Haziran 30, 2022

Give , Take


The sun was shining warmly through the window, and Simon woke up when he heard the light touch of Alex’s fingers on the door which leads from his bedroom to their shared bathroom. A few second later, he felt her warmth sliding under the covers with him, Her breasts pressed up against his back, and her feet against his calves as she snuggled with him.

“Good morning, love. I was hoping you might be up… I don’t want us to waste any more time after last night.”

He rolled over, and pulled her to him kissing her lips. “I’m glad”

Alex snuggled into him “Why don’t you make me breakfast, and then we can talk about our plans for today.”

“Fine, fine.”


Nearly an hour later, they were sitting in the kitchen. Simon, having already finished his pancakes was watching Alex eat hers slowly, not saying anything. He was naked except for his boxers, while she was wearing a robe. After she finished, she came over to his chair, straddled him and put her arms around his neck. She leaned onto him, her robe riding up to her hips and gaping at her chest, so they were skin to skin.

“I’ve missed this… we don’t get the house to ourselves enough.”

“No, we most certainly don’t.”

They were quiet, enjoying the warmth and closeness, and the contact that they so were so rarely were able to have.

After a few minutes, Simon spoke up.

“I really liked playing with your ass last time. It was so hot how turned on you got.” He could feel Alex smile against his chest.

“I’ve cum a lot thinking about doing that again… and again. And again.”

“Well, I bought some more of that stuff so we can clean up again, so we can do it.”

Alex straightened up to look at him, and then kissed him. “That would be great. Do you want to do that later?”

Simon shook his head. “I want to do it now, first. Or whatever.” He kissed her this time. “I want to do so much.”

“Sounds good to me. Meet in your bedroom after we’re done getting ready?”

“Yes, please. It’s in the regular place. I’ll use the guest shower, you can use ours.”


On entering his room, Simon saw that Alex was already on the queen-sized bed, apparently she had been ready for him waiting for a few minutes. She was wearing one of his favourite pairs of shoes, featuring pointed toes and stiletto heels, and a thong-bottomed bodysuit. She had pulled down the top and freed her breasts, leaving the snaps undone. Her head was back, eyes closed, her left arm was across her breasts, teasing her right nipple while she used two fingers of her right hand gently on her clit.

Alex had already closed the window, and around her were some of their favourite toys. A double-ended silicone dildo, 18″ long and bright fluorescent blue. The cordless magic wand he had bought for her birthday, and several silicone butt plugs with flared bases. On the bedside table were pump-bottles of lube.

Across the room, the porn he had been watching last night before he went to bed was playing, it was showing a woman riding a large dildo suctioned to a full-length mirror lying on the floor. The dildo was in her ass, and she had clothespins on her nipples.

“Fuck, I love watching you masturbate.”

Simon’s voice was hoarse as he crossed over to the bed, to join Alex, with his head between her legs. As he started using a finger on her clit and vulva, she gently scraped down his back with her stiletto heel. Alex moaned contently, moving his mouth to her clit, he gently slipped one finger inside her pussy.

“Fuck, look how wet you get. I love making you wet. I love making a mess with you.”

Alex grinned “Come up here. I want to feel your cock against me.” She moved her leg, and Simon climbed up her body, until he was holding himself above her, the shaft of his cock lying against her vulva and the head of his cock just at the bottom of her ass. He ground against her, feeling the fabric of her bodysuit against his torso, the hard plastic of the loose snaps resting against the top of his shaft.

Alex turned her head away from him, exposing her neck, shoulder and collarbone. Simon obliged, speaking between soft kisses. “Where ..did…we… leave…off… last…time?”

She gently slapped his back with the tips and ends of her fingers, digging them in as she wrapped her legs around his.

“As if you dooon’t know.”

Simon switched to gentle bites, and Alex moved her ankles, to lay the heel and sole of her pumps along his calves. “I do… but I want to hear you say it. I want you to say it out loud.”

“I love how hard you get when I do. I love how hard I make you. I want to feel it, god I want to suck your cock right now.” Alex tried to move to the side, to move on top but Simon held firm, not letting her escape.

“You can, if you tell me what we were doing. And what you want to do today.”

Alex tried to shuffle down, to further press against Simon’s cock. “You were tonguing my ass and fingering me. You had a butt plug in your ass.”

