Kim’s Story

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The morning sun glared down on Kim as she lay sleeping. Suddenly she stirred to life, and slowly opened her eyes. The sun beamed like a laser straight through her pounding head. She groaned loudly and pulled the blanket up over her head.

The previous night slowly began to come into focus as she remembered what had taken place the night before. She and her common-law Ray had been drinking and enjoying themselves as they celebrated Kim’s promotion. It couldn’t have come at a better time, money had been really tight for them and they’d been getting into regular fights about Ray’s spending habits. It somehow seemed that he always had money for his toys and his recreation but somehow always fell short when it came to paying the bills. It was a burden Kim was sick of having to carry.

As her memory slowly recalled what had happened, she discovered the more she remembered certain details, the less she wished she had. They had gotten home around one in the morning completely smashed and had started to argue about how the new-found income would be spent.

“We don’t need a better apartment!” She screamed at Ray.

“What we need is money for the loans and… and the bills and paying for your stupid gambling debts!” Kim managed to say through a drunken haze.

“Oh yeah?!” Ray challenged getting more furious by the moment.

“What about that fucking brand new sports car you just had to have, huh? Because I don’t remember you pulling it outta your ass from no-where!” He sputtered at her.

“Well it was either that or spend a fortune fixing up your ugly useless piece of shit beater!” She yelled, knowing his old beater had been his soft spot. He had spent many hours working on that car, keeping it on it’s last wheels so to speak and he’d been sorry to see it go when he could no longer afford the payments for it. With that she turned and slammed the bedroom door in his face. Ray barged in right after her.

“Listen here babe!” He said roughly as he grabbed her wrist, his eyes furious as he stared into hers.

“I don’t care who makes the most money in this house, I’ve ALWAYS taken care of you one way or another. I’ve always made sure that spoiled little ass of yours got enough of what it needed, and I sure as hell didn’t hear you complaining the night I came home from winning $400 on the VLT’s. You sure didn’t seem to have a problem with the money situation while you were busy sucking my cock that night!” He fiercely grabbed her toward him and stared down upon her. Kim furiously struggled with him at this point, he had struck a nerve with her this time!

“You son of a whore!” She yelled and kicked him in the shin as she tried to get away from him, but he pulled her towards him again.

“Don’t you talk to me like that you little bitch!” Antalya Escort He yelled. This had been their worst fight yet and the alcohol only seemed to fuel their anger.

Kim noticed Ray’s face had turned deep red and she saw a tiny vein in his neck throbbing. He was seriously hurting her wrists from his tight grip. She managed to get a hand free and struck him hard across the face.

“Don’t fucking grab me you cock-sucker!” Kim screamed at him and turned to exit the room, but Ray had caught her and grabbed her strongly so she couldn’t wriggle free.

“I’ll touch you any way I like!” He roared, and spun her around so she faced him, he then shoved her toward the bed, his anger had managed to excite him and in spite of himself was extremely turned on, he could feel his cock getting harder by the minute. Kim didn’t like the way he was pushing her about and shoved him back as hard as she could, he stumbled slightly but regained his balance.

“Hah, so you wanna play rough do ya?” He grinned frighteningly and lunged toward her this time wrapping his arms around her so that she wasn’t able to move or fight back. She struggled and kicked as hard as she could, but she was no match for him, even in his drunken state.

“Let me go!” She hissed at him. Ray paid her no attention and threw her on the bed, his cock was throbbing hard now and his excitement was increasing, he’d never been so angered and yet turned on in his life, he wanted to fuck the shit out of Kim at that moment. God she looked amazing as she tumbled to the bed, helpless under his weight, so angry and yet so helpless he thought. His cock twitched excitedly at the thought of ravishing her in such lust. Kim was also finding herself turned on, and she hated to admit that she slightly enjoyed being taken in a such a rough, violent way. She’d never seen Ray like this before, he was like a madman, someone she didn’t know. However Kim wasn’t about to submit herself that easily. She struggled and squirmed but Ray had her arms pinned above her head. He managed to grab a hold of her wrists with one hand and with his free hand ripped the front of her shirt wide open exposing her firm youthful looking bra-clad breasts.

“Fuck you Ray! You’re not getting any of this!” Kim tried to twist away and fought as best as she could, but Ray was too strong. He leaned up close against her, she could feel his bulging cock against her thigh and suddenly felt her clit tingling at the thought of his enormous manhood. It seemed as if it were going to burst out of his tight jeans at any given moment.

