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Freewill 504: Part 7 Fun and Games


Freewill 504: Part 7 Fun and GamesFreewill 504: Part 7 Fun and GamesMe and my two roommates sat quietly in our room studying. For me this wasn’t an unusual way to spend a Friday night, especially so deep in a semester, but for Carol and Jessica, it was a rarity indeed. Usually their idea of studying included the stereo blasting and the television on at full volume so it could be heard over the music. This was doubly strange since it was a Friday night. They never stayed home on a weekend night. I sipped at my Diet Coke and continued to flip through my Chemistry book. It was probably ten minutes later that I heard my first peep out of either of them.”Hey Melissa, did you want another Diet.” Asked Jessica”Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.” I answered, never looking up from my book.She returned several moments later with my drink and put it on the table next to me. It was a couple of minutes before I reached for the can. Jessica had opened it for me and I took a sip. It tasted really sweet for Diet and I had to look at the can to make sure she had gotten me the right thing. It was a Diet Coke. I just assumed that it was probably regular that got canned as Diet. Over the next half an hour I made great progress in my book as well as finishing my drink. I looked up a couple of times and couldn’t figure out why Jessica and Carol were always looking at me. It didn’t bother me, and the only reason I had looked up was because I had heard them having a very soft conversation. I probably spent another five minutes in my book before Jessica began.”Hey Carol, you feel like going out?””Yeah, what’d you have in mind?””A few friends of mine are having a party tonight.” Explained Jessica”That sounds good, I don’t think I could study anymore tonight anyway.”I had to laugh, this was more than I had seen her study in three semesters, and all in one night. After my momentary pause to laugh to myself, I buried my face back in the book. I only read a few words before Carol began.”Hey Melissa, you wanna go with us?””Nah, I think I’m gonna pass.” I answered, it was my usual answer when it came to going to parties. I was not much into drinking and I knew if was a party they were going to, they would probably be getting high as well. They were just both things I tried to stay away from.”Yah know, we’ve been roomies for three semesters and you’ve never gone to a party with us.” Explained Jessica”I’ll go next time.” I assured them, like I usually did.”You’ve been saying that for 3 semesters too.” Carol was quick to point out.”Finals are coming up and I need to study.” I answered”You can study tomorrow night. Tonight you want to go with us.” Jessica continued.”Fine!” I answered, much to my own shock. Why the hell did I just agree to this? I know I didn’t want to go. I chalked it up to peer pressure as I put down my book.The three of us went to our rooms and got dressed. It only took a few minutes since they told me the party was outside. I wasn’t going through anything special. I walked back out into the living room and waited for them to come out. Both of them were dressed similar to me, shorts and a T-shirt. I stood up and while I did, Carol began.”You wearing the Melissa armor?” she asked”Yes.” I answered. She was referring to the bodysuit I usually wore when I went out in shorts and a T-shirt. They always made fun of me for it but it’s the only way I felt comfortable going out dressed like this. My problem was my breasts. I was in the neighborhood of a D cup, bordering on a DD. With the rest of my measurements being more suited for something closer to an A or B cup, I felt like I looked very disproportioned. They made me very uncomfortable because of their size and by wearing the bodysuit, it didn’t make them seem as large.Quickly we were out of the building and pulling away in Carol’s car. It was about twenty minutes later that we pulled it a fast food joint. I didn’t know we were stopping for food. It wasn’t until we parked all the way in the back of the nearly empty lot that I realized that we weren’t here to eat. It was at this point that they informed me that the party was of the outdoor variety. I followed them out of the car and we walked into the woods behind the restaurant. There was a trail through the woods. I wasn’t crazy about sneaking into the State Park, especially to drink, that wasn’t the kind of thing I wanted on my record if we were to get caught. I told myself that I didn’t want to stay long and I limited myself to two beers. I was not going to spend the next day throwing up and laying in bed with a hangover.”Hey Melissa, you ready to have fun?” asked Carol”Oh yeah.” I answered, less than enthusiastically. I really wasn’t even sure why I was here.”You’re not going to let your hair down for one night?” asked Carol”Not tonight.” I answered. “I’ll probably have couple of beers, I just don’t feel like getting blown out tonight.” Who was I k**ding, usually two beers and I was feeling pretty good, I thought to myself.”Tonight Melissa, it’s gonna be different.” Answered Jessica”Nah.” I answered quickly, I wasn’t going to allow myself to be pressured into drinking.”Tonight, you wanna drink, you can’t wait to drink. You won’t even care what it is or how much.” Explained Jessica”Fine.” I answered. Let her think I’m gonna drink. Maybe