I Can Change That For You Ch. 02

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I suggest first time readers scroll to the bottom of the last page of this story. Click on the heading for Part One of “I Can Change That for You” in the lower window —- “Similar Stories”.


Doug’s injury was not a major complication. Dr. Lorraine did not expect him to do any heavy manual labor anyway as she had outside contract labor grounds crew and a cleaning service twice weekly. What was his job?

The first few days at the lodge were spent in laid back casual interaction between Dr. Lorraine and Douglas. Doug said his father was a Vietnam War causality and his mother worked as a waitress to support him until he finished high school. He loved his mother and was happy that she was now seeing a gentleman —-“Starting a life of her own again”. Doug stated he was on his own slowly working his way through college without any outside assistance.

The following takes place one evening sitting in the great room with a cheerful fire going in the stone fireplace. Dr. Lorraine started the conversation … in the role of sex therapist.

“Tell me more about your sexual experience with Beverly.”

“Well, I decided she was my best bet for sex and according to the other guys, she would, would, you know —- have sex like a Mink.” Doug replied.

“I believe the saying is — She fucks like a Mink, am I correct? Interesting saying, actually very erroneous though. And, for your further education, while in school I studied the mating habits of many mammals, including the mink. When the female mink comes into heat, meaning ready to breed, she grows a very thick gristle muscle mass on the top of her neck area. The male mink is so aggressive, he will bite and lock his teeth into this growth. If the female did not protect her neck, the male could severe her spinal cord killing her. The female is dominated and forced to endure the advances of the male. I use the word endure because the male will couple with her holding her immobile for extended lengths of time. And I mean lengths of time, even for several days the male will stay on top and coupled with the female. The female has no choice, she is his victim, later to give birth to his offspring. Does that sound like your experience with Beverly?”

Shaking his head negatively and with wide eyes Douglas just stared at Dr. McNaughton. She could talk about sex and never blush. Here was a gorgeous looking woman saying the Fuck word and not sounding vulgar.

“I remember you stated you were disappointed that in your rush with Beverly you did not get to see her breasts. Is that one of your secret desires?”

Douglas again nodded, this time in affirmative. His eyes drifted to the noticeable chest of Dr. McNaughton.

With a smile and a light giggle, Lorraine said, “I see that discussing breasts or tits is stimulating to you, at least judging by the response in your pants.”

Doug looked down and, thoroughly embarrassed, noted his raging hard-on. Mentally he thought, “Man what a pathetic loser I am.”

Lorraine eased his moment by smiling, and saying, “I’m flattered you notice my breasts and find our talk stimulating. I think, with your permission, we should continue your education about the female and sex. You stay seated right there.” She rose and began to unbutton her blouse. Doug swallowed hard and his lower jaw slightly sagged. His eyes were fixed on each button as she worked her way down and pulled the garment out from her waistline. Lorraine moved closer, shrugged out of the blouse and faced him straight away as she reach behind her back and unsnapped her bra spilling her amazing breasts into Doug’s vision.

“These are normal breasts for a woman my age, but they ‘re real, not a picture in some questionable magazine.”

Doug stared, mouth still agape, pants still tented at maximum. He slowly reached toward those twin beauties, then stopped just short as he realized what he was doing.

Lorraine leaned into his touch, his fingertips just brushing her nipples, which were becoming taut and sensual. “Go ahead, you can touch, be gentle, as a lover would be, lightly roll my nipples between your fingers and slowly draw circles around them. Breasts are sensitive, highly erotic parts of the female anatomy. When you make love, foreplay, be sure you learn to read the female. Never just squeeze hard or try to hurt her, just learn how to make her desires build by touch and kisses. Go ahead, kiss them lightly, suck the nipples into your mouth and run your Escort bayan tongue around the nipples. See how tight and hard they grow, OOOHHH GOD … that that feels so good,.”

Dr. Lorraine was gently holding his head to her breasts, rubbing his neck and shoulders, —- kind of hard to tell she was instructing him because she had her eyes closed and obviously enjoying the lesson. She didn’t mention her juices were flowing freely in her panties.

Doug was so engrossed in the touch, the feel of a real woman’s tits he never considered he was giving to her. He could feel his heart pounding , his pulse raced, sweat began to form on his brow and upper lip, but all this was irrelevant as he nursed and swallowed the taste of her gorgeous nipples. The real ones were long, hard and beautiful dark brown, better then any he had seen in the magazines. The smell of female flesh and her arousing sex was an intoxicant, he buried his head in between her tits and rubbed, snuggled, in deeper and deeper. His thoughts were lost, he was in this moment, there was no past, no future, only his first .. of .. real breasts. Moments passed before he was pulled away, and Lorraine slid down to his lips and holding him by the back of his head, gave him a real kiss, first lightly on the lips, then a little lick with her tongue, finally with pressure as he actively responded. They open up and delved into the kiss with a twin fevers.

” Pay back Time”, whispered Lorraine as she pulled him to his feet.

