Heated Interrogations

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“I’ll contact you tomorrow morning,” Marauder said whipping off his cape as he held the phone.

“They’ve already acquired three of the ingredients we’re convinced is some sort of dirty bomb, we’re just trying to figure out who is calling for the supplies,” the police chief said over the phone.

“I’ve made contact with some informants and should have the information for you. If someone is ringing the bell for a weapon, I’ll be sure they never follow through.”

He hung the phone up and sat down in front of his communication center overlooking his information as he sat in his pants and boots, bare chested, and preparing to end the night.

“You could wake the dead,” Marauder staid standing as the shadow of Leopard emerged from the darkness.

Leopard was a cowled villain, draped in a skin tight leopard spotted outfit and half mask revealing the lower half of his face as he stepped forward silently.

“You’ve been looking around for information,” the leopard whispered, “So I thought I’d see what you’ve found.”

“It’s not many people that have seen my face,” Marauder, a muscular dark skinned warrior muttered, turning to the leopard.

“I’m the only one brave enough to look,” he quipped crossing his arms.

“So you came, now I want to know who is calling in the orders for the supplies. I also want to know what they’re building.”

“I never said I’d tell you anything about the supplies.”

“Why are you here, then?” Marauder asked.

“You’ve been looking around for information. I’ve been sent here to make sure you don’t interfere any longer.”

“You could never beat me,” Marauder replied bracing for a confrontation, “By the be┼čikta┼č escort time this is over you’re going to jail.”

The leopard lurched forward swiping at Marauder with his clawed gloves and slashed at his face as Marauder dodged the swings anxiously. He turned punching him and clothes lined Leopard to the ground. He back flipped as Leopard regained his stance wiping the blood from his mouth and grumbled. Marauder threw smoke bombs on to him blinding him and grappled him from behind binding his arms back. Leopard turned running up along the wall and flipped over him dropping to his knees and stood back. He gasped noticing handcuffs on his wrist and stood back. Marauder caught his ankles with the bola and kicked him knocking him to the floor as Leopard panted, submitting.

“How many times are we going to do this?” Marauder asked standing over him.

Leopard released from the bola tripping him and jumped on to him holding his claws to his throat anxiously.

“How many times are we?” Leopard whispered mounting him, “It’s been ten years and it’s always the same way. We fight for a while but it always ends the same.”

He slid his claws down his chest past scars from the past, “I always left a mark on you that you could never get over.”

“It can’t go on forever,” Marauder whispered softly.

“I like the mystery of it all,” Leopard whispered rubbing his butt along Marauder’s crotch. He leaned down and they embraced kissing deeply, rubbing tongues and moaning as Leopard slyly slid up and down Marauder’s crotch. They folded in to one another caressing, as Leopard kissed Marauder’s large pecks, licking them in ┼či┼čli escort pleasure as Marauder ripped his pants from behind with both hands, revealing his taut, plump buttocks.

Marauder slid his pants down revealing his large throbbing cock and slid it in to Leopard’s butt as he sighed in pleasured feeling it enter in to him. He groaned gyrating over and over, and rode Marauder as he grunted, holding his hips and guiding him up and down his cock anxiously. Marauder leaned his head back with mouth agape, enjoying the pounding as Leopard submitted moaning aloud and panting, riding him fast and hard as he they slowed.

Leopard panted turning over on to the floor on all fours. Marauder sat up approaching from and slid his cock in to him, grunting as he pounded him. Leopard groaned in pleasure looking back with a wide mouth and submitted as Marauder drilled him from behind, gripping both hips and slamming him with his large cock as Leopard grunted and moaned, taking the pounding without hesitation.

Marauder mounted him, dominating him from behind and slid atop him with his now fully erect cock fully within Leopard’s throbbing bottom. He lifted himself slightly pounded him from above as Leopard groaned and moaned with every anxious pump. They met, kissing passionately as Marauder lay along Leopard’s behind sliding his rock hard cock in and out of him with loud passionate grunts, reveling in Leopard’s loud moans and submissive groans.

They lay on their sides, along the floor kissing passionately as Marauder pounded Leopard from behind slowly. Marauder clutched Leopard’s cock from behind and jerked him off as they kissed deeply. bah├že┼čehir escort Leopard cried out clutching Marauder’s behind as Marauder jerked him off, watching his cock squirt cum in pools along the floor.

Leopard cried out moaning and panting aloud as Marauder continued fucking him from behind and panted as Leopard panted going limp while Marauder felt his cum squirt along the floors and along his hand. Leopard dropped his head back as he enjoyed the pounding from behind. Marauder kissed him lifting him in his arms and dropped him along the bed, and they rolled around kissing groping as Marauder kept his hand on Leopard’s firm pout buttocks, squeezing them.

Leopard mounted Marauder finally, riding him passionately as Marauder clutched his butt with both hands, enjoying the ride, as Leopard panted, hearing nothing but their moans and his butt pound against his balls. Finally Marauder groaned, Leopard slid off and Marauder began cumming long full streams. Leopard panted licking his shaft and taking the cum shots to the face as Marauder cried out, feeling the cum splash from his throbbing large cock while Leopard purred licking his cock and lapping at his balls passionately. He slid up kissing Marauder and they rolled around in the bed.

The next morning, Marauder awoke to an empty bed, and sat up walking over to the floor. He slid his pants back on and looked over at the computer where Leopard typed in the information he’d needed. For a second he’d assumed Leopard left him high and dry. After a long night of passionate love making, Leopard was too soft on him to leave him without the information he needed to save people. It’d been the same routine for five years, and part of the process was always a long night of passion with his masked foe.

He knew he’d return when he needed him, but like a tally, he left a mark on Marauder’s shoulder, an indication of another of their torrid nights with one another. In the evening he’d continue the questioning and fight another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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