now they’ll leave me alone about it.”As a matter of fact, tonight I think you should just have fun. You’re gonna do whatever Carol and I do.” Jessica continued.I didn’t even reply this time, but strangely enough, a nice cold beer did sound good right about now. We walked a little further, before Carol stopped and took a bottle out of her bag. She uncapped it and took a sip, then passed it to Jessica. Once she completed her sip, she passed it to me. Usually I would have said no, but I accepted the 40 of Bud and took a long sip. It tasted really good and reluctantly, I passed it back. It went around a few times before it was kicked. She tossed the empty away and we resumed walking.It was less than five minutes later that we came to the party. It was not the raging gig that Jessica had claimed but 4 guys sitting at a picnic table with a couple of cases of beer and a bottle of whiskey. She introduced me to all of them and the three of us sat down. Dan, Chris, John and Ken all seemed really nice and with the 7 of us there was plenty of conversation. I probably had three beers while we were sitting there and I was mad at myself for going over my limit so quickly. I could already feel my head getting fuzzy and I was finding it difficult to concentrate on the conversation as it raged around the table. The meandering conversation drew to a close a few minutes later when Chris asked the three güvenilir bahis of us if we wanted to have the drunk girl games.I wasn’t crazy about the idea especially if it involved drinking and the way I was feeling, I didn’t know how much I wanted to be moving around. Jessica and Carol were really into the idea and for reasons beyond me, if they were willing to play, so was I. I knew both of them had drank more than I did, but their tolerance was much higher, so the 3 of us were probably about even.”The contestants need to rise.” Began John.One by one the three of us stood. I wasn’t too wobbly, but I wondered how I would be doing after drinking the beer I had just opened for myself. Once we were all standing, Chris began.”The rules for the games are simple. There are four events that each involve drinking, but before drinking, you will have to do something else first. The four events are the on and off, the drop 2, the spin and the obstacle course.”It didn’t sound too bad so far, I thought as I absently sipped at my beer.”The only other rules are, the winner of each event gets to choose one article of clothing from the losers to remove. In certain events, the second place person also gets to choose something from the last place person.” Finished Chris.Oh no, I thought, I was not going to be part of any stripping game. Especially in front of 4 guys I just met. I kept telling myself that as I listened to Chris explain the first event.”The first event is simple. The three of you will start at the picnic table over there.” He paused to point to one about thirty yards away. “When I say go, you have to strip, run over here, drink your shot, run back and get dressed. The first one back here is the winner.”There was no way I was going to be doing any of that. Maybe Jessica and Carol got their jollies running around naked and drinking, but it was not my idea of fun. I told myself there was no way I was going to be part of this public humiliation. I kept telling myself that, even as Jessica told me I was going to play. I still steadfastly refused, but nonetheless followed them over to the second table. When we got there, Jessica began.”I don’t wanna do this.””You gonna play and play by the rules.””No.””Let me explain something to you. The Diet Coke you drank at home had a d**g called Freewill 504 in it. For three hours or so, you will do everything you’re told to do. You will be aware of your desire not to, but you will do it anyway. If I told you to, you would strip and walk over to the guys and tell them if they can catch you they can have you and you’d do it.””So you will play. You will do what you’re told and whatever happens, happens. Understand.”I stupidly agreed. I looked blankly around, unsure of what inner motivation I had for doing this. The three of us lined up next to each other. I looked over at where the guys were sitting and could barely see them. I knew they could barely see us, but obviously they could tell we were ready because I heard one of the guys yell go. I was sure I wasn’t going to do this, but immediately I began to remove my clothes. Jessica and Carol were able to get undressed much quickly since both of them were wearing only shorts and T-shirts. One quick push down and both of them were naked from the waist down. The removing of their tops was just as quick. On the other hand, I was quickly out of my shirt and shorts but I wasted a lot of time stripping off my bodysuit. Once it was removed my bra and panties were quickly off. By the time I started running over to the other table, Jessica and Carol were already there. It was awkward running, since I had to keep one arm across my chest to keep my breasts from flopping everywhere. I reached the table and grabbed my shot. Quickly I drank it down and started away. I think the guys were disappointed that they didn’t get to see my breasts, but the way I felt about them, it was much easier for them to see my bush. By the time I reached the table where my clothes were, Jessica was already dressed and Carol wasn’t far behind her. I dressed