Doug’s mind raced — confused ———- he thought, “I got to touch her tits, so now I need to make it up to her. I need to do something nice to her”. Little did he know Lorraine was referring to the incident that had solely benefited her on the night she undressed him and put him into a drugged sleep to ease the pain of his injured arm.

” I am indebted to you and, again with your permission, will further your education by giving you fellatio. You know what that is —- don’t you? Have you had a female give you a blow job, oral sex, anything like that?”

Doug’s world was spinning —- beyond comprehension. This gorgeous woman just let him touch her breasts, gave him the most sensual kiss of his life, and she was INDEBTED to him? Doug stood there speechless. Taking his silence as an affirmative to proceed, Lorraine stood in front of him and drew his hands back to her breasts, “Cup them, feel the warmth, touch them with tender love.” Her hands then drifted to his belt and slowly unbuckled the belt, moved the zipper down, and slipped her hand inside his pants front.

Doug stood mesmerized, his hands holding her breasts, and the new sensation of a female hand caressing his erection. Lorraine lowered his pants and underwear exposing his rigid pole for all to see. Probably a good thing they were standing in the depths of the curtained living room in the flickering fire light of her lake side home, therefore no one could watch the action that was about to happen. Lorraine tilted her head upward, kissed him deeply, feeling his eager return and passionate breathing. She kissed his neck and worked slowly down to his chest, nuzzling the downy hair and stopped to draw a tight nipple into her moist mouth. A soft groan escaped his mouth as she tongued that nubbin. Her eyes were closed, but her mind was reeling, drinking in the sensation of this man, once again within her control. She slowly slid lower over his belly and kissed his navel. She was holding his prick firmly slowly stroking it full length.

Continuing down, she reached the final goal, kneeling in front she kissed the tip of his organ, tasted the drip of moisture that had collected on the tip. With a little lip pressure she allowed the bulbous knob to POP in and out a few times. Doug stood quivering, eyes closed, almost holding his breath. Now she slid the engorged member deep into her warm mouth lightly chewing and swirling her tongue around it. Doug’s eyes opened, he had to watch as she continued to move her mouth up and down the length of his pulsating rod. She was cupping his nuts and pulling, almost milking them gently. In just a few minutes Doug felt a rush of muscles … bunch and grip — as — OOHH SHIT — suddenly he erupted, coming out of control into her mouth. Lorraine looked up, tender doe like eyes smiling as she drank his fluid, all of it, swallowing rapidly to keep up with his spurts. The intensity of his ejaculation was over whelming, gasping, shuddering, Doug could only wonder what had happened. This was not Bayan Escort like he remembered from his other experience, meaning Beverly Everman.

Lorraine was feeling the secret debt was now repaid. She felt warm about how she had handled (more like mouthed) Doug’s first oral sex experience. She also thought that her secret sexual encounter while he slept — should remain a secret.

Doug stood slumped forward, pants still down around his ankles. Lorraine reached them and slowly worked them upward. As she reached his weakening penis, she noticed some come leaking out. She quickly slurped the tip to savor the delicious fluid. Doug’s member twitched indicating renewing vigor.

Lorraine marveled at the reliance of the young man, Oh .. to have the libido of youth. Lorraine, using the grip on his pants, led him down the hall to the master bedroom. Once inside she let the pants slip down and helped him step out of them. She unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, dropping it on the floor. Doug stood bare naked as she caressed him in different areas arousing him to full mast again.

Strangely Doug did not feel embarrassed by his nakedness. Lorraine stood back admiring his hard body and … hard … hard-on. She undid her slacks fastener and zipped them open. Making sure he was watching, she slid them down and step out of them. Her panties were shiny bright blue satin, brief and sexy. Lorraine hooked her thumbs in the sides and slowly lowered them, then dropped them beside her slacks. Doug’s eyes travel with the movement of her hands, hence the panties, until she straightened up now fully undressed, just as naked as he was. Lorraine is a fine foxy looking female, regardless of her age. Her downy crotch was the center of focus for Mr. Douglas Johnson. Never before had he seen a real nude, never had he felt the urges to have sex with such fervor.

Lorraine walked up close, pushed him toward the king- sized bed and with one dainty finger pushed him into a sitting position with his head at her breast level.

“What you see is a mature woman, who is sexually aroused and wants to make love to you. More appropriately, wants to make love .. with you. Do you find me attractive? And do you want to learn the ways to make a woman fully enjoy, even relish having sex with you? Nod your head if we should continue.” She was enjoying toying with him. His head was nodding, while his eyes were locked on her beautiful nipples.

“Touch them, kiss them, you know how. The beginning of a great sexual experience is arousal, for both of you. You can entice response by massage, not only of the breasts, but, of nearly any area of the body. Kisses, soft nibbles, warm breaths drifted over the entire body will do wonders, as both male and female are tuned to kindness. Think of it as … a good feeling that will lead … to more, stronger, better feelings. If you master control of the driving forces of lust and cultivate the sensual, the rewards are beyond description. You will be the master of any woman you touch, and when a woman is fully roused, you will need to hang on for the ride of your life. I can teach you how to find the key to each woman’s heart.”

