Killer B Ch. 04

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After swimming a few laps, Scott and I exited the pool and retired to a couple of chairs. Beryl was still lying on the cushion. We chatted about a number of different subjects as the afternoon passed. “Mind if I ask you a question?” I said “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Ask away,” Beryl and Scott replied, almost in unison.

“So, how long have you two been enjoying the fruits of the flesh with each other and did it ever seem weird?” I asked before taking a sip of tea.

“That sounds like two questions,” Beryl smirked as she sat up. “But it’s all your fault,” she said laughing.

“My fault?” I sputtered, nearly spitting out my tea.

“Yes, remember when I told you Scott caught me in the cornfield watching you sunbathe?” Beryl said.

“Yeah,” Scott interrupted, “she had one hand on the binoculars and one down the front of her shorts. Sister or not, I’m a guy, and that sight made me hard as a rock. Before that, I’d never thought of her as a sex object. But right then and there, I realized what a fox she was.”

Beryl jumped back in. “Well, when he put his hand on me it shocked me so much I jumped back. When my butt hit his crotch I could feel his hard on. Anyway, at that point hormones took over. We were both so horny we needed some relief. So it just felt natural to help each other out, if you know what I mean,” Beryl said with a dazzling smile.

“Afterwards,” Scott said, “it did feel a bit strange realizing what we’d done. But the way I looked at it, sister or not, Beryl was just a hot chick I had a chance to bone. If she wasn’t my sister, she’d be a girl I’d try to get in bed anyway because she looks so damn hot.”

“Same here,” Beryl responded. “Scott’s the type of guy I’d be after in a heartbeat. Just because he’s my brother shouldn’t change things. I mean, I know what society thinks about that kind of stuff, but the way I look at it is I have a hot guy living in the same house as me so let’s take advantage of it.”

“Yes,” Scott laughed. “It is convenient, although not so much when Mom and Dad are around.”

“So,” I asked, “does anybody else know about you two besides me? Cody? Scott’s girlfriend? Your friends?”

“No,” Beryl replied. “Again, with the society outlook and especially in a small town, we didn’t feel we could trust anybody to keep it a quiet. ke├ži├Âren escort People seem to like to talk around here whether they know what they’re saying is true or not.”

“Yeah,” Scott agreed. “I’m not sure how my girlfriend, Payton, would handle it. Although she can be pretty wild!” he grinned.

“Yeah,” Beryl chimed in. “Cody knows I’ve played with others and I think that idea excites him. He really got off on having sex while we were watching you sunbathe. But I don’t know how he’d feel about Scott and me, though.”

“Well,” I suggested, “maybe you should introduce that idea next time you’re playing with them. Tell them you had a dream about it and see how they react. I’m pretty sure you’ll find out rather quickly if they’re grossed out or intrigued by the idea. If they show an interest, just keep embellishing the dream and see where they’d draw the line. If they’re all in, maybe schedule a double date or something like a game of Truth or Dare where the talk gets around to sex and see if the hormones take over.”

“Hmmm,” Scott mused, “that might be interesting. Last time Payton did the reverse cowgirl position I was stroking her clit and telling her to imagine my fingers were someone else’s tongue and she had a huge orgasm. But going from fantasy to reality is a big step.”

“True,” I replied, “but if they are receptive just keep revisiting and ramping up the details and they might eventually want to try it. Emphasize that it’s just recreational sex. It’s not like you’re going to leave them for the other person. Some people have hobbies like golf or gardening or fishing. Your hobby is recreational sex where people try different things and everybody goes home happy. Besides, how are you going to find out if you like something or not if you just dismiss it out of hand? When I was young the idea of being bisexual didn’t appeal to me in the least. But as I got older and more comfortable with my sexuality, I got to the point where I wondered what I might be missing so I tried it out. I enjoyed it so much I was kicking myself for not trying it earlier. Of course, it helped that I wasn’t pressured into it. The couple I was playing with just suggested I try it then decide. The husband’s description of his first time sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. Talk about a different sensation. etlik escort They got me hooked on it”

“Well, we’ll certainly have to at least introduce the concept,” Beryl replied.

“Anybody hungry?” I asked. “I’ll throw some burgers on the grill.”

