Job Interview

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— dedicated to a special friend —

I was nervous about the interview at Johnson Publications with Gale Johnson, its founder and President. Before the interview, which was scheduled for noon, I had my hair done and dressed in my best outfit. At first I wondered if I was a good idea to wear the blouse which shows a hint of my tits, on a job interview. But I decided to wear it.

If she didn’t like the way I dress, too bad! I’m proud of my body and like to show it off.

I waited for the interview until 12:30 in an outer office. Finally, a secretary said, “Ms. Johnson will see now. Use the door marked with her name.”

When I came into her office, Ms. Johnson rose from her chair, came over to me, and held out her hand.

“Hello, Carnen, sorry to keep you waiting. Have a seat next to me.”

She was nothing like what I’d expected. She’s a big woman, with a commanding presence. I knew that she was in her early fifties, and divorced. The divorce case was a big deal in the papers. She caught her husband cheating and kicked his ass. But I had no idea that she was such a sexy woman.

I forced myself to focus on what she was saying, rather than her boobs. I have a thing for strong, dominant women.

“She looked at a folder on her desk and spoke, “That’s an unusual name, ‘Carmen’. Are you Hispanic?”

“No,” I replied, “Is there anything wrong with being Hispanic? My mother’s favorite opera was Carmen, and she named me after the heroine.”

“Just wondering,” she said. “Carmen is a lovely name…and you’re a lovely woman.”

I didn’t know what to say because a remark like that is not the usual thing in a job interview.

I almost said how much she turned me on, how much I wanted to lick her pussy, or how much I wanted to explore her tits, before she continued. But I kept those thoughts to myself.

She said, “Let’s get back to the interview. Tell me more about your job experience.”

As we went through the usual crap about my previous jobs and education, I stared at her boobs. I had visions of kissing all around her breasts, then licking and sucking on her nipples. I was lost in those erotic thoughts until she glanced at her wrist watch and said, “It’s getting late, Carmen. I have to get home for a Special Delivery that I’m expecting. Can you come with me in a cab to my place, where we’ll continue the interview? The cab fare and dinner after the interview are on me.”

I stared at her. What the hell was on her mind? Did she want me as much as I wanted her? I had nothing else planned that evening and told her I was izmit rus escort available. We caught a cab outside the building and headed for her brownstone in Greenwich Village. As usual, the backseat of the cab was cramped. Her skirt was pulled back enough to show lots of leg. I must have been horny as hell, because I had visions of kneeling down in front of her and kissing along her widespread thighs, all the way to her sweet pussy. I was oblivious to the traffic until the cab pulled up her place and she paid the cab driver.

She unlocked the door to the brownstone, saying ,”The maid is off tonight. We won’ t be interrupted during the interview. Come right in, Carmen.”

I followed her in. Then she turned on the lights. It’s a fabulous layout, with expensive furniture in the living room. I could see the kitchen, through an archway, and there was a door to another room on the first floor. A stairway led upward to what was probably a bedroom. It smelled of money and power.

She turned to me. “Let’s continue with the interview. Afterwards, we can relax together.”

I nodded that it was OK with me that we continue, and then ‘relax together’. I hoped that she meant sex by that. I had an urge to throw her down and jump her, although she’s bigger than me. I’m not usually that aggressive, but I could almost taste and smell her sex.

“Come into the office,” she said, and opened the door I’d spotted earlier. I followed her into an office equipped with a desk, several file cabinets, and two chairs – one behind the desk, and one alongside the desk.

“Take a seat,” she said, waving to the chair beside the desk, and sitting down behind the desk.

She pulled my job application from her briefcase and read it while I fidgeted in my chair. I wanted to come over to her and play with her tits and pussy so much that I could barely control myself.

She looked at me, as if she knew what I was thinking. My pussy started to get wet. Then she spoke.

“I’m very impressed with your background. Do you have any questions for me?”

I wanted to ask if she liked to have her pussy licked, or was into spanking – my favorite activity. But what I said was, “Do you think there will be some duties beyond the usual forty-hour week? I’m available, if that’s what you want.”

She arose. “Yes, there will be extra duties, you little slut. I had you figured out when you came to see me this afternoon. Follow me upstairs!”

