Girls at the Office Ch. 4

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Thomas had originally gone to a meeting with Anne in Human Resources due to his absence but found himself in slightly more pleasurable circumstances. He had just finished fucking Anne when they had heard a noise and seen Melissa standing there watching them as she played with herself. It looked like it was going to be a long meeting…

* * * * *

Melissa moaned as she sucked on Tom’s fat dick. Partly this was because of having a big dick in her mouth but also because sitting the other side of her was Anne and Anne currently had her hand in Melissa’s crotch and was fingering her pussy. Melissa had already grasped hold of Anne’s tits and was gently teasing her large nipples to an erect state again as Anne’s other hand gently pumped Tom’s dick in between Mel’s lips.

Tom was in a state of ecstasy. Having fucked Anne several times already, he was beginning to doubt his ability to get it up again but Melissa’s ministrations were proving to be quite persuasive. Anne was working Mel’s pussy, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of the soft flesh working against her finger. Her own pussy was sore from where Tom had squeezed into her but already it was throbbing with the need to cum again. She looked over at where Mel was sucking and decided to take over.

Grabbing hold of Melissa’s hair, she pulled her off of Tom’s dick so that she could kiss her deeply, her tongue delving into Mel’s throat. She felt Mel’s hand start to work its way down her body as they kissed, tender fingers tracing a pattern over her broad belly on its way to her pussy.

“Eat me,” she demanded as she broke the kiss, “I want you to eat me.”

Melissa flashed her a wicked smile then gave Tom’s cock a brief suck. “Fine,” she replied, “but I want him in me first.”

Tom watched as Anne spread her legs to allow Melissa go down on her. Anne still had a firm grip on his cock and was pumping it into her mouth to stifle her moans. Tom needed no encouragement from either of them as he watched Melissa flick her tongue at Anne’s cunt. Removing his cock from her mouth, Tom knelt down behind Melissa and grasped her firm arse. He ran the head of his cock along her lips, teasing her with it and feeling her wetness. Noticing that she was already slick and ready, he pushed his massive tool into her pussy, spreading wide the engorged cunt lips.

Melissa groaned loudly and blew hot air into Anne’s cunt as Tom slid inside her. Feeling his prick moving in her, she ran her fingers up and down Anne’s cunt and teased her with her tongue. Anne sighed in expectation, both hands grasping konak escort her breasts, pulling at the two clips that had been fastened over her nipples. She could feel Mel’s tongue as it licked her pussy, sliding into her opening and brushing her clit. She’d always wanted to know what it was like with a woman, many had been the time she had fingered herself to orgasm imagining a girl eating her out. Now it was happening and it felt even better than she had imagined. The sight of Tom pumping in and out of Melissa at the same time just added to the excitement. From the look on his face, he was clearly enjoying it as much as she was.

Mel’s cunt was wet and easy to penetrate compared to Anne’s so Tom was able to hold off his orgasm for a little longer than normal. However, watching her eat out Anne at the same time was driving him insane. Not only had Anne drained him of cum twice in one session, she was now indulging one of his wildest fantasies. She locked eyes with him as he fucked Mel, her face flushed with joy.

“Come here and kiss me,” she beckoned, tugging hard on her nipples.

Tom adjusted his position, entering Mel from a higher angle, one which made her squirm in pleasure. He kissed Anne as she leant forward, her tongue invading his mouth like a snake. He felt her hot breath and knew she was close to orgasm. He gripped Melissa’s tits as they swung back and forth, her dainty nipples pressing into his palms. Anne’s breathing became heavier and more laboured and he knew Mel must be hitting the mark down there. He was certain when Anne grabbed hold of him, clinging on for dear life and making grunting noises as she kissed him. Her body shuddered as her orgasm took her, squeezing her thighs together as Mel suddenly peaked too, her pussy gripping Tom tightly as it vibrated to the rhythm of her climax.

Withdrawing himself from Melissa, Tom took a moment to look at the pair of them. Melissa was still sprawled on the floor, her broad body flushed red with effort. Her big bottom was still as curvy and as fuckable as before, her big tits in perfect proportion to her arse. Anne was propped up against her desk, her thighs spread wide and her shaved pussy clearly moist from her repeated orgasms. Above her broad belly, her boobs were red from where she had been playing with them, no more so than on her big nipples where still one of the bulldog clips hung. Her breathing was returning to normal, her first lesbian orgasm clearly better than some of her conventional ones. Determined to give her an even better one and still not manisa escort relieved himself, Tom approached her and helped her to stand.

“Your turn,” he stated and pushed her over onto her desk. The upturned contents of her stationery pots dug into her back as she lay there, her hairless pussy exposed. Without a word of warning, Tom sunk his big dick right into Anne, her lips expanding to accommodate his girth.

