Mayıs 24, 2022

I’ve been bad


I’ve been badWell, I have been pretty slutty the past couple of weeks and I knew that I needed some punishment. My husband and I have been getting into some spanking, punishment, and humiliation the past few months, with each time us trying out new things. Now, let me tell you a little about me, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked. I have been acting like a slut and on Saturday afternoon when my husband got home from golf in found me in the backyard with my friend Kim giving each other oral favors. This is really nothing for my husband, because I do this and many other things all the time and he knows about it all, but when he saw us he let me know that I was going to get punished for being such a brazen slut. He told me to be ready for my punishment in the morning – giving me all night to worry about it. Thant night we fucked and sucked each other dry and I thought I might get out of my punishment – not that I really wanted to – by giving him the best I have. In the morning I got up and made him breakfast and we ate together without a word being said about punishment. After I cleaned up all the breakfast dishes and came into the den to watch TV with my husband – I don’t like cloths, so most of the time around the house I stay nude. canlı bahis When I came into the room and before I could sit down he turned off the TV and said it was time I was punished for being such a slutty slut. He grabbed my arm and dragged me out into the back yard and over to our picnic table and had my lay my body face down across the table – feet on the ground and bent at the waste over the table. He than tied my arms tight – spread over my head to the far end of the table legs, than he tied each ankle to each of the other legs. There I was, naked, arms pulled tight over my head and legs spread unable to move. Since it was Sunday, you could hear neighbors working in their backyards, cutting lawns and such. My husband now informed me that since I had been so nasty that I was going to get 5 swats across my ass with a belt – this was moving punishment up a notch, because in the past he had only used his hands or a ping-pong paddle. This belt sounded a lot more painful. He also reminded me that we were outside and any noise that I made could alert the neighbors and they could easily look over the fence and see me laying there bare ass naked. He than went into the house and came back with a blindfold and put in over my eyes – leaving me to his mercy. Being outside, naked and vulnerable was having an effect on my pussy, and I was getting very aroused, in the position that I was in I was able to rub myself a bit against the table, but all this did was make me hornier. I could sense my husband was standing next to me, and than I heard the swishing of the belt as if cut through the air and I heard the smack an instant before I felt the sharp burning across my ass. I tried my hardest not to scream and was able to hold it in, than I heard the next swishing than more burning.. Still not a scream out of me, but as strange bahis siteleri as it sounds I was gushing from my pussy and my ass was being beaten. Three my lashes with the belt and I was crying from the burning pain to my ass, but I did not scream out – god, now I thought my punishment was done and I could go soak my ass in the tub, but I was wrong. My husband came up next to me and said that my ass looked great with the 5 bright red lines across it, and he was going to go play some golf and would be back later. Before I could say anything he shoved a rag into my mouth and left. I heard our car start up and pull away as I just laid there with my ass burning, outside for anyone to see. As my husband left, he must have let our dog out, because I could feel something licking my leg. Our dog is a husky / Sheppard mix that is very friendly – sometimes to friendly if you know what I mean. He has this habit of sticking his nose into your crotch and trying to hump your leg. There I am tied up with my dog in the backyard and no way to move. The dog continued to sniff and lick my feet and lower legs, until I guess he smelled my pussy, because he made a bee line to it and shoved his nose in as far as he could into me and started licking. At the angle and height I was at he really couldn’t do very much, but he just kept licking at what he could get. Than he tried to climb up and started humping the back of my upper leg – after just a couple of minutes I felt his cum running down my leg – he was done and he backed off and left me standing there with his cum all over my leg. I felt so embarrassed, but couldn’t do anything about it; I was still restrained and gagged and unable to move. After, what seemed like hours I heard the side gate open and some whispered talking that stopped before I could make any of it out. I heard the canlı bahis siteleri footsteps get closer, and than 2 guys were talking to each other about what was in front of them. One said something about cum running down my leg, and that I must really want it since I was out here and in position. I heard the sound of zippers coming down, and I felt a nice large cock being pushed deep into my aching cunt. He than started pounding away at my pussy like it had been years since he had fucked one. After a couple of minutes I could feel him tense up and than cum deep in my pussy. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by the other guy, this guy felt just as large, and he took a couple of hard pumps and pulled out… Than I felt him start to push into my exposed ass hole – he felt real big, and he was showing me no mercy as he pushed deep into my bowels.. I screamed into the rag, but this got him pumping into me harder, he also reached around and was able to grab my breasts that had been squeezed under me. He was pounding the shit out of my asshole as he mauled my breasts. He lasted a couple of very rough minutes, and shot his load deep into my ass. All this time all I could do was lay there and moan as these two strange men ravaged my body. Just as soon as they started they were gone.. I could feel their cum flowing out of both my holes, my ass was still burning from my whipping and I could still not do a thing but lay there dripping cum. After what seemed like another couple of hours I heard my husbands car pull up and I heard him walk over to were I was bound. He took the gag and the blindfold off and untied my arms and legs. He helped me up without saying a word and led me into the den and had me lay down on the couch – on my side because my ass, asshole and pussy hurt. He turned on the TV and on came a picture of me tied up and than we watched what was done to me up on the big screen. My husband was there the whole time and had set up the 2 guys to come and ravage my body; he did say that the dog was an added treat that he may need to explore in the future.

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