Jesse’s Story: A Woman’s View Ch. 05

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This is Jesse’s story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.

Her Story

Rick and Teri, Ray’s friends for so many years, have been known by me for almost as long as I’ve known Ray. I met them shortly after we had hooked up but, not moved in together yet, or married. They were in town to visit Teri’s mom, that first time, and of course, we got together and I was introduced as the new lady in Ray’s heart.

Ray had told me all there was to know about his relationship with them, of him being their first threesome, of their foray into swinging in their city, and that their marriage was now on firm, steady ground. Ray told them, upfront, that there were no secrets between us, and that I knew ‘everything’. So, from the get-go, we were all on the same page.

I was the one who talked with Teri after my first time with Ray and Harry, she and I sharing that thrill of having two men in bed. She and I would talk almost on a weekly basis by phone, and she’d share with me, in the course of conversation, their latest adventure in the lifestyle. We visited them at their home and they visited us at ours. No fooling around between the four of us ever occurred during those visits, but we certainly talked openly about sex among ourselves. The four of us would joke about an orgy between us, but none of us ever made a move to make it happen, and that was okay too.

On one of our weekly phone calls, after Kathy and I had our thing going, Teri said that she had tried it (girl/girl) before but wasn’t all that crazy about it.

“Some girls aren’t,” I told her. Rick jumped on the extension to give me crap as he always did and then he asked if we’d be up for a trip to Vegas for a weekend. I talked with Ray, he talked with Rick, and badda-boom, we were going to Vegas that next weekend. Rick and Teri had a two-bedroom timeshare where we’d stay, located just off the strip. They were close enough to drive the trip and Rick assured Ray that he’d bring the weed.

Lifting off the ground, I turned to Ray in my seat, and said to him that I was looking forward to seeing them again, and that getting out of town for a little R&R was just what the doctor ordered.

It must have been Dr. Feelgood that was on call when that order was given.


They picked us up at the airport; as promised, while driving over to their place, Rick produced a doobie for all of us to share. We dropped off our bags and headed to the strip for a little slot play. It took about three hours before we were sufficiently bored and ready for lunch.

The thing is, none of us are big-time gamblers; we can milk a roll of quarters for Beylikdüzü escort a couple of hours and have fun. We don’t go to Vegas to get rich; we go just to get away.

Looking through some of the local entertainment rags as we lunched, Teri piped up that she found a place that might be fun to check out. It was a strip-club that was holding a ‘couples night’, that night, promising ‘hot’ male and female dancers; there was a general nodding of heads all around and so, our evening was planned.

A nap in the afternoon for the four of us and we were heading to the strip club by eight that night, another doobie providing a fog bank inside of their car.

It was much nicer than I had thought it would be, very classy in that mob-chintzy deco style. Surprisingly, the drinks were reasonably priced and the cover charge was nominal.

The place was nearly full but the girl led us to an elevated booth that provided us with a clear view of all thee stages, two with women, one with males, dancing to the throbbing music during their sets.

Various tables around the room were having lap dances, some for the men, some for the women, all of them sexy. Teri and I were sitting next to each other and keeping up a gabfest about that hot body, or this hot body, fun-loving talk, heavily laden with sexual innuendo.

At one point, she leaned over and said that all of this good-looking meat was getting her hornier than hell. I whispered back to her that it was having the same effect on me; the difference, I think, is that she was getting hot watching the male dancers, and I was getting hot watching both males and females.

Like the old adage says, “Being bisexual means never being without a date.”

Joining Teri in a trip to the restroom, as we washed our hands, she looked at me in the mirror, asking me, “Want to have a little fun tonight?”

“I’m all about fun, girlfriend; what do you have up your sleeve?” looking back at her in the mirror as I dried my hands, throwing the paper towel into the basket under the


Her plan was simply this; we’d stay a bit longer here, buy the boys a lap dance that we’d watch as they got turned on by some sexy young thing, and driving to the timeshare, we’d get our respective husbands primed and turned on with some hand stuff, getting them even hotter.

Once back at the apartment timeshare, we’d have them go to our respective bedrooms to strip and wait for us to join them after the two of us cleaned up a bit. The twist would be that I would join Rick in their bedroom and she would join Ray in ours.

So, basically, she was setting up a ‘swapsie’ between the four of us but with only two of us knowing about it.

Still looking at her in the mirror, I thought a moment, chewed my lip, and told her that I thought that sounded like fun and that I was in.

We Beylikdüzü escort arranged the lap dances and sat back, watching as our two guys were getting turned on by all that young, nubile flesh teasing their faces. We exchanged knowing glances and just smiled. Leaving soon afterwards, all of us were fairly lubricated by the strong drink and as Ray and I made out in the back seat, his cock was as hard as a telephone pole. Teri had moved next to Rick as he drove, and was giving him a hand-job through his pants. No doubt that our two guys would be ready for some serious fucking when we got home.