“Oh God!” she screamed, loud enough to make Tom and Melissa shoot a look at the door in panic. Even though there was hardly anyone in today, they couldn’t afford not to be careful. Aware of their circumstances, Anne tried to stifle her groans as Tom pumped away but it was impossible. Obviously dicks made Anne very vocal.

“Shut her up!” demanded Tom, looking at Mel.

Searching for a gag of some kind, Mel suddenly came up with a better idea. She approached the end of the table where Anne’s head hung slightly off. Squatting to meet her, Melissa lowered her pussy to Anne’s mouth.

“Eat me out Anne,” she said. “I know you liked me eating you, now it’s your turn. Taste me. Fuck me with your tongue…”

Anne could feel the heat from Mel’s pussy as her dark haired quim came into view. The smell from her made Anne groan in anticipation, and anticipation met when Mel’s lips finally met hers. Kissing the tender folds, still moist from being fucked by Tom, Anne explored Mel’s pussy first with her lips, then by her tongue. Above her she could hear Melissa sigh in response, the thin whine becoming a broader groan as Anne licked her clit, running her tongue over the sweet little hole.

Feeling Anne’s big body squirm under him, Tom looked up to see Melissa smiling broadly at him. She was writhing on Anne’s face, the novelty of breaking in a new lesbian lover clearly exciting her more than the ministrations she was receiving from Anne. Her big boobs were swaying back and forth as Mel moved her hips rhythmically, rubbing her throbbing pussy over Anne’s face, pushing her clit right up against her tongue. Tom leaned in to suck on one of Mel’s gorgeous tits as she worked her way up to her next orgasm. Mel’s response was immediate. She grabbed Tom’s head and forced it heavily into her heaving chest.

“Suck on me!” she begged, “I’m close!”

Smiling as he nursed Mel’s tit, Tom picked up his pace, Anne’s tight little hole pulling his cock, encouraging him to cum.

Anne’s face was smeared with Mel’s juices as she slid back and forth on her. The feeling of Tom’s cock pumping away inside her had already menderes escort triggered a series of minor orgasms as she had been licking Mel but she knew the next one was going to be big. Pinned under Mel’s big body and brought face to face with her wet pussy had already brought Anne to the edge of her senses. As both Mel and Tom picked up their pace, she knew that they must be heading towards their climaxes. The thought of Melissa spilling her juices over her made Anne wince in excitement and redouble her efforts on Mel’s pussy.

It began slowly, rising from Melissa’s legs and spreading outwards from her pussy. The tingling feeling of pure joy as it swept over her, rising to an electric peak that shot through her frame, the force of it making her legs shake, her skin flush and her throat gurgle with an obscene howl. Her thighs bucked against Anne’s face as she pushed her throbbing pussy onto her tongue, Mel’s juices flowing freely from her hole. Grabbing both of Anne’s nipples, she twisted hard as Tom continued his onslaught of her cunt.

“Cum you fucking bitch,” cried Melissa before diving for Anne’s pussy where she sucked on her clit, Tom’s huge member sliding into the crack in front of her. Anne bucked and rocked under the dual force of tongue and cock, the tidal wave of emotion overwhelming her, a gurgling scream that began in her throat causing her to bury her face in Mel’s pussy once more lest the whole office hear her.

“Ugh,” exclaimed Tom as he felt Anne’s orgasm rock through her. Her cunt had tightened up even more as she came, squeezing the life out of his cock. He felt his cock start to tingle, the familiar feeling in his balls that precursored every orgasm. Mel saw his dick twitch and grabbed him.

“Not there!” she gasped, “here!” indicating her mouth.

As his orgasm hit, Tom wrenched his cock from Anne’s throbbing pussy and stuck it straight into Melissa’s waiting mouth. Pumping a huge load of cum straight down her throat, Tom’s dick spasmed and jerked, Mel sucking his load into her gullet. Unable to swallow it all at once, cum dribbled from Mel’s mouth as she sat up, Tom still spurting his seed over Anne’s broad belly. Mel kissed Anne deeply, the cum flowing between their mouths as they kissed until all was swallowed. The pair of them looked up at Tom as he stood over their cum soaked forms. For what seemed like ages, none of them could speak.

“Do you still need that form?” asked Tom, the absent doctor’s form being the only thing he could think of.

Anne sat up and looked down at the rivulets of cum as they dribbled off her belly.

“I think you’ve given me enough already today Tom,” she said, giggling. Mel hugged her as they both laid there.

“You’re not bad for a beginner,” said Mel. “I’ll have to see how good you are in private some time.”

Anne just smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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