“Yes. And did you like me tonguing your ass?”

“Oh almanbahis şikayet god, yes. I need it.”

“And what do you want to do today?” Alex gripped him hard, then bit him softly on his shoulder.

“I want you to eat my ass. I want you to fuck my ass and fill me with cum.”

Simon grinned, and pushed up, to give Alex the space to move to the side. They lay side by side, facing each other, allowing enough space between them for her to reach down and stroke his cock with one hand, slowly – ending each stroke holding the head in her palm. After a few strokes, she licked her palm. “Your precum tastes so good Simon… I want to taste it every day.”

“It feels so good when you stroke my cock like that. It makes me want to make so much more precum for you, and then fill you with cum.

“You’re definitely going to fill me with cum, but we have other things to do first.” She grinned, before moving to sit on the floor at the end of the bed. On her way there, she grabbed the bottle of lube and one of the anal toys.

“Come here, I’d like you to lean over, your arms on the bed.” Alex gestured. “I’m going to suck your cock and we’ll see what else.”

Simon grinned and moved as she had indicated, his cock leaving a stream of precum on the sheets. First, all he felt was wetness and warmth as Alex took the head of his cock into her mouth. She released him, took his balls in her left hand, the head of his cock in her right and ran the tip of her tongue from the base all the way to the head, then took it back into her mouth.

“I love when you play with my cock like that” he purred.

She kept the head of his cock in her mouth, and very slowly stroked it with one hand. The hand cupping and playing with his balls was removed, to return to his ass. There was a cool feeling right at his anus, and a small amount of pressure.

Alex removed his cock from her mouth, and slowed the stroking even more, she played with his precum with her thumb so it ran over her hand and fingers.

“Are you ready?” she asked, and Simon nodded. “Say it” Alex commanded, and took his cock back into her mouth. “Yes, please, play with my ass” Simon managed to say.

At first, Alex just used one finger, with lots of lube. Teasing him, then sliding it in. She moved her hand from the shaft of his cock to his ass as well, and removed his cock from her mouth.

“I don’t want you to cum too quickly.. You have to play with my ass as well you know.”

Simon just nodded. “Keep on going. Please put that plug in my ass.” There was a bit more pressure, and a bit more lube, then Simon’s ass stretched wider and wider as the plug moved firmly into him.

“This is so fucking hot” he murmured, feeling the toy fill his ass, by somebody else’s hand for the first time. He grunted as the widest part of the plug slipped inside him. He was thankful for the lube as the silicone moved slowly through until the base settled against him.

Alex leaned into him, kissing his back just below his shoulders, her breasts pressed into him as one hand reached around him to slowly stroke his cock. For what seemed like a very long time, they enjoyed the contact of their bodies together.

At last Simon stirred. “Okay. My turn.”

“Your turn?” Alex’s tone was puzzled. “It was just your turn.”

“It’s my turn to play with your ass like I was thinking about all last night when we were in the hot tub with your friends”

Alex grinned and continued kissing down his back. “OK. tell me what to do” she moved away. Waiting for his instructions, she knelt with her head down.

Simon rolled over, and adjusted the plug so it was comfortable. He raised an eyebrow, noticing her pose. Sometimes Alex could get into a sub mood, especially if something changed after she’d been pretty forceful during sex.

“I want you to get the handcuffs from your bedroom.” Alex started to move “Wait! I wasn’t done.”

Instead of resuming her previous position, she knelt down, with her face and forearms on the floor, her ass raised and in the air. Simon moved behind her. When he put his fingers lightly on her butt Alex spread her legs wider, so that he could see her pussy and anus more clearly.

“I’m glad that you remember what you’re supposed to do” he said, as if he wasn’t making things up as they went along.

“I do what you tell me to do,” Alex whimpered into the flooring.

“Good. Because if you follow instructions, I will make you cum a lot.”

“Yes, please.”

Simon used two fingers to stroke her pussy lips for a few seconds, as he thought about what he wanted Alex to do, weighing different options. She moaned softly, enjoying his touch, so he moved to slide his thumb gently inside her while his other fingers found, and softly teased, around her clit.

At last he figured things out, and withdrew his hand from her slowly, so that each of his fingers briefly touched her clit in turn before he completely pulled away.

“Ok, I know what I want.” He followed this with specific instructions regarding almanbahis canlı casino what she should wear. Alex complied obediently.


