I Meet My Son’s Friend’s Mum

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This is my first submission, please be kind!


My son Andrew had been talking about Sharon for days. He so desperately wanted me to meet her so finally I agreed. He arranged for the three of us to have coffee one Saturday morning and as we sat in the café waiting for her to arrive I looked at my son and wondered how amazing it was that he was introducing me to someone he thought I should date…

Andrew’s mum had passed away five years before following a long and bitter struggle with breast cancer. We only had the one child and Andrew, now 20, and I had “batched” together since. I had dated a few other women but nothing ever developed with any of them and at 45 I was beginning to think I’d be single for the rest of my life. It wasn’t an exciting prospect.

Andrew had told me that Sharon was one of his mate’s mums had seen me in a group photo with Andrew, her son Chris and a group of their mates and had asked who I was. The boys decided we should meet and this was to be the day…

I asked to meet her alone but Andrew insisted he stay with me until she arrived to stop me from chickening out! A blind date after how many years?

“There she is Dad, just crossing the road, in the red skirt.”

She looked good, knee length skirt, white blouse, red shoes with dark hair cascading down over her shoulders. And a huge smile!

She kissed Andrew on the cheek and said “You must be Adam?” shaking my hand. “Nice to meet you and you look better than the photo suggests too.”

Off to a good start here I thought. “Andrew, are you staying or going?” I asked, prompting him beg his apologies and leave. Thanks mate.

A waiter took our order and delivered two coffees within minutes. Sharon and I started chatting, it was a little difficult to begin with but thankfully it improved. She asked about Katherine and Escort bayan I asked her about Mike. We both agreed that neither of our exes were good conversation points and moved on. Another round of coffees arrived and we looked at the lunch menu.

We wrapped up at about 4, good food, a couple of wines, more coffee and a date for the following Friday night! I would pick her up at 7 and we were going to a fish restaurant near the beach. Like me, Sharon loves the feeling of sand between her toes. I felt very happy driving home and couldn’t wait to thank Andrew.

I was like a teenager all week, I phoned Sharon three times and each time we had a long, lustful conversation. Friday couldn’t arrive soon enough…

I knocked on her door at 7; she opened it and took my breath away. A black dress, stockings and shoes, bright red lipstick and nail enamel and a red necklace. Talk about dressed to kill. I felt proud driving her in the car and the maître d at the restaurant agreed given the wink I got as he sat her down at our table.

We ordered oysters and lobster and, conscious of the need to drive home I declined the wine list. Sharon was quick to thank me for that. We got talking about our week and just after the oysters arrived, Sharon asked me this question, “Do you like making love Adam?” I nearly choked. A bit forward for a first date I thought?

“Yes, of course” I replied.

“Good, I do to so let’s see what happens then, shall we?”

Dinner was wonderful, I didn’t miss the wine, Sharon was turned out to be a wonderful conversationalist and we didn’t stop talking right through the meal. After I paid she suggested we walk on the beach so we went back to the car where she asked me to look away while she took off her stockings. We left our shoes in the car and hand in hand, strolled own to the water.

It was Bayan Escort about 10 as we reached the rocks at the northern end of the beach. The only light now was the moon and we sat on a flat rock, out feet dangling in the water, enjoying the small waves dance over our feet. She leaned over and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and returned fire, out tongues clashing as we explored each other’s mouths.

My first real kiss in years and boy it was good!

My left hand slipped own to her breast and I felt her nipple though her blouse and bra.

“I like that Adam, maybe put your hand inside?” It brought me back to my teen years, those first fumbles as you try to move from first to second base and hopefully on to five or six…

Her breast was firm and her nipple erect. Her hands were playing with my chest though the opening of my polo shirt. The kisses became more intense and her hand dropped down to my groin.

“That feels good!” she said as she grasped my erect dick through my pants. “Nice and hard, very promising” she murmured almost to herself as she undid my belt and zip. It was in her hand now, hard and firm with a tiny drop of moisture on the tip.

Sharon bent over and took my throbbing cock in her mouth. Slowly, gently she took it deeper, her tongue playing with the tip as she did. My balls were being massaged in her right hand, the base of my shaft held firmly in her left as she moved me in and out, in and out. “Nice, nice, nice…”

I twisted towards her and my left had moved up her leg inside her skirt. Her legs spread that bit wider as I got closer to the prize. Her legs spread wider as I moved the gusset of her panties aside and found her wetness. Her mouth moved back to mine and motivated by her words of encouragement I pushed my fingers inside her. She was dripping wet, my fingers thrusting Escort aggressively now, her eyes glazed and her breathing turned to moans.

“Get my panties off and get down between my legs NOW” she commanded. I didn’t matter that I was kneeling in water; I wanted her as much as she wanted me. I licked her clit and finger fucked her at least five minutes before I pusher her backwards onto the rock, lifted her skirt above her waist and plunged myself inside her.

“Oh fuck that’s good! Keep going, hard, deep, yes Adam fuck me, fuck me.”

I didn’t need any encouragement. It had been so long, and this was so good. Outdoors, nobody around, a willing woman with a soaking wet juicy cunt begging me to fuck her; does it get ant better?

It did as Sharon reached an orgasm. She gushed even more, my balls now making wet slapping noises as they bounced off her ass.

“Are you ready to cum yet? I want that sticky goo of yours inside me Adam, now please, fill me up, make me yours, come on, come ON.”

I came, it seemed like gallons after the pathetic amount I was used to from my almost daily masturbation over recent years. Every muscle in my body flexed, my dick still pumping as she pulled me hard down on top of her and kissed me again.

“This has to happen again Adam; soon and frequently. God, I had no idea how awesome a good fuck can be, thank you!”

She slid me out of her and took me in her mouth, cleaning up what cum and pussy juice was still on my pecker. She looked for her panties to see they were in the water and obviously soaking wet.

“Leave them there; some kid will get his rocks of to them sometime. Good luck to him, he won’t ever have me will he?”

I put my dick back in my pants, she straightened her dress and we walked back to the car.

“Your cum is dribbling down my legs, it feels good.”

We drove home slowly and as I dropped her off and kissed her goodnight she left me with a quick parting question, “What are you going to say to Andrew when he asks you how your date went?”

Good question…

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