Haziran 30, 2022

Hot Melt the Snow Ch. 02


It was an especially cold and snowy night of the season. The dark night was frigid. The snowstorm raged outside, whipping wind around the cabin’s eaves; thunder was rolling. Sultana had made a fire in the fireplace, which was heating the room.

Sultana and Zafar lay side by side on the mattress near the fireplace after a long fucking session. Sultana took his left arm and placed it on her hip, putting her own left hand on his thigh. She ran her fingers lightly over his chest; he squeezed her soft ass cheeks.

She had his cock clutched in her hand and was rubbing it slowly and soon it was like a ramrod in her hand pointing at her.

“Sabjee,” she moaned hotly, “you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.”

“And you have a beautiful pussy, Sultana,” Zafar replied.

“More beautiful than Iman’s?”

“What’s that?” Zafar was shocked.

She pulled his head to her, and said, “Didn’t you fuck her?”

“No! I haven’t!” he lied.

“I know her, Sabjee.”

“O.K, I have to confess then, I have fucked her,” he replied.

She pressed her body even closer to him and his cock dug into her abdomen, as he was hard again, while her firm breasts were pressing against his chest.

“How was she?” Sultana asked.

“She was really hot and tight. Your son doesn’t love her. She deserves a lover like me.”

“I know, Sabjee.”

Sultana, however, had something else in mind for tonight. She wanted an anal experience for the first time in her life with this nice man. “What if he refused or he didn’t like it?” she thought. Her feelings embarrassed her and she scolded herself for having such thoughts. So she turned and his hot, hard cock pressed into the cleft between her buttocks. Zafar was fondling her breast as she was staring at the ceiling. Zafar kept fondling Sultana’s breast and she responded more and more fervently. His cock became hard as steel now and continued to press against her bottom as she wriggled it against his cock. His rigid prong stabbed between the full mounds of her buttocks. She moved her ass enticingly. The motions of Sultana’s body were doing wild things to his cock, trapped as it was between the warm, soft cheeks of her bottom. She tightened her ass around his cock. His hand stole to her pussy and began twirling her clit.

“Do it, Sabjee!”

Zafar caressed her cunt and she moaned slowly.

Then Sultana stunned him by asking, “Do you want fuck my ass?”

Zafar was amazed. He could not believe what he was hearing. This stunning mature woman was asking him to fuck her ass. At last he could have anal sex with her. He had always dreamed of taking her that way but had not found the courage to ask for it. He didn’t believe she would be willing to try it with him. Here now, that stunning woman was inviting him to take her in that intimate way. He felt as if he was in a dream. He had just had passionate sex with her and now she was asking him to fuck her ass.

“Of course, if you would really let me do it.” Zafar confessed. “I’ve wanted to be up your ass ever since I first saw it.”

“Maybe just once; I have never tried it. I want it but if I asked my husband he would think I was a whore. This chance may never come in my life again and I would like to try it.” She continued, “Have you ever done it…?” she asked inquisitively.

“Well, I have seen many movies of anal sex.” Zafar replied.

“Sabjee, does it hurt?” Sultana asked.

“It doesn’t hurt if you do it the proper way.”

“Do you know the proper way?”

“Yes,” Zafar laughed, “I just fucked your daughter-in-law’s ass yesterday”

“Oh! How lucky Iman is, she’s taken your beautiful cock in her ass.”

“We will need something slippery to act as a lubricant, go and get some Vaseline from the bathroom.”

She rose from the bed and went into the bathroom returning with a small jar of Vaseline.

“Will this do?” she said.

“It will be fine,” he replied.

He then instructed, “Now, get on the floor on your hands and knees.”

Without hesitating, she did as told. “Is this alright?” she asked.

“Yes! It’s perfect,” he replied.

It was really awesome to see when she raised her two plump and perfectly round cheeks in air. Her cheeks were the same smooth soft skin of her breasts.