as quickly as I could, but I ended up finishing way behind the other two girls.”Jessica is our winner!” Proclaimed Ken.They gave her a short round of applause before Dan began.”So Jessica, as our winner you have to make a choice. You get one thing from Carol and one from Melissa.”She clapped for herself before beginning. “Carol, you’re gonna take off your shirt.”The guys clapped for her as she stripped off her shirt and tossed it on the table. She didn’t appear to be the least phased at standing there in her little blue bra.”And for Melissa. “Continued Jessica. “You need to take off your shorts.”I thanked God for that as I pushed them down to the ground. I picked them up and tossed them on the table with Carol’s shirt. I didn’t feel to bad about that, since I was still wearing the bodysuit, they really couldn’t see anything. John picked up the T-shirt and shorts and tossed them into one of the empty beer cases. I was ready to get to the next event, when Chris began.”Since this was the first event, this is one of those times when the second place person also gets something from the loser.”There was more applause.”Cool.” Added Carol. “Well Melissa, since that thing gave you so much trouble during that event, I think you need to take off your bodysuit.”Shit! I yelled in my head. I quickly removed my shirt and set it down on the table. I pushed the shoulder straps down my arms and quickly slipped my arms out, not yet letting the bodysuit drop off of my breasts. I realized there was no way I was going to be able to keep myself covered and get the thing off so reluctantly I used both hands to push it down. The guys seemed pleased at seeing my large breasts, even though they were still covered by my bra. Quickly I pulled my shirt back on and ended the show. My bodysuit ended up in the box with my shorts. If nothing else, at least I had started out with one extra thing, so losing two kept me even with Carol. I just hoped they were going to give me my clothes back when we were done. That was a little something that we hadn’t talked about. My thoughts about that were cut short when Chris began explaining the second event.”The rules for the drop 2 are as follows. Starting at that table over there.” He motioned to one about 10 yards away. “You will remove two things, run over here and drink a beer, run back and get dressed. The winner is the first one back.”Damn! I cursed to myself as I tried to think about what two I would be taking off. I really didn’t wanna do this anymore, but I followed after Jessica and Carol as they walked away. We got situated at the table. I was feeling a little woozy from the shot canlı bahis and the running around and I wasn’t sure how much more I was going to be able to drink. I looked at the other girls and realized that they had me at a disadvantage. I knew they could both get their shorts and panties on a lot quicker than I could get whatever two I choose on. I didn’t have much time to think about as I heard one of them yell go.I quickly pulled off my shirt and bra and ran toward the other table. Once again my arm was keeping my breasts concealed. The three of us arrived at about the same time and sat down. I tried my best to keep myself concealed, but they did get to see a hint of my breasts as I opened my beer. The four guys were quickly over to the side of the table we were on. I was drinking as fast as I could when I felt two hands grab onto the sides of my breasts. I yelled hey, but I also noticed that Jessica and Carol were getting the same treatment. Obviously they felt they could have their way with whatever parts we left uncovered. I didn’t waste any more time complaining about it. My biggest concern was finishing my beer and winning. The hands fighting to fondle my breasts moved my arm concealing them away and they went to work on them in earnest. I motivated me to drink faster. I was the first one done and as soon as my bottle hit the table the hands let go and I got up. I ran back to my things and arrived there a few seconds ahead of Jessica. I tried to get my bra on quickly, but Jessica was able to get dressed faster and I finished second. It took Carol a long time to finish her beer and get dressed. We waited until she arrived before Jessica began.”All right Carol. I guess you need to match, so take off your shorts.”Without hesitation, she pushed down her shorts and tossed them across the table to Ken. She made no effort to conceal her slim body as she stood there in her matching bra and panties. He deposited them in the box. All eyes turned to me. I began lifting my shirt until Jessica stopped me.”I had something else in mind for you. Take off your panties.”Oh my God, I thought as I gripped the sides of them. I was completely embarrassed as I slid them down and tossed them on the table. My shirt hung down covering most of my bush, but it was still visible. My panties went in the box with the rest of my clothes. My head was really spinning now and wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to finish this. Chris explained that the final two events would be over at the playground and with that said we gathered everything up and moved over there. We set everything on a table under the pavilion that was about 25-30 yards from the playground. We walked over to the playground before he explained the event. The guys were having their fun with me as we walked, pinching my but and