Hilda and Terry

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My name is Terry. I am a 35yr old male Nurse and I enjoy caring for the elderly.

I am not a spectacular looking specimen. I stand about 5″11″ and I am a bit chubby, not too much though. I have black hair and dark blue eyes, which are my outstanding feature. I am told I have a great smile and a good sense of humor.

I had been working at the Nursing Home for a few months when I had an experience I will never forget.

I am a fully trained Registered Nurse and have always enjoyed working with the elderly, especially women. I got on with them very well and always had a laugh and a joke with them as I did my rounds. The Home was a private one and each patient had their own room but they used to visit each other most days, some ladies and gents spending a lot of time with others when they chatted or played cards or board games.

One day as I was tending to one of the ladies, her name was Hilda. She bent over and rubbed her legs and complained that she had a cramp in both the lower legs. I thought about it for a moment and then offered to give her a massage. She accepted this gracefully.

I told her to lie on the bed and I knelt between her legs and took one of her feet into my hands and rested the other foot in my lap. I started to slowly massage the foot and up the ankle, gradually working my way up her tight leg muscles. She had tightened up considerably and it was becoming very difficult to ease the tension in the calves. I pressed harder on her calf and rubbed the area firmly. She collapsed back onto the pillow with a sigh and stated that it was starting to feel a lot better. I continued to rub and massage her leg slowly working my hands further up her leg until I reached her knee. She sighed again and commented on how relaxed she was feeling and begged me not to stop.

I switched over to her other leg and started rubbing and massaging that one. She was now so relaxed that I had to check to see if she had fallen asleep. She hadn’t, so I continued massaging. will trent izle She asked me to continue right up her legs as they were both feeling a bit numb in the upper thighs.

I was really in my element now. I continued rubbing her upper thighs and she spread her legs a bit to allow me to handle each one. I slowly and gently worked my way right up to her panty legs and gradually slipped my finger along her labia lips.

She gave a big sigh and murmured softly, “More Terry, more please.”

I knew then what this lady had been looking for, and I was just the one to give it to her. I continued to play my fingers along her labia and the lips of her pussy and then I slid my index finger up into her cunt hole.

“Oh Terry, that feels so good. I have been trying to get someone to do that to me for a long time. Can we take it any further do you think?”

“That depends on how much further you want to go, Hilda,” I replied.

“I want to go all the way. I would love you to fuck me and make love to me, and soon.”

“Well, honey, I don’t think we can do it right now, but what if I get back here later after dinner, when everyone has settled down,” I suggested.

“That would be so wonderful, about 10 o’clock then.”

“Let me finish massaging that lovely pussy of yours and give you something to think about until I get back, OK. Then I will see you later.”

A little about Hilda before we continue. She was a widow of about 11 years and was about 58 years old. She still had a curvy body but pendulous breasts and rather large thighs, all in beautiful proportion though. She had long russet colored hair that was beginning to show some gray and brilliant green eyes, in a classically heart shaped face. She wore her hair in a chignon most of the time. She didn’t look her age, I thought when I first met her that she was about 45years old, such was her complexion.

Of course, all the time she had been having her fate the winx saga izle massage, one of her feet was resting on my upper thigh. That had given me a hard-on. She noticed this and asked to see it. I slipped it out of my trousers and just let her run her hands up and down. Then I told her I was going to save it for that night, but now she knew what she was going to get!!!!!

As I was already on the late shift, I wasn’t hard for me to make my way to her room that evening. When I closed and locked the door behind me, she had the lights turned down and was lying on the top of her bed in a very filmy nightie.

I walked over to her bad and bent down and kissed her on the lips. She sighed and opened her mouth and we started to French kiss. She leaned over and unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my trousers. I sat on the side of the bed and removed my shoes and socks and slid my pants off, and put my shirt on the chair beside the bed.

I began to make love to her by frenching her again and sliding my tongue down her neckline, around her ears and continued down to her beautiful breasts. I slipped my hand up to her neckline and loosened her hair, it fell around her shoulders in waves. As I worked my down her chest I stopped to explore these wonders. The nipples had stood up with my previous ministrations, so I laved my tongue across both of them and then took them into my mouth, one by one. I suckled those mountains of joy for a while playing with the one I wasn’t sucking.

I then began to work my way down her tummy until I reached her mound. It was covered with a light red field of hair, so I knew she was a natural redhead. I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and slid my tongue down and around that glorious garden of Eden. My tongue wanted to stay there all night just lapping at her nectar and teasing her protruding clit. Hilda was in Heaven, or so she said. I don’t think she had been eaten out since becoming with love izle a widow.

She cried out, “Oh Terry, that feels soooo good. You don’t know how much I needed this.”

“Well Hilda, the fun has only just begun. We have all night.”

She begged me to turn around so that she could play with my cock while I was feasting on her cunt. I did and the next moment, I felt her warm breath and hot, soft mouth wrap itself around my rod. I was so stiff, and rock hard.

“That’s it babe, give me a good suck.”

We 69ed for about 15 minutes, neither of us wanted to stop. At last, I turned around and lay between her legs and slipped my hot cock into her hotter, wetter fuckbox. I lay there for a moment so that she could get used to having a cock in her again. Then I started a slow rhythm, in and out, and worked up to a faster motion as I went.

Hilda cried out, “Oh Terry, I am not going to last too long, please cum with me.”

I started to hammer my prick into her box until she came with an explosive burst and I could feel her juices as they left her cunt. Then I let go and gave her my balls full of sperm. Luckily, she was at the age where she couldn’t get pregnant, or we would have had to wor

We lay on the bed and just held each other. I hadn’t had as good a fuck for a while. There is one thing I can say about the mature woman and that she knows what she wants and also knows how to give satisfaction.

Of course, that night we spent together and made love a couple of more times. Once with her riding sitting up and riding my cock. The best thing of all was that we would spend three or four nights a week together from then on.

One night I was talking to Hilda in a general way, when I put the suggestion to her that she come home with me one weekend. She could make up some excuse that she was going to visit a friend. That way we would have complete privacy.

She was all for it. From then on she would come to my place every second weekend. Eventually, I asked her if she would move in with me. She accepted and we have been together for the last 13 years, and still going strong.

What she didn’t know was that I was now banging two other ladies at the Home, but she was my special lady.

I have only just found out that Hilda is my mother’s mother. My Grandmother. WOW.

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