Inverse Spit Roast

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One of my earliest sexual fantasies was me with two men. Having their dicks inside me and their hands all over me, is the best thing ever. Any more than three people it becomes a bit of a loud crowd, though I’m glad I’ve tried that too. And I’ve never had any lesbian tendencies so having another girl in the room (again I’m glad I’ve tried it once!) somewhat detracts from me being the centre of attention. Having two well-trained, well-behaved, well-hung men keeps it intimate enough for it to be sensual and loving while at the same time somewhat naughty and never boring. It’s the best!

Finding the right men is incredibly hard. I got my first job when I was 20, so for my 21st birthday I treated myself to a hotel room (lived with parents then and now, 33 I still do!) and two escorts. Two lovely men, willing to do exactly what I said, take their time, be clean and discrete and basically be perfect! Ever since then, I have never looked back. We tried spit roast (pussy/mouth and arse/mouth), DP (pussy and arse — the orgasms that gave me were terrifying!), me riding (with the other man standing in front of me sucking him off) and other fun variations, too many to mention.

That cost me a fair penny and I have only ever done it twice since. Once when I went through a really nasty break up (it was the ideal pick-me-up!) and for my 30th birthday — bliss!

But more recently I had an experience with Barry and Jack that I will never forget. I met them on the internet. That is where I find most of my men now and they are so few and far between I try to make it last as much as possible. Barry and Jack were perfect. Good friends, one was 28 and the other was 31. Fit, healthy, clean and open minded. They regularly fulfilled my dirtiest of fantasies. This once, we went for a drink, I got quite merry and when they took me back to the hotel I was in the mood to get demolished!

I lay them on the bed next to each other and started first on Barry’s dick. Jack and Barry chatted casually as Jack stroked my hair and every so often removed an item of clothing. First from me then himself. He started eating my naked body while I gorged myself on Barry dick. I liked Barry’s dick because it was longer and thinner. I had it used many times before in the past (solo) to perfect istanbul travesti my deep-throating. But he was getting none of that for now. The angle was wrong, I could not relax and I wanted him to last.

Noticing Jack was naked and Barry was not, I let Barry undress while I filled my hands and mouth with Jack’s slightly bigger, thicker penis. Once I got Jack nice and hard, I got them in my favourite position: Jack on his back (on the floor, because the bed was too soft) with me on top. His thick penis driving my pussy insane. I sucked Barry off till he was hard again and then kept still and tried to relax with Jack still deep inside me. With plenty of lube and a bit of patience, Barry got his lovely length inside my anus.

I am rapidly reduced to a sobbing wreck with this treatment. Barry, on top, bunches my hair in his one hand and pulls hard, arching my back painfully, while Jack pinches, sucks and pulls on my nipples and they take it in turns thrusting. The stinging in my spine mingles with the vigorous treatment my nipples are getting and as Jack pulls out slightly, Barry thrusts in. Then he relaxes (not actually withdrawing at all) and as Jack thrusts in and I clench, I push Barry out of my anus. When only his tip is left inside my tight arse, Jack is on the out-stroke and Barry pushes back in against my colon muscles. I feel my entire body throb with energy and I am literally reduced to tears — the happiest tears imaginable.

As my lovely, caring, generous lovers continue to abuse my internal cavities it gets too much and I thrash too violently and they lose synchronicity. So for a few more thrusts they pull out together. Again not completely, but they force me wide open (with hands and cocks) both of my soaking wet, hot pleasure-holes. They make beautiful squelching sounds and the sudden change in sensation makes my eyes and mouth open wide and a long, wounded grunt fills my throat and eventually I just collapse unable to breath. Then they relent and for a few seconds I am total mush. It’s amazing — totally indescribable — but I recommend every woman tries it once in her life, even if she has to pay for escorts.