slapping me on the behind. When we got there I stood over by the girls so the wandering hands couldn’t reach me.”The third event goes like this. The three of you will start out on the merry-go-round, we’ll spin you around a few times. Once it stops you have to run over to the pavilion, drink a beer and run back here. If you fall down, we’ll help you up.”I had a bad feeling about this event. I was already wobbly and I felt like I was going to get sick if they spun me around. Even so I joined them on the merry-go-round and waited. I hung onto the hand holds and they began to spin us. We only went around 5 times, and I quickly jumped off and started for the pavilion. I made it about one step before I crashed to the ground. The entire world was spinning out of control. Two of the guys pulled me up to my feet and steer me in the right direction, but not before copping a feel between my legs. There was no way I could run, so very slowly I staggered toward the table. Jessica and Carol weren’t setting a lightning pace, but they were still outdistancing me. I sat down and grabbed my beer. I was relieved that my breasts were left alone since I was wearing my shirt, but nonetheless I felt very awkward when I felt the hands move between my legs. Jessica and Carol were concealed, so I had the attention of all 4 guys. As hard as I tried to keep my legs shut the combined effort of the 4 of them managed to get them open. There wasn’t enough room between my legs for all their hands, but the ones that were in there were having an effect. I found it very difficult to drink my beer, as three hands rubbed up and down my wet slit. I nearly spit out my beer when I felt the first finger slide inside me. I tried to ignore it. I needed to win this event. I didn’t want to take anything else off. Jessica was done first and Carol shortly after her. I finished a few seconds behind them and started back toward the merry-go-round. I passed Jessica, who had fallen and was having trouble getting up. Carol finished first and I was second again. Jessica arrived with the guys a few moments later. Carol had her arms extended in victory when they arrived.She didn’t waste anytime in having both Jessica and I remove our shirts. I covered my bush with my hands, and kept my other arm over my breasts as we walked back to the pavilion. Our shirts were placed in the box with the rest of the stuff. The guys said they needed to get the obstacle course set up and while they were gone the three of us sat there and waited. Even with them out of sight I was completely humiliated. I looked at Carol in her underwear and Jessica sitting there only missing her shirt, then down at myself in a bra that was very tight on me and nothing else.”Are you having fun Melissa?” asked Carol.”No.” I answered. “I wanna put my clothes on and go home.””Will you relax.” Urged Jessica.We sat in silence from that point on until the guys returned and told us the course was ready. We walked back over to the playground and Chris explained the obstacle course.”The obstacle course is as follows. You’ll run from here to the sliding board. At this point you can either do a shot or take something off. Once that’s done, you climb up and go down the slide. From there it’s over to the monkey bars. Once again, you can either do a shot of take something off. Once you’re across that, it’s through the tubes. But before you do, we have an ice cold beer waiting for you, unless you wanna remove something. The last thing is going up and over the see-saw. And at this station we will be offering shots, or the option of removing something. First one back here is the winner.”There was no way I could do this. I was way too drunk already and the thought of more drinking scared me. I had this feeling that I was going to pass out. I thought about saying I would just take my bra off now and skip the event, but for some reason I bahis siteleri felt compelled to participate. I knew I was going to lose, but I had this desire inside me to play by the rules. Chris informed us that the guys would be along the course to help us if we needed it. I took this to mean that they were going to feel us up at every opportunity. The guys moved out onto the course and once they were in position, Ken said go.The three of us ran to the sliding board. Jessica already had her shorts off and was quickly mounting the steps. Carol and I both did our shot and I was second to the top. I had to go down very gingerly without anything on and at the bottom I dashed for the monkey bars. I was really wobbly when I got there and immediately Dan put a shot in my hand. I didn’t wanna do it, but I wasn’t taking my bra off. I downed it quickly and climbed up onto the bars. I only made the first two before falling to the ground. Dan and Ken helped me, taking advantage of the situation to grope at my concealed breasts and feel along my crotch. I got back and tried again, this time with them holding me up and feeling me I made it across. Jessica was already past the tubes, having shucked her bra, and skipping on the beer. Carol had also taken that approach and left her bra behind. I didn’t want to, but I knew I was going to lose it anyway, so I removed my bra and climbed into the tube. The tube was about 15 feet long and on all fours I crawled through it, my breasts, swinging wildly as I did. I came out and the three guys helped me to my feet. Which involved a lot