own tone of voice. “I want to feel that tongue bathing my thick muscles, I want you to lick it long and hard, run your tongue up the big vein you see there!”

He groaned more loudly and obeyed again, pushing his head under the stool and starting to lick up the back of my calf, just above my short, white sock, tracing his tongue up the bulging vein there that fed the muscle of the calf above, then running his tongue up the thick swell of flesh, devouring the salty tang from my morning run.

I couldn’t believe how hot this was making me and couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned to face him, my legs slightly spread, my long, muscular thighs tensed and flaring, and put my feet on the floor.

“Lick up the side of my calf now, you see that furrow there, where the muscles in front and back separate?” I growled, pointing. “Put your tongue on that hot, wrinkled old flesh and lick, boy, lick!”

He moaned loudly and dove in, running his tongue into the deep crease of my sexy old calf, digging into the hot, moist flesh and sucking up the sweat. I was going crazy now, putting my hand into my shorts and fingering my hairy pussy watching my young stud slave devour my sexy leg!

“Now, up here, lick Mrs. B.’s hot, GILF buca escort thighs!” I snapped, pointing to my upper legs, all freckled, smooth and creamy, with a hint of muscle beneath.

David was beside himself with eagerness now as he licked up over my knees to my waiting thighs, suckling huge mouthfuls of the salty, freckled, soft meat into his mouth, his tongue hotly running over the mounds of flesh filling his lips. I frigged my pussy harder, with more urgency now, feeling my orgasm building as the young man’s head moved over my thighs, worshipping them.

“I think you need to pay attention to the BACK of my powerful thighs, young man!” I growled, standing up and turning, the long, lean backs of my legs exposed to the frantic, panting young man kneeling behind me. “Lick, boy, lick the salt and sweat from Mrs. B.’s thighs!”

“Oh, GOD YES MRS. B.!” he cried out, holding onto my thick calves and ramming his anxious face to the hard warmth of my hamstrings, running his tongue up from the backs of my knees to the hem of my little white shorts, slavishly devouring ever sexy, saggy inch of them as his strong fingers massaged my muscular calves.

“That’s right, don’t ignore the calves, boy, knead those tired muscles,” I giggled, fingering myself harder and harder as my slave stud slobbered over the thick sag of my GILF hamstrings.

I finally shook him away, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him over to the couch, then tearing my shorts off and sitting, my meaty legs spread, a huge wet spot on my white panties. I smiled darkly at him as he watched me pull aside the fabric, exposing my hairy, wet pussy and the lips within.

“Make me cum, stud,” I hissed, pulling his face to my moist quim and slamming my meaty thighs around his ears, squeezing him, holding him tight as his tongue lashed out, burrowing through the matted hair and drilling itself up my wanting hole. “FUCK YES EAT ME!!”

I screamed in pleasure as he devoured my hairy cunt, squeezing his face in my thighs, my calves locked and resting on his back, my hands cupping his head, pulling him so deep into my gushing chasm he screamed in pain, my legs crushing him, my pussy smothering him into near unconsciousness, but I couldn’t stop, I was cumming too fast, too hard, cumming more and harder than I ever had in my life and by the time I finished and finally opened my powerful thighs, David slipped out to the floor, barely awake, his face flushed and covered in my woman cream.

I smiled down at him, standing to pull my shorts back on, returning to my laptop. Slowly, he recovered and staggered back to the cabinets, whimpering like a dog.

“But…but what about…”he weakly asked.

I turned to face him, flashing my thighs and calves at him, which he stared at hard, a huge bulge in his tight jeans.

“Perhaps later, David,” I cooed, shaking my legs at him, the soft fleshy thighs quivering tantalizingly, taking his gaze to them. “After you’ve done your work…”

He finished his work, moaning as he did, casting looks back at my GILF legs, and when he was done, stood obediently before me. I turned to face him, legs flashing.

“Get your cell phone out, David,” I purred, reaching for his jeans and unsnapping them. “I think you’re gonna get some even better shots now!”

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