They don’t give me much time though. They soon get me to kneel on the corner of the bed. We are all eager for istanbul travestileri a change so Barry stands by the bed, one leg on the floor, one on the bed and starts abusing my pussy. This position allows deep penetration and his long dick is quite angry. I try to steady and synchronise my breathing allowing my diaphragm to move as necessary. Then Jack takes me by the hair and starts guiding his thick, purple cocks into my mouth. That’s the end of me getting a breather! But it is ludicrously sweet. I’ve calmed down a little and so have they. And with a little guidance and patience I get them to take it easy and apply themselves in the perfect manner.

After a while I get them to swap places again. I lay on my back in the middle of the bed, my head ever-so-slightly over the edge. It’s tilting downwards and under my bum is a big soft pillow. Jack guides his thick, stocky, purple warrior deep into my moist pussy. He kneels akimbo and my legs are up in the air and the angle is driving me insane. But the best thing ever is Barry’s well behaved, well trained cock. It’s guided gently into my upside-down mouth. Its head rubs my soft tongue and as I begin to salivate it gets really moist and slippery. I put my hands on his hips and guide him and he eventually gets it just perfect.

After a few minutes we get it just right but I have to interrupt them. There is something important I need to ask. I’ve felt them explode inside me simultaneously and it simply like drowning — bizarrely, ever so amazing! I’ve had them pull out and cum on me and various other variations but the best is when they cum together. Usually someone comes first and then that pushes the other one over the top and he comes soon after which is also lovely. I explain I want to see them come together over my belly and tits and they agree to try.

For several minutes Jack’s thick member rubs my G-spot angrily. Jack now has perfected his throat-poke. He pushes past my gag reflex and molests me and my warm throat. The impending danger of suffocation makes my G-spot and clit throb and Jack has to forcefully hold me down by my splayed open knees. I push Barry out of me and gasp for air as Jack gets violent. My hamstrings are aching now despite the regular warm-up and stretching sessions travesti istanbul I undertake and my knees are almost under my arms. He positions himself better and grabs the soles of my feet pushing my legs to a crazy angle.

Now I’ve got my breath back, Barry phuks my puckered lips gently for a bit then eases in more. As I gulp down his length Jack gives several frantic thrusts then has to keep still to stop himself from cuming. That allows Barry to utilise me perfectly. I calm myself and he gets so deep in me, his ball-bag is enveloping my nose and he jiggles about groaning in ecstasy. The lovely two boys are now making eye-contact and synchronising. I push Barry out of me and gasp for air. All I can smell is his pungent sweaty groin that is purple with anger at not being allowed to come.

“Are you ready?” I hear Jack ask.

“Yes” Says Barry.

“Are you ready?” my two lovely boys ask me. I take a few more breaths and a few seconds later they are inside me again, my lungs full of oxygen once more. I dig my nails into Barry’s thighs and he just grunts and slams inside me. My whole body rocks as I gag and vibrates to the administrations of a very angry Jack. As my throat clutches and wobbles around Barry length I hear him groan and clench. Jack does likewise but carries on pounding. Both of them are pounding each end of me relentlessly and I’m desperately low on oxygen now. I am climaxing uncontrollably like I can’t believe. My eyes are shut tight, with streams of tears coming out of them. I’ve let go of Barry and just flop about limply. I don’t care if they come inside me anymore.

But they don’t. They pull out and my lungs fill with oxygen. My pussy and mouth are left vacant and two angry dicks are carefully guided all over me. They groan and wank themselves as splurt after splurt lands on my tummy and tits. Barry’s jism is mixing with Jacks and I am the vessel for this glorious cocktail. A few seconds later I am composing myself again, able to concentrate on a lovely, ebbing orgasm. They dicks have now stopped leaking and I am a mess. It starts trickling down my throat and I sit up slightly to let it pool around my belly. But there is far too much there so I have to cup with my hands. It’s so thick and gloopy and slippery. I can’t hold it for long so I smear it all over my body, my tits, my belly, pussy my neck. As the boys calm down and start chatting and laughing I’m licking my fingers dry and my satisfied laughs joins theirs.

I intend to hang on to these lovely lads for a very long time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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