of feeling of my now uncovered breasts. I put my hands over my breasts and moved to the final obstacle. Again, Carol and Jessica had removed clothing, to bypass the shot. Both pairs of their panties were left on the ground. It didn’t matter that they were finishing naked since all the guys were still on the course with me. I did my shot and started up the see-saw. I got toward the center and tried to gently get it to drop over. My balance was terrible and it went over quickly and I crashed onto the soft grass. Immediately all four guys were on me, trying to get me up while squeezing and pinching me. Once I was on my feet I staggered back to the starting point.The guys went back around the course and gathered up our things. Once they returned they handed everything back to us. I didn’t even bother putting my bra on since I was going to be losing it anyway. Carol was the winner and for that she took my bra and Jessica’s shorts. Both of them slipped their bra and panties back on and we moved back to the pavilion. My bra and Jessica’s shorts went in the box with everything else. I had myself covered, but I really wanted my clothes back now.”Can I get dressed now?” I asked. I felt myself sway a little and quickly I sat down. The world was spinning wildly around my head.”We don’t get dressed until it’s time to go.” Carol informed me”Then can we go.” I asked. I was no longer concealing myself. Both of my hands were on the sides of my head.The guys helped me to my feet and assisted me in sitting down on the table top. They gave me a beer and for whatever reason I began to drink it. One guy took up position on either side of me and two were sitting on the bench in front of me. It was only seconds before their hands returned to my body. My legs were open and both guys on the bench were caressing me. One centered on my clit and began to massage it gently. The other traced along my wet lips, before working his finger inside. Needless to say the guys sitting next to me were busy at work on my breasts. My nipples were rock hard and the twisted and pulled at them. I tried my best to drink my beer, but it was impossible. Jessica and Carol said they were going to go to the bathroom, and as much as I wanted go with them, I couldn’t say a word. I was so aroused that I felt like I was going to cum at any second. I watched helplessly as the girls walked away.”Hey Melissa, do whatever they want.” Yelled Jessica.Once they were gone they guys laid me back on the table and turned me so I was laying longways. They dropped one of my legs off of each side of the table. I was powerless to stop what was about to happen. I did not want to do this, but I never uttered a word of protest. The hands that were groping me stopped and I felt one of the guys climb on top of me. I couldn’t bear to open my eyes. I felt his lips press against mine and his tongue forced my mouth open. Quickly he was inside me, driving me down onto the table. Thankfully he didn’t last very long before he came. He pulled out right before he did and sprayed his cum all over my belly. I felt his weight get off of me and I waited for what I knew was going to happen.The second guy knelt over top of me and put his penis between my breasts. He squeezed my breasts together and moved in and out. I wanted to die. I couldn’t believe I was letting hit tit fuck me. He took much longer, and it felt so sick when his cum sprayed on my neck and chest. I thought to myself, only two more to go. I tried to get up, but I simply couldn’t move. The third guy grabbed my hand and pulled it onto his cock. He told me to stroke him and very slowly I did. It was the first hand job I had ever given, but I thought of much worse things they could be doing to me. I moved my hand faster and faster up and down his member. He only gave me a slight warning before spewing all over my breasts. I dropped my hand at my side and wondered how the last guy was going to violate me. I felt them pull me up and the last guy knelt in front of me and pushed his penis toward my mouth. I hated oral sex, but I wrapped my lips around him anyway. Very quickly I had his entire member in my mouth. I worked my lips back and forth over his cock. The only thing going through my mind was not wanting to swallow his load. Thankfully he didn’t make me, but it was just as bad feeling it splatter on my face. Once he was done they let me lay back. Carol and Jessica returned a few minutes later and looked at my cum covered body sprawled out on the table.”Hey Melissa.” Began CarolI mumbled a very weak “What?””Did you cum?””No.” I slurred”We can’t leave until you do.” She continued”Please, I wanna go.” I begged.”Masturbate for us, then we’ll go.” Jessica addedThere was no way in hell I was going to do that. I had been humiliated enough for one night. The next thing I knew, like it had a mind of it’s own, my right hand was between my legs. My other hand moved onto my breasts and rubbed the cum on them around. It wasn’t the first time I had masturbated, but it was the first time in public. It made it difficult to cum, but when I did it was a biggie. Cumming was the last thing I remembered.I woke up the next morning with dried cum all over my body. I thought about what I’d done last night and I was mortified, but for some reason in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to go next week.

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