Fun in the X-Ray Room Ch. 02

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Hi I am back with the new encounter in the X – ray room, remember Sunil had lots of sex in the last episode. Someone suggested that such type of ailment does not exist and that the story was fake, let me tell you that Sunil is in fact suffering from coccydyma in medical term.

O.K. so let get on with the fresh sex encounter of Sunil.

Sunil went to the hospital again after two days around 9.00 PM and found it empty. Sunil went to the reception and waited for someone to come and attend to his X – ray. When no body turned up, he walked towards the X – ray room, the corridors were deserted and no one was around. Sunil came to the door and pushed it to open, but it seems the door was locked. Sunil tried the handle but when nothing seemed to open, he simply started walking back. Just then the X – ray room door opened and Aksh yelled him to come back. Aksh told him that he was eagerly waiting for Sunil. He pulled Sunil inside and locked the door from inside. Aksh asked Sunil to remove his cloths and lie down on the X – ray table and close his eyes. Saying this he went inside the dark room. Sunil took off his cloths and lied down on the table closing his eyes and awaiting Aksh’s hand to massage and arouse him. Just then he felt a pair of hands on his chest.

The hands started to close on his nipples and squeezed them and cupped bursa escort his small but firm breast. With this tinkling of his nipples and breast, Sunil’s cock sprung to full erection. The hands started their downward trend and reached his cock. Then one hand guided Sunil’s free hand towards the cock. When sunil realized that this cock was slightly smaller then Aksh, then he opened his eyes and saw another boy of similar height near him. He turned his face to see where Aksh was, seeing Sunil in dilemma, this other boy told him that Aksh is developing an X – ray film and shall shortly join in the fun. He introduced himself as Abhishek. Sunil was bit annoyed at Aksh to put him in this situation but could not do anything except compromising with the circumstances as he was thrilled with the idea of having group sex.

Abhishek then turned Sunil to face down and started to lick him with his tongue from back to down towards his ass. On reaching the tip of sunil’s ass, Abhishek stopped and pulled out the jelly from nearby shelf and applied on the anus. The Abhishek started to poke his one finger inside sunil’s ass. Slowly he pushed his second and third finger inside Sunil’s anus. Sunil enjoyed the act. Meanwhile aksh came out of the dark room and seeing both the boys in action, was immediately aroused. He started removing his cloths bursa escort bayan and told Sunil that he will have more fun then last time. He introduced Abhishek as the other X – ray guy, whose duty starts after Aksh’s end. Since Abhishek came early, Aksh told him about Sunil and proposed him to join in the fun to which Abhishek agreed. Both knew that each other were gay and so agreed to share the booty (Sunil).

Aksh put his cock near the mouth of sunil and slowly pushed it inside. Sunil just could not gobble the thick, long and swollen penis of Aksh as he was busy concentrating on the fingering of Abhishek, but Aksh pushed it hard inside sunil’s mouth and started in out motion of his erection. He groaned with ecstasy and continued pumping his long cock into sunil’s throat. Sunils enjoyed the act of finger fucking in his ass and cock fucking his mouth.

Aksh then asked Abhishek to switch places. Sunil was asked to lean on the edge of the X – ray table with his hands taking support of the table. Abhishek stood with his back resting on the edge of the table between Sunils’s hands. Sunil’s face just touched his crotch. Sunil’s ass hole waited inviting Askh to put his erection inside. Both Aksh and Abhishek put their cock simultaneously inside Sunil’s ass and mouth. Both started moaning and pumping in sync.

After escort bursa some time abhishek also wanted to put his cock inside sunil’s ass and aksh did not want to let his cock out of sunil’s ass, to which Aksh asked abhishek to wait and let him come but abhishek who was on the height of excitement, could explode anytime wanted the ass immediately.

Aksh then suggested having both the cocks inside sunil’s ass at one go. Aksh scoot up on the table and had Sunil kneel astride him and lower hole onto the thick dong of Aksh. He asked Abhishek to come up and fuck the bitch. Abhishek placed his cock head opposite Sunil’s hole with Aksh’s erection already right up. Abhishek said here it comes and thrusted his swollen member into sunil. Sunil screamed and begged them to stop. Sunil shouted that they are tearing him, but they both began to fuck anyway. The two cocks set up an alternate movement so that when one was out other was in and when other was out one was in. Soon sunil enjoyed the act and moaned in excitement. Aksh masturbated sunil to orgasm with one hand and squeezed sunil’s nipples with the other. Sunil started spurting his white liquid on the chest of Aksh.

Aksh was the first one to empty his balls inside sunil’s ass and Abhishek followed soon. Sunil then stood up and started to put on his cloths. Both Aksh and Abhishek planned to do the night shift, so did not bother to dress. Again Aksh told sunil to come back for the X – Ray after 2/3 days and scribbled something on the slip for the reception.

Sunil planned to come back again and have fun with two new boyfriends later.

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