Sending our two guys ‘to bed’, to wait for us to join them, Teri and I used the large bathroom to ‘freshen up’, and to get naked.

Asking me, one more time, if I was really okay with this, I told her, straight up, that she had already fucked Ray so the only unknown was me and Rick. I said that I don’t think he’ll kick me out of bed, causing her to laugh and agree.

Looking at each other’s nakedness as though we were appraising what our guys were about to get, we went to the hallway, she heading for Ray and me, heading for Rick.


I opened the door to their room, letting in just enough hall light to get my bearings and saw Rick, eyes closed, lying on the bed, slowly stroking his cock. Closing the door behind me, I tip-toed to the bed, and reaching for his cock, I wrapped my hand around it, taking over for his hand.

He started to say something but, not saying a word, I put a finger to his lips indicating silence and, climbing into bed completely, I took him into my mouth and began sucking.

His contented sounds began almost immediately, his cock fitting very nicely into my mouth, I felt his hands searching and when they found my breasts, he caressed them, then feeling their size, compared to Teri’s smaller size, he asked, in a startled voice, “Jess?”

“Surprise!” I replied, taking his dick from my mouth to say it, returning to my sucking right afterwards.

“What…Where’s Teri?” he stammered; but, not stopping me from sucking on him, I thought to myself.

Taking his cock out of my mouth once more, I lay across his legs as my hand kept stroking him and said, “I imagine that she’s doing the same thing to Ray, right about now,” chuckling a bit afterwards.

“But what…why…?” he managed to stammer out, sounding confused and a bit shocked. Keeping his dick in my hand, I crawled up next to him and kissed him hard and deep, my tongue damn near down his throat.

Breaking off the kiss and lying on my back, I whispered to him, “So, are you going to fuck me or just talk?”

To his credit, what Rick lacked in dick size, he more than made up for with his stamina. I was able to have several really good orgasms before he finally exploded his into my, by now, well-fucked pussy. Escort Beylikdüzü After pulling out of me and collapsing on the bed, his breathing very labored, I took him into my mouth once more and sucked our juices from his shrinking cock. Kissing him on the lips, I told him goodnight and left his bed, stepping into the hallway.

I was standing in the kitchen, drinking some water when I heard our bedroom door open and Teri, seeing me, walked to join me, a cum-stained smile on her lips. I wiped the cum from her lips with a fingertip and, as she watched me, I sucked it into my mouth.

“How did it go?” she asked.

“He didn’t kick me out of bed,” I replied

She smiled.

Climbing into our bed, Ray said, in the dark reaching for me at the same time, “That was a nice surprise; you okay?” I told him that I was, indeed, okay, but I wanted him to eat me, to suck Rick’s climax from me. He kissed me and did just that, and afterwards, we made long, sweet love until the wee hours of the morn.


After showers and coffee, the four of us stayed naked. It’s as simple as that; we had our own little nudist colony thing going on in that timeshare, and we were all very comfortable with it.

Over lunch, the four of us openly talked about last night’s ‘surprise’; Rick and Ray complimented Teri and I for our idea, and the four of us agreed that it was a pretty damned good time for all.

Reluctantly, we dressed and went out for an early dinner but quickly returned back to the timeshare, all of our minds, I’m sure, filled to the brim with thoughts of last night and what lay ahead for tonight, hopefully.

Their bedroom had a queen size and ours had the king, so it was in our bedroom that the much-talked about orgy between the four of us happened. Ray asked us what th plan was for that evening.

Teri and I looked at each other with the same expression of ‘Shit, we hadn’t planned that far ahead.”

Shrugging our shoulders, Teri spoke up; “Well, why don’t we go to your room, the four of us, and figure it out from there?”

Grabbing each other’s spouse’s hand, Teri and I led the men to our bedroom.

It was a fuck-fest, that’s the only word that can describe it. We were naked in a flash; Rick and I on one side of the bed, Teri and Ray on the other side, the sounds and scent of lust dominating the room.

We rested, and at Teri’s urging, the guys and I had a lovely threesome while Teri watched and played with herself. I sucked Rick while Ray fucked me from behind and after Rick climaxed, he went to Teri, dropping to his knees to go down on her, getting her off.

Before the evening ended, Teri fucked both of our guys, one after the other; when I asked, she let me eat her, to suck their cum from her, which caused her a surprising orgasm that she hadn’t expected.

She didn’t reciprocate and I didn’t expect her to, but she did give me a sweet kiss after I gave her that orgasm, hugging me tight when she did so.

That first time for the four of us was the beginning of an enduring relationship that truly could be referred to as ‘friends with benefits.’

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