She turned, left her office, and walked over the staircase to the bedroom, without looking back to see if I was izmit escort following her. Of course, I was following her. I had no other choice. When a dominant woman like her tells me what to do, I have to obey. That’s the way I’ve always been. And she realized that the first time we met, during the job interview in her office.

At the top of the stairs, I remembered something she’d said earlier. “What about the Special Delivery you were expecting?”

She laughed. “Carmen, YOU are my Special Delivery. Get your clothes off!”

I stripped for her, very slowly. When I was naked, she started to embrace me. But I stepped back, saying, “My turn first. Take your clothes off. I want to taste your tits and cunt so much that it’s driving me crazy.”

She was obviously surprised. But then she said, “You’re a greedy bitch. I like that. I want you to eat me!” She took her clothes off. There were now two naked women facing each other, an older lady with a big tits and ass, and a younger slim woman.

I led her over to the bed, now in command. She followed. She lay down on the bed, and I joined her. I kissed all around her lovely tits and then licked her nipples and sucked on them until she started to breathe real hard. Then I shifted focus to her pussy. “Spread wide for me,” I said. She did as I commanded, moving her legs so far apart that her pussy was completely exposed. She grabbed me real hard as I ate her. Her cunt was delicious! After she came, I held her until she relaxed. It was a marvelous feeling to lie there, side by side with a lover, after great sex.

I fell asleep until she poked me with her hand. “What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s three o’clock in the morning,” she said. “Time to get up.”

“What for?” I asked, half asleep. “It’s too early for anything.”

“Never too early for a spanking,” she said. “Get over my lap, you little slut!”

She was sitting up in bed, I discovered, waiting for me to lie across her lap.

I draped myself over her lap, and she started to spank my bare ass with her hand. At first, she didn’t smack me very hard. I wasn’t really hurting and started to tell her that. But then she turned on the heat, spanking me very hard.

I had to say something. “Please stop, Gale.” She answered me. “Call me ‘Mistress’ and I’ll stop.

“Please stop,. Mistress!”

“That’s much better. There’s something I want to show you.”

I watched as she took something out of dresser drawer, put in on, and faced me.

It was a strap-on! I’d never used one but knew how they worked. Gale’s strap-on consists of kocaeli escort a large flesh-colored latex cock, mounted in a black leather harness that fits low around her hips.

She came close to the bed. “Suck me off, you little slut!”

I was confused and asked,” Suck your cock? I don’t understand/”

“You’ve sucked a cock before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress, I’ve sucked cocks, but always it was with guys.”

“Just do it,” she said “suck me off!”.

I licked along the length of the cock, then put it in my mouth, and sucked on it.

Amazing, it didn’t matter that it was a latex cock and my lover was a woman, rather than a man. It was the most erotic moment of my life, so far.

She looked down at me. “That’s enough you little cocksucker! Get on your back, beside me on the bed, and spread your legs for me.”

I spread my legs for her, but before she used the dildo on me, Gale reached down, touched my sex, and moved her hand around my pussy. My heart pounded when she did that.

She looked closely at the tip of the strap-on. “You’ve done such a good job of sucking my cock that I won’t have to use lube. Spread wider, I’m going to fuck you!”

She put the tip of the strap-on at the entrance to my pussy and pushed it in, slowly and not too deep at first. Then she increased the depth and force of penetration on each push into my pussy. It was like heaven, dyke heaven!

She fucked me better than any man had ever done before!

“How was that?” she whispered.

“Marvelous Mistress!”

“Here’s more for you, slut,” she said, and fucked me again.

That went on until I was a quivering combination of pain and sexual excitement.

Finally, she was done with me. Gale whispered, “You were great. Now go to sleep.” Then she kissed me on the lips.

I fell back to sleep.

In the morning, I realized that she was already awake and dressed, sitting on a chair next to the bed.

She looked at her wrist watch. “I have a very important appointment now. You’ll have to go home. I’ll call a cab for you. Get dressed.”

As I waited downstairs for the cab, she came down to the parlor. She’s truly a beautiful older woman. Then she spoke.

“You will report to work every weekday at eight o’clock in the morning. Nobody at the office will know that you come to my home whenever I demand your presence. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She added one more command: “Go home and dream of me, slut.”

That was an easy command to follow. I’ve been her submissive slut ever since, grateful for the gift of her dominance and sexual appetites.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Copyright 2005 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. Comments are welcome.

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