“Here is your first lesson.”

Lorraine straddled him with her moisture dripping onto his stomach, she rubbed her cunt slowly back and forth on his strong stomach muscles. She inched ahead and leaned forward so her nipples were available for his eager mouth. She squirmed and ground harder into him. His hands were around her back, he pulled her to his mouth, alternating between the nipples, hungry for her. Giving little nips with his teeth, careful so as not to hurt, he was in heaven. She eased forward, her breasts no longer the object of his mouth, as he kissed her taut stomach, nearing her navel and golden bush. The scent of arousal heavy now as he approached her wet pussy.

She said “Please kiss my cunt, be gentle and explore my inner lips, use your tongue, feel for my sensitive clit and taste my juices. You are the reason they flow, you caused this, this is now your reward.”

Doug was now buried, with his mouth attached to her warm slit, flowing with love juice. He found the little engorged nubbin at the top part of her pussy, ran his tongue around it, then flicked it repeatedly when he felt her shudder each time he touched it.

Doug’s a quick learner. Dr. Lorraine was past giving additional instructions, she was awash with building tremors. She came hard and sudden… gasping and drawing deep harsh Escort breaths as the climax hit …again… and again… and again. Exhausted she moved him from under her so she could sit on his chest again while she regained her composure. Doug was smiling, knowing he had passed the test, and she was repaid for the oral job that had ripped him apart just a short while ago. Turn about is fair play .. make that foreplay… heh heh heh .

Lorraine reached around behind her and located the still fully erect cock that was occasionally bumping her in the back. She lifted and sat down fully enveloping his cock. He was inside her, My God, he was actually fucking with this beautiful woman. Both now committed to the act … as she slipped up and down on his erection, and he … death gripped her hips as he assisted in the movement. In a very short time Lorraine was fully aroused and close to another mind blowing event, now wanting him to come with her .. deep… inside of her. She again reached around and found his tense sack …. squeezed and kneaded them somewhat aggressively knowing he would respond quickly. With a groan he pulsed upward spilling his seed in great gushes, the first so strong it tripped her over the edge also. Both ground together and drove him to the maximum depth into her hungry cunt.

Both held tight until all movement ceased and exhaustion followed. Doug had experienced his second time of sex with a female (to his knowledge). This one he would remember and cherish all his life. Lorraine had been a giver of knowledge and leader into this foray, seems fair she should also have reaped some enjoyment.

“What we just enjoyed is called coitus, meaning a male and female have sexual interaction. Of course the original intent is to produce offspring. We don’t have to be concerned about that as I cannot have any children due to a personal problem several years ago. The human animal is one of the few that have sexual contact purely for enjoyment, many others mammals breed seasonally and ignore the opposite sex the remainder of the time. After what we just experienced, you should feel sorry for the less evolved species. And after what we just did, was your experience with Beverly as rewarding, do you think you would care to fuck her again?”

Doug smiled and stated firmly, “Beverly .. Beverly .. who? .. No, I would not consider being with her. She can’t compare to you, you are unbelievable, beautiful and … and .. Damn, I’m getting hard again. See what you do to me. Can we keep doing this, or am I out of line asking?”

Lorraine simply pulled him closer and with out words convinced him he was not “Out of line”. She murmured that occasionally the female “Can be aggressive and want sex often and in erotic positions and locations.” She asked. ” Would you like to experiment in the shower, the kitchen, on the floor, possibly doggie style, maybe some other location?”

“How about all of them.”

Based on that response, Lorraine slid out from under him and rolled over on her front. She pulled her knees under her and raised her firm ass, nodded for Doug to get behind her and go animal. She said this way you can get deeper penetration and the visual effect is rewarding also.

Lorraine explained ” From that position, you can reach around and touch the top of my pussy, gently stroking me and find my little love button. Yes… Yes.. that’s it.”

What caught Doug’s attention was the slap of his flesh against her ass cheeks, what a stimulating sound! And in a mirror on the closet he noticed her pendulous breast would swing.. and sway.. back and forth based on how he pounded into her. Doug was feeling strong and in control as he quickened his strokes, harder and harder. Suddenly he slowed and eased off thinking this could be hurting her. Lorraine quickly understood and said ” Hard and fast can be great, don’t worry, you’re not hurting me, in fact, I was about to tell you to go harder and, let it all go, don’t hold back, give me all you got, Fuck me Doug fuck me hard .. NOOOWW .”

Doug gave her his everything. His first doggie style was … well… he thought he pulled muscles when he came. He was panting with exertion when he slowed, stopped, then collapsed down forcing her flat under him. They would lie entwined for several hours basking in the smell and after glow of great sex. Then they agreed a joint shower was in order.

“Think tomorrow we should break-in the hot tub, don’t you?”

Doug scrunched his brow and asked “What hot tub?”

“The one we buy tomorrow when we go shopping. And we need to get a truck for you to drive when you pick up supplies and run errands. I was thinking maybe a new Toyota four by four, what color is your favorite?”

You think Doug found a good job, or what?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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