Zafar got up and stood behind her on his knees. Her deliciously rounded buttocks were exposed before him and he grabbed both cheeks separating them and exposing the delicious cleft and the tiny brown starfish winking up at him. He looked from her big ass upwards, wondering whether she was ready for bigger game in this route as well.

Her meaty white ass protruded towards him, begging to be taken. He was enjoying almanbahis şikayet the sight of her plump white buttocks facing him. For a moment he just gently caressed those two soft cheeks marveling at their perfection. Then he moved up to her ass cheeks, pushing his face into one and began to lick and suck the flesh into his mouth. He moved to the other one, kissing and licking it all over, pushing his face into her softness. He then moved to the middle and trailed his tongue down her crack until he got to her butt hole. He spread her large and well-muscled buttock cheeks apart. The actual anus was tightly closed with creases of brown skin radiating from the center like a small star nestled between the two plump cheeks of her buttocks.

Opening the jar of Vaseline he took out a small amount on one finger. With one hand he spread those perfect white globes revealing the tiny pink rosebud nestling between her cheeks. He tentatively rubbed it around the hole of her pucker, then he slowly circled the area with his finger rubbing a generous amount around the entrance. He gently rubbed a small amount around the tiny opening, massaging in small circles and increasing the pressure. Her tiny arse hole felt to him to be very tightly closed and he wondered how she would manage to take his fat cock into such a small hole. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying the massage.

She started moving her hips left and right very slowly.

He put a finger into the jar and took out some more Vaseline and worked it all over the bulging purple head of his cock, working it down the shaft so the whole organ was fully lubricated. The thought of his cock buried in her willing ass made him throb with desire and she moaned at the movement.

Zafar stood, squatted down some, and rolled his cock against her ass cheeks. He slapped her ass with his cock then bent forward with his cock placed at the crack of her ass; and reached down to finger her clit. He also played with the crack of her ass with the shaft of his cock. He told her to push back when he pushed in her ass hole. He also told her there would be a little pain and she replied it was no problem for her if he did it gently.

Zafar positioned his dick at her pucker hole and took a deep breath.

“Slowly…Please.” She whispered.

“I will be gentle, I promise.” He smiled and whispered back to her.

Sultana was still in the kneeling position with her beautiful butt in front of him .He spread her ass a little more and pressed the tip at her hole.. With both his hands he parted her ass cheeks., and pressed his cock on her ass, but it slipped as her ass was very tight and her body had stiffened. He tried again but still had no success. She brought her hands at her back and parted her ass cheeks. She knelt on the mattress, fully naked and parting her massive hips herself to get beggared. Her brown ass hole winked in anticipation, she presented a most erotic sight. Zafar pushed his cock up to the hilt in her dripping cunt in one shove.

Frustrated she whispered, “Sir I want it in the other hole.”

Zafar withdrew and placed it again on her asshole and started pressing. With the touch of his cock she shivered and stiffened her body. He pressed and with some difficulty, the tip of the cock entered into her asshole.

“Oh sir, its hurting a little. Slowly, please do it slowly.” She had tightened her ass cheeks.

“Sultana, relax your ass, then my cock will go in easily.” Zafar increased the pressure of his cock on her hole and moved it up and down slowly. She inhaled deeply then exhaled. She felt herself relax and eased back. She felt her ass opens a little, but she was still not ready. She pulled away, but this time it was slower and she kept light pressure against her rectum. Another breath inhaled and another exhaled and she pushed back again. He continued the pressure for some time as she relaxed her body. This was his chance; he gave one more shove. By now her ass had become very lubricated and as her body was relaxed this time, the head of his cock popped into her ass.

Sultana nearly jumped away again, but she took another deep breath. She suddenly felt sorry she had asked him to fuck her in the ass. It was painful as she stretched open. She hesitated momentarily and then she began pressing down on his cock head.

Suddenly her muscles relaxed, and this time a firm thrust from his raging pole eventually resulted more of his cock entering her portal.

