Leanne’s DOA Tournament Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction inspired by the beautiful, natural busty glamour model Leanne C and her photo shoots as a latex clad warrior. This story explores a fantasy setting where Leanne is placed in a similar role to Helena D in the movie, DOA and attempts to put to words her amazing fight against the two dozen swordsmen.


Leanne placed her hands on her boyfriend’s as they sat on the steps of the old Shaolin Temple ruins. She knew that he was worried about her entering this particular martial arts tournament, held by “The Grandmaster”, to find the best martial artist.

The tournament was held in an isolated island. There were no rules. The contestants were pitted against each other, or against the minions The Grandmaster sent to hunt them.

Leanne knew that she could defeat them all.

Ever since she was six, Leanne had trained in armed and unarmed combat. Although her feminine curves might lead one to think otherwise, Leanne was a true warrior, and her discipline and dedication had fueled a life time of intense martial arts training

Even as a teen, Leanne’s beauty was head turning, causing every man who laid eyes on her to feverishly desire her. She was just too feminine — too much of a woman for most men’s ego’s to handle.

But that was alright, ever since Leanne had met Bobby, a studious, intelligent but shy boy.

He had watched Leanne win her first match on the island against a seasoned martial artist. Bobby had cum in his pants as he watched Leanne defeat the sensei with ease, her breasts tearing the straps of her bra and popping the buttons of her shirt as her movements proved too much for the puny fabric.

“What do you like to see me to wear at my next fight Bobby?” Leanne asked in a teasing voice. “Do you want me to bust out of another button-down shirt?”

“Oh god Leanne,” Bobby said with a dreamy look on his face. “You looked so hot in that — and you look so hot in that Escort Beylikdüzü dress you are wearing now!”

“Thanks sweetie,” Leanne smiled.

Leanne wore a one-piece, sleeveless red latex dress, a black leather belt and red, fingerless gloves. The dress only reached a few inches below her hips, and showed off her shapely legs and thighs. A circular opening at the top showed off a heart-stopping amount of cleavage which only Leanne’s natural, J cup size breasts could provide.

“The other contestants are afraid that you’ll beat them,” Bobby continued.

“And I will,” Leanne laughed. “That last guy was just too easy!”

“He was fifteen years more experienced than you — a respected sensei!” Bobby recalled in awe. “I can hardly believe you beat him!”

“Believe it hun,” Leanne said confidently. “He was nothing — I didn’t even break sweat!”

“I know,” Bobby said dreamily. “I was watching the video recording of your fight! You didn’t break sweat, but he sure did!”

“I was toying with him Bobby, letting him think that he actually had a chance of winning against me! He was panting and breathless. He had drained himself trying to fight me. I finally decided to go easy on him and just knock him unconscious before he tore a muscle or something!” Leanne said with a laugh.

“Well, you sent a message to all the other fighters … They’ll want to gang up on you now! Remember, no rules!”

“Let them,” Leanne smiled. “You’re going to protect me aren’t you darling?” She teased.

“Ha ha,” Bobby said dryly. But then he tensed, staring down the steps of the temple.

A dozen men were climbing up the stairs. They were dressed in traditional martial arts uniforms, and as they ascended, each drew swords and pointed them at Leanne and Bobby.

Leanne and Bobby stood up and began to retreat up the stairs, when a scurrying of footsteps announced another dozen swordsmen. The swordsmen Escort Bahçeşehir closed in.

Bobby was astonished to see Leanne smile.

“Mmm … this is more like it,” she said. “My morning workout!”

And she began to walk down the steps towards the first group of men. The steps were covered in flowers and leaves, fallen from the trees on each side. Leanne paused a couple of steps before the swordsmen, and with one graceful movement, kicked the leaves in their face.

The second’s distraction was Leanne needed. An expertly executed roundhouse kick caught four of them in a row, in the face. They fall back onto their group, and Leanne spun around just in time to block a swordsman’s blade by smashing his elbow with her fist. She stayed close to him on purpose, so that he was forced to step back to try to use the blade again. But before he had a chance, Leanne had chopped him on the side of the neck. He blacked out almost instantly.

The next assailant had already swung his sword at Leanne, but she ducked in time and hit his forearm as he tried again. She kicked him on the side of the knee and his leg buckled, making him fall like dead weight. Leanne advanced to duck another sword swung viciously at her, and used a roundhouse kick to the back of the head to knock the swordsman out. She ducked yet another sword and kicked the knee out of the assailant.

As she delivered her blows, she made sharp cries that told Bobby that she was summoning her key strength to deliver show-stopping blows. This made a lot of sense — fighting two dozen assailants at once, she didn’t have time to parry — each blow had to fell its target in one go.

Bobby threw himself at one of the swordsmen who was pursuing Leanne as she fought her way up the stairs. He grabbed the man’s arm before he could use his sword, but the swordsman simply kicked Bobby flat. Bobby sat down on the stairs with his head reeling and in a daze watched Leanne fight.

Leanne grabbed one of the swordsmen by the wrist and forced the blade to block another swing at her by another swordsman and kicked him in the solar plexus. She still held onto the pressure point on the man’s wrist, making his arm go numb. But with her hands thus occupied, she was forced to use the heel of her shoe to block another sword thrust at her. Bringing her leg up and around in an arc, she crushed the side of the assailant’s neck. He blacked out, and Leanne had nimbly transferred her weight to her other foot, her next kick breaking the next assailant’s nose.

Leanne now forced the man whose wrist she was controlling to bring his sword down, blocking the next sword thrust at her. She then raised her leg up vertically, hitting the man in the face over her shoulder. He fell back, releasing the sword. Leanne grabbed it and swung it around in an arc forcing her circle of attackers to retreat. She held the sword up in front of her horizontally, facing one row of attackers, using the shiny surface of the sword as a mirror to watch those behind her.

So far, Leanne had fought the swordsmen with her bare hands, and already almost half of them were sprawling on the floor. Now she too was armed and Bobby saw new fear in the eyes of her opponents. So much so that when she took a step back, so did the row of attackers behind her!

Then one of the swordsmen made his move. He didn’t even have time to bring down his weapon before Leanne countered, cutting him across the stomach. The men now charged in unison, forming a circler around the gorgeous fighter. Only three or four of them could get to her at a time, and Bobby could hear them yell as they tried to counter her moves.

Every now and then, Bobby would hear Leanne yell as she summoned her key strength, and one of the men would fall. They attacked her in twos and threes, but it didn’t matter, because Leanne would become a blur of motion and counter their attacks easily.

Even though his head was reeling from the kick he had received, Bobby could feel his erection growing as he watched the amazing girl as she effortlessly subdued two dozen men.

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