“That sounds great!” said Scott.

“There’s chips and carrots, too” I added. “Drinks and condiments are in the fridge.” I fired up the grill. Scott grabbed the carrots and drinks from the fridge. Beryl pulled the chips and paper plates from the pantry. We sat around naked eating dinner and talking about relationships as the sun set. Just being in the presence of their young, naked, beautiful bodies was intoxicating to me. The night air grew cooler. “Should we continue this conversation in the hot tub?” I asked.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Beryl responded.

We eased into the spa and I turned on the jets. “I’ve heard some women can get off just from the jets,” I said.

“Well,since I’m the only woman here, I guess I’ll have to test that theory,” Beryl giggled adjusting her body in the spa. “Oooohhhh, that does feel nice,” she sighed as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. “Mmmmmm.” Scott and I watched as her face registered her building pleasure. “We’ve got to get one of these, bro,” she sighed. The fluttering of her eyelids portended her approaching orgasm. “Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes. Here it comes, HERE IT COMES! OH MY GOD!” she cried out as her body spasmed then went limp. I slipped an arm around her and pulled her to my lap. Her display had resulted in two very hard cocks. With little effort, my cock split her cunt lips and entered her tight, wet pussy. Beryl’s eyes opened and she smiled, her dazzling white teeth lighting up the gloom. She tilted her head back and our lips met as we passionately kissed. Carefully, I repositioned our bodies until I felt one of the jets massaging her clit. She gasped. Then, while I pulled and tweaked her perfect tiny tits, I slowly began fucking that beautiful, bald pussy. Her eyes closed as she groaned in pleasure. Meanwhile, Scott had stood up and moved towards us, his cock inches from her lips. Beryl opened her eyes and, with a big smile, hungrily sucked his shaft into her lovely mouth. The three of us found a rhythm and bathed in the sensations of pleasure sweeping through us. Scott began rus escort humping her mouth more insistently as he neared the edge. With a grunt, he emptied his load into Beryl’s mouth. Then, he staggered back and sat with a splash.

Beryl turned her face toward mine with a smile, then feverishly began kissing me, sharing Scott’s load. Meanwhile, my hands had moved to her slender hips and were effortlessly lifting her weightless body up then slamming it down on my cock. “My God, I love the way you’re fucking me,” she whispered. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, mmmmmmmm, yesss, yesssss, yesssssssssssss,” she hissed. Her body was beginning to tremble as I too felt the impending end. “Oh God, oh God, oh, God,OH GODDDDD,” she shouted. “NOWWWWWWWWWWWW, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she wailed as she grew incoherent. Her body jerked violently as her orgasm crashed through her lithe body. Feeling her pussy clench I spurted jet after jet of hot cum deep into her as I pulled her sweet body down on my shaft. I could feel the aftershocks of her orgasm ripple through her body and felt the clenching and unclenching of her pussy as her limp body lay in my lap, her head resting back on my shoulder, her eyes closed as soft moans came with every breath, eventually trailing off to just the sound of her breathing.

After many long minutes during which the only sounds were our ragged breathing and the chirping of the crickets, her eyes fluttered open and she began to stir, a smile playing across her face. “I know I’ll sleep well tonight,” she giggled.

“I think we all will,” I replied. “Good thing tomorrow is a day of rest.”

“You’re resting tomorrow?” Beryl pouted.

“I think he means tomorrow he’ll give us the rest,” Scott laughed.

“If you two are too scared to spend the night alone in your house while your parents are away, I will graciously offer you shelter,” I winked.

“We should accept that offer, sis,” Scott responded. “We don’t know how many dirty old men are out there waiting to take advantage of us.”

“Yeah,” Beryl replied, “better to stay with the dirty old man we know than chance it,” she laughed.

“What you should know,” I said, “is that the only bed in the house is my king size bed.”

“Well,” Scott replied, “if we’re imposing on your hospitality, I guess we have to accept what Is offered without complaint.”

“Sounds good to me,” Beryl giggled. “Besides, I’ve always wanted breakfast in bed,” she winked.

Oh boy, I thought, will anyone get any sleep tonight? But more importantly, will I be able to keep up with these two insatiable sex machines? Oh to be young again!

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