She squealed with pain “Oh, sir! What are you doing? You’re killing me, its too painful!” and removed her hands from her ass cheeks and held the pillow to absorb the pain. As his cock entered her tight butt hole, it felt very tight and hot inside almanbahis canlı casino and he became very excited. He held her ass cheeks and parted them and gave another strong push of his cock in her ass and half of his cock went in. She tried to tighten her ass and squealed “Oh, sir you’re tearing me up” but it was too late.

It went in a bit as she jumped a little, but then she pushed back for him to continue. He inserted one more inch. Her ass hole was really tight and it was a wonderful sensation. Now the muscles around her tiny hole were tightly gripping his engorged cock. He waited a second for her to relax. Zafar still didn’t move. His hands stroked up and down her back softly to relax her further. His touch was soothing, but only having his cock in her ass a few more moments would help her stop clenching.

“Are you okay?” He questioned.

She whispered in a voice loud with pain “Yes, but don’t move sir, don’t move for a while. Please just stay like this or I feel I will die”

Her hands were clutching the mattress hard. Zafar felt her take a deep breath and then once more pushed back on his cock. It slid a little further up her passage so that now about half of the shaft was buried in her rectum. He pushed harder and anther inch popped inside, Sultana didn’t want to wait and started to push back slowly. Zafar just let her push.

Zafar worked his cock further and further into her ass hole. His invading cock faced constant resistance but slowly her rectum was opening up. After few moments of gentle pressure and thrusting his cock was fully buried up to its hilt in her royal anus. He couldn’t believe that such a small hole could accommodate his cock, which was now distended to its maximum size. He started to pull out and push in slowly. She was tight and it felt so good to Sultana! She could feel it deep within her and she screamed, “You’re in and it didn’t hurt as much as I thought.” She was surprised to feel him slip in so easily. It didn’t hurt her. Well, not much anyway.

Sultana waited as she adjusted to the feel of him and he adjusted to the tightness and the heat of her. It was glorious -more so than he had ever imagined. They began to move together slowly as the oil warmed. He slapped her ass lightly with his one free hand. She was starting to relax and enjoy the penetration.

Zafar held her hips and thrust forward between her plump cheeks deeper and deeper into her moist cleft, ravaging her anus. Sultana started panting really hard.

Zafar pulled out, thinking he was hurting her.

“What happened?” Sultana asked.

“I am hurting you.” Zafar replied.

“No, Sabjee,” she begged, “this is nice, fuck me harder . . .” he slid back in a little faster than the first time. Once Sultana was in he started to go at her ass hard and fast. She wanted more. She started bucking. He sped up. He was fucking her ass with long hard thrusts. That initial little pain had quickly subsided. And now she wanted more of it. Then she felt his chest touch her back. He reached forward and caressed her, feeling the curve of her hanging breasts and gently fondling both of her breasts so her nipples hardened beneath his fingers. One hand moved across the roundness of her belly and he enjoyed the sensation of brushing her pussy hair. She moaned slightly as his finger explored further finding her clit and gently stimulating that little organ. Zafar could feel her rectum slowly opening. He slid his fingers into her sopping cunt and could feel the juices gushing from her as he opened up his assault on her cunt. With his finger coated in her cunt juices, se continued to stimulate her clit which was now hard and throbbing.

He leaned over her and whispered, “Do you still want it Sultana, do you still want me fuck you in the ass?”

“Oh, yes, my young lover, fuck my ass!” she urged. With that, he stood back up. His hands were fixed to her hips and he pulled back as he thrust his hips forward. He withdrew his finger from her pussy and now started thrusting the full length of his cock into the depths of her anus.

He noticed her hand slip between her legs. Sultana was really turned on as he was penetrating her virgin ass. Her finger started to massage her hard clit. The harder he stroked her the harder she rubbed between the legs. As his thrusting became harder she began to rub more feverishly. She was moaning and panting hard.

The sensation was indescribable, nothing like entering a woman’s pussy. The hole was much tighter but with such an exquisite silky smoothness. Each thrust produced the most ecstatic sensations, quite unlike conventional sex. He was thrusting harder and pulled back further with each stroke. He was now taking long slow almanbahis casino strokes deep into her arse hole and she was gasping with pleasure.

