Kasım 27, 2021

Grass Cutter Part 2


Grass Cutter Part 2After my first gay experience with the 25 year old Scott, a customer of mine who I cut grass for, I was beginning to think I was totally gay. Scott and I would have sex before and after I cut the grass; and this happened every Friday afternoon. I was losing interest in having sex with my wife, and when we did have sex I always thought of Scott. And top it off, Scott’s older roommate Johnathan, I believe, was getting suspicious of Scott and I. One Friday afternoon Johnathan came home early. I had just finished fucking Scott and we both had just gotten dressed when Johnathan came in asking me very sternly, “Why haven’t you finished cutting the grass? You should be finished by now.” I stuttered and try to say something when Scott stepped in front of me and to my horror said, “We were fucking.” There was dead silence and no one moved. Suddenly Johnathan said, “Fucking shit.” and left the room. Scott turned to me and said, “You’d better get the hell out of here. I had to tell him. He would have figured it out.” I started for the door when out of the blue Johnathan reentered the room and shouted, You’re not going anywhere bitch. Sit down. And by the way,” he asked, “who is the bitch in this relationship?” “We both are.” answered Scott. Johnathan looked at me very menacingly and said, “You’re going to be my bitch for fucking my whore boyfriend. You understand me?” I nodded my head yes. I was shaking. Johnathan pointed halkalı escort down the hall and demanded, “Go to my room bitch.” I got up went directly to his room and sat on the bed. Within a few seconds I could hear Johnathan whipping Scott. Scott was crying out “I’m sorry” and moaning as Johnathan hit him over and over again. Then I heard stomping footsteps headed down the hall. It was Johnathan. He entered the bedroom and while pointing his finger in my face and holding some clothes in his hand said, “Get butt naked, put these clothes on and get your bitch ass in the bed.” He turned and resumed whipping Scott. I stripped and began putting the clothes on he threw in my face. It was a pink bra and panties and a sheer nightgown. I dressed and lay on the bed. Somehow and for some odd reason this gave me a tremendous erection. Johnathan returned to the bedroom, slammed the door and began undressing. He looked at me and said, “I’m going to straighten you out whore. I’m going to shove my eight inch cock up your ass so far it will known what you ate for lunch. I took a look at his monster cock and thought, “Please do.” A real feminine feeling came over me like never before. Johnathan was now nude and approaching the bed. Somehow I wanted this badly. Johnathan slapped my face hard while ripping off my gown. He grabbed my legs and dragged me to him. He flipped me over, tore off my panties and bit my ass şişli escort hard several times. I found myself loving it. He flipped me over with my hard cock wiggling in the air. “What the fuck are you, you sorry ass whore?” he asked. I responded with, “I”m your bitch and nobody’s else. I am a sorry low down bitch.” I answered. He slapped me again and said, “Shut your fucking mouth. I’ll shut it for you.” He climbed up on my chest and shoved his 8 inches of pure pleasure in my mouth. Surprisingly I handled it very well. After a few minutes of this face fuck I began to think, “I can tell now, I was made for this. I love this rough stuff.” Johnathan pulled out, slapped me around some more, turned me over and shoved that 8 inch beautiful cock up my ass and began pumping furiously. I began to moan and slobber like a little girl. Johnathan began moaning loudly and thrust harder and faster. I arched my ass a bit to give him deeper access to my man pussy. “Fuck my pussy Johnathan.” I began to shout. Johnathan grabbed a hand full of my hair and jerked my head back. That hurt a bit. He pulled out, flipped me over, shoved is cock all the way in and started pounding me while flattening my balls. I pulled my legs way out, pulled my cock and balls to the side so I could see this massive cock disappearing in my ass. What a sight to see. I told him, “Cum in my mouth Johnathan. Let me sarıyer escort eat your seed. I want to please you, my lover.” He pulled out, removed the condom and stuck his cock in my mouth and filled my mouth with cum. “You had better not lose one drop bitch. Swallow it all.” he demanded. And I did. Johnathan finished cumming and moved down to my cock. I watched his head bob furiously as he sucked away. I shot a load and he gather up most of it with his mouth and gave me a cum kiss while fingering my ass. We both fell out, exhausted. Unknown to me Scott had been watching us and masturbating. “That was hot. I’m going to cum.” He said. I motioned for him to let me have it. He put his cock to my lips but I took his whole cock in my mouth. I could feel his hot cum hitting the back of my throat and sliding down. It was a huge load. I then realized I was still wearing the pink bra. I liked it. Johnathan pushed himself up beside me and asked, “How could you ever want to fuck a girl after experiencing something like this” he asked. I answered, “I know what you mean That was great.” “OK,” he said, “you’re both forgiven for fucking behind my back. As for you Mark, every time you give your ass to Scott, it will be my turn too.” I answered, “Yes Sir.” We all laughed. I thought, wow, now I have two cocks to suck !” We cleaned up. I got the grass cut and got home much later than normal. My wife gave me the third degree to the point I almost shouted, “I was sucking two cocks!” But I didn’t. I made up a story of the lawnmower breaking down. As I walked past her she asked, “Why are you walking so funny?” I sarcastically answered, “You’d walk funny too if you had two cocks up your ass in one day.” “Oh, you asshole.” she said. I left it at that.

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