I Had This Image of You

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I had this image of you bending me over. Like that time we came back from the beach. Naked, you forcibly spreading my legs. You kneel behind me and bite on the side of my right cheek. Your thumbs come close to my lips feeling the heat and the wetness. You spread me wide with your hands, lean in and flatten your tongue.

I feel your warm breathe on me first and then your tongue from my clit to the bottom of my pussy. You push your tongue inside me. I shudder and moan, feeling myself getting wetter. You plunge a finger inside of me while lightly licking at my lips.

You take your finger out of me and place it against my lips. I open my mouth and slowly suck your finger inside, flicking my tongue out against yours on your finger. You then move your hand back to my pussy, using two fingers to push inside me. My pussy clamps down against your fingers, my legs giving a shudder.

You move under me and lean your head against the end of the bed. My knees on the bed you grab my hips and move me so that my pussy is an inch from your lips. I whimper as I feel your tongue slowly lick its way around my lips. Your tongue starting from the bottom starts to trace the lines of my pussy. When I feel your tongue hit my clit I grab my breasts above you and moan.

I lean forward on the bed and grab you to move on to it. You get me by the throat and move me to the top of the bed. You move so that your cock is against my lips and you are pushing my back down into the bed.

I lick my lips and lean forward to take your cock into my mouth. I feel your fingers playing with Escort bayan my pussy, pushing fingers inside me, pinching my clit. I wrap my hand around the base of your cock. Licking the head and then sucking it into my mouth, taking a little more each time. I tell you how much I love the feel of your cock in my mouth, how hard it is. How good it looks wet.

You lean down with your fingers still in my pussy and start licking my clit. I take your cock into my mouth and move my lips down as low as I can, feeling your cock hit the back of my throat. As I move back up you feel my teeth lightly scrape against you. I take you deeper again, choking a little on you while my hips are bucking under your mouth and tongue.

You push me off you and turn me around… dragging me to the edge the bed with my feet on the ground you take your cock and rub it against my pussy. Teasing my clit. Feeling how wet I am for you. You slowly push in, feeling inch by inch make its way through hot flesh. Both pulsing against each other. You push in hard and deep, pushing my head down into the bed and grinding your hips against my clit.

You pull out all the way and slam in, taking no mercy.

I push back hard against you, crying out from pain and pleasure.

You pull my hair and pull me up against your chest, pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit as you thrust up hard from behind. I writhe against you, trying to take more.

You take my arms and push them against each other behind me.

Taking me by the shoulders you start taking very shallow thrusts.

Slowly Bayan Escort going deeper with each one.

You pull all the way out with just the head of your cock inside me.

I can feel the helmet slightly pushing against the lips of my pussy.

“Are you ready?” he asks. Before I get the chance to say yes you plunge inside me so deep in pushes the breathe right out of my lungs.

I cry out and start to sob as I feel the head of your cock slamming into my cervix at each thrust. Every time your cock retreats I’m empty and yet every time you plunge inside me I feel so full that my body starts to tingle with the effort of taking all of you inside me. My body wracks underneath you.

Your thrusts start to become heavier, more purposeful. I can feel you getting harder inside me, swelling. I tell you that I want to feel you come. I want to feel you come inside of me.

You pull away and slowly turn me around, laying me down on the bed and kissing me softly. Changing your tune, I feel your mouth on my breasts. Licking around each nipple and softly sucking on it. I take a hold of your cock and massage it with my hand, moving it up and down, squeezing.

I run my fingers through your hair, holding your mouth against me. With your hands, my legs are spread and I jump as I feel the tip of your tongue on my clit. Taking soft licks you deliberately cover the entire area surrounding my clit before your thrust your tongue inside me. I come against your tongue and as you feel my juices slowly pour out of me you thrust two fingers Escort inside my pussy and curve them upwards. You begin thrusting hard and deep with your fingers, bringing your mouth back down to suck on my clit.

I cry and try to get away from you, my pleasure bordering on pain, you hold me down by my hips, take your fingers out and softly bathe me with your entire tongue, bringing me back down.

You move back up against me, making sure your suck my nipples along your way, bite my neck and lick my lips. I look up at you and smile smugly. I bite your lips as I felt your hard cock against my clit. I whimper against your mouth. I whisper that you should fuck me.

“Fuck me please, I want to feel your come inside me, please come inside me,” I pleaded.

I felt your cock push against my battered pussy, I felt so wet, so hot. I moved my hips around as I felt you go deeper. You press your forehead against mine and tell me how good I feel. How hot and tight. How sweet I tasted.

My eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel you swell inside me, wanting to feel you come so bad. My nails rake themselves on your back as you thrust harder and deeper. My body arches up against yours, going rigid as I feel you lose control. As my back comes off the bed you pull my hair, bite my nipple and fuck me hard. You tell me how it good it feels and the force of your orgasm sends me into another wave of pleasure as I buck against you and try to hold you as deep as I can by wrapping my legs tight on your hips.

You slam your cock inside of me for the last time as I felt your come work its way into my womb. I leaned up, took the tip of your earlobe into my mouth and gave it a little nip.

Giggling, I wriggled my hips against yours.

You look up at me with an immensely pleased look on your face. “Again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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