Simon crossed to his desk, setting up some porn that he wanted to put on for the next phase of this session. Not a video, but rather, an audio recording of anal sex and masturbation that she had shared with him the previous week. He smiled, knowing how much it would turn Alex on. She had told him every day about her masturbation sessions while listening to it.

When Alex returned a few minutes later, she stood in the middle of the floor, head up, waiting for inspection.

She was wearing his favourite bodysuit. It was one that they had picked out together online, when they were just starting to be comfortable, before they had even been nude together. Like her others it was thong bottomed, and the snaps were now undone. As she stood legs slightly apart, Simon couldn’t resist kissing her on the lips, while pushing the fabric against her pussy lips, feeling for her clit. She had already pulled the low-cut square neck down, freeing her tits, and her nipples were hard against his chest.

He reached around her body, his hands gently pulling apart her ass cheeks as she chewed gently on his lower lip. Simon’s cock, now quite hard, rested comfortably between Alex’s spread legs, and her wetness contrasted against the bunching fabric and the plastic hardness of the snaps on the top of his shaft.

Alex stretched out her neck out, which Simon began to kiss along, then her shoulder blade as he brought his fingers to her anus, finding it already slick with lube.

“I see you’ve come prepared.” He murmured, as he started slowly to push one finger into her.

Alex spread her legs even wider, moving one arm around his shoulder and the other around his lower back. She raised her right leg around his left, the stiletto digging into the outside of his calf. They stood there a few moments, absorbed in their contact. Her grip on him was getting tighter, her nails starting to press in, as his finger slowly moved into her ass.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked, when her moans reached a certain intensity,

“Yes, more, please.”

“Okay. Go over to the window and get ready.”

They gently untangled themselves, Alex keeping in contact with his cock for as long as possible. She moved over to the bedroom window, which looked into the alley between their house and the neighbours’, and gave a direct view into their master bedroom. Being above waist height the window had a ledge wide enough for it to be Simon’s favourite spot to read. Now, Alex was bent over, leaning on the ledge with one arm, her legs spread and her other arm reaching back, pulling her ass open for him.

“Fuck, you’re so hot, and wet. I love making you this wet.”

Simon came to stand close behind Alex. He used the head of his cock to tease her, moving it slowly from her clit, along her lips to her anus and back.

“You promised you’d fuck my ass. I’ve earned it!”

Her complaining was belied by the way that she pushed back against him, as much as she could from her standing position. Simon took some more lube, and moved round to her side, his cock near her face.

“Suck my cock, while I ready you for the toy.”

“But then I get your cock in my ass?” She bargained, while lowering her head.

She took just the bell end of his cock into her mouth, using the tip of her tongue to lap the precum appreciatively. She switched arms, moving to lean on her right, and began to play with his balls with her left. Simon smiled, but didn’t forget what he was supposed to be doing. With two fingers he applied some more lube to her anus, slowly pushing it in with one pointer finger. Alex’s anus stretched around the digit.

“Ok. I’m ready. Next.” Alex announced before returning to kissing and using the tip of her tongue on the head of his cock.

Simon grabbed the short-ish but thin silicone dildo from the bedside table (just within reach) the tip of which he placed against her anus.

“That feels good, right there… but I want it in me.”

Alex was topping from the bottom, but Simon appreciated her guidance. She let go of his cock, now resting both arms on the window ledge.

“Okay, push slowly.” She pressed her butt back against the head of the dildo, gasping almost imperceptibly as the tip nudged inside.

“More lube, I want more lube.”

Simon obliged, upending the bottle he squirted it directly where the toy was penetrating her ass, then used his fingers to slip it around the edges of the toy.

“Mmff. Okay. Slide it all the way in now. Slowly.”

Alex gripped the sill and arched her back. Simon put more lube on the shaft of the dildo, losing grip on the base more than once, to Alex’s disappointment.

“Mmm let’s try this.” Alex moved so she was leaning against the corner of the window ledge, her right breast brushing the wall. She lifted her right leg, placing her knee on the ledge, and putting the toe of her shoe in the almanbahis casino other corner of the window. With her right hand, she reached underneath, playing with her clit, and sliding her fingers inside of her. “Okay. Try again now. Plenty of lube.”