“That’s what you think, but I know that pussy’s getting wetter by the second, you can’t refuse this cock.” He pulled her hand down towards his throbbing bulge and she felt it twitch as he guided Antalya Escort Bayan her hand over it. She gulped and pretended to shut her eyes in disgust and yet was intensely turned on. Her squirming had stopped and now she lay still and helpless. Ray roughly tore at the black bra she was wearing and managed to rip it off of her further exposing her breasts. They were a perfect handful with soft pink little nipples, which stood firmly erect. He lowered his mouth towards Kim’s breast, but she suddenly stirred to life struggling and pretending to dislike his advance toward her. As she struggled her tits danced about like two perfect round orbs, he tightened his grip on her wrists and she winced slightly and let him pull her towards his mouth. He placed his mouth firmly around her nipple and sucked hard. His sucking was making her squirm, and she could feel her pussy tingling with excitement as she got wetter and wetter. Ray let her nipple out of his mouth with a little pop noise and quickly started kissing her from her breasts downward.

As he made his way to her stomach, Kim felt goosebumps rise up around the areas he was kissing, she was extremely hypersensitive to Ray’s kisses. She watched him while he worked his way further down kissing the area of stomach right above her jeans. He slowly let her wrists go and grasped her breasts while he kissed her. She quivered with anticipation, Ray ran his hands down her body towards the top button of her jeans, he hurriedly stripped them off revealing a black little thong, Kim sat up and looked up at Ray who was kneeling over her on their bed. She reached up towards him, digging her nails in the back of his neck, pulling him towards her. She founds his lips and started kissing them hungrily. She’d never wanted to fuck him this bad in her life. She pictured him ramming his giant 8 inches into her hard and fast the way they both loved it. She moaned as he tore off her thong and started to tweak her clit with his middle finger.

“Oh fuck! Take me now! I want you to fuck me till your cock explodes in my pussy!” She cried. Ray threw off his jeans and boxers revealing a hard bobbing cock. His prick head was throbbing and swollen and looked quite fierce.

“God I wanna taste you.” Kim said as she anxiously moved toward his swollen phallus, her delicate lips parting to take it in her mouth. She slowly let it slide in, swirling her tongue around the tip, making sure to lick the sensitive area underneath.

“Mmm yea, you like that cock?” Ray asked as he tried to stick his dick further in Kim’s mouth. Kim continued to suck, working into a steady rhythm, taking it in and out of her mouth. Slowly getting faster and faster, Ray was now rocking in tune to her sucking as he knelt while she lay sitting Escort Antalya up to reach his cock. Kim then gently cupped Ray’s balls while she sucked and gently played with them the way he liked her to, teasing the little area between the balls and asshole. Ray moaned as Kim took all of him in her mouth at once as if she were going to swallow him whole. She then took turns gently sucking each one of his balls. Ray thought he was going to explode.

“Baby I want that tight little pussy of yours now”. Ray said as he pushed her away from his cock, she greedily leaned in towards it wanting a final taste but Ray firmly pushed her down and rolled her over so she was on her stomach. He then slowly lowered his cock towards her gleaming pussy. She was extremely wet and could feel the walls of her pussy already throbbing in anticipation of the arriving cock. Ray slowly slid his hard member between the pink little lips of Kim’s pussy. Her cunt spread nicely for him and she took him all in without a problem. He managed to fit all of himself inside her, to the very base of his cock. She could feel his balls smacking her clit as he quickly started to ride her from behind. Faster and faster Ray went, plowing into Kim till she thought she was going to explode. Kim reached behind her and tightly grabbed Rays ass as if demanding more! He fucked her as hard as he could. The headboard was thundering in in sequence with Rays pounding. Kim screamed with pleasure. Ray quickly pulled out and flipped her on her back so she was now facing him.

“Damnit fuck me harder!” Kim pleaded. Ray shoved his cock inside her and started fucking the hell out of her. He threw her legs over his shoulders and let her feel his every huge inch. Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out as he gave her the fucking of her life. Kim started rubbing her clit furiously and grabbing her tits frantically with her other hand. Kim let out a muted scream and bit her lip so hard it swelled up.

“I’m gonna fucking blow up!” Kim screamed and just then had the longest hardest climax of her life, Ray could feel her pussy muscles clench his cock and slowly start to spasm, her hips buckled and she lay quivering for a good minute or so, as Ray slowed his pace and let her catch her breath.

Ray’s cock was now harder than he’d ever imagined, pre cum had mixed with Kim’s juices and made for a nice warm and wet ride. Ray slowly regained speed and started his frantic fucking as Kim dug her nails into Rays back. He shut his eyes tight as he was about to explode. His cock went rigid and shot out a blast of hot sticky cum right into Kim’s pussy. Then another blast, and another. He slowly pumped his cock into her, making sure every last drop had been released. Then he pulled out causing them both to gasp as they were now extremely sensitive after that fucking. Kim shut her eyes and Ray pulled her close, they fell asleep that way.

Kim grinned to herself that next morning as she’d recalled the mind blowing sex they always seemed to have after their fights, and secretly couldn’t wait till the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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