He was slowly withdrawing until just the swollen head was inside her. Then, he would push his dick all the way back into her. Now his thrusts were feeling better than the difficult and painful beginning. In fact, it felt magnificent. He withdrew again; then thrust forward again. She didn’t know if he had ever done this before, but he was fucking her like an expert.

Sultana thought that she had the full length of his cock in her ass, but he somehow managed to find more to give as his hips pushed into her ass cheeks. He was now pulling out and thrusting in long strokes that nearly buckled her knees each time. He was firm, but loving.

Before she knew it, she was pushing her ass back to meet his forward thrusts. It was as if she was begging him with her ass. She pushed back to pull him in deeper as his hips slammed into her ass cheeks over and over again. She was thrusting her buttocks hard back against him demanding that he continue to ravish her.

He continued to thrust deep into her, pounding her anus like a jackhammer. He gripped her hips with both hands and pulled her body back against him again and again viciously impaling her repeatedly on his cock, which felt swollen to twice its normal size.

He loved the sight of his cock moving in and out of her ass. Slowly she had let her knees slip out behind her until her tummy was down on the bed. She just kept her bottom thrust up in the air, pushing back against him, making it easier for him to penetrate her tight wide ass.

Zafar was pushing forward and trying to fuck her deeper. Sultana could feel her legs giving out and her arms finally collapsed. They may have only been going for a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity as her forehead fell to her lower arms.

Zafar fucked Sultana for some time, then asked Sultana if she wanted to try another position. He asked her to turn and he pulled his cock from her ass. She rolled over on her back, lay back on the bed and lifted her legs up so her knees were resting on either side of her. Her smooth round bum cheeks protruded slightly on the bed. He could see both of her holes now, the lips of her wet cunt slightly open and beneath them the puckered opening of her anus.

He pushed her legs back up by her shoulders. Her pussy lay open, her pink lips glistening in a forest of soft curls just above the dark nub of her sphincter. He placed the tip of his cock at her lower opening and gently pushed forward until the head went in. He pushed forward and an inch or two of his cock was engulfed in her rectum. Then Zafar began to move. With each stroke, he sank more of his cock into her body until there wasn’t any more to sink in. He looked down into her eyes. She seemed even hotter than she had been before. He started fucking her again, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Sultana reached down and rubbed her pussy. He watched as his cock fucked her ass, burying itself deep inside her on each thrust. He moved his hands down and began massaging her breasts.

Sultana looked at Zafar with a smile on her face and asked, “Do you like that? Does it excite you?”

“Yes, I like it a lot. It’s a thousand times better than I thought it would be,” he said.

Zafar was slamming into her harder and faster. Sultana was looking up at him, rubbing her pussy rapidly with her fingers. She started to moan a little as he started going faster. Her fingers started going a little faster over her clit. She wasn’t going to last long like this! She wondered if she could time it so that, when he started filling her ass with his hot sperm, she would cum too. Her breathing became faster. Her mouth was open. She was going to cum.

Zafar slowed his thrusts as he allowed a huge wave of orgasmic pleasure to rise and overwhelm him. The sensation was quite amazing. He was now very slowly pulling in and out of her anus, which still gripped his cock Sultana could feel his cock swell against the tight walls of her ass.

“Oh… Sultana. I am going to cum in your ass! I can’t hold off any longer!” The tightness of her rectum around his cock seemed to prolong his coming and he fucked her with ecstasy

He came, hard. He shot spurt after spurt into her anus, slowly filling her anus with jet after jet of come. Finally, after both their climaxes had subsided, he collapsed on top of her. Holding himself hard against her, he left his whole dick buried in her. His cock slowly deflated in her twitching asshole until he finally, he fell away and rolled off to catch his breath.

“Sabjee, I have been thinking of doing this with you ever since I walked into your bungalow and saw you.”

They lay catching their breath and regaining their composure. Around them the fire was still burning and outside of the bungalow a heavy snow still fell.

They threw down a dry blanket and cuddled up for the night.

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