Simon started pushing gently again, monitoring and adding lube, mesmerized and aroused by watching how her body stretched to allow the toy into her, how she strained back against it. Finally, the toy was in as far as it could go, the wider base and balls resting against her. “Press up against it. I want to feel your cock against my pussy. And pull my hair.”

Simon did as she asked, feeling the base of the dildo against his mons pubis, gathering her hair and pulling back on it slightly, his other hand grabbing her foot, and moving it slightly so that the entire length of her stiletto heel was against the side of his ass. Alex started moving back and forth using a few centimetres of his shaft, pulling off a bit, and then pushing back into her harder, as if trying to get the toy deeper into her.

“Do you want me to pull it out and fuck you with the toy?” Simon stuttered, finding it slightly difficult to concentrate and sound cool.

“Um, no.” it took Alex a few seconds to respond. “Move back a little bit, but I want the head of your cock to still touch me.” He did, and she reached back with the fingers that had been playing with her clit and pussy, and slowly pulled the toy out of her ass. Simon jumped a little pushing head of his cock slightly into her pussy as she paused, then pulled the head of the toy out of her with a slight pop. She leaned forward, so Simon moved with her to maintain contact.

“Now it’s time for you to fuck me.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “Go lie on the bed.”

Simon pulled away. A disappointed moan escaped as he lost contact with her warm, very wet pussy.

“Actually, wait.” Alex stopped him.

She straightened up slowly, then reached over to grab the shaft of his cock in her hand, using it to lead him over to the bed .

“I’ve wanted to do that for weeks.” She said “I think later we’ll have to try that outside… a couple of feet just isn’t the same thing as I’ve been fantasizing about.”

“Well, we can do that this afternoon… it should be nice and warm, we’ll take the scenic route to hanging in the hot tub together.”

“Ooh, that sounds decadent.” Alex grabbed the bodysuit that was now gathered around her torso. She lifted it over her head and threw it towards their shared bathroom. “Sorry, but it was bugging me. I want to feel your body against mine as much as possible.” She gestured instructions for Simon to lie down, rather than be up on his elbows watching her.

“Tell me a fantasy you’ve had about me that you haven’t told me yet.” Alex commanded as she climbed onto the bed between his legs. She grabbed the bottle of lube, to put alongside them, before gently wrapping one hand around his cock. Her nails dug into the side in a row and she looked at him pointedly.

“Lie back, close your eyes, and tell me.”

Simon swallowed as Alex’s tongue circled the head of his cock “I’ve been thinking about us being nude in the hot tub with Mike.”

His head disappeared into her mouth, she took his balls in both hands, engulfing as much of his cock in as she could. She paused, and he continued.

“I imagined you sitting in his lap, next to me so I could see your tits, see you facing him, feel your calf against my leg as you straddle him.”

Alex pulled back slowly, freeing his cock to ask “Do you want to watch him fuck me?” before taking the head of his cock back in her mouth again.

“Yes. You know how much thinking about watching you get fucked turns me on.” She nodded, her teeth gently scraping against his shaft.

“I thought of you looking at me, as his cock is inside you. Feeling so full; Biting your lip.”

“I do that when I have a cock inside me.” She reached over, adding more lube to his cock and stroking it softly. “I’m not sure how I want to do this. I want your cock in my ass… and I’ve been very patient. I want more than your cock.”

“What do you want me to do?” Simon opened his eyes, enjoying the visual of Alex crouching by his cock, her tits hanging down, almost brushing his legs.

“Move over and follow my instructions.”

Simon rolled to the side, and Alex climbed up where he had been, she stayed on her knees, leaning forward.

“First, get the wand, and put it against my clit.”

He did so, and Alex took the stem so it was pointing towards her breasts. She turned it on, fairly slowly and adjusted so that it was in the right spot.

“So glad you bought this. Best present ever!”

Simon leaned down, and held Alex’s cheeks apart, to use his mouth and tongue on her vulva, perineum and anus. He focused on her anus and he moved to slide first one, then another, then a third finger into her very wet slit.

“That feels so good in my cunt baby but I want something else. Slide your cock into my pussy. Deep and slow. Don’t lose control baby.”

Simon tried to put the tip of his tongue into her ass, but pulled away, instead he inched closer behind her. He put his hands on her hips, and her feet came up, digging her heels into his legs as he slipped the head of his cock inside her.

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